Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 October 1991. Thought for the Week: "Economists have become a plague as dangerous as rabbits, prickly pear or cane toads. Economists have become the cultural cane toads of Canberra, oozing over the landscape and endangering myriad indigenous species. Not only the economy, but also mental health would be greatly improved if we could lift the fog of obfuscation on things economic. The first step is to take economists from their pedestal and to see them as the curiosities they are… economists' outpourings should, as a matter of principle, be met with laughter, derision, benign paternalism. They should cease to be employed as media commentators. In the long term, they should cease to be hired. Let them be pensioned off and die out. Extinction is a worthy end for a profession whose brief is rotten to the core. The Australian economy would be more productive and Australian society would be far happier without them."
Evan Jones, senior lecturer in the Department of Economics at University of Sydney, in The Bulletin, October 8th


During his recent Australian tour, Canadian barrister Doug Christie cited the Canadian situation which was a warning to Australians that free speech and historical research would be curbed if Zionist spokesmen had their way. Zionist spokesmen have already suggested that any criticism of the "Holocaust" should be made a criminal offence, while Zionist leader Mark Liebler, in an offensive correspondence with the Headmaster of the Brighton Anglican Grammar School, and Melbourne Archbishop Rayner, has objected to the manner in which The New Testament is being taught, claiming that such teaching "poisons" the minds of Christians with "anti-Semitism".

Pressure for the anti-Christian war crime trials in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has come primarily from one group, Zionist leaders. Doug Christie's fears about the threat to free speech and historical research surfaced in the United Kingdom, where the House of Commons has persevered with proposed war crime trials in spite of strong objections by the House of Lords, particularly by some of the most distinguished jurists, and where the American authority on gas chambers, Fred Leuchter, has been banned from visiting to lecture at the invitation of British historian David Irving.
Zionist spokesmen frankly admit that they campaigned to keep Leuchter out, expressing the fear that his lectures on what he discovered in Auschwitz and other German camps during a first hand investigation, might encourage the development of historical revisionism in the Untied Kingdom.

Legislation passed first by the Greiner N.S.W. Government, and subsequently by the West Australian Government, seeks to ban what is described as "hate literature". The Australian Law Reform Commission has recommended that the Crimes Act be amended to make it an offence to incite racial violence. Zionist spokesmen have already indicated that they want any criticism of the "Holocaust" regarded as a manifestation of creating hate.

In an article in the June issue of Without Prejudice, described as a publication of the Australian Institute of Jewish Affairs, Dr. Paul Gardner, a reader in education at Monash University, contributed an article on the League of Rights, which concludes that "The League can unequivocally be characterised as a hate organisation". Dr. Gardner claims that while the League may not promote violence directly, but "is content to plant ideas which can take dangerous root in receptive minds". Dr. Gardner then plants a few of his own ideas. Yes, we should value freedom of speech, but this must not be an "unlimited right", drawing attention to the fact that in Germany (and he could have added France) "publication of Holocaust revisionist material is a criminal offence".

Dr. Gardner suggests that in the absence of an inquiry into where the League obtains its funds, there must be "exposure and education through public media..." In other words, an attempted softening up to prepare the way for the eventual introduction of the type of legislation Dr. Gardner and his totalitarian colleagues favour. Dr. Gardner does not mention that the proposed inquiry into the League and its funding came to a sudden halt when National Director Eric Butler offered to meet with representatives of the Government and Opposition Parties.


Desperate conditions throughout rural Australia have produced strong reactions from Australian farmers as they are economically decimated. Australia is facing the greatest tragedy in its history. The very backbone of the nation is being broken. Desperate situations produce desperate reactions, and when members of the rural community look in vain for any constructive suggestions from the National Party or farmers' organisations, it is not surprising that there is a militancy never seen before.

It is hard for farmers to understand why, for example, they have to suffer a flood of cheap food from other countries. They do not understand how Australia's problems are to be solved by allowing the banks to drive them from their properties into the already over swollen big cities. An ugly story from Western Australia tells of a Rural "Strike Force" which has already cut one railway line with threats of further direct action. Efforts have been made to blame the more responsible for the many Rural Action groups, which in turn are labelled as "fronts" for the Australian League of Rights.

