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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 February 1990. Thought for the Week: "The destiny of mankind is unknown. Therein is the very stuff of freedom. Here is a statement, not to be contradicted, which countenances a large hope but does not define it; rather, it gives to hope the boundless contours of a majesty not clouded by vague imaginings or limited by any shape of things to come, but large and pregnant with an undiscovered reality. It stands for a sane faith which forever can keep pace with an expanding universe."
Charles Jones in The Fig Tree, September 1938


At first glance it would appear that South Africa's current political leaders are the victims of some type of madness. The record of what has happened in "liberated" Africa is clear for all to see. Australians only need to look to their North and witness what is happening in Papua-New Guinea, to see how right Sir Raphael Cilento was when he warned of the consequences of "liberating" a collection of native peoples, all with their own languages and cultures, with no unifying principle, and pretending that "democracy" would be the result. Last week the Government of Papua-New Guinea made it clear that the army was incapable of controlling a disintegration situation.

Making one of his typical nonsensical statements, Malcolm Fraser announces that a freed Nelson Mandela is the key to the future of South Africa. Mandela has been built up into a cult figure by the media of the world, a man who only needs to step on to the stage in South Africa and immediately there will be a transformation with the different tribal groups all coming together in a state of harmony. The people of Rhodesia were sold a similar story. Consider the state of Zimbabwe today under Malcolm Fraser's friend, Comrade Mugagbe.

The Achilles Heel of the South Africans is their strict adherence to financial orthodoxy. Prime Minister Bob Hawke stressed this weakness at the last Commonwealth Conference, held in Malaysia, stressing the importance of increasing the pressure on financial sanctions. The South African Nationalist Government was doomed from the moment the International Bankers came out against them, and started to set in motion a programme of retreat.

In the long term, the Mandelas are of little importance in the scheme of global power politics. The Big Idea of a global economy and a World State is emerging clearly for all to see. If law and order, and a civilising process, is to be maintained in South Africa, the lead can only come from the Europeans. Contrary to what the media says, millions of ordinary black South Africans are depending upon the Europeans to protect them. But for the South African Europeans to halt the present retreat, they must challenge financial orthodoxy. They must be prepared to stand up to the International Debt Merchants and to tell them they do not require international loans to finance the nation, and that debts already owed will have to be met on a much more realistic basis than that put forward by the debt merchants.

The hysteria surrounding Mandela will eventually be swept aside by harsh realities. In his first public address, Mandela spoke about "democracy" and "freedom for all". Mandela has never renounced his Marxism and advocates Marxist economic measures. We can only pray that enough South Africans face the reality of their plight and unite in constructive action to halt the current retreat.


Amid the continuing, although increasingly threadbare propaganda on the "greenhouse effect" doubts about apocalyptic prophecies are timidly emerging. The Melbourne "Herald" (2/2/90) published reviews of two new books on "greenhouse" with the comment:
"In Australia and overseas, there is a respectable body of opinion that challenges this (greenhouse) view. Many scientists are now saying that there's little evidence for global warming in the present, and that in future temperature rises will be nothing like the predictions... "

The Greenhouse Challenge" by two Wollongong academics, Jim Falk and Andrew Browlow, is quoted: "Despite the best efforts of hard working researchers, using the best available technology, the predictions about greenhouse effects that we currently have available may be little more than dubious general directions, provided by an erratic compass, towards an unknown destination." They quote U.S. climatologist Michael Schlesinger: "You have every right to be very, very skeptical of the results."

Scientific doubts about "greenhouse" have not yet filtered down to the international bureaucrats. The "Financial Review" (2/2/90) reports that the International Energy Agency proposes a carbon "tax" which would effectively double the price of coal. This proposal has already been aired by Mr. Barry Jones Minister for Science, last year, who strongly favoured such an international tax. The Tribune, journal of the Communist Party of Australia, recently commented that the current events in Eastern Europe are not the end of history. No comrades, we agree: it is NOT the end of history. But being comrades, and probably having some understanding of the communist dialectic, you feel that your sweet communism is taking a large step backwards, only to later take two large steps forward. We don't agree with this. Our view is that the Communist PHASE of the struggle for the World is now passing. It is being replaced by a more subtle (and more dangerous) phase, viz, that of a SUPER-CAPITALISM, under which the individual will have merely cosmetic advantages, freedoms. The drive for One World: World Government goes on apace. Over the weekend past, we listened to a segment on Radio National during which learned professors of politics and economics discussed emerging world trends and events. NONE of them mentioned the role of banks and international finance. "This will happen" and "that will not happen", etc. etc. We can tell them that "it will or will not happen" according to the pleasure of Finance. If Finance wants it, then "it will happen". If not nothing doing.

The Socialist Left members of the Cain Victorian Government have gone right off the planet again with their demand for a "portable long-service leave". This simply means that someone (no doubt, the employers) will be charged for 13 weeks paid leave after having served for 15 years in the Victorian workforce, regardless of whom the work was done for. The work does not have to be continuous, and the "portable" nature of the scheme would allow entitlements to be carried from employer to employer. Now think about all that! Already some Victorian business leaders are talking about moving interstate, or even OFF SHORE, if their businesses are to be further burdened with this unrealistic scheme. As with the notorious WorkCare (accident insurance), another Victorian industrial demon, the scheme would be paid for through a levy on all employers starting at 0.2% and rising to 1.77% by the 15th year. The Victorian Employers' Federation says the levy on employers would need to rise to at least 2.00% very quickly if the scheme were to pay for itself. This would be expected to cost $1 Billion a year when the scheme became fully operational, compared with the present long service leave costs to Victorian employers of about $150 Million a year.

