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22 March 1991. Thought for the Week: "The scientific concept of dictatorship means nothing other than unlimited government, unrestrained by any laws or any absolute rules and supporting itself by force."
V.I. Lenin


by Eric D. Butler
Last week in the Federal Parliament Prime Minister Bob Hawke left no doubt that he and his colleagues are firmly committed to the destruction of large sectors of the Australian economy as part of a programme directed towards creating a New International Economic Order. The "internalising" of the Australian economy means that the foundations of Australia's sovereignty, economic independence, are to be further eroded. "We do recognise," said Mr. Hawke, "that the new round of tariff cuts will continue to expose Australian business to international pressures."

Mr. Hawke, the internationalist, the man who has frankly admitted that he is imposing the Fabian strategy of gradualness in Australia, who is a prominent member of the Socialist International, has for eight years consistently pursued the objective of surrendering Australia's independence to internationalism. The first major act of surrender took place when the Australian Government headed by Fabian Socialist Gough Whitlam indicated at an international conference held in Lima, Peru, that it was prepared to start dismantling the protection of Australian industries.

This agreement was subsequently ratified by the Government headed by Mr. Malcolm Fraser, a Prime Minister who spent much of his time attempting to persuade Australians they had to start making surrenders. But Malcolm Fraser did not put it as bluntly as that: he spoke about something called the North-South dialogue, which simply camouflaged the basic concept of the New International Economic Order: that vast resources had to be transferred from the developed nations to the underdeveloped nations.

One of the most significant comments made about the Hawke statement last week came from well-known columnist, Mr. Paul Kelly. Kelly said that all the arguments of the past concerning free trade and protection were now at an end; there was now general agreement that protection was at an end. Kelly is seen to be correct when the views of the "Opposition" are studied. Dr. Hewson and his colleagues have left no doubt that they accept the general thrust of the internationalist policies of the Hawke Government.
Their only argument is that, to use the current economic jargon, not enough attention is being paid to "micro-economic reforms", in order that those Australian industries, which might survive, can become more "efficient". The term efficient is never defined, but if the purpose of Australian industries is to compete with, say, the Chinese, then obviously Australian workers will be expected to compete with Chinese workers.
The overall thrust of what is being attempted is to drive down still further the present falling standard of living of the Australian people.

All the major political parties have been captured by the internationalists. The old time Labor movement of Australian nationalists has been taken over by the trendy Fabians, while the character of the Liberal Party has been completely changed from that of the Liberal Party created by Sir Robert Menzies and his colleagues. There has been a growing unholy alliance of Big Business, Big Unions and Big Government. Just as farmers and small business have been betrayed by the very people they have thought were working for their protection, so have the rank and file of the trade unionists been betrayed. Mr. Martin Ferguson, President of the A.C.T.U., came out strongly last week in support of the Hawke strategy, saying that the Trade Union movement will have to sacrifice more jobs as the Hawke Government moves towards "economic reform". Ferguson said there would be "sacrifices and victims". Mr. Ferguson was being interviewed by The Sunday Herald.

The essence of the struggle in the world today is between nationalism and internationalism. If the internationalists have their way, the Union Jack, representing over a thousand years of history rooted in the concept of national sovereignty, will be replaced in 1992 as Britain makes a final surrender to the internationalists creating the European Economic Community. Mr. Hawke says that Australians must be preparing to move into a Pacific Common Market, while the Canadians are being moved towards sinking their sovereignty in a North American Common Market. But while all this is taking place, the internationalists' star in the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, is having the greatest difficulty in preventing the Soviet Empire from completely disintegrating under the upsurge of nationalism.

Unless Australians have completely lost all commonsense, they should be able to grasp that if the rest of the world sank beneath the sea tomorrow, 17 million people, who have inherited the finest constitutional and political system yet devised by man, and who have at their disposal vast natural resources and adequate know how to produce an abundance of everything required for civilised living, would be freed from the myth of trying to solve problems by international programmes.

The truth is that Australia's industries, primary and secondary, have been misdirected by a financial system, which generates increasing debt, this in turn the basic cause of crushing taxation and inflation. A problem is not made easier of solution by making it bigger. Internationalising the Australian economy makes it that much more difficult to implement the type of reforms essential to save Australia from further disasters and human suffering. When Australia has put its own house in order, it will then be in the position to trade sensibly with other nations.


President George Bush's Secretary of State, Mr. James Baker, says that no "double standard" would be applied by the U.S.A. in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Baker says, "As a strong ally of Israel", the U.S.A. should have the ability to insist that Israel comply with the U.N. Security Council resolutions, 242 and 338, which require Israel to hand back territory annexed during the 1967 war. It will be instructive to note whether President George Bush, the New World Order advocate, will recommend that Israel be subjected to the same treatment as Iraq if it declines to obey the U.N. resolutions. To date it has flatly refused to obey the two U.N. resolutions. Former terrorist leader Shamir has already indicated that he is moved by what George Bush and his colleagues have to say.

