Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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15 March 1991. Thought for the Week: "The inherent tendency of a mass civilisation with quantitative values is to crush the individual person into a common average type, to create a general level of mediocrity; to transform education into an instrument for training docile, passive servants of the bureaucracy, willing to accept the mass produced handout in every field from philosophy to tinned food. The tyranny of mass civilisation is infinitely more crushing, all pervasive and demoralising than any of the merely political or religious despotisms of peasant or city states, because besides being formless and impersonal, it poisons the very root of aspiration - the intelligence itself."
Sir David Kelly in The Hungry Sheep


by Eric D. Butler
The aftermath of the Gulf War has helped to highlight one of the realities about Iraq: it is an artificial multicultural structure created by the Western powers at the conclusion of the First World War. Although they had been promised independence, the Kurds, for example, were incorporated into the new Iraq against their wishes and have been a problem for all Iraqi Governments. Taking advantage of the situation created by the Gulf War, the Kurds are currently making yet another attempt to become an independent identity.

There are approximately 25 million Kurds living in the border areas of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. These countries all have problems with their Kurdish minorities. But the Kurdish attempt to gain control over their own affairs is but a manifestation of a worldwide development at present, particularly inside the Soviet Union: an upsurge of nationalism, and opposition to multiculturalism. The world is in growing chaos as desperate attempts are made to impose or to retain political structures that have little relationship with realities.

Reflecting much of the philosophy of Solzhenitsyn, Boris Yeltsin of Russia calls for the removal of centralist Gorbachev, Yeltsin supports the Baltic people in their determination to free themselves of the Soviet yoke. Gorbachev also has 50 million Islamic people in Southern areas who are increasingly restive, with revolts against Moscow being put down by force.
Yugoslavia, another artificial structure created after the First World War, is also in a process of violent disintegration.

Those who place such reliance on the "sanctity" of U.N. resolutions might at this time be reminded of the U.N. resolution concerning Cyprus, where the Turks and Greeks have a long history of friction. Like the Israelis, the Turks have completely ignored the U.N. resolution concerning their withdrawal. Non-Albian minorities are in the forefront of those fleeing this primitive Marxist State. The violence and the killing in multicultural Sri Lanka continues nonstop, while the Tamil minority continues to insist that it must have greater sovereignty over its own affairs.

India, sometimes called the largest democracy in the world, moves from one crisis to the next, with minorities attempting to resist the pressures of the Indian Government, itself currently in a state of collapse. Occasionally the people of Tibet manage to draw their plight under Chinese domination, to the rest of the world. At last the media has discovered what every student of Canadian affairs has known for a long time: that multicultural Canada is in a deepening crisis that could end with the break-up of the Confederation. The basic issue is the demand by the French Canadians of Quebec Province to have greater control over their own affairs.

While much is being made of the U.S.A. military victory over Iraq, the current euphoria tends to mask, not only the finance economic crisis in the U.S.A., but the social and moral decline in a nation where the "melting pot" theory has been exploded by the reality of growing conflict between different cultural groups. The growing Hispanic minority is now openly conflicting with the Black minority. When the slack mayor of the nation's capital, with one of the highest murder rates in the world, is in prison found guilty of being involved in the drug trade, this indicates the depth of the problem.

As a result of the Gulf War, there has been an intensification of the programme for increasing the power and sanctions of the United Nations as a step towards a New World Order. The Socialists everywhere, in an unholy alliance with Big Finance, with the Trilateral Banking groups playing a major role, are increasingly active. It can be predicted with certainty that as the drive towards increasing centralisation increases, the greater will be the chaos and the greater the demands for the separate racial and cultural groups of the world to have greater, not less, control over their own affairs.

Margaret Thatcher's instincts were sound when she started to resist the final stages of that part of the New World Order programme, which seeks to force the nations of Western Europe to surrender their sovereignties to a centralised bureaucracy in Brussels. As events unfold, resistance to the United States of Europe concept is going to grow inside the United Kingdom. The greatest contribution the Australians can make towards encouraging this development in the United Kingdom is to fashion a national survival programme based upon the concept of the maximum of self-sufficiency. This means resistance to every policy that weakens the nation's economic, constitutional and political systems.