Mr. Boris Yeltsin, the Russian "wildman", talks of bloody revolution with the Soviet Union, a "union" that appears to be beginning to fall apart. Now that the Communist yoke is being lifted, ethnic realities are asserting themselves ("Birds of a feather, flock together") Armenians want to be Armenians; Georgians want to be Georgians, etc., etc. No one can say, now, what events are likely to take place in Eastern Europe. Yes, civil war within the U.S.S.R. is possible, in our view.

from The Australian (7/2)
"In his review on Tumbledown (The Weekend Australian 3/2) Michael Morton-Evans describes the Falkland Islands campaign as being a 'silly war" which was a question of local politics. He attributes to Prime Minister Thatcher motives, which are probably not sustainable by reality. "The reason for that war was presumably given by the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S.A. ... O.T.) Glomar Explorer which, after its survey in 1978 of the 200-mile exclusive economic zone round the Falklands, stated that the zone's hydrocarbon reserves were equivalent to nine times those of the North Sea and greater than all the known reserves of the Middle East." (Malcolm Hardwick, Q.C., Sydney)

from The Mail-Times (Horsham, Vic.), Feb.2nd
"It appears that when Mr. Peter Fisher made his pilgrimage to the modern Tower of Babel he was taken up into the high mountain. "The effects such trips have on our politicians are always the same. "Back they come, veritable founts of new found wisdom, uttering worse nonsense than before.
Response: "The plight of the elector is graphically illustrated in Mr. Fisher's response to your excellent editorial of January 3rd, dealing with the family under siege from another United Nations Convention. "Far from giving the elector an alternative to socialist legislation, Mr. Fisher endorses it. Is it any wonder that electors can see no significant difference between the socialists and the so-called conservative opposition parties? "That the opposition parties are pathetic is beyond any dispute. If they were worth their salt they would sweep to power and we would cease to be afflicted by the Hawke and Cain Governments.
Unabated: "So long as the conservative parties lack an understanding of what socialism is and how it works, and do not present alternative policies, then socialism will continue unabated. "Because the essence of socialism is the centralisation of all power it is therefore necessary for them to exact all sorts of legislation to regulate our lives because the socialists believe they know what is best for everyone. "We are like Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels. Each new piece of legislation with all the associated rules and regulations is like another piece of cord put around Gulliver by the Lilliputians, tying him down and rendering him helpless. "If Mr. Fisher and his party were genuine conservatives they would be shouting from the rooftops that, if they won the next election, they would free Australia from all unnecessary, soul destroying legislation imposed on us over many years.
Ridiculous: "This would include repudiating all these ridiculous United Nations conventions on everything under the sun. We can do quite nicely without having the ultimate in socialism, the United Nations, poking its nose into our sovereign affairs. It is time we judged politicians not by their labels but by what they do. "For Mr. Fisher to pass off this particular U.N. Convention by telling his constituents 'it is important to read the convention as a complete document' is disappointing. "What an ideal way for anyone with unscrupulous intent to implant destructive provisions into a seemingly harmless document. "If that is the best Mr. Fisher can tell his constituents then maybe he should hand in his gun and take the golden handshake." (Philip Lienert, Kooyong Street, HORSHAM, Vic.)

from The Mail (Frankston, Vic.), Feb. 8th
"I write to congratulate Nance Jaboor on becoming the Australian Democrats' candidate for the Federal seat of Flinders. She has been quoted in one of the local papers as saying, 'The Liberals and Labor are too much alike and I chose the Democrats because they are green and more about social justice..' "With Hawke and Whitlam, Peacock and Fraser - with many other men of the Labor-Liberal parties members of the powerful 105 year old Fabian Society, is it any wonder they are so much alike? "The Fabian Society our Prime Minister, ex-prime minister, and he who would be Prime Minister, champions, was formed and formally launched in England in 1884. "Its purpose has always been to accomplish the goals set down by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto not by bloody revolution however, but by 'creeping gradualism', permeation of its members and ideas into all segments of a nation's life.
"In the late 60s the Fabians in Labor government included the prime minister, 10 cabinet ministers, 35 under secretaries and other officers of state: 229 out of 339 Labor Party members of parliament. (We presume that the writer refers to the House of Commons, U.K. ... O.T.) "Giving the main address at the Australian Fabian's 100th anniversary banquet at the Hawthorn Town Hall in 1984, Bob Hawke boldly proclaimed that the entire strategy of his Government was based on the Fabian plan.
"It can be seen in the Geelong Advertiser's (issue) of May 22nd, 1989, where Senator Graham Richardson is quoted (in part) while addressing a gathering of 200 at a Fabian Society conference at Lorne (Vic.) that 'the Fabian Society is the Labor movement's think-tank'. "It is interesting to remember how Bob Hawke came out into the open and pushed so vigorously for Malcolm Fraser to get the very high posting as head of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (Secretariat... O.T.). "It is also interesting to reflect on Mr. Fraser's views on his successor, Mr. Hawke, as told to a dinner given by a group of rich American yachties in Newport, U.S.A., as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (1.9.83): 'that there wasn't really much difference between him and Bob Hawke'. "He said Mr. Hawke was a pragmatist who would make sensible decisions.
On Mr. Hawke's recent trip to the U.S.A., he was talking about the same sort of policies and relations with America that we had been following over the past 7 years, Mr. Fraser said. "The Fabian Society's coat of arms is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.
"As Don Chipp often said: 'We need the Democrats to keep the bastards honest'. "I have seen it written that someone thinks the Democrats are like watermelons. Green on the outside, red on the inside. "Can't help wondering if the lads in the two other parties are Labor or Libbers on the outside, and Fabian Fibbers on the inside. "Health and peace of mind to all." (Bob Gibson, Rosebud, Vic.)

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