Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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19 June 1992. Thought for the Week: "To expand the individuality ... is the chief end of man, but growth in reality requires proper conditions, such as are almost unattainable in Occidental society, where visible activity alone is a measure of efficiency. This is evident from the common English idiom about 'doing nothing'. One of the most serious sources of human satisfaction today is the confounding of physical inactivity, with inaction. Unless we are to admit the need for 'doing nothing', we dethrone the human and make man no better than a beast of burden. Life becomes futile the moment we forget the end of existence, and permit activity for any other end, or even for its own sake. This is precisely what in ever increasing degree, the financial mechanism imposes on us. Life becomes an empty round of doing things which are meaningless."
Thomas Robertson in Human Ecology


With the introduction of racial vilification into the Victorian Parliament, this means that four States, N.S.W., Western Australia, as well as the A.C.T., have responded primarily to Jewish pressure to have this type of totalitarian legislation implemented. It is anticipated that the Queensland legislation will be promulgated before the end of the month. The Victorian Opposition, which has a majority in the Legislative Council, has warned that it would have to study the Labor Government's Bill before supporting it. Once all States have implemented this type of legislation, there will be intense pressure to have similar legislation passed Federally.

There are members of the Opposition, like Alexander Downer of South Australia, who have openly advocated the implementation of Federal legislation. Some criticism of the Victorian proposal has appeared in the media, with an excellent statement by Mr. Nigel Jackson. But this has produced an attempted rebuttal by the Victorian Attorney General, who along with others, engages in a type of Orwellian double-speak, claiming that there is threat of freedom of speech and that legitimate criticism and comments concerning racial issues will not be interfered with.

But the truth is that where this type of legislation has been implemented, particularly in Canada, there has been a constant harassment of anyone expressing a non-establishment view concerning race issues, immigration or history. The latest example from Canada is a charge laid against well-known journalist Doug Collins, by an African-Canadian group, which has written to the Attorney General of British Columbia, demanding that Collins be charged with "racism" because of a recent article on the riots in the U.S.A. and Toronto. Collins points out the obvious: that multiracial societies only result in friction. This friction is then exploited.

As in Canada and elsewhere, the Zionists have spearheaded the campaign to have anti-racial vilification legislation implemented. The Australian Jewish News of June 5th quotes the President of the Jewish Council of Victoria as saying, "We are delighted" about the proposed Victorian legislation. "The J.C.C.V. was involved in strong representation to Government over a considerable period supporting the enactment of anti-vilification legislation."

No further comment is necessary. But we urge all Victorian readers to protest to Opposition Members against supporting such blatantly totalitarian legislation in Victoria.


from David Thompson
The "Mother of all Junkets", the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, appears to have produced another costly international conference, and two more international 'treaties'. The long-term effect will include further psychological conditioning to solve problems (real or imagined) internationally, and another imperceptible move towards international controls. The Secretary General of "Earth Summit" was Maurice Strong, an avowed internationalist, world government advocate, and prominent member of the Club of Rome. Australia sent a delegation of 40 to Rio, which was criticised as excessive by Senator Bill O'Chee. Mrs. Kelly defended the delegation, as did Opposition spokesman on the environment, Fred Chaney. He noted that the Japanese are reputed to have sent 1,000 delegates!

Mrs. Kelly is lucky not to have done herself an injury in her hurry to sign the two new International conventions. The first is on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. There appears to have been no discussions on the quality of evidence for the thesis that man is causing global warming. This is regarded as an article of faith in the New Green Religion. The second convention is on the protection of endangered species. The League warned of this in 1989 in the booklet Greenhoax. While neither of these treaties are as far-reaching as the green extremists proposed, it is clear that they offer enormous opportunities for further centralised power in Australia.