The Age, Melbourne, of March 14th, published an editorial entitled, TIME TO RESTORE ROLE OF PARLIAMENT. The editorial started, "In constitutional theory, the government is responsible to Parliament and Parliament is accountable to the people. In practice, the legislature has become subordinated to and financially dependent on an overweening executive. Party politics is largely to blame... The editorial was commenting on a recent report by Dr. Coghill, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Labor, and Mr. Hunt, Liberal, President of the Legislative Council, calling for the restorations of Parliament's proper role. The report does not go nearly far enough, but it is a start. What is required is a mechanism like the Electors' Veto, which would enable electors to have an effective check on the actions of their elected representatives. And the grip of the modern party system must be broken. Electors have the solution in their own hands: elect at least some Independents.

One (Sydney) Sunday columnist passes a comment on Prime Minister Hawke's internationalisation process which, although tongue in cheek, makes his point: "If Prime Minister Bob Hawke's economic statement is implemented, the Australian economy will look like the road to Basra in 12 months. "The underlying fallacy of his prescription is that Australia is a developed nation like the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. It isn't. "Australia is a developing nation (in recession) which is just one peg above underdeveloped nations of the Third World. "Because of this, it is economic insanity to tear down all protection and allow our feeble manufacturing base to be subjected to the full blast of international competition resulting in mass unemployment." (Alex Mitchell, Sun-Herald (Sydney), 17/3/91)

According to a Japanese journalist, Yayoi Nogichi (Tokyo, March l8th), Australia and Canada are the two most popular destinations for Japanese emigrants who are fed up with their affluent but suffocating lifestyle and turning to alternative countries to spend the rest of their lives. (The Australian, March 18th.) The Japanese journalist tells a typical tale of the son of middle class people having to give up Sunday sport to attend "cram" classes to prepare for a high school entrance examination. Japanese are emigrating to escape from the tight social framework.

To the Bootmaker there's Nothing Like Leather: This is an old English maxim. It means that human beings are mainly concerned with their everyday means and methods of maintaining a suitable lifestyle. The Banker has his Credit/the barrister his law/engineer his steel, etc. The Old Guard in former Communist countries sees in the erosion of Communism, also the erosion of their positions of power, which they cherish. No reform for them.

from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), March 18th
"I note the remarks of Peter McGauran, M.P., regarding the educational standard of farmers. "It would be wise for him to take into account that it is rare for a college or university trained farmer to even survive on a farm, let alone show his contemporaries anything. "The Shadow Minister for Science and Technology would do better to review the whole education illusion in the light of where it has taken this nation. "We are churning out hordes of seemingly highly educated illiterates and then forcing the system to accommodate them at huge cost. "Australia was made great by those with little education and ruined by those with too much." (John R. Teasdale, Rupanyup, Vic.)
Our Comment: We agree with the thrust of Mr. Teasdale's letter. In our view, many, many, Australians are being educated beyond their natural ability, and are clogging up, in particular, the public services, and various government instrumentalities. Very many of such people, we are sure, would not be capable of holding a position of influence and responsibility in the private sector ... William Cobbett, of Rural Rides fame, referred to such people (above) as THE DEAD WEIGHT.

All these letters from The Sunday Sun (Melbourne), March 17th

"I would wholeheartedly agree with Mrs. Newton regarding the state of this country. "To even open a bank account is more restrictive than trying to emigrate. As for the 'deeming' legislation imposed upon the pensioners, I honestly believed we lived in a democratic country once! "Next we will have all our Australian cards issued regardless of choice. "We have just fought one dictator in the Gulf, how do we rid ourselves of this one?" (J.M. Boughey, Endeavour Hills, Vic.)

Where Are The Jobs?
"There is little doubt in my mind that the state of this country is poor. I have seen the evidence over the last several months as I've struggled to gain employment. "I'd like to ask our Government why a school leaver like myself, with a V.C.E. (H.S.E.) pass of 307, cannot find a job. "I'd also like to know why I have waited 14 weeks to receive my first unemployment benefit payment. "And yes, I have been trying. If ringing five to six jobs in one morning, without gaining one interview, isn't trying, I'd like to know what is. "I have not lost my pride in this great country, nor am I frightened of this inadequate Government. I will prove this when the next election comes around. But our living standards have been lowered and it is wrong and unjust." (Glen Childs, Croydon, Vic.)

Beware the Medicare Card
"Although the Minister for Health, Mr. Howe, has stated (March 3rd) that new Medicare cards will not be linked with other data systems, similar promises were made and broken in relation to the tax file number system. Can the Government be trusted? "The new Medicare cards, which will have a computerised magnetic strip, are intended to detect welfare cheats. "The reservations about the new card expressed by Bob Woods, the Opposition Health spokesman, and Janet Powell, the leader of the Australian Democrats, should be shared by all Australians concerned about the development of an I.D. surveillance system much more intrusive than the abandoned Australia Card scheme." (John Bennett, President, Australian Civil Liberties Union)

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