Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

11 October 1991. Thought for the Week: "Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production"
Adam Smith.


It is becoming increasingly clearer that the question of the Consumption Tax is going to be one of the decisive issues at the next Federal elections, whenever they are held. One of the most revealing comments concerning the character of John Hewson comes from his own son, who said in the famous 60 Minutes T.V. programme concerning John Hewson's first wife, that John Hewson insists that he is always right.

Like the traditional Marxists, John Hewson is the genuine ideologue, even though masked by the claim that he is an economic rationalist. John Hewson is an economic puritan: he claims to know what is best for his fellow man. In many ways John Hewson reminds us of the old-time Marxists in the Labor Party who insisted that it was much better for the Labor Party to continue in opposition indefinitely rather than compromise their beliefs. In essence, John Hewson is attempting to persuade the Liberal Party that if it cannot convince the Australian electors that the Consumption Tax is essential for the future of Australia, it does not deserve to be in government.

Speaking at the National Seminar of the Australian League of Rights, Mr. Bill Daly, National Director of the New Zealand League of Rights, presented a horrifying picture of what the consumption tax has done to New Zealand. Bill Daly documented how, contrary to the promise that the introduction of the General Services Tax would lower the total amount of taxation imposed upon the New Zealand people, exactly the opposite had taken place. Why should Australians believe John Hewson when he claims that the introduction of a consumption tax will be neutral in its effect on total taxation collected?

As C.H. Douglas pointed out in his address "Dictatorship by Taxation", the modern taxation system has nothing to do with providing necessary revenue for conducting government; it is an instrument for controlling the individual. The only taxation reform of any value is a drastic reduction in TOTAL TAXATION, placing the individual in the position where he controls the spending of his own money. Dr. John Hewson's basic problem is philosophical. He is the genuine totalitarian technocrat, a product of his own training. He must be rejected.


The General Agreement On Trade and Tariffs (GATT) was commenced in 1947, soon after the founding of the United Nations. Since then, countless international GATT conferences have focused on free trade and the elimination of protection as a global target. But the idea is just as far from its attainment as it was when GATT commenced - except for Australia. Since former P.M. Gough Whitlam started the dismantling of protection for Australian industries, Australian governments, both Labor and non-Labor, have presided over the destruction of more than half Australia's manufacturing industries, followed by the wholesale decimation of the farm sector.

Rural industry leaders, such as Ian MacLachlan, have argued that reducing protection for secondary industries would reduce farm costs, thus pitting rural producers against manufacturers at a time when both should have been working together for common objectives. Australians are now witnessing the farcical spectacle of figures such as Dr. Neil Blewett travelling overseas to Europe and America with threatening ultimatums that our competitors should emulate Australia in removing subsidies, tariffs and other protection for their industries. It is hard to imagine President Bush, or the new French Prime Minister, Mmme. Cheysson, shivering with apprehension when Dr. Blewett appears.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, September 11th, 1991) reported: "The world's major trading body regulator, The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, is on the brink of collapse, according to the Centre of International Economics Director, Dr. Andy Stoeckel. And unless it adopts effective sanctions for countries that behave badly, its demise will be imminent. Dr. Stoeckel said GATT was failing because there was no world government and only limited ability to apply effective sanctions for breaking GATT rules…"


The Sunday Telegraph, October 6th, 1991, pointed out that Trading Banks this year will be making provision of between $4 and $5 billion for non-performing loans, leaving them with smaller profit margins. Westpac's profits will be between $350 and $400 million, A.N.Z. about $250 million, while the N.A.B. will be round the $700 million mark. There is no other industry, which could conceivably make any profits at all after such provisions for bad debts. In fact, there is no other industry, which could survive. But then, there is no other industry allowed to manufacture credit out of thin air, exchange it for the title deeds of borrowers, and charge up to 27% on the transaction.


by D. Thompson
As we have previously reported, the drive toward the world state - a 'new world order' - inevitably must be accompanied by an international "peacekeeping" or police force, as suggested by British Prime Minister Major. It is also implied that even with an international "peacekeeping" force, like President Bush's military coalition that subdued Saddam Hussein, a world court is necessary to try such as Hussein.

Lord Shawcross, the chief British prosecutor at the Nuremburg war crimes trials after World War II, argues the case in an article in "The Australian" (3/10/1991) "There is one important lesson to be learned from what has happened in the Gulf, and from the failed Moscow coup: the need for a standing international court with criminal jurisdiction. Had such a court been in existence, the allies could hardly have ignored their legal duty to bring Saddam to trial…

"However, the Nuremburg process was regarded by some - including Goering - as "victors' justice", and the establishment of such a tribunal to deal with Saddam might have been viewed with anxiety in the Islamic world. This objection, like those which could have arisen in Russia had the coup succeeded, could hardly have arisen if an appropriate international tribunal already existed.... "Given goodwill between the great powers, such a court could be setup now to deal with such well established crimes as waging aggressive war, genocide, and so on. Without it - and perhaps eventually an international police force - the new world order' some have bravely talked about will remain a mirage."


Meanwhile, President Bush, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, called for the repeal of the U.N. resolution equating Zionism with racism adopted in 1975, in order to minimise a bruising conflict with the Zionist over his refusal to guarantee $10 billion for housing the flood of Soviet Jews on occupied territories. Having received a mauling from the Zionist pressure groups, Bush assured the U.N. that rather than strive for a "Pax Americana the U.S. would seek a "Pax Universalis", based on common values and responsibilities for all countries. He urged the U.N. to "choose a new world order based on respect for national sovereignty, for the rule of law, not force, for the peaceful settlement of disputes, and for human rights". In the context of an international police force, and the international court system now being constructed, any talk of national sovereignty is pure humbug.


