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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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28 June 1991. Thought for the Week: "It will be seen that social democracy is an unstable combination which breaks up under pressure, and reverts to its constituent elements when the basic contradictions are exposed. Thus a Socialist regime, having won power democratically through the ballot box, sets in motion a series of social and industrial changes, which are intended to be irrevocable. To do this, it has to resort, either initially or subsequently, to a programme of socialist economics, which are an unmitigated disaster wherever they have been tried..."
James Gibb Stuart, in The Mind Benders (1978)


by David Thompson
For an agnostic, the Prime Minister, Mr. Hawke, seems to be singularly subject to spiritual forces, particularly those of heathen origin. His sanctimonious insistence that the spiritual convictions of tribal Aborigines be respected would be laudable if it were not so obviously hypocritical. Where is his respect for the spiritual convictions of Christians who find it grossly offensive that governments force them to assist in the funding of the murder of unborn people?
His respect for the "Bula" spirit at Coronation Hill, which must not be disturbed, or else sickness will afflict the people, locked the Prime Minister into an ill-considered position. His defence of his position in the Cabinet was described by some present as an "emotionally over-blown tirade..."

Irrespective of other factors, it is quite evident that the genuine interests of the Aboriginal people - the alleged reason for the political posturing - have been ignored in the end. The Jawoyn people's 'opinion' is allegedly important to Mr. Hawke. But the Jawoyn's interests were being represented by Mr. John Ah Kit - not a Jawoyn himself. We remind readers of a letter to The Australian from a genuine Jawoyn, Mr. Andy Andrews, in November last year, upon which we reported. It is most illuminating to go back to this letter, which speaks for itself:

"I have let Mr. Hawke know what myself and other Jawoyn think of mining at Coronation Hill but no answer. Attached is a list of Jawoyn who want the mine to go ahead, also a letter I sent to the Prime Minister, "'Dear Sir, I am asked every day by my people why and who is stopping the mine at Coronation to go ahead. "'My people wants jobs and a future for our families. Jawoyn continue to support mining, people like Nipper Brown, Senior Custodian, people like Sarah Flora, Phyllis Winjorroc, members of the Jawoyn Working Party, and so many other ordinary Aborigines wanting work. "'Tell me what I am supposed to say to the 140 job applicants and our Jawoyn employees if this mine is stopped. Coronation Hill project gave these people hope and a chance to learn and work and have some dignity. "'Check how many Aborigines are unemployed in Katherine and what their chances are of work. Nil, Mr. Hawke. "'It appears you only want to listen to the N.L.C. (Northern Land Council) puppets and their hangers-on who all have good paying jobs. "'On behalf of the not so radical majority of Jawoyns, we ask that the mine go ahead as promised before by your government.'" (Mr. Andrews attached a list of 92 signatures under the typewritten statement, "We the undersigned Jawoyn people are in favour of the Coronation Hill project going ahead.")
The exploitation of the unfortunate aborigines takes place more at the hands of "advisers", and politically motivated manipulators than the miners. The real sickness country is not at Coronation Hill, but in that Canberra Hill, the new political palace.

The final result of the N.S.W. election confirms, to Mr. Greiner's horror, that Australia's voters are tired of being treated with contempt by political parties. An arrogant Premier who was demanding that voters not only return him to office, but with a clear majority in the Legislative Council as well, or else he would call another election, is now very subdued. The Reverend Fred Nile, who with his wife Elaine and the Democrats, holds the balance of power in the Council, has ensured that Mr. Greiner is the head of a government in the minority in both Houses. We have heard no more of another election! The composition of the Legislative Assembly gives the Coalition 49 of the 90 seats, and Mr. Greiner has done a deal with the Independent from Tamworth, Mr. Windsor, in order to govern. It is quite clear that the voters of N.S.W. have not given Mr. Greiner a mandate to do anything. The role of the Independents again becomes critical, with Mr. Nile announcing that he will be opposing the licensing of any casinos, and that he would like to see conscience voting by all M.P's. rather than the executive imposing their will on the Caucus. This sends a shiver down the spines of the Parties - if they have spines. It is also significant that the House of Assembly Independents have included citizen's initiative and referenda on their list of policies to be pursued.

