Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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5 April 1991. Thought for the Week: "Scarcely any of those who read what the paper tells them know who has written what they read, or what source of information he possesses, or what intellectual weight. The voice seems to issue from a sort of superman, and has a hypnotic power of compelling assent... Strange is the fascination of the printed page. Men who would give little credence to a tale told by a neighbour, or even written to them by a friend, believe what the newspaper tells them merely because they see it in print."
Lord Bryce in Modern Democracies, Vol.1, p 116


The print media continues to publish stories of Australian manufacturing industries either being relocated in other countries, generally South-East Asian, or becoming importers of what they originally produced. Treasurer Paul Keating and his colleagues insist that they are "internationalising" the Australian economy in order that it will be more "competitive" and "efficient".
But they are not telling the Australian people that they and their "advisers" are pursuing a long-term strategy to integrate the Australian economy into the New International Economic Order, and that Australia has already surrendered much of its sovereignty by the signing of a number of international agreements. And the Federal Opposition is not warning the Australian people about this strategy for the good reason that they are basically in agreement with what is being done.
It should be remembered that Dr. Hewson, leader of the Federal Liberal Party, spent some time working with the International Monetary Fund, one of the main instruments being used by the internationalists.

The concept for The New International Economic Order was formalised at the United Nations early in 1974. Dr. Henry Kissinger, spokesman for David Rockefeller of the notorious Trilateral Commission, had played a major role in setting the stage by contending that separate nations could no longer solve their own problems and that new international machinery was necessary to develop a "World Community". Dr. Kissinger saw the development of a new international currency under control of the International Monetary Fund as a way of helping to finance the New International Economic Order. The whole concept had the warm endorsement of both the Moscow and the Beijing Marxists; who correctly said it was merely an extension of Lenin's teaching that a World State could not be created until the economies of the whole world were internationalised.

Following the 1974 U.N. resolution (adopted on May 1st, 1974) for the development of a New International Economic Order, a vital conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation took place in Lima, Peru, resulting in what is known as the "Lima Declaration". Anyone who studies this declaration will readily grasp what is happening to Australia's manufacturing industries.

The essence of what was proposed was the transfer of resources from the developed to the underdeveloped nations, who were to be favoured with liberal grants and loans, some of those interest free. A few Australian business leaders became concerned, one of these being Neil Walford of REPCO, who said, "The reality is that our industries have no protection at all when it comes to competing with countries where workers are paid only a quarter or a fifth of ours." He also pointed out that the big difference in taxes levied also discriminated against Australian industries.

It was during the Whitlam era that Australia made the first moves to start to comply with the New International Order concept. The Fraser Government continued on with what had been initiated by the Whitlam Government. Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's enthusiasm for the "North South Dialogue" was linked with the New International Economic Order concept, a major feature of which is to bring basic resources, including minerals and grains, under international control.

Liberal Premier of West Australia, Sir Charles Court, was one of the few to grasp the far-reaching implications of what was proposed, stating in 1978 that he was greatly concerned about "the New International Economic Order concept, incorporating international commodity boards for the purpose of imposing external control on individual producing nations.
As a dedicated International Socialist, Prime Minister Hawke embraced the New International Order concept with enthusiasm. The deregulation of the banking system was quickly implemented as a major step in the general strategy of internationalisation.

Protection of Australian industries has been progressively scaled down. But while Australians are told that protection for their industries, both primary and secondary, must be phased out, other countries, like Japan, insist upon protection. There was a recent uproar in Japan when foreign grown rice, including some from Australia, was merely on display. The Italians appear to have more sense than Australians, with only 3,000 Japanese cars being allowed into Italy every year. It might be said that protection is by government Fiat!

If Australia is to survive as a genuinely free and independent nation, the strategy of internationalism must be reversed, with a progressive withdrawal from all those international agreements that undermine Australia's sovereignty. Every effort must be made to strive for the maximum of economic self-sufficiency, trade with the rest of the world being on the basis of exchanging genuine surpluses, such as wool and woollen products, for required imports from other countries. Centralisation versus' de-centralisation is the basic issue now openly dominating the human drama.


Ex-terrorist Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Shamir, made it clear last week that while he is prepared to talk to Palestinians, this will be on his terms. Shamir's programme is for a limited Palestinian autonomy during an interim period. But self-determination is completely out. In the meantime the violence and the killing goes on in the Israeli occupied territories. Generally overlooked in discussions about the future of Israel, is that the country is already straining its water resources to the limit, and that the planned re-settlement of at least one million Russian Jews, will require an expansion of water supplies. This will require further expansion of Israel's borders, with still greater Middle East unrest. The Western media has "played down" the rising tide of anti-Western feeling that has swept the whole Moslem world as a result of the Gulf War.

Hopefully the revelations concerning the "new education" in Victoria will produce a massive revolt. V.C.E. Year 11 students are not to bother about history and geography. But prostitutes have discussed their "work" with students. The study of prostitution is deemed to be relevant" to the course theme of Work in Australian society". The young must be "exposed to realism" it is argued. Homosexuals have also been brought in to discuss "alternative life styles". But why stop with prostitutes, homosexuals and lesbians? What about a further dash of realism by bringing in a few thugs and gangsters to discuss their life style and how they operate? Convicted murderers could also be used to enlighten the young. Education vouchers for all parents, making it financially possible for them to "vote" for the type of schools they want is an urgent necessity to protect young Australians from diabolical evil.

The March issue of The Metal Worker joined the growing ranks of the anti-League of Rights campaigners across the nation. Trade Unionists who read The Metal Worker are told that the "populist" movement triggered off by Danny Johnson's Melbourne rally on January 4th, "has links to League of Rights". The League is described as usual - "an ultra-right wing.... neo-Nazi organisation". This is the same type of gutter language used by defenders of the totalitarian party system. On the eve of the big Horsham National Survival Rally, the local Uniting Church was warning about the League and passing out Senator Boswell's infamous attack on the League in the Senate.

