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Edmund Burke
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On Target

12 June 1992. Thought for the Week: "For the best part of the last two decades an unseen hand has been at work moulding the lives and outlook of countless Australians. Throughout our public school systems and beyond into traditional church groups and chaplaincies a subtle godless, new age infiltration has steadily insinuated itself. All over our nation thousands of cell groups have been formed as social agents to impose new age concepts through such guises as human relations courses, family counselling and community education. Under the auspices of the United Nations this subtle propaganda package has completely changed the outlook of a generation. Its influence has been profound and destructive."
From May issue of Link, official publication of The One Australia Movement


Not surprisingly, Zionist leaders like Mr. Isi Leibler have expressed satisfaction that elderly Polish born Ivan Polyukhovich has been ordered to stand trial for alleged wartime crimes. As we have said from the beginning of the campaign to have Second World War crime trials conducted in Australia, this was a manifestation of anti-Christian vengeance and such trials would be a national disgrace. It is absurd to talk about justice being possible half a century after the alleged crimes took place, not in Australia by Australians against fellow Australians, but by non-Australians in a foreign country.

It is an indisputable fact that the driving force behind the campaign for war-crime trials has been the Zionist movement. They were originally assisted by the Soviet K.G.B., who provided much of the "evidence" which led to an Israeli court finding Ukrainian born American citizen John Demjanjuk guilty of allegedly being responsible for the mass killing of Jews in Poland.

The late Armand Hamer, the Jewish international financier who played a key role in assisting the Soviet from the time of Lenin, personally brought to Israel from Moscow the vital documents used to convict Demjanjuk. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but from the beginning there was overwhelming evidence that Demjanjuk had been "framed" in both the U.S.A. and Israel.

The break up of the Soviet Empire provided irrefutable evidence confirming that John Demjanjuk could not have been "Ivan the Terrible". K.G.B. documents were shown to be false. But rather than admit their mistake, the Israeli prosecutors are at present attempting to say that Demjanjuk must be guilty of some crimes because he allegedly worked for the Germans. This is the Zionist conception of justice, a manifestation of Talmudic vengeance, which is manifesting itself in Canada where the first War Crime trial in a common law country took place.

Hungarian born Imre Finta was the first charged and approximately two years ago a jury quickly found him not guilty of the eight charges against him. Finta was defended by Canadian barrister Doug Christie who in his final address to the jury stressed that vengeance is not justice and that vengeance has a habit of returning to hit those who use it. Zionist reaction to the Finta decision was outrage and an insistence that the not guilty verdict be appealed. Eventually it was and the Appeal Court rejected the appeal for another trial. But the Zionists were still determined and the news has just come to hand that the Crown is appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada.

While the Zionists may well be satisfied that they are within reach of their objective of the first Australian War Crime trial, Polyukhovich's defence lawyers have reason to be satisfied that Magistrate Kelwyn Prescott found that the 75-year-old pensioner had only to answer two out of the eight charges brought against him. One of the dismissed charges was that Polyukhovich had participated in the mass killing of up to 850 Jews. If the case goes ahead, Polyukhovich will be tried for the murder of a Jewish woman and two unidentified boys.

The essence of the situation is that after the spending of an estimated $20 million, a Magistrate has ruled that the major charges do not warrant a committal for trial. This whole obscene affair should be halted immediately, before more millions of taxpayers' money are spent in financing a continuing Zionist vengeance programme in Australia.


While it is certainly true, as stated by the editor of the prestigious Burke's Peerage, that most of the allegations against Prince Charles and Princess Diana are without foundation and that a major reason for their publication is to boost the circulation sales of papers, such an explanation for the latest round of Royal bashing directs attention away from the deeper purpose of the campaign: to destroy the Monarchy as an institution.

It is not surprising that Rupert Murdoch's media has headed the latest attack; its long campaign against the Monarchy has been observed by political analysts like South African journalist Ivor Benson. Members of the Royal family are human beings like everyone else and it would be surprising if there were not strains and stresses inside the Prince Charles-Princess Diana marriage. But the gutter media merely seize upon what may or may not be true, or part true, and then use it to hound their unfortunate victims knowing that under present conditions, they are unable to defend themselves.

