Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

19 April 1991. Thought for the Week: "How can the sincere Socialist - the one who merely votes Socialism - believe that the tin-pot mechanism of the Party vote will enable him to overthrow the ultimate possessors of power? Does he seriously think that the 'Capitalist' Press will assist in its own overthrow? On the very premises of the Socialist, Socialism as advocated must be a 'Capitalist' plot for the final enslavement of the worker. But the 'Capitalist' is not the independent businessman; he is the International Capitalist - the Caaztelist and the Financier, who control the international news agencies and own government debts… It is childish to believe that Socialism has come into power against the will of the ultimate International Power."
B.W. Monahan, in The State of the World (1967)


"The massive swing against the Carmen Lawrence Labor Government in a key West Australian by-election at the weekend could have national implications for the Labor Party, according to Federal Health Minister, Brian Howe." Herald-Sun (Melbourne), April 15th

Readers have seen the poll results for themselves, so no further comment by us is necessary, here. The implications and inferences are what concern us. Mr. Brian Howe, a Left wing ideologue if ever there was one, but sincere in his ideology, we believe, stated on commercial weekend T.V. that"… when you're at the depths of a recession, when you had extremely difficult employment figures, as we've seen this week, then that must reflect back on the party that's in government, whether it's State or at national level".
Well, we do not believe that we are yet at "the depths of a recession" at all.
We have mentioned in these pages recently that we are merely at the foothills of the recession, which could become a depression. Yes, there are economists overseas who hold this view, but it is a view, which gains no headlines.

Not unexpectedly, the Establishment does not want to "stampede the herd" by crying depression. And we are sure the Establishment doesn't share this view (depression) anyway. Mr. Keating, the supremely confident manager of Australia's finance economic affairs (so he really does think), is still carping and carping that Australia's monetary and fiscal policies are '' on track'': always on track. Australians are becoming sick and tired of listening to this increasingly evident nonsense: Australia's economy is NOT on track at all; it's off the rails.

The Geraldton Poll is a warning to all voting Australians that we must do all that can be done to save ourselves. The international socialist mob under Hawke are selling our country down the river. Their loyalties are to international socialism, not to Australia. Yes, they believe that they are doing the best for Australia by steering Australia into a world of international socialism and, accordingly, World Government. We believe that they are utterly mistaken, and that their ideology is fallacious, and can bring about the destruction of traditional Australia as we yield up more and more sovereignty; control over our own affairs.

Our Immigration policy is tribalising Australia, as warned by Professor Geoffrey Blainey. The Mickey Mouse "social" legislation (World Heritage Acts, Sex Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Affirmative Action, etc.) are creating far more friction than existed formerly, and do encourage all manner of malcontents and psychopaths to float to the surface to create nuisance in our society; this from the overall attempts to legislate on moral attitudes: an impossibility. But that doesn't stop the Fabian ideologues - the Ideology is the Reality, the disastrous results are explained away. "We must have more power/we must have more time/wait till our policies of enlightenment are supported by the next generation, and the one after that, etc., etc."

The Socialist Left Victorian Certificate of Education (V.C.E.) now being pushed by the dying Kirner (Victorian) Government is a last mad attempt to "ideologise" the Victorian education system whilst they still have their hands on the levers of political power. Have all these things anything to do with a West Australian by-election? Yes, we believe there is a connection. Why? It's like a dam building up; it's slow. The Fabians have been "at it" for almost a decade now and that's long enough to highlight the disaster road. All the foregoing comment is intended to suggest that the years of Fabianism, Socialist Left political thrusts, have slowly changed the "mood" of Australians. But Australians don't want big political parties. Why? They have failed. Further confirmation of this was given at the Geraldton by-election; the Liberal primary vote increased only marginally, and the likelihood of the future election of good independents is strong. This is dismal news for the political party hacks.

We can assure readers that there is no hope, no hope at all, of the Citizens' Initiated Referendum and Recall being voted in by a major political party. Enough sound independents could make the vital difference in due course. When will that happen? When enough people want the C.I.R., not before! The Geraldton by-election is a barometer of political change for Australians... Fabianism has run its course; the Old Guard will gradually die away. The stage is being set for the next scene in Australia's political history.


