Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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2 November 1990. Thought for the Week: "It is inherent in this (Natural) Law that all which conflicts with it will be destroyed. It has also been termed 'the Mills of God which grind slowly but grind exceedingly small'. That is why I am a confirmed optimist about the forbidding world chaos which we see developing around us in the growing economic instability reflected in increasing inflation, mounting taxation, spiraling debt and widespread strikes; in the social unrest evident everywhere leading to growing violence, the upsurge of drug abuse, the abandonment of ethical standards and so forth. These evils have within them the seeds of their own destruction. In the long run only those features of the social order and those policies which are 'right' - that is conform to the Canon - will survive and those in conflict with it - what we term 'evil' - will be destroyed, but at a terrible cost in the terms of human suffering."
L.D. Byrne, in Centralisation - The Policy of Satanism


Mr. Eric Butler files the following report from Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Having seen at first hand the destructive impact of a General Services Tax in New Zealand, it is thought provoking to arrive in Canada in the middle of a battle in which "Conservative" Prime Minister Mulroney is so determined to impose the G.S.T. in Canada that he has attempted to stack the Senate in a desperate attempt to remove all political opposition to the introduction of the G.S.T. Some advocates of the G.S.T. have revealed that this taxation policy is strongly recommended by the International Monetary Fund. Wherever I.M.F. financial policies are implemented, they are consistently disastrous.

The last Canadian Federal Elections were dominated by the Free Trade issue. Relatively few noticed that even then Prime Minister Mulroney was preparing for the introduction of the G.S.T. But once he was re-elected Mr. Mulroney boldly announced that he had a mandate to introduce the G.S.T. All grassroots opposition to the G.S.T. has been ignored.

The Mulroney Government creates the impression that it is determined to tear Canada apart. Two of the provincial Governments, in Alberta and British Columbia, are mounting challenges in the Courts against the introduction of the G.S.T. But the Mulroney Government presses on with a policy of what can only be described as taxation madness. It is this type of madness which will see the Labour Socialists in New Zealand swept from office. It is the same type of madness which will see the Mulroney Government also eventually destroyed.

But it is becoming clearer everywhere that irrespective of the label of governments, they all seek to serve an international power which is primarily concerned with conditioning people as a prelude to fitting them into an internal economic straightjacket. The only answer to destructive taxation and other policies is for the electors to regain control of their politicians, elevating them to the role of acting as paid, elected representatives.

The most encouraging aspect of the Canadian scene is that the concept of the Electors' Veto is growing right across the nation. The battle to save what is left of Civilisation is going to depend upon the ability of people to regain control of their own affairs. If this cannot be achieved, then the world is faced with a new Dark Age in which people are under the dictatorship people; a new type of dictator, the technical barbarians, those smart people who claim to know what is best for their fellows. But the evidence suggests that as the general process of disintegration takes place, there is a growing grassroots swell of opposition.


by David Thompson
On the African veldt a disemboweled jackal, so instinctively primed for blood, will actually eat its own entrails. I was reminded of this gruesome piece of biological knowledge last week, by Australia fawning over Nelson Mandela, convicted terrorist and defacto leader of the murderous African National Congress. His rapturous welcome was an excellent example of a sustained media campaign of psychological warfare.

If it is true that the Devil is God upside down, then last week's national hysteria over Mandela was utterly Satanic in its intensity. Such was the mass inversion of truth, that one woman, interviewed by a press jackal after Mandela had passed by in Sydney, said "I actually touched him; it was like touching iron..."

It is a judgment on the West that Mandela has become something of a cult figure. An entire generation of Australians, who have never even heard of Deakin, Parkes, or even Menzies, is well on the way to deifying Mandela. Even our culture has been brutalised with popular rock music immortalising him, with the captivating, mantra like refrain of "Free Nelson Mandela..."

Much of Mandela's martyrdom is based on the misapprehension that he was a political prisoner. This was never the case. The bleeding heart liberals forget - if they ever knew - Mandela's real record. He joined the A.N.C. in 1944, and spent the next 18 years becoming a leader of both the A.N.C. and the South African Communist Party (S.A.C.P.). He was jailed for terrorism in 1963, after he and his A.N.C./S.A.C.P. colleagues were caught red-handed in a calculated act of terrorism - sabotage; they had 48,000 Soviet made anti-personnel mines and 210,000 hand grenades at their disposal, and were caught with documentary proof of their involvement with foreign powers in planning a Communist seizure of power in South Africa.

