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Edmund Burke
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17 May 1991. Thought for the Week: "It is fashionable to say nowadays of the advantage of the small community. We are told that we must go in for large empires and large ideas. There is one advantage, however, in the small state, the city, or the village, which only the willfully blind can overlook. The man who lives in a small community lives in a much larger world. He knows much more of the fierce varieties and uncompromising divergences of men ... In a large community we can choose our companions. In a small community our companions are chosen for us."
G.K. Chesterton "On The Institutions Of The Family"


Irrespective of how the Report by the $30 million Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody is assessed, one thing is certain: It is going to be used by those determined to brand Australia internationally as a "racist" nation. After three years of investigations, Commissioner Elliott Johnson determined that, contrary to many wild claims, none of the 99 Aborigines and Torres Straits Islanders who died in custody had been murdered. This finding upset those radical activists, many of them white, who promptly declared the Commissioner's finding as a "whitewash". Prominent among those is the legal adviser to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Mr. Michael Mansell.

The Chairwoman of the National Committee to Defend Black Rights, Helen Corbett, one of the groups responsible for having an inquiry set up, condemned the Commission for failing "to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of our people in custody", and threatened to call upon "the international community" to help. No doubt well-known journalist and author John Pilger, who has made a name and some money for himself, damning his own native country, will be delighted to help.

Every attempt is being made to develop a collective guilt complex among Australians concerning what happened, or is alleged to have happened, in the distant past. The World Council of Churches has made its contribution to a type of national self-flagellation by endorsing John Pilger's claim during the Bi-Centenary Year that Australia had one of the worst records in world history of "genocide". Dr. Charles Price, the well-known Australian demographer, who has supported the World Council of Churches, reacted strongly against this charge, stating, "Aborigines have been increasing faster than any other native born ethnic group and receive much money per head".

The policy initiated by the Whitlam Government by attempting to solve the problems of the Aborigines by spending larger and larger sums of money has tragically failed. Alcoholism is today a major destroyer of the Aborigines. No civilised person doubts that the death of Aborigines in custody is a tragedy, and that there is a strong case for improving the custodial system; but, as Elliott Johnson's Royal Commission admits, non-Aborigines die in prison at the same rate as Aborigines. But if, as the Commission says, Aboriginal deaths in custody "were a symptom of the unequal social, economic and cultural position of Aborigines in the community", what, then, causes non-Aborigines to commit suicide while in custody?

No one who has studied the impact of a more developed culture of native peoples of a simpler culture disputes that complex questions are involved which take time and stability to resolve. Originally the famous Albert Schweitzer, who devoted his life to helping native Africans improve their way of life, was one of the heroes of the liberal do gooders. But there was a marked change of attitude towards Schweitzer when in answer to a slick journalist's question about why he did not appear to treat the Africans as his brothers, he replied that while he treated the African as his brother, he was at present a very junior brother by thousands of years.

It is elementary that the Australian Aborigines in their original state were a very different kind of people than the Europeans, with their own distinctive culture. Those most genuinely concerned about assisting the Aborigines, the much-maligned Christian missionaries and others, understood that the Aborigines needed protection against some of the worst features of European civilisation, including the abuse of alcohol. Reports from all around Australia reveal a frightful picture of whole communities of Aborigines disintegrating under the influence of alcohol and a flood of pornography, which is contributing to increasing violence. As the Rev. Cedric Jacobs has pointed out, passing vast sums of the taxpayers' money to a swollen Canberra bureaucracy is not the answer to the problems of the Aborigines.

One of the biggest growth industries in Australia is that of the white advisers and lawyers making money out of exploiting the problems of the Aborigines. Australians generally are a tolerant people, but many, including the unfortunate police, are frustrated by what appears to be a problem that gets progressively worse. Talk about a "process of reconciliation" is a meaningless cliché unless basic problems are tackled. The Aboriginal people will only be able to apply the Royal Commissions suggestion about making decisions about their own affairs, when they are placed in the position to do this, as recommended by Cedric Jacobs in his book, Healing a Divided Nation, available from all League of Rights State addresses, $6.00 posted.