Now we know what the "New World Order" is about! Readers of Adelaide's morning daily, The Advertiser, of February 26th, were electrified to read in the column, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? that the New World Order being advocated by President Bush and Prime Minister Hawke had its roots in the Illuminati, founded back in 1776, and that it had been developed through the Communist conspiracy. Dr. Carol Quigley' s famous work, Tragedy and Hope, was quoted and the role of the international bankers mentioned. Mention was made of the planned formation of the United States of Europe by 1992. Some media commentators and others were appalled. The Advertiser came under such pressure that in its issue of March 9th it corrected the previous answer concerning The New World Order, quoting President Bush as saying, "We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders. The Communist conspirators played a major role in the establishment of the United Nations, as a study of its origins confirms. The first Acting Secretary General of the United Nations at the San Francisco Conference of 1945 was top U.S. State Department official, Alger Hiss, subsequently exposed as a top Soviet agent in the U.S.A. Another top Soviet secret agent, Harry Dexter White, of the American Treasury Department, was the main architect of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, along with British economist John Maynard Keynes.


The Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of South Australia is Professor Grier Lin, who has some sound practical ideas, it seems. He says that there should be compulsory education of politicians and public servants, whose ideas needed updating as well as any other section of the community. He said that cutting tariff protection for the Australian engineering industry "will be just like throwing a child into a cage with a tiger. We will get eaten up". "If we don't protect our industry, at the end of the day we are not going to have even these inefficient industries at all, and everyone will be out of a job."


At the Annual General Meeting of the Moe Branch of the Liberal Party the State Member for Narracan, John Delzoppo, said that the blocking of Supply (to force the socialist Government of Joan Kirner [Victoria] out of office) appeared to be unconstitutional. The meeting was told that the Governor of Victoria could not dissolve (State) Parliament unless the Premier agreed with the requests of the majority of Victorians and resigned. Our own view, without the benefit of opinion from Constitutional experts, is that Mr. Delzoppo is right. The Australia Act has the effect of destroying the power of the Crown at State level. This leaves State Governors (all States) more or less figureheads. We have never fully understood the role of the Governor of Tasmania during the formation of the Field Labor (minority) Government, which has governed with the support of the Tasmanian ''greens''. This is another area that could be "traditionalised" if enough Australians wanted it, with the aid of the Citizens' Initiated Referendum. That is, full powers restored to State Governors. ALL State Governments agreed to support the Australia Act, including at least two State Liberal Governments.


A journalist, Philip Jacobson writing from Paris recently, says "Ghosts of France's long and bloody war in Vietnam are haunting the nation. Passions are being stirred up with respect to an elderly academic, Georges Boudarel, who was a partisan in the Vietminh Communist guerrilla movement in the late 1940s: he helped to run a camp for French Army prisoners where up to 80% of same died. Under French law Boudarel could still be tried with war crimes. The pro and anti Boudarel factions in France are at battle stations: old wounds are being reopened. The point is that the defeat of France at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 could have been averted. The French Chief of Staff, General Ely, flew to Washington to liaise with Dulles and Eisenhower, who were for an allied intervention: Churchill and Eden were against any type of intervention. At this very time, two American aircraft carriers with atomic weapons were in the South China Sea waiting the order to destroy the Communist forces besieging Dien Bien Phu. The order didn't come. Dien Bien Phu fell on May 7th, 1954, which ended France's role in Indo-China, and set the stage for the Vietnam War, which has caused so much damage, in life and treasure, to the United States. There are those who argue that it all could have been averted if the West had had the courage to intervene at Dien Bien Phu. General Douglas Macarthur wrote in his "Reminiscences" that if the West did not crush the Communists in Korea (there were two opportunities, he said, when this could have been done) then the war would be fought in another part of Asia in a few years on. It was - "Vietnam."


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), March 27th
"The column (Herald-Sun, March 12th), by Terry Vine, entitled 'Rabid Greenies Fair Game', warrants a response. "I don't know what he means by a 'rabid greenie', but if it means sticking up for the land in which we live and to question so-called 'progress' that some developers think we need, then call me one by all means. "Call me a greenie if it means I don't think we should mine uranium from our national parks to send over to France - all so they can detonate it on our doorstep. "Call me a greenie if it means that I hope that in 20 years' time we'll have some forests to walk in, clean air to breathe, pure water to drink and more animals to live with than just dogs and cats.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's also my understanding that the Tasmanian people voted in the Green Independents. And that Bob Hawke was only just re-elected because of a swag of environmental promises. "Surely we were all coming to our senses and realising that we needed to think of the future and not get bogged down in petty money-grubbing politics.
"Terry, you may say 'bravo' at Hawke's about face, but you may as well paint me green and put me in the forest to live, so I can enjoy it before it's all gone." (John Thatcher, Elwood, Vic.)

Our Comment: The sorry fact is that most of the "environmental" people are sincere, and can follow no other course of action than the "Greenpeace" type of physical interference with the garnering of forest, mineral and other resources by the exploiting companies; some multinationals. Often they infringe the rights of other people, and inevitable friction ensues. This keeps the political subversives happy. The real situation is that the resource-rapers, in our capitalistic societies, use the environment only as a method of accumulating capital to service their escalating debts. It is a situation that will grow progressively worse as debt escalates on debt; more and more of our planet's resources are plundered, because of the system. Some industries are at least trying to ameliorate the declining situation; e.g. the woodchip exploiters and timber gatherers. The leaders of these particular industries endeavour to replace each tree felled. But, in general, there can only be tinkering around the edges.

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