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Edmund Burke
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On Target

21 June 1991. Thought for the Week: "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth."
St.Paul in Galatians 4:16.


Senator Gareth Evans is the true ideologue, completely divorced from reality. His performance in South Africa was a classic example of the type of ideological idiocy, which has swept much of the world during this century, with disastrous results. The premature withdrawal of the European colonial powers from Africa, accompanied by a worldwide campaign, promoters of which eulogised the "winds of change" which would see the Africans enjoying a glorious new world as the "colonial yoke" was removed, resulted in a retreat into a new type of barbarism.
Idi Amin of Uganda was not the exception, as he headed the type of black dictatorship established right throughout Africa. The former Communist butcher of Ethiopia has sought refuge in Comrade Mugabe's Zimbabwe, a country that at the time it was known as Rhodesia was a model of racial harmony with a rising standard of living for all. The world planners and their ideological dupes swept it away as a preliminary to imposing their theories in South Africa.

Anyone with even the most elementary knowledge of South Africa and its history is aware of the complexities of the problems confronting that country. The anti-South African ideologues, who for years have alleged that South Africa was an evil place where the whites brutally ground down the blacks, have never attempted to explain why over the years hundreds of thousands of blacks from other parts of Africa resorted to every type of subterfuge to migrate illegally into South Africa. The ideologues have never bothered to explain why, if South Africa is so oppressive, the blacks have not sought to flee the country to the "liberated" north.

The reality is that it was the Europeans who created an economy that made it possible for the blacks to enjoy a rising standard of living. Chief Buthelizi knows that if South African whites are subjected to the same type of "black majority rule" operating in other parts of Africa, then the main victims will be the blacks.

The worldwide imposition of sanctions against South Africa, which have had the support of the African National Congress, have hurt the black Africans more than the whites. But suffering is what the Marxist dominated African National Congress has wanted, to provide it with large numbers of unemployed young blacks.
The international planners have long made it clear that Nelson Mandela, the convicted self admitted Marxist terrorist, lucky to have escaped being hanged, and the African National Congress, are their selected tools for fitting the new South Africa into the New International Economic Order. They seek to down play the influence of Chief Buthelizi and the Zulus.
The Hawke Government has never extended any type of an invitation to Buthelizi to come to Australia to outline his views on South African affairs.

During his visit to South Africa, Senator Gareth Evans clearly demonstrated that he is no statesman and that he has a blinkered view of the South African situation. It was refreshing to have Chief Buthelizi telling the self-opiniated Evans that he was a dangerous blunderer. It was the ideological idiots who for years have oozed with praise for India, "the world's largest democracy". When the much abused British were responsible for ruling the whole of the Indian sub-continent, including what is now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh, a few thousand British civil servants and the army maintained law and order, with inter-communal strife kept to a minimum.

The British were responsible for major economic development, including the building of railways and irrigation schemes. But such are the wonders of "orthodox finance", that when the British finally withdrew, it was claimed that they were in debt to "liberated" India. No sooner had the British withdrawn than millions died in inter-communal violence. Ghandi was assassinated, and the killing has gone on ever since.Multi-cultural India is disintegrating. A creature of the international liberal establishment, Ghandi was a moral humbug as was Nehru constantly moralising about what was allegedly happening in South Africa or elsewhere, while presiding over an India in which there were more class distinctions and oppression than in the countries he criticised. Sir Robert Menzies made it clear he had little time for Nehru and his posturing.

Needless to say, the ideological idiots who have been loud in their praise of India will not be apologising for the nonsense they have promoted for so long.

The same type of ideological idiots insisted for nearly 70 years that the Soviet Union was some type of paradise. Few have publicly apologised for trying to mislead their fellows. They were the same kind of people who said that Australia must relinquish its responsibilities in Papua-New Guinea. Every realist knew there would be disaster. Former Papua-New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, now blasts the Australians for their premature withdrawal and says the country may need a dictatorship to prevent complete collapse.