Saving endangered species sounds inoffensive; it is one of the green "motherhood" issues. But the Federal Government can now argue that to give effect to this treaty, it must have total control over every square inch of land and water in Australia in order to protect endangered species. Species cannot be protected if their habitats cannot be controlled. A global environmental facility was also established, in order to fund environmental programmes. The West is expected to provide the funds. Mrs. Kelly agreed to this, and it is expected to cost Australia an initial $10 million. The Fund will be an arm of the World Bank, and will help finance subsidised technology, aid, debt relief, and "debt-for-nature-swaps" in the Third World. This provides the eventual form of proposals put to the Colorado 4th World Wilderness Conference by some of the world's most powerful bankers in 1987. While the greens might be scathing about Rio, the internationalists will be well satisfied.

Children were encouraged to take messages to Rio from other children around the world. The threat of "the bomb" of the 1960s and 70s is replaced by the threat of global environmental disaster. Constant fear and constant guilt in damaging Mother Earth must contribute to rising suicide rates. Children are the primary victims of the psychological warfare, and the first to submit to the New Green Religion. The Christian Church is silent, itself a victim of the green guilt, rather than carrying Christ's message of hope for another generation.

Green-hoax by David Thompson: $5 posted. The Greenhouse Trap by John Daly: $18 posted. From all League Book Services.


There was a time when the influence of the Christian value system ensured that men generally took it for granted to respect and, when necessary, to protect women. But the equality dogma, women's "liberation" and an erosion of the traditional value system, have created a social climate in which women are the most victimised by a rising tide of violence. Not surprisingly organisations have been emerging offering women courses in all kinds of self-defence. In some States in the U.S.A. women are encouraged to join pistol clubs. Rape assaults decrease where such clubs operate. In Australia, guns are "out". But there are other self-defence programmes offering. In an invitation from one of these organisations, we are told: "With violence in society becoming more prevalent by the day we feel it is increasingly necessary for people to learn to look after themselves. As women bear the brunt of a great deal of this violence it is particularly vital for them to learn effective Defence. In the short term these Self Defence skills are their only answer" (emphasis in original). But what about the "long-term"? Western Civilisation is disintegrating because it has been torn from the roots, which once nourished it, with the individual forced into an economic environment fuelled by the will-to-power. The will-to-power is masked by exhortations for everyone to become more "efficient" and "competitive". "Education" seeks to condition the young to become technical barbarians in order to survive in an economic jungle.

A recent press report states that the Commonwealth Bank had given the N.S.W. Labor Party five years to reduce a $9.1 million debt. Details of a package deal was outlined at the recent N.S.W. State Labor Conference, where Federal A.L.P. President Stephen Loosley stepped down. He had been widely criticised in the A.L.P. for the debt situation. The fact that the Labor Party, both at the Federal and State levels, has increasingly become dependent upon the banking system to finance its activities, will explain why the Labor Party declines to criticise the debt system.

As the Zionist lobby desperately seeks to keep the War Crimes trials alive in Australia and Canada, and seeks to ensure that John Demjanjuk is not freed by the Israelis now that the charges against him have collapsed completely, it is appropriate to recall one of the best publicised events of the Second World War: the mass killing of 14,000 elitist Polish officers, allegedly by the Germans. The infamous Katyn Forest massacre was widely publicised as an example of German war crimes and stressed by the Soviet at the Nuremberg Trials. But the Germans had denied being involved and Red Cross and representatives from neutral countries were invited by the Germans to examine the mass graves, charging that all the evidence indicated that it was the Soviet which had been responsible for the mass killing. Prominent Poles denied the Soviet claims and a growing number of investigators after the war came to the conclusion that the Soviet had been guilty. But in 1946-47 Germans were executed for being allegedly responsible for the murder of the Polish officers, the cream of the Polish Army. But the doubts about the affair grew and in April 1991 Gorbachev officially apologised to Poland and admitted that the K.G.B. was responsible for the killing of the 14,000 Poles. The man who actually organised the mass killing of the Poles, on orders from Stalin's Government, is now 89 and lives in Moscow. There is no suggestion by the Zionist lobby that this man should be charged with a major War Crime.


