Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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30 August 1991. Thought for the Week: "For us all roots are important: roots in our landscape and local communities; roots in our cultural and literary heritage; roots in our philosophical and spiritual traditions. If we lose touch with them, if we lose track of where we came from, we deprive ourselves of a sense of value, a sense of security and, all too frequently, a sense of purpose and meaning."
Prince Charles in Shakespeare Birthday Lecture, April 20th, 1991.


by Eric D. Butler
Seen in retrospect, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was a major event that provided the geographical base for a revolutionary movement that played a far-reaching role in shaping the events of a century of growing violence. A few perceptive observers grasped the far-reaching implications of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and tried to warn that unless checked, it would threaten the very foundations of Christian Civilisation. As early as 1920 Winston Churchill had warned about this "world-wide conspiracy", drawing attention to the predominant role of "atheistic Jews" in the conspiracy. These warnings were generally ignored and the whole of Mankind, not only the unfortunate victims, directly and indirectly suffered.

As disaster after disaster occurred, it was possible to see the emergence of what the famous British writer, Douglas Reed, called a Grand Design, the central feature being a programme to centralise power globally as essential for the establishment of a New World Order. But the turbulent events of last week, not only in the Soviet Union, but also in Jugoslavia, have, in the short term at least, dealt a shattering blow to the New World Order design.

It has been said that the mills of God grind slowly. But they do grind and reality eventually proves the great disciplinarian in human affairs. Developments in the Soviet Union and Jugoslavia have demonstrated that all attempts to create New World Orders run against the grain of reality. It is impossible to force peoples of different ethnic backgrounds, different cultures and traditions to live, together in harmony.

When centralised force breaks down, as it has in the Soviet Union, the result is a rising flood of nationalism. Gorbachev has paid the price for believing that in order to advance long-term Marxist-Leninist objectives, which he has never renounced, he could "reform" the Communist system. Boris Yeltsin, the man snubbed by President George Bush and other Western leaders, has demonstrated that he is much more in tune with reality, as witnessed by the anti-Communist uprising that has swept across the Soviet Union.

The Gorbachev myth, the creation primarily of the Western mass media, has been exploded. Time magazine's "Man of the Year", the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the man described by International Zionist leader Bronfman as "the greatest Russian since Peter the Great", has been swept from the stage by events which are overtaking the international planners. While Gorbachev basked in the spotlight on the world stage, he was progressively losing what support he had inside the Soviet Union. The final humiliation for Gorbachev, following the abortive coup, was the critical reception by members of the Russian federal parliament, and being ordered by Yeltsin to do as he told him.

There are, as yet, unanswered questions about Gorbachev's role, before and after the attempted coup, as pointed out by former foreign minister Shevadnadze, but Gorbachev has been forced to admit publicly that he personally appointed those responsible for the coup. Irrespective of what emerges as the truth about this extraordinary affair, Gorbachev has demonstrated that he is far from being a genuine anti-Communist and a competent strategist. He signed his own political death warrant when he told the Russian parliament that he was still a Communist that he believed that there were many good members of a Communist Party that he believed could be reformed.

Although Gorbachev was eventually forced to resign his position as General Secretary of the Communist Party, and to agree that the Party should be closed down, the reality is that, as in former Eastern European Communist countries, there are large numbers of those like Gorbachev, who philosophically still accept Marxism, and whose influence will be enormous if economic systems do not provide individuals with genuine security and freedom.

There are enormous problems ahead for all the people who have lived under the naked Communist yoke. But as a result of last week's drama, Western political leaders are now being forced to accept the results of the decentralising programme under way. Only a short time ago the leaders of the European Economic Community were displaying open hostility to the idea of the Slovenes and Croations freeing themselves from the centralised Jugoslav Government dominated by the Marxists-Leninists. Events are forcing them to shift their stance.
Acceptance of the right of the different peoples who have suffered under Communism, to become independent of centralised control undermines the very foundations of the New World Order concept.

As a result of last week's drama in the Soviet Union (which will now have to be renamed) and bloody events in Jugoslavia, the international planners are faced with a new situation. This is the time for Australians to regenerate the spirit of nationalism, to reject the internationalist disease, and to follow the lead of all those returning to their roots.


The indiscriminate killing of seven people in the Strathfield (Sydney) shopping centre started a clamour to restrict or ban the ownership of firearms. The man responsible - who also committed suicide - was of apparently stable and reliable character, although with a marked liking for extremely violent films and videos. The anti-firearm lobby has highlighted the public abuse of firearms to argue for the banning of guns. It has been generally overlooked, however, that the first victim of the Strathfield murderer was a girl who was knifed - not shot. And only a matter of days afterwards, another three people was killed in Sydney by knives. Yet there is no passionate demand for the banning of knives.


The anti-gun lobby uses the U.S.A. as an example of a gun crazy society. According to statistics, there are enough guns in the U.S. for each man, woman and child. Every day 63 people are killed with guns, 33 women are raped at gunpoint, and 1,692 people are robbed at gunpoint. Every three hours an American teenager shoots himself dead. A U.S. Senate report has declared America to be "the most violent and self-destructive nation on earth", with a murder rate nine times that of England.
The key to the debate lies in that statement; the statistics on U.S. firearm abuse are not because firearms are readily available, but simply because the U.S. has become the most violent and self-destructive nation on earth!