The ideological idiots never appear to learn from experience, primarily because they lack the humility to admit that there are absolutes governing human affairs, and that these absolutes cannot be brushed aside with smooth ideological patter. Senator Gareth Evans is typical of his kind. Unless he is prepared to go to South Africa prepared to learn, Prime Minister Hawke would be well advised to stay in Australia. A man who believes that the African National Congress represents the great majority of blacks in South Africa is capable of believing anything.


"Multiculturalism is costing Australia more than $7.2 billion a year. This is in addition to the $7 billion or $8 billion a year which immigration is estimated to add to the annual deficit on the current account of the balance of payments." - The Bulletin, May 28th

The full-page report is more or less a review of a book (now published, we understand), i.e. The Cost of Multiculturalism, by Stephen Rimmer, who is "a senior economist with a government agency". He claims that the public has been provided with unsubstantiated rhetoric concerning the supposed economic benefits of multiculturalism - and no detailed information concerning economic gains, if any.

He alleges covert use of ethnicity and country of origin as important criteria for the selection of migrants. League of Rights supporters do not have to be convinced of that - Asian migrants are the most favoured of all. Mr. Rimmer alleges migrants have entered Australia, some with criminal associations, some with contagious diseases. The late Sir Raphael Cilento warned over a generation ago that imperfect immigration screenings would allow such to happen.

He further alleges that the gross cost of multiculturalism amounts to something like 2% of Australia's Gross Domestic Product of $369 billion. Some items of "multicultural" expenditure are listed, viz. "welfare and crime prevention, expenditure of language training, workplace accidents due to poor communication". We know Mr. Rimmer is correct when he alleges, "information is controlled to minimise public debate and to enable governments to hide from the public the economic costs of multiculturalism". He adds that when the multicultural lobby is faced with public opposition it either ignores the criticism or instigates a coordinated public attack on individual critics. We know that! The same is most likely to occur with respect to himself. This is interesting!

All Commonwealth Departments are required to report regularly to the Office of Multicultural Affairs about the institutionalisation of contacts with ethnic groups to ensure that they influence the policies and operation of each Government Department. These are Stephen Rimmer's own words. Some more unfavourable facts: approximately 300,000 migrants in Australia have little or no English, and 170,000 of same are in the workforce. The Office of Multicultural Affairs, itself, states that the loss of productivity due to poor English communication among migrants in the Australian workforce is $3.2 billion. National output lost because of migrant unemployment is estimated at $1.6 billion; unemployment benefits to be added to this figure. Workers' compensation claims from migrants, due to poor English, costs us about $13 million yearly. Stephen Rimmer alleges strong evidence that Australia's economic decline is due, to quite an extent, to multiculturalism.


As reported in The Kalgoorlie Miner (W.A.), May 18th, the Federal Member for Kalgoorlie, Mr. Graeme Campbell, fired off a few broadsides at the "multicultural lobby". Also, the Human Rights Commission, populated by "an irresponsible new class" who stifled debate on immigration by branding critics as "racist" (the same old, old, story...O.T.). Mr. Campbell asserts that there is no actual multiculturalism in Australia, only multi-biculturalism. He explains: "The present policy is costing $7 billion and provides absolutely no benefit to Australia because it encourages people to retain their own culture". He provides as example the outcry from the Greek community when Mr. Hawke bestowed an Australian award on the Turkish President. The Australian (June 17th) attacks multiculturalism in its Editorial of the day. It alleges that there is a bias that the "benefits" of multiculturalism are an established fact, not to be questioned at all. It mentions the "American" melting pot. Some say wonderful; we say that America is in decline because of it, and despite America's present military might. "Multiculturalism is not self-evidently good, and neither the media nor anyone else should be restrained from looking at it critically" ….The truth will out…


Leaders of grassroots groups from across Australia met in the N.S.W. town of Cootamundra last weekend at a conference convened by Mrs. Julie Warner, of Mt.Morris, Charleville. The weekend conference included representatives from every State and Territory - the Northern Territory being represented by the Independent M.P. Dennis Collins. David Thompson represented the League of Rights. Bill Carey represented 'Operation Bankwatch' from the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. A dozen determined actionists from the West Australian wheat belt attended.

