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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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16 November 1990. Thought for the Week: "The human mind is particularly given to 'wishful thinking' at critical periods such as this, and one of these tendencies is to persuade ourselves that there is hidden somewhere, a bright idea which, if only we knew it, would solve our difficulties. There is no such idea for the simple reason that no such idea has sufficient force behind it. To anyone who will take the trouble to observe events with a dispassionate mind, it is beyond dispute that what we are witnessing is a supreme struggle for temporal power. No amelioration of the human lot is possible until this issue is resolved, and its resolution will involve either victory or defeat for despotic bureaucracy and monopoly finance."
C.H. Douglas, in Whose Service Is Perfect Freedom


by Eric D. Butler
I have just finished looking at an in depth survey of the state of Canada which presents both a gloomy and alarming picture of the Dominion. The overwhelming majority of Canadians right across the nation have not only lost faith in politicians generally, but bluntly state that they cannot be believed about anything. Some of the language being used confirms the view that never before in Canadian history have the people been more cynical, frustrated and angry. An objective observer can only ask the question, "How much longer can this nation hold together?"

Here are the results of multiculturalism, "Free Trade" and a high interest rate policy, similar to that of Australian Treasurer Paul Keating, which is bankrupting Canadian businesses at the highest rate since the Great Depression. The Mulroney Federal Government, which would be annihilated if a Federal Election were held now, is under the influence of the same type of financial Black Magic that dominates the Hawke-Keating Government at Canberra.

In the face of a nationwide deep resentment against the General Service Tax, the Mulroney Government continues to press ahead with a policy that must worsen the growing economic depression. Completely ignoring the feelings of outraged Canadians, the Mulroney Government announces that it is going to bring in another 230,000 immigrants, it being argued that this is necessary to maintain a population with a declining birth rate. The declining birth rate is, of course, the result of the government, financial and economic policies.

A government, which currently is rated only 16 percent in the public opinion polls claims, it is not going to be deterred by mounting opposition to its financial and economic policies. External Affairs Minister Joe Clark has confirmed the Mulroney Government's complete subservience to Washington and Zionist policies with the chilling statement that Canada is willing to back military action in the Middle East crisis outside the United Nations. Clark warns that there will be Canadian casualties, as indeed there will be if military conflict erupts.

The objective surveyor of the Canadian scene can only come to the conclusion that it is on a major disaster course. As the crisis deepens, there is growing interest in the concept of the Swiss system as a means whereby the Canadian people can have a say. There is a polarisation of resentment in both Western Canada, with escalating support for the relatively new Reform Party, and in Quebec where both the Liberals and the Conservatives are threatened by the fast growing separatist party, whose leadership is demanding greater sovereignty for the Province.

As I have reported previously, if Western English speaking Canada can produce effective leadership, there is little doubt that Canada can be held together with a Swiss type of Constitution, power being effectively decentralised in the Provinces, with limited powers for the Federal Government, and an elected Senate similar to the Australian Senate. Canada is not only threatened by internal friction and disintegration, but by the growing centralist programme which seeks to draw Canada into a North American Common Market which includes Mexico as well as the U.S.A.

There are perilous days ahead in North America, with American public opinion growing increasingly restive about the Middle East situation. The pro-Zionist American mass media is making every attempt to "play down" all evidence of protest against the Bush policy. Pro-Zionist Christians in the U.S.A. hardly bother to disguise their support for military conflict. Such a conflict can only help to worsen the internal Canadian situation.


from Jeremy Lee
Following our article last week about the 'bombshell' injected by Solzhenitsyn into the Soviet situation, it is increasingly clear that desperate moves are being made to cement world power into place before alternative ideas gain credence. Under the heading I.M.F'S. PLAN FOR MOSCOW LIKELY TO SPARK A ROW, the Financial Review, November 1st, 1990, reported: "The International Monetary Fund is considering a plan to reorganise Soviet financial controls which, if approved in Washington, is likely to provoke hostile reaction inside the Soviet Government. The I.M.F. proposals aim to dismantle the fiscal controls exercised by the State Planning Committee (GOSPLAN) and re-establish them in the hands of an expanded, all-powerful Ministry of Finance. If implemented in its present form, the plan would block attempts by leaders of the republics and economic advisers to the President, Mr. Gorbachev, to decentralise economic decision making.
An I.M.F. taskforce has been analysing the Soviet economy since mid-summer, following the Houston summit at which U.S., Japanese and European leaders ordered the study as a condition of aid to Moscow. Many Soviet officials have been reluctant to agree to an I.M.F. role in economic reform. But the importance that Mr. Gorbachev and his economic advisers Mr. Stanislav Shatalin and Mr. Nikolai Petrakov place on securing the aid has brought them into line..."

We are now witnessing international blackmail on a global scale. The straitjacket of compounding debt has been applied to all nations. When conditions are desperate enough, relief is offered for the price of surrendered freedom and sovereignty. In Australia's case, it is in the form of foreign ownership, multiculturalism and destructive immigration, and the destruction of homespun industry, whether rural or manufacturing. This is to be followed with a regional bloc, similar to the proposed Europe post-1992, operating under United Nations devised law. It seems clear that the Multi Function Polis is the forerunner to a regional administration to be centred on the East Coast of Australia.

In the Soviet Union, the enormous risk taken by Gorbachev in relaxing the terror machine has always had a long-term objective - the submergence of the Soviet in a New World Order. The Trilateral Centres - Europe, Japan and the U.S. - are overseeing the I.M.F. intrusion into Russia. To serious students of current events, the hands of Fabianism and Trilateralism have never been more obvious. The "Triangle Papers", in which David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission has mapped out its steady encroachment on the sovereignty of nation states, have been public knowledge for years - although never discussed in the media.

