Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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13 December 1991. Thought for the Week: ".... the aim of an economic regime is not to increase production for production's sake, nor, to increase capital, ... its aim should be to make it possible for man to dwell on this earth in ease, in harmony and brotherhood."
Towards a Truly Christian Society, by French Christian Philosopher, Daniel Rops


by End D. Butler
It is one thing for theorists to prepare grandiose schemes for re-shaping the world towards some type of New World Order. But reality remains the great disciplinarian in human affairs. It seems only yesterday that Time magazine's "man of the decade", Mikhail Gorbachev, was seen in the West as a "man of the future". Margaret Thatcher summarised the West's view with her famous statement, "We can do business with Gorbachev."

Only last July President George Bush was having what now can be seen to have been a completely pointless summit with Gorbachev. Any authority Gorbachev had left was completely eroded by the failed coup. The massive independence vote by the Ukrainians was striking confirming that Gorbachev's hope of holding at least part of the old Soviet Union together was but wishful thinking.

Even now Western politicians appear to be finding it hard to come to terms with the reality of the post Gorbachev era. The man whom the internationalists felt could bring a "reformed" Soviet Union into the New World Order has been destroyed by reality, one of these being the upsurge of nationalism as the Soviet Empire disintegrated, the only thing uniting the different ethnic groups being their hatred of Communism.

Ethnic divisions are worsening as the former Soviet Empire disintegrates. The ideal of multiracialism and multiculturalism is coming under mounting pressure everywhere, including the U.S.A. Domestic realities are overtaking the hero of the Gulf War, President George Bush. The deepening economic crisis is intensifying long pent up feelings among white middle class Americans to the effect that forced integration in the school system, affirmative action, and civil rights programmes have been discriminating against them and their future.

The emergence of David Duke as a major political figure has dramatically demonstrated that middle class Americans are in revolt against all aspects of the liberal society. President Bush, who expressed horror at the prospect of David Duke becoming a State Governor, has not heard the last of Duke, who has announced that he is going to run for the Presidency on the same platform on which he ran in the recent State election. Bush and his supporters have expressed relief that Duke, constantly described as a "racist" and a "neo-Nazi" only polled 40% of the total vote. But Duke polled 55% of the white vote. Extended on a national scale, that type of vote could prove most embarrassing for President Bush.

Duke is an interesting political phenomenon at the present time. During the only time the writer has met him, at a Seminar in Atlanta, Duke, who is most articulate, said that he now regretted some of the views he had expressed in his youth. It is interesting that former Communists, who have repudiated views they once held, are generally not treated as political pariahs. Even Communists whose hands are dripping with blood, like the Chinese Communist leaders, are acceptable to President George Bush.

It is not Duke's alleged past which is haunting President Bush and his supporters, but the conservative views being expressed by Duke. Duke is not expressing any hatred of Negroes and non-European ethnic groups in the U.S.A. He is objecting to unfair policies, which penalise large numbers of white Americans.

Also haunting President George Bush and his "New World Order" supporters is the expressed intention of the distinguished American writer, Patrick Buchanan, to contest the Presidency as a Republican. Buchanan was speechwriter for President Reagan and frankly admits that at one time he was strongly pro-Israel. But all this changed with Israel's infamous invasion of Lebanon and other aggressive policies. Buchanan was a strong critic of Bush's involvement in the Gulf War, bluntly stating that the American intervention could only prove disastrous for the U.S.A. with the only beneficiary being Zionist Israel. Buchanan was bitterly attacked by the Zionist lobby.

Buchanan is running on what is virtually an isolationist policy and protection for American industries. The Duke-Buchanan challenge to Bush, while probably not sufficient to deny him the Republican nomination, will certainly cool Bush's ardour for "The New World Order".

While the multicultural Yugoslavia continues to destroy itself in bitter civil war, the planners attempting to create the Western European Federal State are faced with increasing tensions inside the European Economic nations. There is not only the problem of forcing the reluctant British to surrender more of their sovereignty, but the mounting immigration problems as non-Europeans flood into all parts of Western Europe. A headline from the London paper, The Daily Telegraph, reads, "SHADOWS OF THE RIGHT OVER EUROPE".

With the worldwide economic depression deepening, and chaos threatening in many parts of the world, this is the time for Australians to turn their backs on multiculturalism and "New Economic Order" theories, and take the opportunity of putting their own house in order. Australia's problems are still far less than those in many other parts of the world.