For the record, the League restates its position concerning violence: The League believes that any group, which resorts to violence, is playing into the hands of its enemies. There are legitimate political and other means available to those who want to change the policies ruining traditional Australia. The League completely endorses the Bank Watch campaign initiated by South Australian farmer and miner, Jim Cronin. (Bank Watch available from all League addresses, $5.00 posted.)

The tragedy of the developing situation is that it could have been avoided if the League's warnings and advice had been heeded. The so-called representatives of the rural community did not warn that the dismantling of secondary industries, with Australians starting to import what they once manufactured in Australia, would eventually see a flood of cheap food imports all under the general strategy of "internationalising" the national economy. Now the moments of truth, and decision, have arrived. The nation is in deep crisis, but it is far from defeated and a grassroots movement on constructive lines can turn it around.


There appears to be no limit to the madness concerning what is called the multicultural society. According to the advocates of this concept, people of different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds can all maintain their differences indefinitely and live together in harmony. One of Australia's best known advocates of multiculturalism is Victorian Labor M.H.R., Dr. Andrew Theophanous. Now Dr. Theophanous is chairman for a group known as "Parliamentarians for Croatia and Slovenia", and is campaigning for Australia to recognise immediately the existence of Croatia and Slovenia as sovereign States.

What is happening in Jugoslavia is also happening throughout the former Soviet Empire. People are striving to return to their roots, to preserve their identities, to become separate in order to gain harmony. It is astonishing that multiculturalists like Dr. Theophanous believe that multiculturalism is not possible in a Jugoslavian Federation, but can be made to work in Australia. In the meantime Australians of Serbian background are complaining that the Croatians are misrepresenting the situation in Jugoslavia.

Professor Geoffrey Blainey was right when he said that the policy of multiculturalism would destroy Australian stability and create a country inhabited by a number of warring tribes. The multicultural hoax must be made a major issue at the next Federal Elections.


The State Council of the Queensland National Party, meeting in Bundaberg last weekend, delivered a strong warning to Dr. Hewson's Liberals that the Goods & Services Tax will not be easy to "sell" to the provincial National Party. The Party's Federal Leader, Tim Fischer, was involved in a bruising exchange with Sir Robert Sparkes, former Party President, as Fischer addressed the Party on the merits of the G.S.T.

While the League has had good reason to be highly critical of Sir Robert's influence on National Party policy in the past, there is no doubting his political acumen. Reports describing the shouting match that developed at the conference include Sir Robert's description of the G.S.T. as a "disaster" for the Coalition's election prospects at the next Federal election, which could come at any time after Christmas. From the feedback that League speakers pick up at the grassroots of Australian politics - where people like Dr. Hewson spend too little time - the Sparkes assessment appears to be correct; there is deep suspicion about the new tax, and some considerable cynicism.


In the end, the only true test of any tax structure is whether the total volume of taxation collected increases or decreases. The G.S.T. is not being sold on the basis of reducing total taxation. It is claimed to be "revenue neutral" which means that no decrease in taxation revenues can be expected. In his frequent reference to the New Zealand experience, Dr. Hewson usually fails to point out that the G.S.T. began at the rate of 10%, and was quickly raised - against all promises - to l2% after the first year!

While total taxes in New Zealand have steadily increased, services have been sold off to corporate bidders, and are now paid for directly by the consumer. The final question to be answered by Dr. Hewson, is when did a political leader last enter an election campaign promising a new tax, and go on to win that election? Sir Robert Sparkes obviously asked himself the same question, declaring that he would like to be Mr. Hawke's adviser mounting the strategy to campaign against the G.S.T. We agree that Dr. Hewson, the numbers man and economic puritan, is fashioning a rod with which an astute Labor Party can beat the daylights out of him in the next election campaign.


