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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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20 September 1991. Thought for the Week: "The proper function of a money system is to furnish the information necessary to direct the production and distribution of goods and services. It is, or should be, an 'order' system, not a 'reward' system. It is essentially a mechanism of administration, subservient to policy, and it is because it is superior to all other mechanisms of administration, that the money control of the world is so immensely important. The analogy of the 'Limited' railway ticket is for all practical purposes exact: a railway ticket being a limited form of money... A demand for a railway ticket furnishes to the railway management a perfect indication of the transportation that is required. It enables the programme of transportation to be drawn up, and the availability of a ticket issued in relationship to this programme enables the railway traveller to make his plans in the knowledge that the transportation that he desires will probably be forthcoming."
C.H. Douglas in Social Credit


Reports from the Eastern European nations and the new Soviet Union (its final structure not yet formalised), quote unrepentant hard core Marxist-Leninists as taking the view that moves towards "free market" economies are going to prove so disastrous that they, themselves, have a definite political future. Elections in Albania resulted in a strong vote for the Communists.

As the Money Power now moves openly into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union it is essential to bear in mind that the philosophy of the Money Power is akin to that of the Communists: centralisation of power. The Boston Consulting Group, which is advising both the World Bank and the recently established European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, states that the various States of the former Communist Empire have no option but to work together in a continuing economic union.

It is argued that because of the policy of centralism imposed by the Kremlin planners, a rupture of this policy is undesirable. The centralists also argue that a centralised structure is essential to meet the requirements of the various multinationals that were already moving into the Soviet Union before the collapse of Communism. For example, Prime Minister Bob Hawke's close friend Sir Peter Abeles has been active in extending his international transport system into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

The basic problems of the various parts of the former Soviet Empire are not going to be solved by the International Money Power financing the multinationals of the world to move in. Genuine solutions designed to meet the basic requirements of the people require a concentration upon policies that ensure adequate production of food and its distribution. Effective decentralisation should proceed in keeping with the clear mandate of the different peoples for decentralisation. But this view runs contrary to the philosophy of the International Money Power.

We repeat what we have repeatedly said: So far from the worldwide revolt against one form of centralised power, Communism, paving the way for world peace and stability, the centralist policies of the International Money Power must result in greater instability and bigger convulsions.


A superficial reading of the reports concerning President George Bush's allegedly strong stand against the powerful Zionist lobby in the U.S.A., misses the central fact that Bush is only proposing a temporary hold up of a $10 billion loan guarantee to Zionist Israel. Bush fears that an immediate guarantee of the loan would jeopardise his much publicised Middle East peace conference, hopefully to start in October. But as yet no precise time and place have been set, U.S. Secretary of State Baker and Soviet Foreign Minister Boris Pankin stating that there are still issues obstructing a Middle East conference.

President Bush has already done everything possible to placate Israel, including an acceptance of Israel' s demands concerning the unfortunate Palestinians. Primarily for American domestic consumption, President Bush needs the facade of a conference between some Arabs and the Israelis, even if such a conference has no prospects whatever of guaranteeing peace and stability in the Middle East. Self-confessed terrorist Prime Minister Shamir of Israel has been brutally frank about his policy concerning the central issue in the Middle East, the future of the Palestinian people who have been living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip under Israeli occupation since 1967.
Zionist Israel has thumbed its nose at all attempts to have U.N. resolutions implemented. The Israelis are going ahead with their programme of settling tens of thousands of Jews from the Soviet Union in the occupied territories, making it clear that they are going to continue with this expansionist programme.

Approximately 350,000 Soviet Jews have been moved into Israel in the past few years. Israel is demanding American financial support to help house the flood of Soviet Jews into Israel, with the suggestion that perhaps another one million may wish to also move to Israel. The distinguished American anti-Jew, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, predicted years ago that the Zionists planners regarded the millions of Jews in the Soviet Union as a type of reserve force to be used at a suitable time in Zionist expansion strategy in the Middle East.

It is elementary that a massive shift of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel can only mean a progressive Zionist colonisation of the Zionist occupied territories. Apart from a little wrist slapping, President George Bush has never challenged the Zionists on this issue and we predict that irrespective of the present controversy about the $10 billion loan required by Israel, once Bush has gone through the motions of a peace conference, he will then make the loans available, thus condoning the Zionist expansion programme. The end result will be as certain as the sunrise: further violence and explosions in the Middle East.


