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Edmund Burke
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9 February 1990. Thought for the Week: "Any society - democratic, aristocratic, oligarchic, communistic - requires a moral order for its existence. Indeed, all societies arise originally out of religious belief; culture comes out of the cult. A society's moral order, for the most part, has for its foundation that society's religion. If a society has forgotten or repudiated its old religion, it must invent a pseudo-religion to supplant the old faith, and that society's morals are founded upon that pseudo-religion.
Russell Kirk, American conservative writer


The whole concept of staging war crimes trials in Australia is obscene; it is a concept, which runs contrary to the nation's basic heritage. An old man of Polish background, who has lived a quiet and law abiding life all the years he has been in Australia, is being charged with crimes, not against Australians, but against Jews, which allegedly took place in another part of the world nearly fifty years ago.

It is symbolic of the state of the nation when the announcement of Australia's first war crime trial came on Australia Day. Australia Day commemorates the birth of a new nation of British origins. Those Zionist Jews and others who have called for War Crimes Trials have demonstrated their rejection of the Christian foundations of the British judicial system. The "justice" they talk about is the same type of justice, which Shakespeare's Shylock called for. Australian society can only be poisoned by the spectacle of old men being forced to attempt to defend themselves about allegations which have their roots in events of so long ago that the testing of evidence in accordance with Australia's judicial traditions is impossible.

Already the War Crimes business has been costly for the Australian taxpayers. If the Australian trials follow the pattern of what has been happening in Canada, taxpayers will be paying for astronomical costs as cases drag on for months. The Hawke Government, with little effective resistance from the Opposition Parties, introduced the War Crimes Amendment Act at the behest of the Zionist lobby, which has demonstrated that it is more concerned with advancing its own alien philosophy than in supporting the traditional Australian view, including that of those Australians who suffered at the hands of the Japanese, that perpetual hatred and calls for vengeance are a destructive influence. Hopefully the start of the War Crimes Trials in Australia will produce a healthy outrage from the overwhelming majority of the Australian people.


by D. Thompson
The news is at last beginning to break in the mass media (particularly print media) of the proposal - now three years old - for the establishment of a predominantly Japanese city-of-the-future in Australia. With very few exceptions, no Australian journalist or editor was aware of the MFP proposal in 1989. Even politicians, asked for information, had no idea that such a proposal even existed. It is significant that as the debate begins, there is no suggestion that Australians should be consulted about their wishes - the debate centres around where such a city or 'cities' should best be established.

The controversial proposal to build a Very Fast Train between Melbourne and Sydney is inextricably linked with the MFP. While the terms of reference of the Victorian VFT study exclude any reference to the MFP, those involved with the VFT consortium - Elders IXL, BHP, TNT and the Japanese construction giant Kumagai - are attempting to "sell" the projects together. The VFT "Progress Report" published in October 1989 says: "Major potential exists for synergy between the MFP and the VFT... The communications link associated with the VFT could connect the MFP to global communications networks."

More significant is Sir Peter Abeles' view, published in the "Canberra Times" (8/12/88). Abeles, managing director of TNT and Ansett, as well as board member of the Reserve Bank, said: "I regard the train as only a catalyst for the rest, but the rest will have to fund the original capital costs; half the capital costs at least, and then one can start with a non-losing enterprise. If one does it purely as a train, it will never happen." Sir Peter's reference to "the rest" clearly means such projects as the MFP.

A preliminary feasibility study on the MFP was released last week, insisting that the city should be on a single site, should be largely funded by the Japanese, and have an eventual population of about 200,000 people (80% of them Japanese) to be viable. Sydney or Melbourne are the most likely sites. It is to be stressed that the new inhabitants of the city would not be temporary, but permanent. It is totally unreasonable for Australians to expect a population of about 150,000 Japanese to come to live permanently in this country, leaving their culture behind them. The establishment of a new, high tech 'city-of-the-future' is inseparable from the establishment of a large Japanese cultural enclave within Australia. The cultural cleavage between the two groups is immense. Virtually no discussion has taken place within Australia about whether Australians will accept such a massive injection of an alien culture. The majority will not.

