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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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9 August 1991. Thought for the Week: "What is clear is that every advance in productive capacity with diminishing human labour effort, has been nullified, so that economic life is less secure, and, in relation to possibilities, less widely civilised, than it was five hundred years ago. And that this situation has been used with satanic cleverness to transfer more and more power to those who have caused it."
C.H. Douglas, in The Big Idea (1942)


We are now able to announce that Mr. Doug Christie, the famous Canadian barrister, will be the guest of honour at the 1991 "New Times" Dinner in Melbourne on Friday, October 4th. A man of tremendous courage and ability, Doug Christie successfully defended the first person charged with war crimes in the English-speaking world. Christie's victory stunned the Zionist terror machine, with an immediate demand that the Crown in Canada appeal the jury's decision.

Although previously well known as a leader of the Western Canadian separatist movement, Doug Christie became an international figure when, following his defence of Albertan schoolteacher Jim Keegstra, charged under Canada's "hate" laws, he tore to shreds the evidence of Zionist witnesses in the first of the historic Zundel trials in Toronto. Christie courageously visited Eastern Europe before the Iron Curtain came down, preparing for the defence of the first Canadian, a man of Hungarian background, charged with war crimes. He demanded a Canadian Government guarantee of protection before he went to Israel taking evidence.

Doug Christie is today the free world's most outstanding defender of the right of individuals to challenge the generally accepted version of history.

Bookings for "The New Times" Dinner should be made immediately. The charge is $28 per person, this charge including refreshments. The organisers reserve the right to decline bookings. Guests may nominate whom they wish to sit with at the Dinner. The Dinner will be the first major event of the 1991 League National Weekend, followed by the National Seminar on the Saturday, October 5th, and the National Action Seminar on Sunday, November 6th. Doug Christie will present the final Paper at the National Seminar.

The National Weekend will be an extension of the League's National Survival Campaign, launched at last year's National Weekend with R.S.L. leader Bruce Ruxton, the Guest of Honour at the Dinner. Events are now moving with increasing rapidity, both internationally and nationally, and with the possibility of an early Federal election next year, and a new offensive against Australia's traditional Monarchical system of government, Australia is entering a period, which will decide its future for generations to come. As a man who understands the basic issues confronting Western Civilisation, Doug Christie renders a unique service to the Free World at this time.


by David Thompson
The new Australian republican movement, spuriously scathing of our apparent 'subservience' to a 'foreign' Monarch, should be asked to campaign against the burgeoning influence of the United Nations in Australia. The plethora of new human rights instruments that have found their way onto the Australian statute books have done so almost exclusively in response to U.N. initiatives.

One of the key U.N. instruments used to achieve this was the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights. Last week in Geneva, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr. Tickner, announced that the Commonwealth Government has reversed the position of successive Australian Governments, and acceded to the First Optional Protocol of the Covenant. What does this mean? Buried in the back pages of a few newspapers, it is explained that this 'protocol' gives people in Australia who believe their 'rights' have been infringed, the right to complain to the U.N. Human Rights Committee, if their complaint has been thrown out of every Australian court.

It is simply a question of time before Australia's human rights record will be scrutinised by countries like Zimbabwe, Israel, Nigeria, Ethiopia, or whichever third world dictatorship happens to be represented on the U.N. Human Rights Committee. Already a spokesman for the Aboriginal legal service in Sydney is looking forward to pressing the 'aboriginal' case "outside the legal system of Australia which has failed them dismally...."


This decision throws the whole aboriginal land claims question into a new light. In the northwest of Western Australia, Kimberly Aborigines have lodged a High Court writ claiming title to 20,000 square kilometres of the northwest between Broome and Wyndham, as well as compensation and damages from State and Commonwealth Governments. This is being regarded as a test case in W.A., and has predictably gained Uniting Church financial support.
If Australia's highest court, the High Court, dismisses this case, there is every indication that the revolutionaries involved could then proceed to the U.N.

The new republican movement shamelessly exploits Australia's aboriginal people claiming that they have no affinity with a foreign Monarch. Thomas Keneally sanctimoniously announced that "We cannot indulge for much longer our lust for dependence on others..." when the movement was launched. He and his colleagues fail to observe that the abandoning of traditional sovereign, monarchical ties is not designed to make us any more independent at all, but to more readily prepare Australia for its place in the new international order - under U.N. led world government.


