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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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22 November 1991. Thought for the Week: "Once the idea of the Government as the 'Big Boss' is cleared away, it is much easier to discern its legitimate functions ... the first of these functions is that of maintaining the rights of the individual by providing for the proper mechanisms for the administration of Justice ... a reversal of the present usurpation of the function of the Courts of Law by the 'administrative lawlessness' of the bureaucracy. Secondly, the Government has a function as a General Committee of Society. And ... it has a function as a Board of Directors."
Bryan W. Monahan, in An Introduction to Social Credit


Paul Keating's statement that he will not be pursuing his leadership ambition cannot be taken at its face value. The reality is that Paul Keating knows that Prime Minister Hawke is in big trouble politically, and that by appearing to withdraw from the contest at this time, is in fact employing the correct strategy.

The Prime Minister's bad political mauling by the Premiers indirectly assisted the Keating strategy. Then came the much-publicised Prime Minister's economic statement of last week, this also creating the impression that Hawke was attempting to yield to the Keating pressure. But what the Prime Minister offered was more of a propaganda exercise than any serious change of government policy. It will have no effect on the basic problems afflicting the nation.
It is, of course, breathtaking that the man, who as Treasurer implemented the policies responsible for the present recession, should now be claiming that he is the man who, if elected Prime Minister, would reverse the direction in which Australia is travelling.

Recent public opinion surveys showed that consumer confidence has consistently fallen over the past four months. The overwhelming majority of people do not believe that any economic recovery is taking place. But the Treasury's current public relations man, Mr. Kerin, insisted last week that the economy was coming out of the recession, asserting that it was possible that the worst of the job losses was over. But he admitted that the Prime Minister's economic statement had been prompted "by some unexpected weakness in the economy since the August budget". The growth in unemployment and a mounting deficit has demonstrated the failures of the Treasury "experts".

Paul Keating is well aware that, with every day that passes, the credibility of Prime Minister Hawke is further undermined. He knows that the backbench members of the Labor Party are becoming increasingly restive and that as the next elections come closer that restiveness will increase to the point where they will be seriously considering an alternative leader. Keating is the only one offering.
Keating does not want to win by a narrow majority; he wants an overwhelming majority to confirm his authority. Unless there are major basic changes in the Hawke Government's continuing financial and economic policies, we anticipate a worsening of the general situation early in the New Year.

In spite of the fact that Paul Keating once advocated a General Services Tax himself, he believes that Dr. Hewson's consumption tax policy will provide him with the opportunity to demonstrate that he is much better equipped to deal with Dr. Hewson than is Prime Minister Hawke. As an attack on Dr. Hewson's consumption tax is the major issue, which the Labor Party perceives to be its best chance of surviving at the next elections, the majority may well conclude that their best chance of survival is with Paul Keating rather than with Bob Hawke.
No, the Keating challenge is still well and truly on. We adhere to the view that, from a realistic point of view, the best result possible at the next Federal elections is one in which a small group of Independents holds the balance of power in the House of Representatives and a similar result in the Senate.


The Australian Jewish News of November 15th carries the revealing report that the Executive Council of Australian Jewry President Mr. Leslie Caplan and Secretary Jeremy Jones have sought to meet Mr. Rick Farley, Executive Director of the National Farmers Federation after Farley had commented that the League of Rights was gaining ground in the country and "raising false hopes among farmers". Mr. Caplan is quoted as saying that because of their desperate economic plight, "farmers are feeling defeated and rejected by the Australian community", and find themselves turning to "simplistic political solutions, which is a matter of concern to everyone".
Presumably the Zionist leaders are opposed to the concept of a moratorium on debt, the re-regulation of the banking system, and more effective electoral control of Members of Parliament. Or do they fear the League's growing exposure of the New International Economic Order and the international programme behind it?
Farmers who are financing the N.F.F. will be interested to know that Mr. Caplan says that he and Mr. Farley will be "sharing information" and will meet again "should the need arise.


Why Basic $70,000 Fund Must Be Filled
Late at night last week Mr. Eric Butler received a call from a leading citizen in the country seeking information concerning what he is attempting to achieve through Local Government. The caller said he was a fourth generation Australian and, like many others, was witnessing developments, which he once would have never thought possible.
Many are stunned by what has happened. Lacking any background knowledge, many cannot see a way out. Sustaining morale and providing hope is absolutely vital to carry the nation through the deepening crisis. This is only possible with the widest possible distribution of the information, which the League, and those influenced by the League, are providing.
"You have given me hope when I was gripped with near despair" is a common reaction to the League's work.

