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Edmund Burke
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On Target

2 March 1990. Thought for the Week: "The monetary time-trap in which we are all caught is driving every Western nation, irrespective of its political ideology, towards State Socialism, with its dependence upon the State as the source of all access to wealth and power, and this superficially appears to confirm the Marxist view that there is a fatal defect inherent in what is called capitalist free enterprise which spells its doom and drives it inexorably towards socialism. The necessity to maximise exports, not to barter for essential imports, but to provide pay-packets to buy home products without adding to the price-income gap, is also forcing the 'mixed economies' of the West to support with their still superior technology the grossly inefficient economies of the Socialist East…."
Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs, in the Introduction to The Monopoly of Credit by C.H. Douglas (3rd Edit.)


Really, the less said, the better. What we saw was, in essence, a theatrical play. It should have been on at a repertory theatre, with "reviews" the next day in the entertainment columns of the metropolitan dailies. "Credits" should have been awarded for the "sets"; honourable mention given to camera technicians, "story lines"; some performer nominated for an "Oscar", or some such. Oscar Wilde, the Irish wit, once remarked that a lady had one of "those faces that, once seen, is never remembered". We hope that the Great Debate farce is equally as readily forgotten.


The first ten days of the election campaign have passed without even a mention of the multi-function polis - the Japanese "city-of-the-future". One would be excused for thinking that debate is being consciously directed away from the issue BECAUSE IT IS. While the Australian domestic committee for the MFP is keen to sell the idea to beleaguered businessmen as an opportunity for unlimited largesse, they would rather that the rest of us - the great unwashed - knew nothing about it as yet. Professor Gavan McCormack, of Adelaide University, recipient of much information on the MFP that has "fallen off the back of trucks", is concerned about the secrecy. He said: "The high degree of secrecy that has been maintained for over two years now is worrying..."

Professor McCormack directs attention to the minutes of the Joint Steering Committee for the MFP, which met in Sydney in March 1989. It was a joint Japan/Australia meeting, presumably chaired by Mr. Will Bailey of the ANZ, and we must assume that the Cabinet is aware of the following minute: "The control of public consciousness in relation to the MFP is a matter on which the Australian side is concerned. This is thought to be a basic stage in realising the potential of the MFP. To put it simply, even though the project has firm commercial or technical principles, before this potential is clarified there will have to be in Australia, a sense on the part of the Australian state, individuals and regions which will be affected by it, that it will be very beneficial to them. For this reason it is necessary to control the consciousness of public and related organisations very carefully." Is the League of Rights one of the "related organisations"? YES IT IS!

Professor David Yencken, of the University of Melbourne, has produced a report, "Multifunction Polis: Social Issues Study", in which he writes: "The persistence of openly expressed racism must concern any project which is associated in the public mind with Japanese initiative and the possibility of Asian investment and settlement... In the first category are organisations, which appear to espouse the full range of traditional racist views... The oldest and best studied such group is the Australian League of Rights (Gott 1965)." There then follows an incredible account of how the League has manipulated major parties and other public bodies, including the League, having "captured" the Citizens' Electoral Committees!
It is also notable that the Professor is depending upon the research of a Communist, written 25 years ago: the Gott work.

Dr. Tessa Morris-Suzuki, from the Department of Economic History, University of New England, is also very skeptical about the MFP. In an address in July, 1989, she queried the role of the four member Joint Secretariat of the MFP, based in Sydney: ". . .This last body, which has been incorporated under N.S.W. law with a projected budget of over $4 million, seems likely to play an important coordinating role in the debate. The extent to which the polis will emerge as a subject of public controversy remains to be seen, but it is interesting to note that the Secretariat's budget includes an allowance of around $60,000 for something which has been described, with uncharacteristic directness, as 'managing public opinion'."

Even though one of the questions directed to Mr. Hawke during last weekend's "great debate" included Japanese investment, not a word on the MFP. If it is to become an election issue at all, it must be forced into the open first. The League is now equipped to spearhead that campaign, with the production of a special edition, suitably enlarged, of "Intelligence Survey". We need your help.


The above is the heading on the Anglican Home Mission Society Newsletter for February, distributed last week. The article beneath made the following points: "Home Mission Society Councillors fear a dramatic surge in personal bankruptcies and over commitment on credit resulting from the recent Christmas shopping spree. While retailers have claimed that consumption is down on previous years, personal disposable income has been slashed by the high cost of housing. Credit has been used as a means to bridge the gap between incomes and price. The lure of low installments and "easy terms" has made consumers particularly vulnerable..."
Social creditors will find it ironical that this situation was described in quite some detail 70 years ago. C.H. Douglas warned about this problem in Economic Democracy, writing: "It will be seen that the aggregate prices increase much faster than aggregate personal savings, causing the forced export of manufactured articles and continuous expansion of financial credits."

The Home Mission Society goes on to write of distraught consumers experiencing feelings of panic as the day of financial reckoning comes. Yes, the result of shonky financial policy is destroying the family unit, but still the "church" refuses to come to grips with such issues as the creation of credit, the progressive shortening of purchasing power, and the resultant debt that is generated. The HMS even accuses Australians of living beyond their means, and yet, any realistic assessment of the Australian productive capacity reveals that even if we set out to do so, we could not possibly consume all that we produce. Therefore, the limit to our means has not yet even been reached!