As we have consistently predicted, Paul Keating has never forgone his intention to take the leadership of the Federal Labor Party, and become Prime Minister, at the earliest opportunity. He was aware that events were running against Prime Minister Hawke. Ironically, the hapless John Kerin was sacked because he could not successfully defend the policies, which he had inherited from his predecessor, Paul Keating. What Australia requires are new and constructive policies, not new Treasurers. Ralph Willis may be more aggressive than John Kerin, but only basic policy changes can now save the Hawke Government.

We would not be surprised if a desperate Labor Caucus does not demand Hawke's immediate resignation. But what if Keating assumes the leadership? Nothing surprises us about power hungry politicians. It will be recalled that before the first Hawke Government was elected in 1983, Paul Keating was against the deregulation of the banking system and the entry of foreign banks into Australia. He found no difficulty in changing his views once in office. It should also be recalled that Keating was a strong advocate of the introduction of a consumption tax, only being beaten off by sufficient resistance within the Labor movement.

If elected to become Prime Minister, Keating is capable of saying that the severity of the depression he said, "we had to have", was much greater than he had intended and that he now proposes to rectify the situation by some policy changes. We would not be surprised in the slightest to have Paul Keating taking part of the Hewson taxation programme and presenting it as his own. The real test of a Keating Government's programme would be its attitude towards internationalising the Australian economy.

There is an increasing challenge to the internationalist dogma, particularly in Victoria, where the biggest percentage of Australian manufacturing industry is located. The abandonment of protection policies in favour of "the level playing field" theory, has added to the woes of the Kirner State Government. Federal anti-protection policies came under a scathing attack last week from Victorian Minister David White, while sections of industry along with sections of the State Liberal Party are tending to come together in opposition to Canberra and the Federal Treasury.

What is now developing in Victoria is a grassroots rejection of current policies of internationalism. One of the archpriests of these policies of internationalism is Senator Button. If Keating becomes Prime Minister, what he does with Button will be an indication of whether there are to be any major policy changes.


While Australian taxpayers will contribute millions towards a war crimes trial which is a complete travesty of justice, those responsible for these trials are the Zionist power groups, Zionist Israel continues to hold in prison John Demjanjuk in spite of the fact that Soviet evidence has now confirmed that Demjanjuk was not the man known as "Ivan The Terrible". American writer Patrick Buchanan, in an article to be published in the December issue of The Intelligence Survey, claims that the Israelis are hoping that Demjanjuk will die in prison and that an admission of error can be made later with a minimum of embarrassment.

In the mass of material on the Pearl Harbour affair there have been a few admissions that Japan's intentions to attack Pearl Harbour were known to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and probably to President Roosevelt, but that in order to bring the U.S.A. into the Second World War, the American forces were sacrificed. But there have been no references that we have seen, to the American policies, which destroyed the moderate, pro-Western government of Prince Konoye and brought the militarists to power. This matter is dealt with by Eric Butler in his work, The Red Pattern of World Conquest ($9.00 posted from all League bookshops).


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), December 6th
"I am not proud of the actions of successive Australian Governments since the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975. "As a tourist there I would be ashamed to admit my nationality. "During World War II the people of Timor suffered horrendously from Japanese savagery, as punishment for hiding, sustaining and organising the escape of Australian troops from surrounding areas. "Individuals, families, and even whole villages were lined up, bayoneted, tortured and shot or beheaded for helping our boys.
"Whitlam, Fraser and Hawke have done little but mouth platitudes over the continuing atrocities committed by the Indonesians. They sell them our military hardware. We even teach Indonesians our military tactics and conduct joint training exercises. We treacherously forsake a people who gave their lives for our soldiers.
Australia owes the Timorese heaps and has let them down shamefully by the lack of action by our political leaders.

"Politicians and military strategists seem not to worry about the teeming aggressive millions on our doorstep. We are being denuded of our strategic reserves, of military hardware. It is Timor today. It will be Australia tomorrow if we pander to aggressors. (John Cook, Maryborough, Vic., Army Captain, Retd.)

from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), December 6th
"I am an experienced senior teacher of Indonesian and completed this year an advanced Indonesian course, courtesy of the Australian Government. I commend the Government's policy in the promotion of Asian languages. However, to develop a true friendship with our closest neighbour, we must be honest. We must suspend all military aid and co-operation until an appropriate resolution is found to East Timor. It's easy to be moralistic about Cambodia and South Africa. Let's show some guts with Indonesia." (John Logan, Moorabbin, Vic.)