Victorian Opposition leader, Jeff Kennett, has adopted a collision course with Dr. Hewson by questioning the haste of tariff elimination, and the concept of radical free trade. As the country's manufacturing base continues to be wiped out, with the car, footwear, clothing and textile industries facing certain destruction, Victoria's unofficial unemployment rate is topping 14%.

Kennett, referring to the "level playing field" on international trade as "the flat earth policy", is reported in The Australian (3/10/1991) as saying: "The fact is the economic debate is one sided. Anybody who questions the flat earth policy is quickly deemed unacceptable. My concern is where the debate on tariffs and quotas and the implementation of the flat earth policy will lead to by the year 2000. What if the advocates of this policy are wrong? If they are, we will find ourselves looking at massive levels of unemployment... This could turn out to be not just a flat earth policy, but a scorched-earth policy with scorched people. The time has come for an important public debate on present industry policies, he said."

Kennett, who appears genuine in defying Dr. Hewson's radical free market policies, should be taken seriously. The New Zealand Government, under relentless pressure from a large, unstable backbench, and massive manufacturing and rural devastation, has been forced to slow the pace of tariff elimination. Reality - even in politics - is the great disciplinarian.


Many Australians are aware that the "trial" of four elderly men for so-called "war crimes" will commence in Adelaide: they may have commenced by the time supporters read these lines. Most people are well and truly "puzzled" by the persistence, which the instigators of "war crimes" trials are displaying. Old men; half a century ago; in other parts of the world not this country. How can fair trials be guaranteed in such vague circumstances? Indeed, should such "trials" be pursued at all? Is it just vengeance? And many other questions in similar mould puzzle the minds of many.

Is there something arcane beyond all these things? Yes; we believe so. Then what? Where does the "New World Order" fit into this scenario? Possibly the main purpose of war crimes trials is to have established as a legal principle, convention, throughout the world, the practice of the trial of any one national of any one country in any other country. World justice, so to speak, by a World Government. The "war crimes" trials are just the thin edge of the wedge to have this issue exposed to "world justice" in "World Court'...This, anyway, we believe, is one ulterior motive pushing the nasty, evil, programme along. It has no possibility of success whatsoever. The shadowy players behind the scenes will bring horrific retributions upon themselves: but that won't stop the sufferings of many caught up in the processes.


from the Stock Journal (South Australia, September 26th)
N.F.F. on the Path to Destruction
"I am a fourth generation farmer involved in beef cattle, cropping and wool production. "I write to express my dismay at the current economic policies of the National Farmers' Federation (I have written to the N.F.F's. Director, Mr. Rick Farley, but to date have not been graced with a reply). "It seems the N.F.F. is now stacked with the same sort of wretched 'internationalists' which infest both sides of politics and the bureaucracy in Australia today. "These people lack a realistic vision of what Australia could and should be: a virile, independent nation with a sound agricultural and industrial base, capable of supplying all of its own financial credit; in short, a country the rest of the world can look up to. "Mr.. Farley seems at ease with the current 'free trade' program, which is destroying our primary and secondary industries, and also with the foreign buy out of Australia.
"The drastic decline in primary producer numbers has not attracted one squeak of protest from the N.F.F. but rather is explained as a necessary restructuring in the name of efficiency. "The N.F.F., in effect, actively supports a program to dispossess the very people it is supposed to represent. "I was fortunate, at university, in studying agriculture rather than economics, this avoiding indoctrination in the specious theories of orthodox economics. "Mr. Farley's recent attack on the League of Rights does him no credit. "I believe the League's director, Mr. Eric Butler, is one of the few truly great people in Australia today. "The irony in Mr. Farley's use of the term 'perfidious' will one day be apparent to him." (Graham Lyons, Echunga, S.A.)


from the Stock Journal (South Australia, September 26th)
"Early in September Israel's Prime Minister, Yitshak Shamir, commemorating the foundation of the terrorist organisation the Stern Gang, of which he was a leader, made a clear judgment justifying Jewish terrorism. "So far as we know, there has been no official reaction to this. "We are confident that not only our members but the great majority of Australian Jews, who have a deep affection for the Jewish State, would view with loathing the concept that the murder of British and Arab civilians can be justified.
"The first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, who devoted his life to bringing about the reborn State of Israel, condemned Jewish terrorism in his book, 'Trial and Error'. He wrote, 'When I speak of it I hang my head in shame'. "We should like to think that Mr. Shamir would take heed of this. He would then be better prepared to enter into peace talks with Palestinians and other Arabs." (Norman Rothfield, President; Henry Zimmerman, Hon. Secretary; Australian Jewish Democratic Society)


(1946, by James Guthrie): (Little has changed!! O.T.) "The Forces of Destruction
The forces which are destroying democratic government and the 'Reign of Law' as we knew it and which are feverishly building up a totalitarian police State along the lines of National Socialist Germany, are very powerful. These forces can be identified under the following headings (please remember, James Guthrie was writing in 1946 ... "The International Financial Houses, especially those of German origin operating from New York; Leaders of large political parties, especially the Labor Party; The Communist Party, especially the Communist Union bosses; Graduates of the London School of Economics; Many of the large daily newspapers, especially those least suspected, such as The Times, of London; Most of the regular commentators on the A.B.C.; The Federal Government Bureaucracy.
"In the face of this overwhelming and well organised attack, the reader may well ask: 'What am I expected to do against such odds?'.... "I do not think that any dictator can make serfs out of free men, but I do believe that serfs can make dictators; this then throws back on to you some of the onus for the behaviour of arrogant bureaucrats, and it indicates very clearly that the only way to avoid being a serf is not to be one…" (and that's where the Australian League of Rights comes in...O.T.).
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159