The Super Green Senator Graham Richardson thinks that 80% of green preferences will go to Labor in the forthcoming general election. If this doesn't happen? True enough, Senator, the Labor Party will be in "all sorts of strife". Let's give Senator Richardson something more to worry about! A backlash against the "Green Hoax" has already started: we suspect that he knows this himself. There have been articles appearing in the newspaper, which urge great caution in accepting computer projections of greenhouse effects. When a small number of genuine experts in any area begin to question "evidence", then the ball starts rolling, and many well informed people gain the courage to add their voice to the mounting opposition. One man who has done a great service to the "greenhouse debate" is John Daly, of Launceston. His book, The Greenhouse Trap, has opened many eyes. We, ourselves, have opened many eyes, also - with David Thompson's Green-Hoax.

Paul Keating wants another term in office to see Labor's economic policies bear fruit. He wants to be around another term to see the better times that are surely coming. We predict that there will be no "turn around" in the economy at all. We expect the economy to steadily deteriorate still further. Not ALL of it will be the fault of Paul Keating. But he will be swept aside by forces he will never understand.

We heard Mr. Gorbachev, Soviet Supremo still, quoted on ABC Radio as saying that the 21st Century will be that of the Pacific Basin nations. The Soviets, he said, want to be part of that exciting development. Mr. Ryzhkov, Soviet Prime Minister, said the same thing when recently in Australia. The Soviets (if they don't disintegrate) are eager to participate in joint ventures with Asian-Pacific nations, especially in the areas of electronics and biotechnology. The era of Super Capitalism is replacing the Communist era.

The war crimes trials in the UK are getting the green light from 10 Downing Street, LONDON. The British Cabinet is under heavy Zionist pressure.

The following three letters from The Mail-Times (Horsham, Vic.), February 16th: "I agree with Phil Lienert, 'Mail-Times', February 2nd, that the Opposition parties are weak and ineffectual. For Mr. Fisher to argue to signing the Convention put forward by the United Nations, regarding children must deem him and his party a bunch of Fabian socialists. "Also, if they had anything to offer they would not be in opposition. "For any party to agree to sign anything, least of all what the UN decides, that allows children not to be prevented reading anything they like, watch any movie or video, no matter how pornographic or violent, not to be disciplined by parents and so on, puts Mr. Fisher and his fellow politicians in the same category as Gareth Evans and the rest of the Labor Party. "Why haven't the churches spoken out or has the socialist bug bitten them too? "For goodness sake wake up Mr. Fisher and fight for what you are supposed to represent, the people who put you there and democracy. "Congratulations Editor on your editorials, you always know what is really going on and write accordingly." (J.Jones, Jamouneau St., Warracknabeal, Vic.)

"I refer to Mr. Peter Fisher's letter, Mail-Times, February 12th, in which he expressed resentment at 'the subtle implication that my support for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is against Christian values'. "Those who have done their homework on UN, UNESCO, would be inclined to think that Mr. Fisher does not hold a Biblical Christian view. "The UN is an atheistic, humanistic, totalitarian organisation which has influenced nations throughout the world in using education as a vehicle for their propaganda, destroying our traditional moral values, dumbing down our youth through induced illiteracy, and infiltrating many of our Christian churches if they get a toehold. The result - Biblical Christian teaching is distorted and misleading. We could go on!
"Thomas Gulick, policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, Washington, wrote in 1982: 'Permeating programmes in every UNESCO sector are arguments advocating the New International Economic Order: NIEO, as it is generally known, is a simplistic scheme to redistribute the world's wealth and resources to more than 100 underdeveloped nations, creating a global welfare state financed mainly by the US and Western industrial nations. UNESCO books and documents are filled with NIEO rhetoric; and the issue underlines all-important UNESCO conference debates "The United Nations, over the years, has been cited as 'an instrument by which worldwide aspirations for freedom and human dignity can be advanced'. Just before the report, circa 1964, from which this quote is taken, millions of people had been betrayed into communist slavery by UNESCO policies in restricting military activities against the aggressors, in the name of 'containment' of communism and not a victory. The Korean War is but one example. "Can Mr. Fisher truthfully cite one country that has been genuinely helped by the UN? "Mr. Fisher, do your homework. "You might find that many of your constituents are better informed than you. (J.M. Wallis, Kaniva, Vic.)

"Your January 29th issue, under the heading, 'Farmers Dismayed By Wheat Discount', reports the continued price cutting of the sale of wheat to the Soviet Union by the European Economic Community and the US, thereby demonstrating the complete futility of continued Australian involvement in a rat race called world trade. "Our continued participation indicates that we have been unable to grasp that production is not for the purpose of obtaining other people's money, or to provide full employment, but for the sole purpose of consumption.
"In the final analysis, Australians need only to service their own total requirements, an undertaking which we could accomplish because of our abundant natural resources, adequate technology and workforce, and excellent climate.
"We can and should liquidate our overseas debt, cease borrowing from overseas, reduce our imports to those items which cannot be produced here, and withdraw from those international organisations by which our nation is being disadvantaged. These are the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations. "Our survival would then be a question of intelligently exploiting our own physical capacity rather than dependence on a world monetary system designed to place all nations in hock to the world's money lenders, with the ultimate aim, the tyranny of world government.
"That we can operate independently was amply demonstrated during the war, when we maintained better than minimum services on the home front, and waged war all without the horrendous debt and inflation of today. In addition, we achieved this without borrowing money from overseas, our own banks generating the necessary finance with the key to this apparent miracle being the financial techniques involved. "These have been explained ad nauseum, and are well understood in high places. They have a crucial role in perpetuating a free and independent Australia today, but are not implemented because our political representatives have become mesmerised by their finance economic advisers, who would rather respond to a world order than to Australian nationalism." (Alan Kroker, Horsham, Vic.)
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