It is generally forgotten that Mandela admitted his guilt, was sentenced to life imprisonment after a fair, open trial, and was very fortunate not to have been hanged for treason. Amnesty International, in a letter responding to an enquiry, rejected Mandela's glorification as a political prisoner because he "has participated in planning acts of sabotage and inciting violence..." (September 1985).

Australians are not generally aware, either, that the A.N.C. is a potent revolutionary force inside South Africa not because it represents a majority of blacks - it certainly doesn't - but because of foreign support. It has an annual budget in excess of $200 million, contributed not only by the Soviets but by the United States and other European countries. Australia has contributed $15 million, and an extra $40,000 was sent to pay the medical bills of A.N.C. President Oliver Tambo.
In his first address after being released, Mandela temporarily disturbed the starry eyed liberals by announcing the vital role of the S.A.C.P. in the A.N.C. This, however, was never any secret. S.A.C.P. Chairman, Joe Slovo, is an A.N.C. executive; in fact, over half the A.N.C. executive are active members of the S.A.C.P. Mandela is credited with having written the revolutionary handbook "How to be a Good Communist", in which he states the A.N.C. objective: "The aim is to change the present world into a Communist World ... the Cause of Communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind..."

When a convicted terrorist is treated like a hero, and given the Keys to the Cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, it is a moral judgment on the nation, and the blood of a thousand innocent victims - black and white - begins to burn a scar into the national consciousness. Nelson Mandela is not a hero. Nelson Mandela is not a hero. He is a symbol. It is a confirmation of Malcolm Muggeridge's "Great Liberal Death Wish" that a free people can be so spiritually pauperised as to quench the voice of conscience, and voluntarily - greedily - drink from the fountain of death and corruption, thinly disguised as a triumph of morality. Is Australia as a nation so spiritually disemboweled by evil that our frenzied adulation of the indefensible is reaching such a pitch that we, like the crazed jackal, are attempting to devour our own moral entrails?


from Jeremy Lee
All pretense about the real nature of Europe 1992 has been discarded. A full-page review in The Financial Review on September 17th this year summarised the intention: "..... The end point of the "Eurocratic" vision is a bloodless transfer of national sovereignty to a democratic socialist European super-State ...." To those who know anything at all about the politics of finance, the key to such a centralised monolith is control of money and banking. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, understanding this, has strongly resisted European Monetary Union (E.M.U.), the brainchild of French socialist Jacques Delors.

The Financial Review on September 20th said: "Thatcher is opposed to the substantial loss of national sovereignty over economic policy involved in the Delors plan. Her alternative plan would further develop the European Currency Unit (E.C.U.) as a 13th community currency." Her stubborn resistance has already cost her one Chancellor (Nigel Lawson), one Foreign Secretary (Sir Geoffrey Howe) and one Special Economic Adviser (Sir Alan Walters). When a member of her Cabinet, Nicholas Ridley, publicly claimed that a united Germany would dominate the new Europe, in the same way that Adolf Hitler's vision would have done, British opinion polls showed a big majority agreeing with his warning. It was widely held that Mrs. Thatcher privately agreed with him, even though she was forced to ask for his resignation.

The pressure on Mrs. Thatcher has been increased steadily and dramatically. Her own party is divided, with former Prime Minister Edward Heath and Nigel Lawson heading the pro-Europe faction. The media has developed a strident anti-Thatcher line. Inflation is now almost 11%. In the face of this pressure, Mrs. Thatcher appears to have capitulated.

The Australian (October 8th) announced Britain's sudden decision to accept the European Monetary System. P.P. McGuinness, in a feature article headed "DEATH BLOW TO BRITISH SOVEREIGNTY" said: "... The decision was taken for very obvious domestic political reasons in Britain ... Now, at a stroke, Mrs. Thatcher can commit Britain to Europe and undermine the Labour Party, while ensuring a rapturous reception from the Conservative Party conference this week ... there is no doubt that she will deliver a passionate speech asserting the retention of Britain's sovereignty (and the status of the British monarchy) while throwing it out of the window .... although she will deny it, Mrs. Thatcher has just dealt the death blow to British sovereignty ..."


from Jeremy Lee
There has been uproar in the U.S. over President Bush's decision to abandon his election pledge ("Watch my lips") and increase taxes. The tax on petrol will double, in an attempt to reduce a budget deficit equal to $US1,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. But this is only part of the story. Government debt in totem is now in the trillions. Interest payment on public debt this year will be $US260 billion - bigger than the Deficit itself, and more than is spent on Social Security. The position in New Zealand and Canada is similar. Australia's public debt is approximately $114 billion. (Public debt is different to foreign debt, which is a combination of both public and private debt owed overseas.) For every 100 dollars collected by the Commonwealth, approximately $9 goes in interest on debt. The Victorian Government pays over $20 out of every $100 in interest; Western Australia $15.70; N.S.W. $12.30; Tasmania - $10.00. Interest payments on government debt now average about $550 for every Australian from one day old; $2,200 for the average family of four; not a bad feudal tribute to the banking club which has been given the right to create out of nothing the debts on which the nation struggles to pay eternal usury.