There are now minority governments in four State Parliaments who depend upon Independents for survival: N.S.W., Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, where two disgruntled former A.L.P. members keep Mrs. Lawrence on her toes. The political establishments, and the press, are uneasy about this. The Weekend Australian (22/6/91), in its editorial, questions the wisdom of the electorate, commenting: "The party system developed to bring order to parliamentary democracy. Imagine trying to force legislation through any parliament made up entirely of independents...." The underlying assumption is that more legislation is good.
Last year a columnist for The Australian, Bryce Courtney, catalogued the volume of legislation that was rammed through the Federal Parliament, and expressed his disquiet. He was immediately taken to task by both the Prime Minister's Office and by Mr. Phillip Adams who claimed that there was little evidence to indicate that more legislation was undesirable! However, it is not true that the party system was developed to bring order to democracy at all. Sir Arthur Bryant records the spirited resistance to the establishment of the parties in the British House of Commons only 200 years ago. The formation of the parties occurred in an environment of increasing corruption within the 'city' of London. Bryant points out that for over eight hundred years the British Parliament functioned quite well without political parties, although natural alliances were often formed. If it is impossible to "force" legislation through the Australian parliaments, the cause of the influence of Independents, this may well be an extremely good thing!


In a recent report, Mr. Doug Christie, the outstanding Canadian barrister who has represented a number of Canadians prosecuted under the Canadian "hate law", points out that "There is a move afoot to remove Section 3(b) from the hate law so as to remove the defence of an honest religious belief. This step will in all probability enable charges to be laid criminally against Malcolm Ross". Ross is the New Brunswick schoolteacher being persecuted by the Zionist mafia because of his books. Ross has never aired his views in the school where he teaches. Doug Christie is the man who in the two Zundel cases has brilliantly exposed the Zionist propagandists. He successfully defended the Hungarian, Finta, the first Canadian to be charged under Canadian War Crimes legislation.
As yet the High Court of Australia has not ruled on the question of the Australian War Crimes legislation, which means that the Adelaide case cannot proceed. Australians should heed carefully what is happening in Canada, because the same tactics could be employed against Australians. The background to the Malcolm Ross case is outlined in Ross's major work, The Spectre of Power, price $16.00 from all League addresses.

comment: The Australian (June 24th) reports that Canadian Judge James Chadwick has blocked the prosecution of Michael Pawlowski (aged 74) who has been accused of murdering 490 Poles and Jews during World War II. He refused to allow special commission travel to the Soviet Union to gather evidence against Pawlowski. Mr. Sol Littman, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, is upset. The Canadian Justice Minister, Mr. Kim Campbell, is upset too.


(June 14th, 1991) - by Bill Daly (National Director N.Z.L.R.)
"… The disorder and utter nonsense now seen everywhere is merely proof that without reference to a higher authority human beings simply become mad. Much of the madness today can only be described as diabolical. How else do we explain the behaviour of someone who will protest against the killing of whales, seals, or some other virtually unknown species of animal or insect, but condones or even advocates the legal execution of some of next year's one-year-old children? How do we explain the new religion called conservation that has the body waste from humans flown out of the bush by helicopter in order to preserve the natural environment? How do we explain priests and bishops supporting a conference to discuss ways of making practising homosexuals feel part of the 'Church'? How do we explain government policies that often make it more difficult economically for a married couple to raise children, than a solo parent? How else do we explain how a whole society can claim it is poor because it is short of money or has astronomical money debt (ink on paper or computer blips), while surrounded by an abundance of natural wealth?

