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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

21 December 1990. Thought for the Week: "The whole (Christian) Faith turns on our need for a Saviour, someone to rescue us from an untenable and desperate condition. Only God could do this, and only through Man. Hence the need for Incarnation, for the self-sacrifice of the God-Man and the defeat of sin, Satan and death itself."
Bishop Robert Crawley, B.C., Canada


from Eric D. Butler
C.H. Douglas constantly stressed that every policy is rooted in a philosophy. He described the proposals known as Social Credit, as a policy designed to incarnate the philosophy of Christianity. "We are attempting to release reality," he said. The truth shall make us free, said Christ. But what is truth? asked Pontius Pilate, and promptly washed his hands of the great issue before him. Large numbers do likewise today, which leaves them like corks bobbing on a turbulent sea on a pitch-black night. They lack any means whereby they can guide themselves. And yet the most reliable compass in the world is available in those Truths revealed by Christianity.
Christianity is not a question of "blind faith", mere superstition, but a faith based upon Truth, Reality.

On a dark and stormy night at sea, a sailor has Faith in his compass to guide him, knowing from long years of experience, that it reflects certain realities. What Douglas described as "practical Christianity" provides a reliable compass, which is available to guide Mankind through the storms now mounting with increasing intensity. Regular readers of League journals must, of course, be concerned with the current intensity of economic and social disintegration. But they cannot be surprised. They know that the nation is on a disaster course because a faulty compass is being used to direct the Ship of State.

Further disasters are ahead. But this is not reason for blind despair. What is essential is a deepening of Faith and courage among those who know that other policies can be pursued. The role of the Christian is going to be decisive in the epic battles to be fought in the near future. But the most effective Christian soldiers are going to be those who have most completely grasped the far-reaching implications of the Christian Revelation. The Christmas Season should be seen as a time for quiet reflection and a strengthening of the spirit in preparation to march to renewed battles behind the banner of the Christian Cross.


The New York Times of October 10th carried a report stating that Western bankers who hold $100 billion of Kuwaiti funds, derived primarily from oil exports, claim that the authority to assign cheques on Kuwaiti assets has been withdrawn from Kuwaiti bureaucrats and are now restricted to members of the Sabah family. Saddam Hussein is well aware that the Sabah family is far from popular with the Kuwaiti people, as witnessed by the fact that hundreds of the most prominent Kuwaiti exiles recently met to discuss the future of the Sabah family, with many making it clear that they were opposed to the family being returned to power.

One of the complaints about the ruling family is that they had not only operated a repressive regime, but had helped provide Saddam Hussein with an excuse for annexation by increasing oil production beyond agreed OPEC quotas, this forcing down the price of oil to the detriment of Iraq.

While the American CIA may be right when it reports that Saddam Hussein plans to sit tight in Kuwait until he is personally convinced that an American assault is imminent, if the CIA is so well informed on Iraq's policy concerning Kuwait, why did it not report that Saddam Hussein was almost certainly going to annex Kuwait if the longstanding dispute between Iraq and Kuwait was not resolved. The time to have warned the Iraqi dictator about the consequences of such an annexation was before it happened. But the evidence mounts that Iraq was "set up" on the Kuwait issue.

Primarily as the result of allegations made by Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Gonzalez, that American banking authorities knew that massive loans were being made to Iraq through the Banca Nazionale Dei Lavara of Atlanta, Georgia, the USA House Banking Committee has been investigating whether American taxpayers may have been helping to finance the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. As more and more of the background to the Kuwaiti affair starts to become known in the USA, the less public support President George Bush has for a policy which is not in the best long term interest of the United States.


from Jeremy Lee
It is now clear that the internationalists see the Gulf crisis as the 'trigger' for the New World Order. Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait was to be used as the issue which would unify a global hand of judgment, bringing together capitalists and communists, north and south, into a noble universal coalition of will. The media played its part, with descriptions of Hussein as an ogre with grander aspirations and more ruthless methods than Adolf Hitler.

The multinational force in Saudi Arabia has at its command the greatest firepower in human history - far greater than that assembled on D-Day in 1945. Yet it is strangely impotent. No army can win without the determined support of its host citizenry. President Bush's biggest obstacle is no longer Saddam Hussein, but the increasing lack of will of his allies and the American people.

The international dream was never clearer than in a feature article, "Why Labor Would Go To War For The New World Order", describing a meeting of the Left Wing of the Labor Party on December 3. The article quoted a speech from Federal Member Andrew Theophanous: "A new world order is emerging, as is shown by the unprecedented resolution 678 of the United States Security Council ... When a situation arises in which the UN has gained a tremendous boost in its power, in its prestige, in its authority, and is able to carry resolutions and concrete actions as a result of those resolutions, the people who describe themselves as leftist or socialist should not be concerned about it, but should welcome such developments because the increase in the powers of the UN is a very significant development. It is something which the ALP has been committed to for many, many years - ever since the time of Dr. Evatt..."

True enough. It was the farsighted Fabian Dr. Evatt who grasped how international treaties could be used to subvert the Australian Constitution, and set the pattern for a global UN government now written in to the ALP platform. But all of this depends on Saddam Hussein retreating before a resolute UN military force, or being routed by irresistible global police action.

However, Hussein has so far won the propaganda battle all along the line. World leaders - including the chairman of the Socialist International, Willy Brandt - have traveled to Baghdad to beg for their hostages; behaviour which, in a Muslim's eyes, is groveling and contemptible. The release of all hostages in time for Christmas makes the likelihood of a military strike in January improbable.