The Right to Life Movement have continually argued that life begins with conception, while the feminists have argued that it begins at birth. A new ruling in the N.S.W. Supreme Court last week is sure to re-open the argument. The court awarded $2.85 million to an 18-year-old woman against her mother in a case arising from an injury suffered in the womb. This obviously implies that a foetus is a natural person. The mother's insurer, the Government Insurance Office, has searched for precedents around the world, but has been unable to find a single case of its kind. This case, reported in The Australian (1/4/91) depended upon the mother's negligence in a motor accident, but can the father of an aborted foetus now successfully argue that the mother was negligent (or worse) in failing to protect that new life? Could a charge of Murder be entertained?


According to The Age (Melbourne, 5/8) a report by the Privacy Commissioner, Mr. Kevin O'Connor, charges that some Federal Government Departments have breached the law on access to tax file numbers. Furthermore, his report, released on August 6th last, discloses that some Departments (Federal) have not ceased to assemble personal data on citizens, nor restrict access to them. The Department of Administrative Services has recorded tax file numbers on some files accessible to all staff.

In the Department of Social Security, all levels of staff in all offices have access to very many files, and tax file numbers. Some Federal Departments have refused to reduce the time that they keep records, which cover ethnic origin, mental health, sex life, criminal information, finances, political affiliations... The various Departments match and swap data. Detailed computer files are being kept on freedom-of-information requests.


The Age (Melbourne, 5/8) also reports the result of a survey by it of various prominent economists. The result? The recession over by early 1992 definitely. There you are! There is a down side, though: unemployment will increase. We agree with the latter view, but we cannot share the confidence of the former, i.e. we cannot see any improvement in Australia's economic situation at all. Rather do we expect it to gradually worsen.

"... the Government will maintain its fight against inflation as the economy picks up." Inevitably, the inflation/unemployment seesaw will operate, one side up, the other down! If recovery comes, then inflation will rise. Just see...


The moralising self-righteous liberals of the media lost no time in seizing upon the revelation that the South African Government has been providing some financial support for Chief Buthelezi's Inthaka. There is nothing new about politicians lying. But the same journalists so concerned about the relatively small amount of financial support for Chief Buthelezi have never expressed any indignation about the tens of millions provided for Mandela's African National Congress. The internationalists, including the international bankers, have long made it clear that they are determined to bring the A.N.C. to power in South Africa. How the media came to discover that in a desperate attempt to save themselves from the revolutionary forces they had unleashed in South Africa, the DeClerk government, or members of it, were trying to support Inthaka as a balance against the A.N.C., will make interesting reading when it finally becomes known. It is clear that South Africa is on the road to increasing violence and bloodshed.

The step towards centralising control of all transport throughout Australia, with increased charges on heavy road transport, is going to further Australia's economic problems. Running true to form, Liberal Premier Greiner of N.S.W. strongly supports the latest programme of centralisation.

Unless he is suffering from self-delusion, Prime Minister Hawke must know that the criticism of the "unfriendly" sale of American wheat to China will not have the slightest effect upon American trading policies. American farmers are suffering under the same type of finance economic policies being imposed upon the Australian farmers. Thousands are being forced from their properties, as are Australian farmers. American politicians are influenced by the votes of American farmers, not of Australian farmers. While developed nations attempt to solve their domestic problems by "export drives", there must be continuing friction, this resulting in programmes aimed at creating bigger and more restrictive trading blocs.

We are now witnessing an escalating attack on the Swiss system of direct democracy (C.I.R. & Voters' Veto). There have been a couple of snide attacks on it in the print media. On A.B.C. Radio National, Sunday, August 4th (The Europeans) there was a 30 minutes attack on "direct Swiss democracy". What does it all add up to? Well… the C.I.R. doesn't guarantee democracy at all (they didn't convince us!): it prevents genuine advances (like joining the United Nations, the Common Market, etc.), because, the "politicians know and understand the realities". So now you know. What do the mounting attacks on "Swiss democracy" mean? Just this: our opposition is panicking that's what it means. Redouble our efforts.