We must admit that we, ourselves, did not fully grasp the role that the computer is currently playing in what is known as Information Technology. We particularly refer supporters to the world shaking political coup in Moscow during August 1991. The Communist society is (was!) a pyramidally structured one: the most strict control of information was concentrated at the apex of the pyramid. Nothing "came down" to the base of the pyramid, by way of information, that was unintended. The computer changed all that - a new communications network had come into existence: viz, personal computers, faxes, and telephones. The Russian people were instantly informed of the coup, and the coup was aborted. Probably new computer technology destroyed Communism or, more accurately, allowed it to be destroyed.


This title headed an article on compulsory voting in The Australian (June 10th), by Nick Minchin, State Director of the South Australian Liberal Party. Some of the points raised in the article are very good; we select what we consider are the more important of these:

"Australia is one of only five democracies in the world that people to vote in national elections. "In all other democracies, the right to vote entails the right not to vote. "The great majority of voters do in fact choose to vote - the average voter turnout in countries with voluntary voting is about 76%. "It makes no sense at all to force uninterested voters to the polls to express an opinion on things they simply do not care about. "One of the oft remarked 'illnesses' of Australian politics is the extent to which both main parties take most electorates for granted and concentrate their activities almost exclusively on the marginal electorates. "Most Australians would be unaware that we lost our right to vote in the most peculiar circumstances. In 1924, a federal backbencher introduced a bill to establish compulsory voting. In neither House of Parliament did any government party leaders speak and in both the Bill went through all stages in a day. "Compulsory voting has survived because both major parties have found life much easier with it. Both Liberal and Labor have found it comfortable to have the law force people to vote rather than having to get busy themselves to persuade people to vote. "The federal Liberal Party organisation believes we should respect the right of the people to choose whether or not they vote."

Our comment: The Australian League of Rights is opposed to compulsory voting in elections. We are in basic agreement with the views given (above) by Mr. Nick Minchin.

P.M. Keating's Grovelling to Asia Dangerous

At last we can bring to the attention of supporters this fine editorial from Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Qld., of May 7th:

"Those millions who watched Australian Prime Minister Mr. Keating's antics on a recent visit to Indonesia saw him virtually turn the act of groveling into a pure art form. It was far superior to some of his predecessors' alleged groveling to the British. "But his actions would certainly not have won him the respect of the Asians. The best way Australia can earn that respect is to demonstrate that it has no intention of turning its back on its European heritage.

"And just as importantly it must get its own economic house in order. To be able to trade with Asian nations in a sensible way, Australia must free itself from a seemingly mad desire to achieve massive export drives. "Witness a sudden decline in the Japanese economy. The Japanese have long tried to make their internal economy dependent on exports.

"Being the only European in the Asian region, Australia is in a unique position. It can become a beacon to those Asian neighbours provided it seeks its own destiny. "Instead, at present, we have Mr. Keating ready to grovel apparently in order to gain access to the economic mess of pottage which he believes Asia can offer.

"Why should Australia act as if its future depended on Asia? If the whole of Asia sank below the waves tomorrow, Australia could easily survive the splash. "Surely, it is imperative that Australia should adopt a reasonable approach to what is happening around the globe, notably in Asia. It should also set out to establish and retain positive links with Asian nations. "But groveling, and 'lick spitting' in the Keating fashion, will not endear Australia to the Asians. Nor will such actions enhance Australia's image or relations with the rest of the world.

"It all comes back to old fashioned nationalism. If our political leaders put Australia's interests first, even our enemies would respect us. They might not agree with the stance taken but they would sure take stock. "How many of Mr. Keating's colleagues were shocked by his Indonesian performance? Kalgoorlie's Mr. Graham Campbell was definitely one. He accused his leader of 'hollow nationalism' and 'cringing before Asian opinions in order to curry favour with a fashionable elite in Australia'. "Just who and how powerful is that elite?

It is high time Mr. Keating brought himself down to Earth to consult the Australian people about these seemingly ambitious plans, which are doing little to enhance this nation's image and respect among the world community. "Upsetting old friends to curry favour with potentially new ones is treading on dangerous ground. Not even 'lick spitters' are safe."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159