A Sunday Times article, syndicated in The Australian (December 10) points out that the West is drifting and dithering. "….The framework of a new world order, in which the US and the Soviet Union act in concert, is in grave danger of being thrown away because that new order could not even survive its first test .... The US and its allies are closer to losing than at any time since the Gulf crisis began ..."

To complicate the matter further, the UN is set to debate a resolution to establish a conference on all issues in the Middle East - one of the demands made by Saddam Hussein. If President Bush vetoes such a move, he risks angering those Arab nations currently supporting his alliance. But the Israeli lobby in America - Zionist controlled and financed - is determined no such conference should be held. Either way, in such a situation, there will only be one winner; not George Bush, but Saddam Hussein. Bush now desperately needs war. He hasn't enough support to wield the dagger himself. Who - perhaps with MacBeth's words, "If it were done, t'were best done quickly" in mind - is likely to wield that dagger for him?


There will be wide acclamation for the appointment of Mr. David Thompson as Assistant National Director of The League of Rights announced at last week's Annual General Meeting. Mr. Eric Butler accepted re-election as National Director for another two-year term, but said that with the calibre of younger men like David Thompson becoming available, he visualised a different role for himself in the future. One member expressed the opinion that what the League had achieved was in the nature of a miracle. The League's growth has been dependent upon the dedicated giving of supporters. The future of Australia is going to be closely associated with the future of the League. The basic Fund moved forward another $3,475 last week, taking the total to $50,076.


from The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, 9/12) "The distinguished Jewish historian Gitta Sereny has claimed that Martin Gray's book For those I Loved, on which the four-part mini-series of the same name was based, was a partial or complete fake. The eight-hour series shown on four consecutive nights (November 26th- 29th), as mentioned in The Sunday Telegraph T.V. Guide, was claimed by Channel 10 promotions to be based on a 'true story'. However, as Gitta Sereny says in the U.K. magazine The New Statesman concerning For those I Loved, which was ghostwritten by Max Gallo, Gray had never been to Treblinka or escaped from Treblinka.

"When Sereny pointed this out to Gray he replied, 'But does it matter?' Sereny said that untruths always matter, and that every falsification, every error, every slick re-write job, is an advantage to the historical revisionists, who claim that the extent of the Holocaust has been exaggerated. "She concludes by stating that survivors of the concentration camps should bear witness and expose people like Gray for what they are. "A fabrication such as For those I Loved shown on prime time T.V. with an endorsement that the series was 'true' should, together with numerous other similar programmes inciting racial hatred against people of German extraction, be investigated by the relevant regulatory authorities.

"I agree with the Chief Rabbi of the U.K., Lord Jakobovits, who believes that the Holocaust has generated an entire industry with handsome profits, and also believes that the value of current war crimes trials is doubtful. "The Jewish intellectual, Dr. Frank Knopfelmacher, has expressed similar views. (Dr. Frederick Toben, Goroke, Vic.)

"I support what S.G. Snelling wrote on imports into Australia (S.T. 25/11) and the failure of our inept Government to deal with this problem and restrict imports. "The Hawke Government bends over backwards to placate and please other nations while Australia goes steadily downhill. "Much of the cheap imported rubbish is dumped in Australia, flooding our shops with goods, much better produced by Australians, who have their backs to the wall and whose business, farms and orchards are failing on every side, because other countries won't import these goods and our Government does nothing to stop it.
"If Hawke and his Government refuse to restrict imports, there is an alternative available to all Australians to combat this negligence and start us back on the road to prosperity and stability: that is to buy only Australian made goods and refuse imports. "Eventually the importers would get the message and cease to import goods that don't sell. "Believe it or not, we even import sweets - bulls' eyes to be exact -from the U.S.A. These we don't need; there are several Australian makers of these sweets. "We don't owe any of these foreign nations our support; they are all out to destroy our economy and boost their own, with Hawke's blessing. "Wake up, Australians, and buy 'Australian Made' before it is too late and we have nothing left to buy. (D. Nicholson, Wallsend, N.S.W.)


We provide further material concerning the current attack on Fred Leuchter. Firstly, international current affairs expert, Ivor Benson, observes in the November/December issue of his Behind the News (on Leuchter). "Fred Leuchter, America's foremost authority on 'capital punishment hardware', including gas chambers as used in some American states, reported on his forensic examination of former concentration camps in Germany, confirming now what is generally accepted, that none of the buildings in these camps could ever have been gas chambers as alleged at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials.
"Following the publication of his earlier report containing proof that no genuine gas chamber facilities existed at Auschwitz, furious efforts have been made to discredit Leuchter and destroy his company. Leuchter's challenge to his enemies to arrange an international forensic investigation of the Auschwitz 'holocaust' claim have been ignored " ("Behind the News", P.O. Box 29, Sudbury, Suffolk, C010 6EF, England.)


further material concerning Leuchter from the I.H.S. Review (October 1990)
"Legal Harassment
The anti-Leuchter campaign was not limited to covert solicitation of boycott. The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Engineers has filed criminal charges against him for practising as an engineer without a licence. As the Canadian Jewish News (August 30, 1990) boasted, the charges stemmed from a complaint made to the Board by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation and the Holocaust Survivors and Friends in Pursuit of Justice. Beate herself, along with Holocaust Survivors and Friends' spokesperson Shelly Shapiro, appeared on local television to assail Leuchter as a 'Nazi'. "Furthermore, a bill to prohibit the design and manufacture of execution equipment in Massachusetts, sponsored by half a dozen legislators, has been introduced in the State Senate. Eric Redack, who organised a rally in support of the bill on Boston's Beacon Hill, site of the statehouse, revealed what was in any case obvious, that its purpose was 'to put Fred Leuchter out of business a veritable lex Leuchter is in the works."
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