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), December 7th
"We were appalled to read of 12 Victorian companies being named in Federal Parliament - allegedly for not conforming to the Government's Affirmative Action policies (Herald-Sun, November 27th). "There is a vast difference between equal opportunity and affirmative action. "The former is based on merit and cooperation, the latter on reverse discrimination and coercion in favour of women. "No one objects to women being given a fair go. It is another thing to hold a big stick over employers' heads and tell them to hire more women, or else.
"Affirmative Action policies obstruct the working of the merit principle and encourage the token appointment of women. "For every man passed over in favour of a woman, another woman is disadvantaged: the wife of the man passed over.
"Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe because government tried to manipulate people to conform to their will under the guise of protecting people's 'freedom'. "Affirmative Action does not belong in a democratic free society. "To the car dealerships, factories and other Victorian companies named (in a total of 44 Australian firms), we say: don't be intimidated! "Employers want to choose the best person for the job. It's in their best interest to do so. They certainly don't need Big Brother (Sister) Government to tell them whom they should employ." (A. & L. Barron, Endeavour Forum, incorporating Women Who Want to be Women)


"Fraud occurs when that which is real is replaced by that which is false through an act of deceit. "As such G.S.T. is a fraud. Not for the reasons given by Bob Hawke, but because it is an extension and consolidation of a financial policy which is both fraudulent and immoral. Undoubtedly Bob Hawke would gladly adopt G.S.T. if it were politically expedient, for he serves the same financial masters, as does John Hewson. But those masters are now moving to replace Hawke. He has served his purpose by delivering to them Australia's financial sovereignty through accepting banking deregulation and the flotation of the $(Aust.).

Their puppets on the media are now consolidating public opinion to accept Hewson and G.S.T. which will give them a complete instrument to service their debt empire; a tax on everything which lives, moves and has had its being. Undoubtedly when Dr. Hewson reaps the same whirlwind from G.S.T. as Mr. Bolger, of New Zealand, is now reaping he (Dr. Hewson) will quickly be replaced by a Keating or Beazley.

"Australia's constitutional forefathers endowed Australia with both political and financial sovereignty. Both have been betrayed by Federal politicians extending over a period beginning before W.W.II and gaining momentum since that war, with the greatest momentum-gathering pace since the Whitlam Government. The greatest opportunity to reverse the process came with the Fraser Government, which may well go down in Australian history as the greatest disaster of the 20th century.

"The force irrevocably opposed to Australia's political and financial sovereignty is that international force which has now acquired complete control over the creation and distribution of money, worldwide, as a debt and a means of speculation. To create money as a debt is to automatically make it a means of speculation, and to destroy its God designed function.
The world control of finance to ensure the inevitable multiplication of debt, the subjection of the nations to the idolatrous worship of the medium of exchange as a medium of speculation, is essential to the destruction of Western Christian Civilisation, and is the force to which both the Liberal/National, and Labor Parties are subservient. All major political parties have progressively sold out Australia's political and financial sovereignty without consulting the Australian electorate.

"Spearheading the administration of the international monetary system is the International Monetary Fund, and John Hewson is their nominee in Australia. When a nation, through the centralisation of debt, is inevitably forced to apply for loan assistance, the first stipulation by the I.M.F. is the cessation of any form of price support. Such forms of support stabilise prices and check inflation. Australia's most stable period, post W.W.II, was when a broad practice of price subsidies kept prices stable and encouraged a basis on which healthy competition, within national boundaries, flourished. A similar situation prevailed in Britain and New Zealand, and to a lesser degree in a number of Third World nations, until they came under the coercion resulting from international debt. Now debt is rampant, accompanied by either rampant inflation or depressed living standards.

"That is the future for Australia under John Hewson and G.S.T. Only new political initiatives like Citizens' Initiated Referendum will redress the situation. We can be sure none of the major parties will grant that gift to the Australian people, but there is every indication that the Australian people are now moving to elect sufficient independents to make it an issue in the very near future. The battle is joined, and those convinced that Christian principles will prevail have no doubt about the outcome"
(The address of the Christian Alternative Movement is: 15 Simmons Court, GREENSBOROUGH, Vic., 3088. All correspondence to the "Chairman".)

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159