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne, October 24th) "The recent killings on the Temple Mountain in Jerusalem have resulted in world wide condemnation of Israel. "They further demonstrate that Israel and the Palestinians cannot enjoy peace and security without negotiations to end the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip, as the Israeli peace movement has demanded.
"The deplorable shooting of 21 stone throwing Palestinians may be blamed on the Israel police, but the police action has occurred in a climate of continuing government policy which refuses to accept that Israel's peace and security is dependent on settlement of its dispute with the Palestinian people. "Negotiations will doubtless be long and painful, but they are a prerequisite to Israel being accepted by her Arab neighbours. "Realisation of this by many Israelis has been reflected in Knesset voting.
It was by only a small margin that Shimon Peres failed to form a government committed to the Baker Plan that called for Israel-Palestine talks. "The Gulf crisis and the U.N. condemnation of Israel have demonstrated that new international alliances are forming which may soon bring significant pressure to bear on Israel. "Ben Gurion's advice is still relevant. When asked what should be done about the West Bank and the Gaza strip, he said: 'Get rid of them' (Harold Zwier, Larry Stillman, for the Australian Jewish Democratic Society, Fairfield, Vic.)


The following point scoring letters from The Weekend Australian, October 27th-28th: The Numbers: "Apparently the A.B.C. love affair with Nelson has waned a trifle. It is very doubtful whether Dimbleby's excellent production would have been given a showing a month or so ago. "Is Mangosuthu just the flavour of the week or is he a genuine stayer in Aunty's engagement book? He should be. After all, Inkatha is much stronger numerically than the A.N.C. "Its members come from a warrior race led by a traditional chief and not by a broken down collection of London educated lefty lawyers. (C.M. Golightly, Wanniassa, A.C.T.)

"Thank you for printing the letter from Chief Buthelezi (23/10). In these days of government by pop concert and with a media now much affected by taints of tertiary education in the Sixties, is there now some hope that truth from South Africa may at least come before us? "Why is Mr. Mandela, who represents a small number of black South Africans, here at taxpayers' expense while Chief Buthelezi, a moderate and peaceful man who represents a greater number of black South Africans, has to write a letter to the editor to get a hearing? "Please continue to repair some of the damage that has been done by pompous 'eminent persons', malevolent movers of masses, naive T.V. performers (pop or talk show) and reporters who have failed miserably to give us the whole picture." (Alex Exley, Maleny, Qld.)


In support of David Thompson's item on Mandela in this issue of On Target, we quote on the same issue. The Herald-Sun (Melbourne, October 26th) says, in part: "There he was, the Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, giving the clenched fist salute in support of the African National Congress. Beside him, Nelson Mandela, deputy leader of the Congress - a man convicted of terrorism that has refused to renounce violence…. "The Mandela magic seems to be casting a hallucinatory spell over usually rational people. It has caused to vanish from the debate the underlying complex issues of his volatile land. It has replaced critical analysis with emotion and charisma…."

The Australian (October 25th) editorialised (in part): "…. The mythology surrounding Mr. Mandela is no less effective for its flimsy basis. Australia has given Nelson Mandela, private citizen, the full official reception and treatment (minus a 21-gun salute) ... The Foreign Minister, Senator Evans, may believe Mr. Mandela represents 28 million black South Africans. But Mr. Mandela is only a senior figure in one of the political parties competing for power in a post-Apartheid South Africa, the African National Congress. "No election has taken place to test his support. The recent township violence - in which almost 1,000 have died - suggests he has little control over South Africa's biggest single ethnic group, the 7 million Zulus, most of whom support Chief Buthelezi's Inkatha. Nor does he have the support of the 3 million members of the conservative Zion Christian Church. At best, according to most assessments, the A.N.C. can count on backing from the 3.4 million Xhosas. "This organisation has adopted a Marxist-Leninist doctrine. It has been closely allied with the Stalinist South African Communist Party. Its commitment has been to terrorism. Its renunciation of the armed struggle is recent and uncertain..." (There is much more.)

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