The abuse of firearms is a symptom of a much deeper problem. Another country, Switzerland, in which every household must have a firearm by law, has nothing like the U.S. statistics. Although the Swiss do have a serious drug problem, they do not have firearms abuse in any way comparable to that of the U.S. The truth is that the abuse of firearms is an expression of moral and social breakdown; a symptom of social disorder. In the 1930s, gangs of youths in Scottish cities used razors to slash faces as an expression of anti-social behaviour. In the sixties, it was motorbike chains. The causes of social disorder are not razors or firearms, but family breakdown, cultural and racial friction, appalling violence on T.V. and video, and general spiritual and moral degeneration. It is ironic that Members of the N.S.W. Parliament are urged to ban firearms, but not violent videos.


Place any society under increasing pressures, and human tension finds expression in violence, be it with firearms, knives, fists or other weapons. Even explosives were used to bomb the home of a judge of the Family Court. The answer is not to ban the methods of expression, but to reduce the tension, economic, financial, social and cultural/racial. It is notable that the U.S. is a multicultural society, while Switzerland is much more homogenous. It is well known that in times of high economic stress, suicide rates go up; executives walk out windows. Surely, rather than boarding up windows, every effort should be made to correct a finance economic system to relieve economic stress. And the rejection of traditional Christian spiritual teaching must eventually result in a brutalised society capable of every atrocity.


Along with others who understand that divided political power provides the individual with some protection against government tyranny, we welcomed the re-election of the Reverend Fred Nile and his wife Elaine to the New South Wales Legislative Council at the recent New South Wales elections. The Niles now hold the balance of power in the Legislative Council. We hope that the Rev. Nile and his wife use this power in a more responsible manner than Mr. Nile's post-election comments indicate. In a statement issued on July 9th, Mr. Nile charged "extreme right-wing groups associated with ... the League of Rights" campaigned to "knock Fred Nile out of Parliament". For the record and in the hope that Mr. Nile will apologise for a blatantly false statement, the League of Rights was not associated with, nor did it participate in any anti-Fred Nile campaign.

Our own view is that Mr. Nile must accept responsibility for the progressive decline in the primary vote for the Call to Australia. Mr. Fred Nile's autocratic style has unfortunately alienated many supporters of the C.T.A., which we predict is going to continue losing electoral support everywhere. We feel that the future now belongs to the growing number of Independent candidates emerging on the Australian political scene.

New South Wales State Director of the League of Rights, Mr. David Thompson, has written to Mr. Fred Nile asking can he provide any evidence confirming his allegations about the League. Mr. Nile has not even acknowledged Mr. Thompson's letter.


Widespread attention to such agreements as the Lima Declaration has drawn a vitriolic response from the N.F.F. One wheat grower, asking for an assurance that Australia hasn't adopted the Plan of Action on Industrial Development in the Lima Declaration drew a sharp response from Mr. Rick Farley's assistant. After assuring the wheat grower that the Lima Declaration was outdated, as was most of the nonsense espoused by the League, the author proceeded to explain that it had no legal status, and was not binding on Australia. Other Instruments have superseded it, "most notable amongst these is the International Development Strategy, which was supported by Australia, and adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1990..."

A brief study of the International Development Strategy reveals that while the language is much different to the Lima Declaration (a New International Economic Order is never mentioned), the policy thrust is exactly the same. The following objectives come directly out of the document the N.F.F. proudly says, "sums up the present state of international consensus":

48. a) Full and effective implementation of the commitment to halt and reverse protectionism ...
b) Trade liberalisation, and sustained improvement in the access of developing country exports to the markets of both developing and developed countries through the reduction and removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers ...
59. ... with respect to access and transfer of technology on concessional and preferential terms, in particular to developing countries effective modalities should be examined with a view to implementing and enhancing such access and transfer as much as possible.
60. ... Work on the international code of conduct on the transfer of technology should also be completed ...


The result of these policies on Australian industries is that they struggle to survive. Technology is transferred to Third World countries by such companies as Black & Decker, forced out of Australia by high production costs, to Korea, Taiwan, Fiji or Red China, to export back to Australia. The removal of tariff and other barriers means Brazilian fruit juice replaces the Australian article. Clothing, footwear, motor vehicles, etc., that we once produced now come from Asia. Such is the direction of the programme for a new world order.

It is a tragedy that such groups as the N.F.F. refuse to acknowledge that such a programme even exists. The letter from Mr. Farley's assistant concludes that the N.F.F. "is held in high regard by Government and Industry, and a united farm sector is essential to our success. The League of Rights and their 'conspiracy theory' only divide the community."
That the N.F.F. is held in high regard by the Government is alone enough to condemn it. Since when did primary producers seek to be held in high regard by a Fabian movement dedicated to their eventual complete destruction!

The Gnowangerup Star, Western Australia, of August 15th, reports that a meeting of farmers at Mayanup has unanimously called for the National Farmers' Federation Fighting Fund to be used to support the Action Australia Movement. The resolution followed an address by Senator Paul McLean explaining how the banks create credit "out of thin air". The N.F.F. resolutely opposes any criticism of the debt financial system. The Action Australia Movement has emerged as a genuine grassroots movement and if the N.F.F. is genuine it should be helping such a movement from its massive fighting fund.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159