"The country's banks were likely to experience further increases in bad and doubtful debts because of recent increases in unemployment, small business failure, and personal bankruptcy, bankers said yesterday." The Business Australian, April 15th

We note that the acting chief economist of Westpac does not expect small to medium business failure to peak until early 1992. This assuming the signs of "recovery" are evident late in 1991. This sounds right to us. He further said that we are seeing "the washout of the sharp rise of household debt in the 1980s". This sounds right to us, also.

There are economists, again not popular with the Establishment, who hold the view that the Western world is now in a new ball game. Why? Well, they say that the universally declining "free economies" swing around the pivot of the ever-escalating level of DEBT. They say that these levels have never been so high before in history. They say that Western governments now have to so savage their peoples for moneys by means of taxation, government duties of every imaginable type, to service government, semi-government DEBT, that liquidity levels (capital available for investment/for research to keep up with the ever developing levels of technology/ever expanding needs for Health, Education and Welfare) are draining away. At the level of the individual, that spare cash is just not available for that newer car (never mind about that brand new car), that independent school for the second son/daughter (have you noticed the flood of advertisements for students now appearing in all the newspapers?) How about a larger house? How about the move from rented digs into that dream home of your own?

We mentioned in these pages only recently that supporters should be very careful with respect to residential housing. Sure, there is a mini recovery" taking place at the moment (certainly in Melbourne), but our belief is that it won't last, and that very many who are jumping in, seduced by falling interest rates, will have their fingers burned. Falling interest rates will not now halt the recession; the process of finance economic contraction has gone too far. The politicians and, in particular, the real estate industry are "talking up" the so-called recovery, but they are whistling in the dark. Yes, they most probably believe their own propaganda (a human enough failing!), and hope springs eternal in the human breast.

"People, many people, just cannot put off buying/selling any longer"/ "According to our formulae, based on long experience, the recession cannot last longer than X years." Rubbish, all rubbish. If the "Debt Economists" are right, and we hold that they could well be right, the "financial" industry is dealing with a situation that few of its numbers really understands. It's pretty obvious that we won't have to wait long for confirmation.

The Kurds! What a terrible situation. These tragic people; more or less thrown to the wolves since the break up of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, when Kurdistan was partitioned. They are a homogeneous race of people, with their own language and their own customs. There are other examples of races of people being thrown to the wolves. The Macedonians: there are others. What about the fallacious division of the tribes of Africa, with colonial boundaries cutting across traditional tribal lands? Some Christian theologians insist that there is such a principal flowing through the Universe as the Natural Order, and that its infringement will always, always, lead to distress and disorder. We, ourselves, hold to the view that Man's lot will improve vastly when "he" finally is able to pay close attention to this Natural Order and work avidly for its implementation in human society.

It pleases us that the national executive of the Australian Democrats Party has rejected the Hawke Government's intended blanket ban on advertising through the electronic media. The Fabian mob will need the support of the "Democrats" to have the appropriate legislation passed through the Senate. It won't be if the Democrats stick to their guns, and after Geraldton, Messrs. Hawke and Keating should not thrash about too much. Probably the Democrat leadership "twigged" to the fact that it was on a "loser" to back this further Big Brother move, which smells to most voters.