Over the years the League has had the difficult task of attempting to warn people of the insidious influences working through their society, through their educational and other institutions. The result has been an on going smearing of the League, with the unspeakable Phillip Adams describing League National Director Eric Butler as the "most dangerous man in Australia". Dangerous to what, Mr. Adams?
As the nation has been progressively undermined over the years, the League has been prominent in a number of rearguard actions which have at least slowed down the many assaults on the foundations of the nation, while at the same time the League has been developed to the stage where, with sufficient support, it can play a decisive role in what could be the final battle for Australia.

The Secular Humanists have boldly proclaimed that by the year 2001, with the celebration of the Centenary of Federation, Australia will become a republic. The implications of this proposal are horrendous. Young Australians now only nine years of age will be of voting age before the end of the century. Who is going to try to reach those young Australians with the vital information about their priceless heritage? That is one of the big tasks the League is undertaking. But it needs money.

Responding to a recent private letter by Mr. Eric Butler, a small number of supporters have responded magnificently. The Fund has now passed $25,000. Eric Butler flew to Brisbane last Monday for a week's work. He will give progress reports. Will the great majority now get behind this magnificent lead? All contributions Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.


from David Thompson
The 'evidence' for global warming becomes daily more threadbare, and the power groups who use the 'global warming' threat to drive a political agenda become more transparent. Last month SBS video cast the English documentary, "The Greenhouse Conspiracy", which was first video cast in Britain on Channel 4 a number of years ago. The documentary led journalist Frank Devine to comment on the issue in The Australian (11/11/91):
"The 'greenhouse effect' is politically and intellectually the nuclear umbrella of the green movement. From its shadow, extraordinary power plays are being attempted and pervasive efforts made to undermine creative and productive human aspirations..."

The handful of fashionable, high profile, self-righteous green organisations depend heavily on 'greenhouse' as an article of faith. They shall be the last to examine the scientific evidence; they are propaganda machines. In a recent edition of Forbes magazine, Paul Watson, a disillusioned co-founder of Greenpeace, commented:
"The secret to Greenpeace's success (is that) it doesn't matter what is true. It only matters what people believe is true. You are what the media define you to be. Greenpeace became a myth, and a myth making machine."

Mr. Des Moore, newspaper columnist and senior fellow of the Institute of Public Affairs in Victoria, concurred. The Age (3/8/91):
"The global warming theory is now more and more reliant for support on belief and less and less on science."

The Melbourne (greenhouse action) conference followed an important Washington environmental conference at which scientific papers were presented which contradicted the warning theory or drew attention to serious flaws in it. One suggested that there is now compelling evidence that there are influences which are mitigating any warming that might otherwise occur, leaving a benign result overall.

Those who saw the "Greenhouse Conspiracy" documentary will have seen interviews with scientists who are clearly more interested in their research grants than scientific evidence for global warming. Similarly, political power groups care far more for the centralisation of power than they do for the facts. 'Warming' is merely an excuse for frightening people into agreeing to far-reaching environmental legislation, reducing the individual to a mere statistic of no more value than a tree. The environmentally led political agenda should be rejected until solid proof of global warming is available. As Frank Devine concluded: "In the meantime, we would all be wise to take no action, and agree to none being taken on our behalf, if the decision to act is in any way influenced by greenhouse threat theorising."


from David Thompson
Prime Minister Hawke's bluster about the future of Australia depending upon being "the clever country" is being blown away by the commitment to radical free trade policies. Otherwise known as the 'level playing field' (or flat earth economics to others) the free trade dogma insists that Australia must submit its industries to the global market, and be internationalised.

Mr. John Howard, Liberal Party spokesman, confirmed that he embraces internationalism, as does Dr. Hewson. The effects, however, on industry are creating widening circles of alarm. Those who actually have to run companies, farms, or factories are beginning to see that this is a recipe for industrial sabotage on a grand scale. And last week the Economic Planning Advisory Council released a report, which revealed that Australia's computer sector has been left far behind OECD competitors. Even Brazil and Mexico are ahead of us as exporters of high technology products.