On the Soviet side, the 1984 revelations of former K.G.B. major Anatoliy Golitsyn, who defected to the West in 1961, in his book "New Lies For Old", predicted the 'liberalisation' behind the Iron Curtain - even down to the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Truly, there are none so blind as those who will not see.


from David Thompson
The Liberal Party has finally discovered - to their surprise - that immigration and multiculturalism are key issues presently concerning the electorate. League supporters have been telling them so for over two years. After Dr. John Hewson called on Australians to declare what sort of Australia they wanted at the end of the decade, about 3,000 replies came in. According to the Secretary to the Shadow Cabinet, Mr. Connolly, immigration and multiculturalism were most often mentioned ahead of such concerns as micro-economic reform, the environment, even taxes and foreign investment. Does this mean that the Opposition will now adopt policies to reflect such concern? Probably not.

Mr. Connolly concluded (The Australian, 2/11/90) with the comment that the whole exercise has merely proved that ''whatever conventional communication methods the Liberal Party have used in the past have failed...." That is, they haven't "sold" their message. Rather than try to "sell" policies the Liberal Party has dreamed up, why not respond to genuine grassroots concerns, as they are paid to do? The only answer is to rub their noses in the growing hostility about multiculturalism, etc., by continuing to distribute thousands of the League's special "Intelligence Survey", offering the electorate a "vote" on the issue. The results are pouring in, and the Liberals will learn that the electorate leaves few doubts about its views!


Australia has signed the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, and needs only to ratify it in order for this potentially deadly poison to be imposed on all States of the Commonwealth. Ratification does not involve the Parliament according to advice we have received. It merely requires an unchallenged Executive notice in the Government Gazette. The external affairs powers of the Commonwealth, following several disastrous High Court decisions, will be used to 'import' the Convention, and it will become effective without adequate consultation.

The Minister responsible for spiriting this Convention through loopholes in the Constitution is Senator Michael Tate, reputed to be a Christian. He has supplied a "form letter" to M.P's. who are feeling electoral heat on the issue. It has been used by some A.L.P. M.P's. to damp down opposition to the convention by parents whom Tate calls "somewhat hysterical". In his form letter, Tate makes the following amazing comment: "This Convention does not change the law in Australia one jot or tittle. Changes in the law can only be effected by our elected parliaments or our judges..." (Our emphasis)


from The Christian Alternative Movement
"Apropos the interesting item by Jeremy Lee on the emergence of Alexander Solzhenitsyn as a major contributory factor in the resolution of the future of Russian, indeed the whole world. Like many others I have been waiting with bated breath for the news revealed by Jeremy Lee. "There is no doubt Solzhenistyn is a catalytic factor in the shaping of world history. He is a focal point for that force in which love overcomes fear.

Those who erected the U.S.S.R. on the bones of Old Russia did so believing that fear is the dominant force in history. Almost single handed, Solzhenitsyn destroyed that concept. Anyone who has read his semi-autobiography, The Oak and The Calf, will never forget that moment in Solzhenitsyn's life when he realised that the tremendous apparatus of fear in the Soviet Union was a hollow sham, a toothless tiger which would crumble when challenged by love and courage. "From that moment Solzhenitsyn became his own master and put into process the chain of events which enabled him to become perhaps the greatest factor in liberating his people from tyranny.

"So powerful is the love of the Russian people for Solzhenitsyn that Gorbachev was forced to join with Prime Minister, Nikolai Ryzhkov, in inviting Solzhenitsyn to return to his homeland. Mr. Ryzhkov's invitation took the form of a dramatic plea in which he told Solzhenitsyn that the Russian people need him 'more than the air we breathe'. That phrase may well turn out to be not only prophetic for Russia, but also prophetic, and a reality for the whole world...

"It is certain that the forces which elevated Gorbachev to his position of terror and fear, and then turned him into a phony figure of reform - awarded an equally phony peace prize - are terrified with the re-emergence of the Solzhenitsyn they banished to the silence of the decadent West. "Whether he lives or dies, Solzhenitsyn has provided the indestructible programme for the recovery of Russia. It will remain as the central debating point for reform; added to only by the final challenge to financial orthodoxy and regimentation. Christian supporters who wish to become more involved in the incarnation of Christ's Word into Man's societies may make contact with The Christian Alternative Movement, 15 Simmons Court, Greensborough, Vic., 3088.


from The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Qld.), 27/10/90: "The Federal Government will be able to undermine the authority of parents under the United Nations (U.N.) Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to Sydney barrister Mr. George Turner. "In this convention there is the good, and there is the bad - and it's the bad you need to be informed about,' he said. "He said an article in the Convention allowed for State parties (that is, member nations of the U.N.) to 'take all appropriate measures to ensure that the child is protectable against all forms of punishment based upon the beliefs of the parents'... "Another article allowed a child the right to freedom of expression - orally, in writing, or in print, art, or any medium of the child's choice, he said. "These two articles could prohibit parents from punishing their children and allow children to view pornographic material or say whatever they liked, for instance, he said. "Mr. Turner cited a newspaper article for New South Wales, saying that under this proposal, children were to have the power to help determine the disciplinary and budgetary practices of their school - including the selection of the principal. "He said advocates of the U.N. Convention had concentrated on its good points and dismissed opposition to it as Right wing extremism. They had pointed to the fact that the Vatican had signed and ratified the Convention, but did not mention it had questioned part of it, he said. "Mr. Turner said opposition to the Convention had come from such respected people and institutions as the N.S.W. Attorney General and the Weekend Australian newspaper.
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