It is seldom, indeed, that we reprint in On Target Bulletin an Editorial, or part thereof, from an Australian metropolitan daily. This Editorial is taken from Melbourne's Herald-Sun, October 16th:
"That blatant exercise in hypocrisy, CHOGM, is on again. Fifty leaders of the remnants of a tattered empire, on which the sun still casts an afterglow, have arrived in Zimbabwe keen to establish their credentials as eminent persons. "To do so, they need whipping boys. Past CHOGMs have found a convenient target in the South African white regime and its repressive policies aimed at maintaining white supremacy. "But an enlightened President de Klerk has responded to sanctions by repealing apartheid laws, releasing political prisoners and lifting bans on many political organisations. Thus, there is a growing move to relax sanctions as a reward for reforms so far, and to encourage preparation of a new constitution.
"Now the focus has shifted from South Africa to some of the oppressive Commonwealth governments which for years have been sanctimoniously passing judgment on South Africa's whites. They have made it clear they don't like it. Yet a number fail the basic of democratic tests. On the score of human rights this ragbag conglomeration of dictatorships and one party regimes excel modern South Africa in the repression of their own peoples. "This did not bother Australia when our Government needed the numbers to pursue South Africa with a relentless zeal. Now Mr. Hawke signals that, with Canada and Britain, we will speak out on human rights. But, his assurance fell short of Canada's threat to withhold aid to force some regimes to observe human rights. Instead, Mr. Hawke embraced the new CHOGM buzz phrase 'good governance'. "To those rotting in jails in the heart of darkness, CHOGM 1991 may emerge as a very black joke indeed."

Our Comment: We couldn't have put it more plainly ourselves!


from The Australian, October 15th
"How can Immigration Minister Gerry Hand decry calls from so many quarters for a scaled down immigration programme? His is a pathetic voice in the wilderness no doubt fearful of an ethnic vote backlash. "It is quite obvious to anyone but an ostrich that we cannot economically or ecologically sustain the current numbers of migrants coming into Australia. "I should like to see some independent figures for migrants, who, upon entry, immediately draw upon the public purse and for how long. Government figures don't always inspire confidence, unfortunately. If the sponsors of those migrants were made to be financially responsible for their relatives until they were self-supporting, I believe the numbers would automatically drop.
"The Democrats' bleeding heart cry to cut out the economic migrants but keep the family reunion and refugee programme is equally unrealistic. It is precisely this group, which requires so much servicing. Surely we can find other ways of helping refugees since we are such a major influence on the rest of the world, or so our leaders would have us believe. Refugees would far rather stay in their own country if they could stay there safely. "Migrants are welcome in times of prosperity, and hopefully these times will one day return. However, at the moment times are tough, and the Government should peer out from its ivory tower in Canberra and recognise the fact." (Patricia M. Smith, Wahroonga, N.S.W.)

from The Australian, October 15th
"The recent Ray Martin show and the vitriolic response by Bob Hawke to the very sensible views of Sir Arvi Parbo on the multicultural aspect of immigration are only the tip of the iceberg of discontent in the Australian community. Bob Hawke in forcing multiculturalism onto all Australians with no authority whatsoever from the electorate is acting in a purely dictatorial manner. "Stephen Rimmer in his recent well-researched book The Cost of Multiculturalism has estimated that the largesse handed out to the hundreds of multicultural groups is around $7 Billion a year - while our children sleep on the streets.
"The main purpose of this letter is to set down the views of myself and most of the long term resident Australians recorded in several surveys that ethnic communities have, as expressed by Senator Walsh, 'hijacked the immigration programme'. "They have been able to do so with the direct protection and almost limitless assistance of Bob Hawke and the suppression by the media at large of any views which are critical of multiculturalism.
"With the octopus growth of multiculturalism we are in real danger of losing our national identity, which is the most priceless and unifying factor any country can possess. Australia has until recently been a basically monocultural country and I include in this term immigrants from Europe with a broadly common background and religion. As such it has maintained a worldwide respected national identity.
"With the advent of multiculturalism, where even a common language is in danger, we are well on the way to a situation in a multicultural country - i.e. Yugoslavia, which was described by a reporter from the National Geographic Society as follows: 'I have travelled in Yugoslavia in all seasons and seen every part of the country and the more I talk to people the more difficult it becomes to imagine a Yugoslav.'
"This matter is of vital interest to us and our children. It is too important to leave to politicians, particularly those who are already chasing the ethnic vote. A referendum is the only democratic way to obtain the will of all Australia." (Frank J. Robinson, Lindfield, N.S.W.)

from The Australian, October 15th
"Mr. Murdoch's statement (The Australian, 2/10), 'All great advances in Australian history have coincided with large scale migration is not supported with reality, unless he regards Australia's economic demise, which has occurred during a period of mass migration, as an advancement. "Australia, which has a multitude of clever and talented people, should not self consciously compare itself with the achievements and advancements of foreign nations and get on with utilising the human resources that are already here." (M. McPhie, Woodlands, S.A.)

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