Now that investigators have discovered that top Zionists leaders met with Soviet leaders Gorbachev, Yeltsin and K.G.B. officials in Moscow from January 8th-l0th, and that Zionist leaders from 45 countries concentrated in Jerusalem from February 11th to February 15th, following the first Iraqi scud attacks on Israel with a threat of more to come, presumably without any fear of the whole of the International Zionist movement being wiped out, the question has been asked why did the Iraqis fail to use their much publicised chemical and biological weapons? Did the Soviet military advisers who have been stationed in Iraq for a decade control the use of scuds that killed only one Israeli? What did the Soviet leaders tell the Zionist leaders?

Now while the scud attacks on Israel did minimal damage, they provided the Zionist propagandists with the opportunity to exploit a war in which they had no need to enter, applying pressure on the U.S.A. and other countries to provide far more economic and military aid for Israel. They were also able to generate an increase in international sympathy for Zionist Israel. The scud attacks were also used by Zionist leaders to apply pressure on the Vatican to persuade the Pope to break from the Vatican's persistent policy not to recognise the State of Israel. But after meeting with 30 Zionist leaders on January 20th-22nd, the Pope and his advisers stood firm against what they perceived to be an internationally orchestrated campaign to exploit the scud attacks.
Clearly the hidden role of the Soviet Union in the Gulf War has yet to be fully revealed. But it is now moving openly towards closer ties with Israel, this preparing the way for the Soviet to become involved in any Middle East peace conference.


Multicultural Washington, D.C., U.S.A. capital, exploded into a new wave of racial violence, mainly between the growing Hispanic community and the blacks. Authorities have imposed a 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in one area. One suggestion is that more Spanish-speaking police should be employed. With the summer coming, there are fears of even worse violence to come.

Maverick West Australian Labor Member from Kalgoorlie, Mr. Graeme Campbell, incurred the wrath of Prime Minister Hawke by writing a letter to all electors in the Menzies electorate, urging them to vote for the anti-immigration candidate at last Saturday's by-election. Mr. Hawke said he was "deeply disappointed" about the letter, which urged electors to vote for Denis McCormick as a protest against the Federal Government's immigration policies. McCormick polled a credible 6 percent of the primary vote. Translated nationally, that type of anti-immigration vote could be decisive at the next Federal Elections.

The Melbourne Herald-Sun of May 9th reported that Federal Police were expected to recommend to the Director of Public Prosecutions that Mr. Charles Blunt, former leader of the National Party, be charged under the Crimes Act because of a postal bill of $255,000, incurred in the 18 days before the March, 1990, Federal Elections.

Authoritative "Janes Defence Weekly" reports that the on going conflict between Turks and Greeks concerning the divided island of Cyprus may erupt again. The journal warns that the lull in the hostilities between Greeks and Turks on the island "may be a calm preceding a storm". The Turks have ignored U.N. demands that Turkish troops and settlers be withdrawn "so that the two communities might conduct a free dialogue". The Greek population of Cyprus comprises about 80 percent of the 700,000 strong population, the remainder being Turks. Greeks demonstrated against the Australian visit of Turkish President Ozal last week.

Some T.V. programmes showed media baron Rupert Murdoch meeting with Gorbachev and other Soviet leaders last week, but there were no references to any specific issues that would justify such a meeting. The print media generally appeared to ignore the meeting.

A Canadian report states that the Attorney General of the Province of Alberta has ordered a new trial for former schoolteacher Jim Keegstra because the Alberta Appeal Court had overturned the 1985 conviction of Keegstra for allegedly spreading hatred of Jews as a high school teacher. Keegstra's appeal was upheld because his counsel Doug Christie had not been allowed to question the qualifications or bias of prospective jurors. After nine years of Zionist promoted smearing of Keegstra, it is hard to believe that an impartial jury can be found for yet another trial.


In a little brainwash booklet put out (December 1990) by the Department of Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs, viz. Immigration: THE FACTS, we read on page 17, under the sub-heading, "Multiculturalism", the following (in part): "A major attitudinal survey among Australians in 1989 showed a high rate of community approval for the goals of multiculturalism..." We would very much like to have ALL DETAILS of that "survey". Frankly, we don't believe it!