A world of order can only emerge from the present chaos when the nations of the world insist upon the applications of those principles that make harmonious relations between sovereign nations possible. The old British Commonwealth was moving in the right direction and Australia could give the lead in the regeneration of that world. The current chaos, with worse to come, should be seen, not as a reason for fear and despair, but as a challenge and opportunity.


While South Africa moves towards greater violence and more convulsions as the ideologues attempt to create a multiracial society, there has been little reporting on one of the most devastating developments in much of "liberated" Africa: an AIDS epidemic which has already killed up to one-third of the population in some areas. Medical authorities estimate that by the year 2015 there will be more than 70 million AIDS cases in the countries south of the Sahara. AIDS has already devastated Zambia.

As the dust settles following the Gulf War, some searching questions are being asked about Washington's diplomacy. It is increasingly being admitted that Washington policy makers "mis-read" Saddam Hussein's intentions concerning Kuwait. But what about the much publicised American intelligence? The village idiot theory has been developed to mask the fact that even after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, his bluff could have been called on the diplomatic front. He did offer withdrawal if a wider Middle East discussion took place, a major issue being Israel's repeated refusal to act on the U.N. direction that it withdraw from occupied Arab territories. President George Bush and his advisers refused bluntly to consider the Arab-Israeli situation, but in Bush's first major address following the end of the Gulf War, he raised the question of the Israeli's occupied territories. It remains to be seen if this is but an attempted sweetener to soften the upsurge of anti-Americanism throughout the Arab world. Israel is, of course, making it quite clear there is no intention of leaving the occupied territories. And they know that it is extremely unlikely that George Bush is going to challenge the powerful Zionist influence in the U.S.A.

Those who do not believe that important news is censored, will be interested to know that a distinguished investigative journalist in the United Kingdom, writes to inform us that if it had not been for a report in a League journal, he would not have known about the recent news concerning Rupert Murdoch's massive debt to the international bankers. Such is the Murdoch dominance in the U.K. that this news did not appear. Currently, the Murdoch press in the U.K. is conducting an all-out attack on the Royal family with the claim that after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Monarchy will disappear. Even though Murdoch owns or controls at least 70% of the media in Australia, it was The Age which reported on the Murdoch problems with the debt merchants. Treasurer Paul Keating has indicated that he does not believe the Murdoch media empire should be disturbed. No doubt he is considering the next elections!


Such are financial pressures on young families in N.S.W. that the mortgage on homes is causing a marked increase in abortion rates. A headline in the Sydney Morning Herald (7/3/91) read: "Grim choice: mortgage or baby". "Sydney's biggest provider of abortions has recorded a 31% increase in the number of terminations sought by married women so far this year. Ms. Sue King, executive officer of Sydney's biggest abortion provider, said there was a very strong perception that more married women are "terminating" because they cannot afford to lose their income. "They cannot afford to withdraw from the workforce... it would probably mean losing the roof over their heads…"

The article left a clear impression of the anguish of both mothers and fathers who appear for "pre-termination counseling", having to choose between another child that would stretch budgets already critically tight, or maintaining their mortgages. Even Shakespeare could not have envisaged Shylock taking his "pound of flesh" in such a literal or gruesome form.

Each Australian Member of Parliament who understands the mechanism for creating and distributing credit is as guilty as any banker who demands that figures in books are more important than an infant human life - born or unborn. If Australians, surrounded by the trappings of 'civilisation' in material form, can doubt that their country is living on borrowed time, attention need only be drawn to the ritual human sacrifice of their youngest citizens to an abstraction - money - whose function has been turned on its head. It is certainly the hallmark of a brutalised society. It would even be better to sell one's children into slavery to pay the debts, rather than agree to kill Australia's best and most valuable assets. And next year, we shall probably announce an increase in Asian immigration.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159