from The Australian, July 29th
"The catastrophic outpourings from the Greenhouse Action Conference in Melbourne, reported in Julian Cribb's article (The Australian, 25/7) have the same ring about them as those displayed by the mediaeval scholastics, who by similarly faulty epistemology, also arrived at preposterous conclusions from invalid premises. "In modern computer jargon: garbage in, garbage out.
"While it is true that the average temperature of the earth would be some 33 degrees Celsius cooler than it currently is, because of infrared radiation forced into the atmosphere by carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gases, the greenhouse theory of runaway global warming fails at the most fundamental physical level for two reasons.
"First, the amount of energy available for radiative forcing is finite and ultimately limited by solar output and the geometry of the earth's orbit and its tilt.
"Second, an examination of the infra-red absorption spectra of the atmosphere as a whole and of the individual absorptive gases shows that the limit of the capacity of the absorptive gases to absorb energy and radiate it into the atmosphere has already been reached. "Further rises in carbon dioxide and other gas levels, therefore, will not make a scrap of difference to atmospheric temperatures. "Without a source of available energy, there is simply no mechanism to drive temperatures higher than present levels. Without a heroic rise in temperatures, the derivative predictions of melting ice caps, rising seas and all the rest of it fail miserably.
"Central to the scientific method is the obligation on those who claim new knowledge to support their contentions with objective, non contradictory evidence, not on critics to disprove those claims. The greenhousers have yet to provide the concrete evidence that rational proof requires. "Laymen, given only a one sided diet of impending greenhouse disaster, not surprisingly elect to play safe and endorse a government policy of 'doing something' just in case it's true. "However, by accepting the principle that arbitrary assertions have equal status with objective knowledge, the whole basis of science is undercut, a point not lost on the considerable body of scientific opinion that refuses to endorse the greenhouse position. "Irrationality has no place in scientific enquiry and even less in government policy." (Allen Ford, Hunters Hill, N.S.W.)


from The Australian (July 23rd)
"We are indebted to the writer of the letter Multicultural Crew Sets Population's Direction (2/7). He has disclosed the bias in the committee determining the country's population policy to 2030. "Over the years there have certainly been some biased and funny-peculiar appointees influencing our destiny but none so odd as the first Immigration Review Panel of 1982. "This panel included three actors, an operatic soprano, a former West Indies cricketer, a ballerina, a sculptor with horse breeding interests and a soccer referee. "While obviously qualified to contribute to cultural and sporting activities, one would question their suitability to query the decisions of a Minister for Immigration and his well-informed staff regarding the deportation of illegal immigrants or those who had broken our laws. "It appears the justification for appointing these panel members was their possession of an 'international outlook', a bias which unfortunately runs through far too many of our decision makers who thus consider this country's good subservient to questionable 'international obligations' and 'world opinion'." (Brenda Macintyre, Mullaloo, W.A.)


from The Australian (July 23rd)
"On July 10 you published a Business Council of Australia report urging two tiers of government in Australia. There were other supporting references; fortunately the editorial - as it often does - brought balance into the debate. "I agree wholeheartedly that Australia is over governed. Too many laws and regulations! You can hardly blow your nose without a permit from the local municipality. Permits for everything, almost for being alive! "However, I disagree just as wholeheartedly with the Business Council proposal to abolish one tier of government. The division of powers is one of the very few safeguards the people have.
"Canberra can drastically alter our lives with the stroke of a pen. It takes longer for the States and municipalities to do so; it is harder for them as they are closer to us. "The emphasis should be to slash all government activity - by 25% - for a start, if you like. The nation would start to become prosperous quickly.
"When I retired from Parliament some years ago, I drew attention to over government, and said - 'Parliaments pass too many laws: they are not understood in Parliament let alone outside'. "It has got worse. "The Business Council is suspect. It represents big business and I have learned in government and out of it that big companies can never be relied on to defend democracy when the chips are down. Neither can big unions nor big government! "This triumvirate is quite unable to be really interested in defending democracy. Our only hope is individual citizens and small business, which, of course, includes farmers. "It is more difficult to round up individuals and small business people - this inability is anathema to the big triumvirate. "Of course government should be cut down.
The same Australian (10/7) reported that there were 1,450 Commonwealth statutory and other authorities - quite apart from all the ordinary government departments. A start could be made with these authorities - there would have to be at least 25%, which are virtually useless. "Australians who seek to achieve are frustrated by too much government and all the taxes and loss of freedoms which go with it. "However, be careful about making it worse by scrapping a tier of government and taking government even further away from the people. "Let us remember that the division of powers - much better understood in America - is one of the few safeguards of the people.
"In the foyer of Parliament House, Melbourne, there is inscribed in the flagstones: 'Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.' "Wisdom from the ages and the Book of Proverbs. "But is it not up to us - the small people, which is most of us - to remedy this? Think hard if you agree and don't go rushing to government for another piece of legislation or handout when your favourite community organisation runs into its next problem.
"For many years Australia forged ahead under its federal system of three tiers...It is not the system which has failed - it is us and our elected representatives. If we really wish to overcome the problem of too many laws, too much government, too much tax, we must ensure that our representatives produce less government before it is too late and the paralysis of government finishes us off as a nation. "Have we got the necessary character?" (Vernon Wilcox, Melbourne)

Note: Mr. Vernon Wilcox held many portfolios in past Victorian Liberal Governments.

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