In The Weekend Australian (May llth-l2th) letters in the "In Brief" column, we read: "Ms. Irene Moss claims, in The Australian (1/5), that multiculturalism is working for 90-95 percent of the people. I would refer her to a phone in poll on 'A Current Affair', which had 400,000 calls, of which 84% were against multiculturalism as it exists in Australia today." (Tony Parker, East Brisbane, Qld.)

"A.C.T.U. President, Martin Ferguson, blames Australia's failed entrepreneurs for all our financial and unemployment problems. What role our failed Treasurer, Martin?" (Colin Wick, Birkdale, Qld.)

From Graeme Campbell, Member for Kalgoorlie, Parliament House, Canberra (The Weekend Australian, May llth-l2th): "There are a number of points I could make about Greg Sheridan's article, 'Migrant Cuts Highlight Hand's Limitations', but I will confine myself to dealing with his belief that Australia should do more to encourage skilled migrants to come here. "While the family reunion scheme is the biggest liability in the immigration programme, importing skilled migrants is also against Australia's long term interests. It has a disastrous effect on skills training for locals. "With a continuous supply of skilled workers from abroad employers know that there is no real need to invest in the long term training schemes we need to increase the flexibility of the workforce. "Apart from ending the chain migration effect of the family reunion programme, Australia must cut the intake of skilled workers as a matter of long term policy to ensure that employers, with government assistance where appropriate, make the commitment to training. Immigration can be used as a supplement, to help fill skills shortages where necessary.


from The Australian, May 8th
"In The Australian (May 1st), Mrs. Irene Moss of the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission, complains of 'institutionalised racism', particularly in the police force. "The group which suffers most from institutionalised discrimination is the Anglo-Celtic people of Australia. According to the Constitutional Commission, the population of Australia was 98% Anglo-Celt at the time of Federation, it is now 74.6% according to the government publication titled National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia, 1989. "This state of affairs has been brought about by deliberate Asianisation and adherence to the much criticised 'multicultural policy' of the Government. In spite of the fact that a Melbourne Survey of the Department of Demography at the Australian National University showed that of all ethnic immigration groups, those of British origin were the most acceptable to the public at large (Population and Australia, Volume 1, the Borne Report) the Government has persistently followed an unwelcome policy on immigration.
Australian Bureau of Statistics records show that at present a mere 18% of immigrants come from the U.K. and Ireland, 10% come from Europe, and between 45% and 55% come from Asia. This indicates a deliberate policy of Asianisation and a desire to change the ethnic structure of this country. The fact that numerous groups have formed to resist this policy underlies that it is unpopular.
"The Racial Discrimination Act and recent legislation in N.S.W. and W.A. again point to the social conflict which has resulted from government policy and the fact that the Government spent $7,733,591 in order to 'integrate' the new immigrants (as shown in Review '89) for one year alone shows there is also much expense involved. To create a guilt complex in Australians they are accused of having four types of 'racism' in Racism - The Australian Experience, which is available in Australian universities." (Dr. J.C.A. Dique, Hon. Secretary, Anglo-Celtic Federation of Australia, Chermside, Qld.)


from The Australian, May 10th, 1991
"The claim by Graham Orr and Jeremy Jones (Letters, 1/5) that there is a need to outlaw expressions of racial hatred is incorrect. Experience in the U.K. and Canada suggests that racial vilification laws increase racial tensions, give legitimacy to the views of racists, and create uncertainty as to limits of freedom of speech. "Existing laws in relation to assault, defacing property and incitement to riot, etc., are already quite adequate to deal with physical manifestations of racism. "There are already too many needless restrictions on freedom of speech through libel and contempt of court laws, and the proposed new restriction which had little public support may inhibit public discussion on important matters, such as immigration and history.
"The proposed new law is merely another attempt to intimidate the majority of Australians (and the 40% of Australians of Asian extraction, such as Professor L. Cooray) who are opposed to the current high level of Asian immigration, and to exclude their views from the media. "Professor Cooray, who has come from a country where multiculturalism has failed, points out that freedom of speech is a basic human right and an important safety valve. Its suppression by abuse and intimidation is dangerous. "'Anti-race hate legislation is unnecessary, undesirable and potentially counter productive." (Geoff Muirden, Secretary, Australian Civil Liberties Union, Carlton, Vic.)
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