The present campaign clearly has Prince Charles as its major target. Irrespective of his standing as a husband, he is one of the most outstanding Princes of Wales in history, as witnessed by his thought provoking addresses on a wide variety of important subjects, ranging from architecture to literature and education. Sections of the media have persistently fostered the view that a man with such "eccentric" views is unfit to become king. Through all the furore created by Rupert Murdoch and those who think like him, it is now clearly emerging that the final battle between two forms of government is now under way. Greater activity from the Australian Republicans can be predicted.


Continuing disintegration throughout Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union, with the Czechoslovakian Federation now in deep crisis, provide further confirmation of Prince Charles' observation that people everywhere are seeking to go back to their roots, to live together with people of their own kind and culture. And the International Planners suffered a major setback when the people of little Denmark threw a major spanner into the Big Idea for a United States of Europe.

The Danish NO vote has sent shock waves right throughout Western Europe, with the supporters of Margaret Thatcher delighted. The overwhelming majority of the British now want a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty on the European Community's economic and political union. A poll taken after the Danish vote showed that 59 percent of British electors want the Maastricht Treaty re-negotiated. Only 16 percent want Parliament to ratify it as it stands. There is growing pressure on Prime Minister Major by his backbench. There is now a suggestion of a French Referendum, while there is growing disquiet in other Western European nations.

If Prime Minister Major is forced to re-negotiate the Maastricht Treaty, this will increase the growing ferment in Western Europe and further slow the International Planners' programme. The lesson for Australia in these and similar development throughout the world is to take every possible step to preserve its own national sovereignty. The Keating vision of Australia as part of Asia should be firmly rejected.


Revelations concerning the origins of the claims that John Demjanjuk, sentenced to death as a war criminal by an Israeli Court, have at last forced the Untied States Court of Appeals to re-open the extradition of Demjanjuk to Israel for trial. It is now admitted the extradition warrant which authorised Demjanjuk's removal to Israel in 1986 "was based on erroneous information". The new information from the archives of the former Soviet Union have been cited. With the collapse of the charges against Demjanjuk, Zionist prosecutors should be asked some searching questions about those eye witnesses from Israel who claimed to have identified Demjanjuk as "Ivan the Terrible".

The "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro, with the largest number of heads of States in history being present, has provided the setting for advancing an international programme which has little to do with genuine conservation, but which seeks to advance a policy for the further centralisation of all power on a global scale. One of the gurus of the current environmental movement, Dr. David Suzuki of Canada, has made the significant comment that environmentalism is a religion. What is emerging is a form of pantheism, which not only directly challenges Christianity, but also commonsense. In spite of the fact that eminent scientists point out that there is no scientific evidence to support the view that there is any significant increase in global warming, an international campaign of hysteria, which clearly has affected the Keating Government's representative at Rio, and has thrown a revealing light on how even large numbers of apparently sane people can be stampeded into believing almost anything. A recent poll of climate scientists revealed that the overwhelming majority doubted that human activities had been responsible for any global warming. 33 percent didn't know, while only 18 percent thought that some warming had occurred. Those who like to describe themselves as well educated compared with their superstitious forbears, demonstrate that they are capable of believing the most incredible nonsense. The age of myths is still with us.

The decision by the High Court concerning the inhabitants of Murray Island in the Torres Straits has been seized upon by those agitators, many of them white, who have made a profession out of advocating land rights for Australians of Aboriginal background. Claims that the end of white sovereignty is approaching is now in sight, are grossly exaggerated. But the High Court decision will provide further grist for the agitators' campaign to cause friction among all Australians.

The AIDS issue has been heavily politicised in an attempt to protect the homosexual lobby. But the reality keeps bursting through. A recent report prepared by the Macfarlane Burnet Centre in Melbourne reveals that homosexual and bi-sexual men make up 91 percent of Victorians with AIDS. And more men between 25 and 29 are contracting the disease. The evidence from all round the world reveals that AIDS is starting to reach epidemic proportions, with younger males the main victims. So much for "sexual liberation" and sex education.