A priest or minister of the 'old school' would have had no hesitation in replying that these human and social defects are a result of what was called original sin, and that without the constant Grace of God, and of minds directed upwards, then man automatically 'falls'. One Christian Catechism for children used to begin with the question: 'Who made me?', followed by, 'Why did God make me?' Whatever one's personal views, no honest person can deny that this approach, and the answer to the second question (God made me to know, love and serve Him in this life and be happy with Him in the next), did produce, in the main, a more mature, responsible and stable adult than today's diet of soapies, rock music, sex education, etc., that the poor kids are now fed - not to mention the tragedy of broken homes.

The Mills of God
The old saying, a legacy from an age when there was more commonsense, that the mills of God grind slowly but very finely, was never more apt than today. Today's chaos is simply proof of the existence of the higher authority of God. The great hope must be that today's disasters will eventually force increasing numbers of people to reassess the direction in which they are going. It may even be that the clergy will come to their senses and regain some courage - and that will certainly be cause for celebration!

In Brief

LET'S CALL ON THE CONSTITUTION from The Australian, June 13th
Possibly the most important letter you have ever published on this page was Alan Gourley's Governor General Must Act' (6/6). "When the chief law officer of the Commonwealth backs off from the penetrating questions on 4 Corners (3/6) with a Pilate before Christ, 'What is the truth'; when Ministers of the Crown defend with puerile arguments the Prime Minister's 'lie we had to be told', the reputation and standing of Australia is besmirched in the eyes of the entire world. "One of the trinity, which is the Government of Australia - the House of Representatives - is now irreparably tainted with the suspicion of fraud and deception. Therefore the entire structure of Government including the Crown is stigmatised.
"The Governor General as the representative of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Australia, has, as Mr. Gourley so rightly points out, the bounden duty to protect the people of this Commonwealth from the consequences of political corruption such as has been revealed in recent days. If we are not to be seen as an authentic banana republic the Governor General must act quickly and decisively. All Australians concerned for the preservation of the dignity and integrity of our Parliament should deluge the Governor General with letters demanding such action. "If the representative of Her Majesty is perceived to be giving tacit approval to the reprehensible Kirribilli conspiracy by the failure to discharge this duty he will bring grave dishonour to an ancient and valued tradition - a parliamentary monarchy, himself, and the high office to which he came by virtue of political preference." (Charles J. Connelly, Ferny Grove, Qld.)

SOUTH AFRICA WILL STRIKE BACK from The Australian (June 19th)
According to a morning newspaper the Australian Foreign Minister, Mr. Evans, stated that South African rugby and cricket teams are likely to compete against their Australian counterparts in 1992, subject to certain political obstacles being overcome in South Africa. "The undiplomatic, interfering Mr. Evans must be told that South Africa is prepared to play against Australia provided it is satisfied that that country has made sufficient progress in furthering the economic and social development of its Aborigines, and has provided decent sporting facilities for them in the outback, where most of those who survive have been dumped and conveniently ignored.
"A delegation from South Africa and the Commonwealth will of course tour Australia before the end of the year to see whether or not they are satisfied with the Australian Government's efforts. "Mr. Evans should also note that notwithstanding the pathetic snivelling and grovelling of some sports-people, the South African public has had more than enough of foreign politicians who blatantly and hypocritcally interfere in our national affairs. "Goodbye Mr. Evans. Please do not return." (J.P. Lambson, Chairman, University Freedom of Speech Association, Transvaal, South Africa)

MORE ON SENATOR EVANS from The Australian (June 19th)
Having long since passed again and again through the gates of resignation when confronted with yet another piece of modern political tomfoolery, it required a great surge of anger to impel me to write this letter. "Senator Evans, in South Africa, has passed $4 million of the Australian taxpayers' money over to the murderous A.N.C., yet here at home the Brotherhood of St. Laurence (to name only one such organisation) is forced in desperation to beg for funds to aid the homeless young, the one in every six teenagers unemployed, and young families caught in the poverty trap. "Senator Evans' television image and press statements convey the impression of a middle-aged, perpetual undergraduate still caught romantically in a web of Marxist illusions. Well, there is no romance in the poverty and family breakdown generated by the last decade of misgovernment in Australia. That $4 million should have been spent here." (William Dargie, Canterbury Vic.,)