The Japanese economic invasion of Australia continues, with the media suggesting that the opening of the Japanese owned Daimaru department store in Melbourne is a great boon to Australia. There has been much publicity about how Australians will now receive the "honoured customer" treatment. Daimaru directors boast that they are prepared to sustain losses for 10 years. In essence they are saying that they are prepared to subsidise losses in order to establish a firm base in Australia, which must be at the expense of local organisations. As a result of the New International Economic Order programme, Australia has progressively dismantled protection for local manufacturing industries. It is estimated that the Japanese have invested $1.2 billion in Melbourne Central alone. The selling off of Australia will continue so long as Australians continue voting treacherous party politicians into office at Canberra. Japan puts Japanese interests first. It is time Australians did likewise.

It is encouraging to note that in spite of the corrupting influences of the permissive society, and the undermining of belief in traditional values, a recent study by researchers at the Australian National University reveals that most Australians still support traditional family values. A majority of those surveyed said that they disagreed with present divorce laws. Where there were young children involved, divorce should be harder to obtain. The majority prefer two or three children. 17 percent said that four children was the ideal number. Under a financial policy that eased the economic pressures, there is no doubt that more Australians would have more children. And Australians from Australian parents are the best migrants the nation can have.

Dr. John Hewson continues to demonstrate that he is capable of losing the next Federal election. He continues to tell the Australian electors that they must wait until he works out all the details of his proposed consumption tax. He wants the Reserve Bank to be "independent", which means that he does not regard it as an instrument through which the elected representatives of the Australian people direct the type of financial policy necessary to serve the best interests of the nation. And now Dr. Hewson says that the unemployed must be compelled to try harder to find work. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of the unemployed desperately seek useful employment. They are the victims of the type of financial policy that Dr. Hewson supports. Threatening the unemployed with loss of social welfare benefits is typical of the Hewson philosophy, which reveals no sign of compassion. We still wait some firm announcement by Dr. Hewson and his colleagues on what policies they would implement to overcome the present depression conditions.

We well know that our economists and politicians do not see any relationship between inflation and unemployment. In fact, these "experts" would condemn the Australian League of Rights for pointing out the inexorable workings of the inflation/unemployment seesaw: one side up, the other down. We have referred to this operation in the economy more than once in these pages, and in recent times. Our Treasurer, Mr. John Kerin (a decent chap, in our view, as politicians go), stresses the Government's determination to keep inflation down. This means, in effect, although he doesn't realise it we are sure, the Government's determination to keep unemployment UP.


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), 3/9
"Sydney's Strathfield massacre has shocked the nation and once again fuelled the firearm debate. "As it is ludicrous to suggest banning cars, so is banning firearms from sale, as Mr. Greiner has done, or banning importation of the weapon as the Federal Government has done. "The majority of Australian firearm owners are safety conscious citizens whose reputations are sullied every time a 'nutter' gets through the system. "But what system enabled him to get that licence in the first place? "Uniform gun laws, a bureaucratic nightmare based on massive legal differences, are not a short-term answer. "What about a nationwide shooter's licence involving checks not only of criminal records but also family Court records, methadone treatment programs and psychiatric lists?
"A semi-automatic firearm is in each Swiss house. Incidents like Strathfield do not occur. "But the European methods of education and respect for firearms and what they can do differ from the American society brainwashing that we are subjected to in Australia. "Surely we must look to countries such as Switzerland to find a cure, instead of knee jerk reactions which are only a band-aid covering the real problem." (Lynne-Marie Freh, Firearms Safety Foundation)


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), 3/9
"Prime Minister Hawke says the world's gone mad when New Zealand, an importer of wheat, buys from Saudi Arabia rather than Australia. "Yet he fails to mention what we are doing. "We, a producer of wheat, import wheat from the European Community and feed it to Queensland cattle. We, a producer of wool with an incredible stockpile, imported wool worth $80 million last year. We, a producer of oranges, import oranges from Israel, Argentina and California. We, a producer of sugar, import sugar from Cuba. We, a producer of peanuts, import peanuts from China. We, a producer of pork, salmon and potatoes, import all these products from Canada. Are not these actions, which are destroying our producers, more mad than N.Z. importing wheat from Saudi Arabia, which buys a lot of sheep from N.Z. without rejecting them as it usually does ours?" (Roger M. Oats, Kingscote, S.A.)
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