from Herald-Sun, June 3rd
I wholeheartedly endorse the comments of D. Pierce of Geelong in his letter (Herald-Sun, May 27th) about the ABC programme Children of the Migrants. "The concept of multiculturalism is one of the most blatant falsehoods ever to be foisted on the Australian people. "When taken to its finite conclusion, the term means that Australia is to have no national identity; merely a conglomeration of races, each propagating its own culture, ideology and political point of view, which more often than not, is related to some historical ethnic dichotomy in the country of their birth. "It is almost beyond belief that the architects of this grand slam would be naive enough to suggest that Australia is capable, by some act of divine intervention, of stifling racial intolerance by calling itself a 'multicultural society'. "Even though this system has not succeeded anywhere else in the world, it is supposed to work in Australia! "One only has to look at the ethnic turmoils in Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Palestine, Armenia, or Russia to realise that when racial differences are so deeply ingrained into the very fabric of certain societies, no number of catchphrases will alter the fundamental truth: that the hate will never subside. "Now, as a result of political and social engineering, we are inviting into our own country all those events which used to make us grateful that we lived in Australia." (Anthony Bull, Caulfield)


from Herald-Sun, June 3rd
So Ros Kelly was caught out. Well, it was bound to happen. So often our politicians and their departments spout the unsubstantiated assertions of the deep green environmentalists without bothering to check the facts. "How often do we see factual, scientific back up to emotional 'environmental' statements published? "Would be educators of our children say elsewhere in the same pamphlet: 'Recycling paper means we cut down fewer trees...' Well, this is just not so. "After about five uses, recycled paper fibres deteriorate to such an extent that they are flushed away into the sewerage system, and they need to be replaced by fibre from trees once more. "So, without a great deal of imagination, it can be seen that recycling paper only delays the requirement for manufacturing fresh paper fibre, and the total amount which needs to be manufactured will be exactly the same as if no recycling were taking place. "In addition, some scientists I have queried on the recycling of paper have told me that the impurities which are flushed into our sewerage system through the recycling of paper are more contaminating than the impurities which result from the original manufacturing processes. (Oliver Raymond, Member, Forest Protection Society, Tyers, Vic.)


from Herald-Sun, June 3rd
There are fundamental factors of the Middle East conflict which must not be obscured by the wealth of comment which has followed Senator Evans recent statements in Israel. "The major obstacle to the peace process and the peace itself has been identified, not only by Senator Evans and the Australian Government but by the United States and by the nations of Europe and in fact by a major part of the population of Israel itself. That obstacle is the creation of Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories where 95% of the population is Palestinian. "Of course there are continuing provocations of extremist elements among Palestinians and there have been reprehensible actions by the P.L.O. and Arab states. None of this is a reason for the policy of the Israel Government in deliberately damaging the prospects for peace by settling in land, which is required by Palestinians for their homeland. As Dr. Hewson has said, Israel's security can be enhanced in ways other than permanent occupation of the territories. "The turmoil, the violence and the killing, in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem has centred around the salient fact that the Palestinians are deprived of their basic right to self-determination. "This is a right which many Israelis and Jews around the world have wanted to see granted through the process of negotiation. Israel needs recognition and security, the Palestinians need the firm prospect of controlling the land where they live. But if that land to be negotiated is steadily whittled away the prospect of successful negotiations becomes minimised." (Norman Rothfield, President, Australian Jewish Democratic Society)


from The Age (Melbourne), May 6th
Through your newspaper and through a number of politicians, current debate is concentrating on the practices of lawyers and particularly the Victorian Bar. There are many aspects of barristers' practice that warrant careful scrutiny. But the debate has tended to ignore one of the most important roles of the legal system and the lawyers who practise in it - to protect the citizen from the state. "Day in, day out, we read of politicians who pursue power for power's sake; who appoint friends, relatives or adversaries to lucrative office, who refuse to take responsibility for economic loss which they have caused; who seek to justify mindless bureaucratic decision making; who are secretive and in some cases actually corrupt. Politicians can support themselves with the powers and resources of the state.

"The adversary legal system, like nothing else, has proved itself capable of resisting the state and protecting the citizen. The courts have the powers and the means to get to the truth. Barristers have proved themselves to be an essential part of this system. The system, and particularly the Supreme Court, is patently short of money. "Politicians would do well to look closely at their own practices and standards. They might concentrate on the public good; on the pursuit of justice; on limiting the excesses of power. By so doing, they might set standards for many groups, not just the bar to follow, and give themselves greater credence in public debate. "The public should hope that the present debate does not reflect public consideration of whether enough money is spent on the courts or whether governments are wrongly attempting to fetter judicial independence. "The public should also hope that it continues to have access to highly trained specialist barristers able to help resist misuse of state power and to make politicians accountable for their actions. (Peter Hayes, Q.C., Melbourne, Vic.)

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