from The Advertiser (Adelaide), April 3rd
"To be against tariffs is to be anti-Australia, according to the Government and Opposition. "Governments are out of touch with ordinary Australians, so they and their insulated advisers make decisions that destroy the labours and lives of those who strive to succeed. "We can grow almost any crop but when we try to export we find barriers to exclude our fruit from entering other countries. Japan increases its tariffs to 40% to stop oranges entering its markets to protect its growers, yet free trade permits imports to swamp our country. "We are destroying our motor car, clothing, textile, footwear and horticultural industries, increasing our foreign debt significantly and putting thousands out of work in a 'moral' pursuit of free trade.
"Wheat farmers, understandably, want tariffs lowered but they are not threatened by imports. However, they are suffering because of the assistance the United States and the E.C. give to their farmers. Our farmers receive no help. "We are told to become more efficient. What nonsense! Our fruit growers are among the most efficient in the world but our costs are so excessive we are rapidly becoming Paul Keating's banana republic. "We cannot compete with the 'slave' labor other countries employ. "What is so wrong with protecting Australians? Governments certainly protect their politicians, their bureaucrats and their advisers. Governments are appointed by people to care for people - all people, not just the privileged few. "Other countries do not practise free trade, so how can Australia, with 16.5 million people, set an example to the rest of the world. We cannot! Overseas we are virtually unknown. We are too small, politically naive and seem set on the road to self-destruction. "Fortunately, we can all end up on the dole, with lots of bananas to eat, probably imported. "Wake up, politicians, free trade is not the answer." (Ron George, Loxton, S.A.)


from The Age (Melbourne), April 5th
"Here is an easy guide to those who may like to create a Third World country.
* In deciding your national policy, go for guidance to the countries with a reputation for the exploitation of others. The best examples here are undoubtedly the U.S. and the U.K.
* In line with the advice you will receive, cut out all industry protection and any other measures that may tend to encourage a balanced local economy. Stress an expansion of primary industries so the terms of trade injustices imposed by rich countries in mining and agriculture can affect you, too...
* Sell your enterprises to foreigners as quickly as possible. Especially put all big manufacturing and high-tech industry in foreign hands. This will ensure that local R&D is transferred overseas and that exports are made from the parent plant or from some cheaper country rather than from here.
*Borrow masses of money overseas so that interest payments will bleed the country white and big foreign banks can dictate our policies to benefit themselves.
* Streamline production while closing down most manufacturing, putting most skilled workers in the dole queue. Encourage gambling, tourism and fast-food industries to take up some of the slack in employment, with workers paid a fraction of their former wages.
* Break the power of trade unions so wages can be further reduced when companies threaten to close and transfer to Brazil if award rates are demanded.
* Sell the press to foreigners to ensure that ultimately any real independence can be discouraged.
* Gradually slim down all social services, the ultimate goal being to throw all welfare on to private charities.
* Encourage the stratification of society, with a rich business/ professional class controlling the country on behalf of its foreign masters.
* Close the courts as a means of redress to the common people by pricing reliable justice beyond their reach.

"For the whole of this century, most Australians have fought against policies such as these. But there is now every sign that our nation may be newly receptive to such ideas and that Third World status may yet be attainable." (William Puls, Tyabb, Victoria)


from The Australian, April 12th
"I am a 27-year-old Australian. I have spent 17 years of my life studying in educational institutions in this country. However, I have learnt more about the Australian Constitution by reading the articles published in The Weekend Australian (6-7/4) than I ever learned at school. "Like many other Australians, I did not study the Constitution at school. I have never seen a copy of this document. I am in fact more familiar with the Constitution of the United States of America. In the one year that I spent in the U.S. as an exchange student I studied U.S. history and U.S. government, which are compulsory subjects for any student intending to graduate. "Copies of the U.S. Constitution were printed in the textbooks for these subjects and all students spent a significant amount of time studying this document. "Perhaps one recommendation to be made by Constitutional reformers could be to make this document more user friendly and more freely available to encourage greater community dialogue on our Constitution." (K.L. Mills, Armadale, Vic.)

"With all the talk for constitutional reform is it not strange that the two essential democratic preliminaries are never mentioned? "The first: that the public be informed of the ideals and potentials provided for in the original Constitution. This proposal would show that the reformer has a genuine concern for Australian democracy. "The second: a statement that the document called the Constitution is no more than an agreement between the States and the people to give authority for a Federal Government. It does not include the laws and authorities that give protection to the people because that law is British Common Law and is provided for through the office of Governor General. Mention of this would indicate that those intent on Constitutional reform actually knew what they were talking about."
(Alan Gourley, Administrator, Constitutional Heritage Protection Society, Sydney)

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