RACE IRRELEVANT from The Australian (June 19th)
"Aboriginal land rights provide benefits on a criterion of race. They are undeniably racist. Some people seek to deny that they are necessary to do social justice. But this is not an argument that land rights are not racist. It is an argument that land rights are just. This should be seen for what it is: an argument that racism is justifiable. "The social and cultural conditions of Aborigines vary from more traditional dwellers, through urban fringe dwellers to people well integrated into Western urban life. Race is therefore irrelevant and misleading. Issues of social justice should be addressed on their own merits and not be reference to the criterion of race." (Justin McDonnell, Watson, A.C.T.)

THE APPEASEMENT OF BULA from The Australian, June 20th
"The Prime Minister is quite right to warn us against cynical dismissal of the Bula under Coronation Hill. Far from being of recent manufacture, Bula has been a fundamental figure in the Aboriginal pantheon for a very long time. "My research indicates that the Bula was a long time resident of Katoomba, until in 1815, Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth built a road over his sacred site, and in consequence Bula created havoc for the French that very same year, on the other side of the planet. "Bula moved to the sacred site of Emmseegee, known in white language as Jolimont; slept quietly for nearly a century, until 1906. The omission of an Aboriginal fast bowler from a ritual ceremony at Emmseegee awakened his wrath, and he flattened San Francisco and caused a scabies plague in Chungking. "Bula relocated to Benelong Point and was content until the mid-1950s when whites drove pile drivers into his kidneys, to erect a temple to money lenders. Not even Paul Robeson's personal intervention with a ritual 'sing in' could salve the Bula's outrage, and the A.L.P. Government, which had disturbed him, was destroyed. "Bula moved to Brisbane; the top end of upper Edward Street to be precise, and into the basement of the Queensland Trades Hall. Again he was disturbed by drillers when the Trades Hall made way - at a small profit - for a huge white sacred site. Bula's anger then hexed the Expo '88 site, which sits today as a barren wasteland opposite Queensland's Parliament - at a large loss. "Bula finally moved to Coronation Hill and declared 'No more packing'. This is his final resting place.
The mere discussion of mining Coronation Hill - let alone unleashing the pile drivers again - has incensed Bula. "Just ask the Kurds and Bangladeshis. "My Aboriginal elder sources who represent 0.l percent of 2.1 percent of the population of Australia, assure me that their fathers' fathers' fathers told their fathers' fathers who told their fathers, who told them when they were young boys (the year Fitzroy won the flag and farmers made money) that if the Government allows mining on Coronation Hill - then Bula will strike down George Bush ... and well, need I say more? "So, to those who say that Bob Hawke is again showing his total lack of integrity, as in his hobnobbing with the Ceausescus, heaping adulation on Ozal (a couple of points on which Bula and the white Australians are in rare agreement), bagging the Springboks while kowtowing to the racist Japanese, Chinese and Indonesians; hammering the pilots (who are only jumped up tram drivers) and bowing to the wharfies (who are up market stewards), and is only paying lip service to Bula to advance his lifelong devotion to his own personal self-aggrandisement - let me say this, it's true that Bob Hawke looks small beside Senator Button, but not even Bob Hawke would knowingly and wantonly unleash President Dan Quayle on the world." (Richard L.D. Thew, Byron Bay, N.S.W.)


Perhaps supporters have understood that the recession in Victoria is striking harder than in any of the other States. Victorian Members of Parliament (Government and Opposition) have nevertheless united to accept salary increases - $7,200 for Mrs. Kirner, the Victorian Premier. The Feds too: they are holding tightly to the Gravy Train! Mr. Hawke will have to struggle along on $169,000 - up $7,700. Poor chap. And for the onerous task of ruining our country, too! Imagine the directors of an ailing company in the private sector " accepting'' salary increases for sending their company broke. But this is 1991...
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