Australia does produce highly talented technicians and researchers, but a dearth of research capital and governmental encouragement means they leave for U.S.A. or Europe. In a strongly worded submission to the Industry Commission, the Australian Electrical Manufacturers Association calls on the government to ignore GATT guidelines on information technology trading, and place our own interests first. They call for the establishment of a sustainable local industry through incentive schemes, and governments 'buying Australian' technology. That is, assist an industry with the capacity to succeed through tax breaks, etc., so that the global market doesn't wipe out domestic industry.
Such thinking, likely to be rejected by the trade ideologues, would go much further toward providing local employment than the Prime Minister's wishful thinking in his statement on employment last week.


from the Bendigo Advertiser (Vic.), 29/10
"I read your editorial (Saturday, October 19) with alarm. "A local firm, JPB Design, is denied assistance as an export incentive to the lucrative Japanese car market with finished sheepskin covers. "It is the grey area of the definition of the textile sector. That's bad enough; however, though the editorial 'more incredible...an American firm buys (Australian) ... raw skins for processing in the Philippines - and yet wins financial help... from the Australian Government. "I cannot describe my immediate reaction - it would be impossible, let alone be printable!

Three days later, my wrath towards these traitors that mislead Australia has intensified. "Can we the Australian people allow liars, cheats and traitors to continue to run this fantastic country? No! "My forebears put their lives up to defend the course of freedom, integrity of Australia and to defend their family and loved ones. My grandfather, an ANZAC, did it on Gallipoli and on the fields of Flanders (France) whilst my father was a navigator in the R.A.A.F. in repelling the Japanese. "I will do the same and for the very same reasons. However, the enemy is within.

"These traitors sell this country's very soul and should be tried for treason; the instance towards JPB Designs is a classic example. "That is how our so-called Australian Government treats exporters.

Try importers; are they forced to comply with our health regulations? Are the labels on imported products as truthful and honest as required of Australian producers? "Well, just read on, for dried apricots, imported into Australia were found wanting in standard when tried to be re-exported! Peanut butter branded 'Made in Australia' when the peanuts come from China. What about dumping and unfair trade? Ha, ha. In California any unfair imports claim produces immediate embargoes even on stocks held in store whilst investigations of around five weeks duration are held where the importer must justify his complaint.

"In essence, we allow foreigners to run roughshod over Australians and this is endorsed by the Australian Government. "That is treasonable action - total disloyalty to one's country.

"I, as an Australian citizen, am disgusted with the abysmal leadership from Governments. "In general, neither individual politicians nor parties, whether Labor, Liberal or National have given us the enlightenment we so crave for as individuals and as a nation. "Darkness and decay surround us, with the deliberate withdrawal of support for our wheat industry; the destruction of our wool industry; exporters given verbal harangues to do better, especially value add, but a Government dagger kills that, whilst small business is throttled by Government imposts and economic policy. "No wonder we query our so-called leaders abilities and allegiances.

"This example of JPB Designs is only the skin eruption of the rotten corpse of Government and leadership. We must bury it to get rid of the stench." (Doug Harrison, Independent Candidate [Federal] for Bendigo, R.S.D. Raywood, Vic.)


from The Australian, November 18th...the correspondent is (ex-Senator) John Stone, now Senior Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs Melbourne. Supporters are aware that the League of Rights has not been generally supportive of the role of Mr. John Stone, either in Treasury or politics, BUT, we are in entire agreement with him with respect to his views (below) on Greenhouse.

"Mr. Andrew Gillanders says (Letters, 7/11) that 'we cannot afford to get questions on this scale (regarding the alleged environmental need to cut back greenhouse gas emissions) wrong:...' "As to that, I agree with him. I certainly do not welcome the prospects of governments closing down most of Queensland's coalfields over the next l0-l5 years in pursuit of a quite unproven theory. Getting a question of that scale wrong would be a disaster for Australia.
"Mr. Gillanders, however, criticises Professor Fred Singer for saying, during his recent visit to Australia, that 'there is no need to act on greenhouse emissions for another 10 years'. "What Professor Singer said was that:
* There is no present scientific consensus about the inevitability of the greenhouse warming enhancement phenomena.
* With much more research now being devoted to the topic, we shall know a great deal more about it in 10 years' time.
* Until we do, countries (and particularly Australia) would be foolishly irresponsible to damage their economies by setting in train massive structural changes, which will make us all poorer and throw even more people out of work.

"Mr. Gillanders says that 'in the absence of sufficient scientific data on which to make a decision, we should be erring on the side of caution… ' Hear, hear! But he adds that we should be 'assuming greenhouse gases guilty until proven otherwise! Why? -- and guilty of what?

"When someone tells me that, in 60 years' time, there may be some marginal effect upon our climate unless we now begin to stop the world, I personally am inclined to 'err on the side of caution' before taking such a leap in the dark. If 10 years down the track the scientists can provide much more convincing evidence for all this emotional greenhouse hysteria than they have done so far, I may begin to modify that view. Until then, those politicians who plan to commit Australia in Rio de Janeiro next June to the sort of economic sabotage now contemplated there, should be asked: 'Whatever happened to Jobs, jobs, jobs?"

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