The following are some of the resolutions passed:
* That Australia withdraw from the United Nations.
* That Australia withdraw from the International Monetary Fund.
* That Australia take full sovereign control of all money and credit issue within this country through the Commonwealth or Reserve Bank.
* That this meeting condemns State and Federal Governments for:
      a) Allowing banks to create credit, instead of State and Federal Governments creating money under the open and accountable authority of Parliaments.
      b) Pursuing low-tariff, so-called free-trade policies, which are treasonous to Australia's own workers and interest, and that they must, instead, ensure that credit/money is issued into the community debt-free, and tariff barriers be reinstated to ensure Australia's sovereignty and standard of living.
* That the Rural Credits Department of the Reserve Bank, or a similar appropriate body, be required to finance at the cost of administration, the following:
      a) The purchase, at a just price, of the wool stockpile, to be regarded as a National asset, and progressively sold in keeping with market conditions.
      b) The underwriting of a guaranteed minimum price to cover at least the cost of production for this season, for the production of wheat: the guaranteed minimum price to conform to the $150.00 per ton established by the W.A. State Government.

Mr. Bill Carey, of South Australia, was elected interim chairman of a network of organisations to be known as the Australian Action Movement. This network proposes to foster the establishment and training of grassroots action groups throughout Australia for the purpose of protecting local communities from centralised political and financial power.

In Brief

THE ART OF THE EDUCATED LIE from The Australian, June 6th
"Befitting the necessary gratitude for his elevation to the office of Deputy Prime Minister, with all the attendant perks, Mr. Howe labelled his leader as 'a consummate politician'. "Some years ago, I had the privilege of serving as a private secretary to Sir John Martin, one who himself had served as principal private secretary to Churchill from 1939 to 1945. "I remember asking him why he had not taken the path into politics, for it seemed that he had an excellent pedigree, and the support of a man well able to provide the entree. "He considered the question, and then replied: 'The essence of politics is to have the ability to say one thing, mean another, do a third, and still be able to fool at least a working majority.' "In the light of the happenings of the past few days, surely he was correct. We have been shown that politics is the art of the educated lie. "So sad it is that we, the electorate, have to wait so long to hail the liar in the piece. "I wonder how long it will be before Mr. Keating will be offered the newly vacated post of Ambassador to Ireland." (D.E.A. Michael, Mount Hawthorne, W.A.)

GOVERNOR GENERAL MUST ACT, from The Australian, June 6th
"It would surely be frivolous to argue that the deliberate misleading of the Australian people was not a more serious political crime than deliberately misleading Parliament. "Misleading the electorate in order to gain election is no trivial matter. For honest mistakes we can accept an apology but deliberate acts of deceit deserve dismissal from Parliament. "After the disclosure that the Prime Minister, before the last Federal election, knowingly and deliberately misled the people of Australia as to his prior commitment to the Treasurer, and that the Treasurer, by keeping quiet, aided and abetted this deceit and, furthermore, that neither the Opposition nor any parliamentary authority has made any demand for disciplinary action, it is surely up to the Governor General to dismiss the entire Parliament. "On behalf of the Constitutional Heritage Protection Society may I suggest that if the people of Australia want honest Constitution government they can take immediate steps to petition the Governor General to do his duty. "May I also remind Australia that the only good reason we have for the role of Governor General IS the protection of the people of Australia from political corruption. This may be our last chance to demand a standard of responsible government." (Alan Gourley, Administrator, Constitutional Heritage Protection Society, Sydney, N.S.W.)


from his address to the Clarendon Club, 1990
" Within the next 10 or 20 years, Germany is going to establish an economic hegemony, in Eastern Europe and beyond, into the deepest marshlands of the Soviet Union; they are going to achieve by the power of the Deutschmark everything that Hitler set out to achieve in June 1941, with the tank. And this means inevitably the collapse of the Common Market on which we have pinned all our hopes."
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