If Australia is prepared to sell their real estate - not to mention their heritage - for a mess of pottae, what is the Japanese motive? The published motives in the glossy propaganda are: "to contribute to world peace, economic development, environmental preservation and cultural exchange". Not even Mr. Peter McGuaran, Opposition spokesman on Science and Energy, believes this, saying "The Japanese will never transfer the genuine secrets of their economy to us."
Professor Yoshio Sugimoto, of La Trobe University, believes that at least on the surface, there are similarities between the MFP and an early Japanese experiment in building model societies. This took place in the conquered Manchuria in the early 1930s. Japan attempted to set up a multiracial, harmonious society called Manchukuo. Professor Sugimoto says it was also to ensure the flow of resources to Japan from Manchuria. It is notable that such "experiments" are not tried in Japan!
The real Japanese motives for the MFP can only be understood in terms of future international trade. The Japanese fear that the developing trading bloc in North America, and the formalisation of the European Community in 1992 could deny Japan access to "markets". Without "markets" the Japanese "economic miracle" begins to crack. A Pacific Basin (Economic) Community is the Japanese answer to capture future markets".

"The Economist" (12/7/89) asks questions concerning a new Pacific "Yen bloc": "Should Japan make the pace, or would it be better to let the front runner be Australia, whose Prime Minister, Mr. Bob Hawke, would like the role? Australia would be less distrusted than Japan as regional front man by many Americans and Europeans - and other Asians.." If a new Pacific Basin Community were established, the Japanese know that, diplomatically, they could not ask that it be centred in Japan - even their neighbours distrust them. However, a Japanese city in Australia could be acceptable as the future financial, economic and political capital of the emerging Japanese Pacific Empire. The main Japanese motives for the MFP in Australia must be that of a Trojan Horse in our economic, political and (eventual) cultural colonisation by Tokyo.


Last week's announcement by Mr. De Clerk, President of South Africa that the 30-year ban on the ANC would be lifted, Nelson Mandela would be freed, and that the European South Africans would attempt to negotiate a "power sharing" arrangement with the ANC leadership, could signal the beginning of the end of the relative stability of Southern Africa. ANC leaders were joined by the Secretary General of the South African Communist Party, Mr. Joe Slovo, to discuss their "strategy" following the announcement. The ban on the Communist Party has also been lifted.

It appears that the South Africans have been influenced by events in Eastern Europe in their handling of the ANC. If Communism as a power is "dead", then it may be safe for South Africa to make concessions to a dying moral force in order to placate the "international community's" demands for reform. But the ANC, as a terrorist movement, is clearly not "dead". Any negotiations with the convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela and the ANC can only proceed from a position of weakness, because such negotiations legitimise the use of terrorism as a means of negotiation.

For thirty years the ANC has been training ideologically-motivated terrorists, who cannot now be represented by a "moderate" Mandela, even if such a person existed. In his recent visit to Australia, former Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, was asked what was his greatest mistake in dealing with the Rhodesian terrorists. Smith is reported as responding that the greatest mistake was to believe that power could be "shared" with those who could only be described as murderous butchers. There is no reason to believe that the South Africans could be any more successful sharing power with the terrorists of the ANC. Clearly, as a good Leninist, even Mr. Gorbachev intends to avoid wherever possible the idea that power should be "shared" in the Soviet Union.


The South African Conservative Party is calling for an election to be fought on Mr. De Clerk's "reforms". Clearly, the large body of Afrikaners has not been consulted, and are yet to "have their say". If their leadership is perceived to have been "feeding the revolutionary crocodile" (hoping it will eat them last) with Rhodesia and South West Africa, the Afrikaners' frustration must inevitably boil over into violence, as their leadership progressively capitulates to ever more far reaching demands.


from The Mail-Times (Horsham, Vic.,) January 31st
"We should not be surprised that Mr. Fisher, MHR, favours the United Nations Declaration on the alleged rights of children in The Mail-Times, January 19th. "The Liberal and National Parties have never been alert to the subversion promoted by the UN and its agencies over a long period. "The UN is the Mecca of those ideological forces represented by the expressions Mr. Fisher claims to find acceptable.

I have no hesitation in expressing my view that Mr. Fisher has demonstrated a serious conflict of interest in attending the UN and involving himself in its deliberations. "When considering Mr. Fisher's reply, those who have shown some awakening to the dangerous implications should take stock of the fact that the disarming assurances of a politician are one thing, but once laws are passed and covenants ratified the administration and interpretation of such laws and covenants are in the hands of bureaucrats who are seldom as sensitive as a humble politician. "We face a situation where real power resides with those who control the financial system, not politicians.

Finance is now international and the ideology embodied in the concept of a world order runs counter to the Christian precept of a decentralised authority with its roots in the family unit. "It is no matter of chance as Mr. Fisher appears to suggest, that families are crumbling in today's climate of destructive pressure. "The simple observation that there is ample finance available for everything imaginable that erodes family values, yet precious little for pro-family initiatives, explains the situation. "It is a grave error to assume that the broad assortment of groups consciously or otherwise undermining family life are just a few irresponsibles.

At the leadership level there is a dedicated faith that they know where they are going, what their objectives are and how they can systematically manipulate whole populations to reach their goals, which cover the whole field of social control. "The Christian family concept faces the most powerful, well organised and liberally financed challenge of its 2000 year existence. "Those behind this challenge can now recruit a multitude of go getters, busybodies and do-gooders who all believe they are producing enlightenment and changing the world for the better when they treat traditional values with contempt. "When I look at the matter in this light I am surprised that only some two hundred of Mr. Fisher's constituents have expressed their concern to him." (Robert Bell, Horsham, Vic.)


from The Australian, February 1st
"Plans for the Multi-Function Polis (MFP) hold a superficial attraction, as your recent news reports indicate. "There is something half visionary, half science-fiction about the scheme to build a 21st century, high-tech city run by a skilled, multicultural workforce. "Talk of the likely spin-offs for the local manufacturing and tourist industries and public research institutions are couched in terms which are equally inspirational. "But what of the reality? "Australia's scientific and technological community must be bemused by the Government's endorsement of the MFP. "After years of reductions in funding which have cut into the core of our scientific and technological research capacity there is now a plan to pump public investment into a high-tech city of the future. "Our researchers in the CSIRO and elsewhere, whose daily efforts are compromised by inadequate facilities, must ponder the meaning of an MFP with its foreign workforce. "All of this and there are no guarantees of the quality or quantity of the technology transfer which might take place. Do we really expect the Japanese to happily transfer their technological advantages to our local industry?
"Nor are there any guarantees of the extent to which the Australian community would retain control of the development of the research-cum-leisure facility.

If the Government has funds available for such large technological initiatives - if that is what the MFP is about - then it might like to allocate those resources where they will best meet the needs of the Australian community. "Why not invigorate our domestic medical research effort instead? Or why not seek ways of consolidating the development of our own comparative industrial and manufacturing advantages? "Generally, we might be better placed to capture the benefits of an enhanced technological research effort if we were to develop a greater degree of scientific and technological self reliance. "To increasing numbers of the community, the Government's present preoccupation with the MFP is being seen as simply a distraction from the main game. (Peter McGauran, Shadow Minister for Science & Energy, Canberra)

Our Comment
The view of the League of Rights is that the MFP is very far more than a "distraction from the main game". In our view the MFP is a Trojan Horse which, incidentally, is the view held by Professors Y. Sugimoto of LaTrobe University (Dean of Social Sciences) and Gavan McCormack (Head of Asian Studies Department, Adelaide University). This was reported recently in a Sydney daily, referring to a book, by them in process of publication. Many supporters will recall that Senator Peter McGauran joined enthusiastically in the attack on the League of Rights, with many other "conservative" politicians, in recent times. His letter (above) is significant to us as it is likely that the "line" he takes will be the official "Opposition" line (a waste of money). The issues of subversion and Asianisation are to be ignored. The League of Rights won't ignore them. Politicians, merchants, One Worlders, who are "bemused" by the Multi-Function Polis concept, will be confronted by an alerted and alarmed electorate in the very near future.


For those unfamiliar with The Tribune, or "Trib" as it has always been affectionately known by the comms and general left-wingers, it is the official organ of the Communist Party of Australia, and has so been for decades. We shall quote (below) from the front page of the issue of January 31st, 1990. Its "line" is startling, inasmuch as it is admitted that peoples will NOT flock, in Eastern Europe, to defend the glorious Communist Parties which liberated them all from rampant Capitalism, etc., etc. We suspect that the Communist editorialists of "The Tribune" are pretty much in the dark as to the likely course of events in Europe and elsewhere. From what we read, so is Mr. Gorbachev. We quote:

"The political map of Eastern Europe has changed radically since Tribune began its summer break, confirming the process evident last December with ruling Communist Parties being forced to share power, or, as in Romania, excluded from it altogether. "In free multi-party elections to be held in most of these countries during the next six months most communist parties will almost certainly suffer defeat. New coalitions of opposition parties will take power, in which the communists will be lucky to be junior partners (Yes, this is from The Tribune, official journal of the Communist Party of Australia! O.T.) Throughout Eastern Europe the old bureaucratic-administrative economic system will be dismantled and the market mechanism introduced. The private sector will also expand rapidly. The working class in Eastern Europe now has a chance to become a force in its own right (Sorry, we thought it always was! Whatever happened to the "victory of the proletariat"? Wasn't the voice of the Party the "voice of the proletariat"? How things seem to have changed...0. T.) "The old Stalinist communist parties are thoroughly discredited and their passing should not be mourned. But it is not the 'end of history'
Yes, comrades, you are right. It is not the end of history.... O.T.

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