Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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18 December 1992. Thought for the Week: "... I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly"
John 10:10


One of the features of a dying civilisation is that the overwhelming majority don't even know that it is dying. In his recent address to the Melbourne Conservative Club, Mr. Eric Butler said that all that was left of a Western civilisation once termed Christian was an empty shell. The great Gothic Cathedrals, which dotted Western Europe, a manifestation of the Christian faith of the medieval period, now had to rely on paying tourists for their upkeep.

Every civilisation is the incarnation of an undergirding religion; Western civilisation was the partial incarnation of the Christian religion. It reached its high water mark before the First World War. It has been in decline ever since because of the progressive undermining of the Christian Faith. We now live in the post Christian era, dominated by anti-Christian financial and other policies. It is essential that this truth be faced if there is to be a regeneration. It is only when a seed falls to the ground and dies that there is new life.

The Christian revelation is not affected in any way by what has been happening. The Kingdom of God remains within every individual, waiting to be found. Today's spiritual descendants of the Pharisees still seek to lock people out from discovering the Kingdom. Those who would seek to follow Christ and His message must deepen their Faith at this most horrendous time in the human drama. The Christmas Season is a most appropriate time to ponder on these and associated matters. We wish all our readers, and their families, a Happy and Holy Christmas, one for the refreshing of the spirit and preparation for the programme of regeneration which now welcomes the faithful.


While all supporters of the institution of Christian Monarchy will be saddened by the breakdown in the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales, it is essential at this critical time not to lose sight of the fact that, as Canon Arthur Fellows said in proposing the loyal toast at this year's annual New Times Dinner, "the Crown is bigger than its occupants".

It is not for us to speculate on what went wrong in a marriage, which powerful forces sought to destroy as part of a long-term programme against the institution of constitutional Monarchy. But we find it nauseating that sections of the mass media have seized upon the type of human tragedy which, regretfully, affects so many marriages today, to continue running a scurrilous and Pharisaical campaign against the man they want to destroy - Prince Charles.

In his recent address in France, once again the Prince has dared to speak out on a most fundamental issue, the importance of preserving the traditional culture of a French peasantry threatened by the world planners. Understandably, the Eurocrats and their various dupes have protested that once again the Prince has spoken out on a major issue, which suggests that he has directly entered the political field at a time when the French peasants are fighting for their lives. It is not surprising that overnight the Prince has become the hero of sections of the most conservative of the French nation, that section which voted NON at the recent French referendum on the Common Market programme.

As we see it at the moment, the good news is that reports in sections of the Sunday press indicate that Prince Charles is not about to surrender. In what are described as "a remarkable series of phone calls to friends, and even a number of acquaintances in politics in Britain, the Prince has promised to devote his life to royal duties with the sole aim of taking over from the Queen. He also pledged never to remarry to avoid constitutional hurdles that might stand in the way of his ascension to the throne". The Prince appears to be throwing down the gauntlet to his opponents. He could yet emerge as a major factor in the drama, which is not only gripping Western Europe, but the whole of the world.


Many years of operating at the grassroots of politics has equipped the League with a large body of experienced and political contacts, both in Australia and overseas. From time to time the League feels a responsibility to offer the readers of our journals the benefit of such experience in warning of deceptive developments. A number of supporters have confided that they have been approached on the telephone for substantial funds in a manner that leaves little opportunity for refusal. It appears that the Citizens' Electoral Council of Australia, having established an office in Melbourne, have now embarked upon a high-pressure fundraising programme via telephone. Our advice has been sought. The League does not propose to dictate which movement; cause or individual is worthy of support. We function on the basis of a service movement, seeking to assist the individual who wishes to take part in constructive political action to preserve and improve the free society. Those who agree with our programme are welcome to support it.


Experience of some North American groups is much different. Soliciting funds over the phone has been developed into a highly sophisticated art in the U.S. over many years. The recipient of such calls is flattered that he is an integral part of the "freedom movement", and that he would agree that the nation is in dreadful shape. He would surely agree that drastic steps need to be taken, which the caller's group proposes. The caller is certain that he can count on the loyal support of the recipient, and asks for a large sum of money to be pledged, perhaps by giving a bankcard number over the phone. If people who receive such calls decline to donate, they are made to feel that they are 'letting the side down', but could perhaps be persuaded to give a lesser amount. A complete refusal often prompts the response that the caller must have been misinformed: you are not really a patriot at all, but perhaps a traitor!


In our experience, groups using such tactics do not exist to serve the individual. They usually serve an agenda that is never immediately clear. We advise great caution. No one should be made to feel guilty if they decline to immediately pledge funds "for the cause"; such snap decisions are often bitterly regretted. Initially the League provided tacit support for establishing the Citizens Electoral Councils, believing they offered a mechanism for advancing citizens initiated referenda. The C.E.C. movement has changed completely, and we are now no longer sure that initiative and referenda is still even a policy of this group. If the C.E.C. is using the high pressure fundraising techniques of some North American groups, we issue a strong warning of caution to our readers. We now hold the gravest reservations about both the methods and motivation of this group.


The address by the Prime Minister, Mr. Keating, last week marked Australia's commitment to the 1993 International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples. It also marked another chapter in Mr. Keating's attempts to re-write Australian history in the image of international power politics, reminiscent of his attempt to denigrate British heritage, and force reluctant Australians into "Asia".

Keating is reported as having officially confessed (on our behalf, no doubt) to the ex-appropriation of Aboriginal land, destruction of their culture, introduction of disease and alcohol, the murder of innocent blacks by white settlers, the seizure of children, and a couple of centuries of discrimination, deprivation and poverty.
It is only surprising that he omitted to mention the condescending role of white missionaries in forcing an alien religion upon reluctant tribesmen.

The truth is rather different, and the stage is being set for a new propaganda thrust, in which white Australian guilt over treatment of the noble savage is to be used as a lever to make far reaching concessions to an imaginary Aboriginal 'freedom' movement. It is significant that much of this movement consists of white liberal idealists, rather than Aborigines, or even part-Aborigines.

The full-blooded Aboriginal pastor from W.A., Rev. Cedric Jacobs, would not agree with Mr. Keating at all. Rev. Jacobs stresses that the Europeans brought Christianity to a pagan, even cannibalistic society, and offered material security eagerly sought after by the Aborigine. He also firmly rejects the proposition that guilt for real or imaginary treatment of Aborigines 200 years ago should be laid at the feet of a generation already driven by financial, cultural and hereditary doubts.

It was Geoff McDonald, the former communist author of "Red Over Black", who made the observation that the only Aboriginal communities not driven by drink and domestic violence were those under the influence of the Christian missionary. The Keating address can only provide further comfort for those proposing international condemnation of Australia in forums such as the U.N. Perhaps by the turn of the century; the UN may debate the necessity for sending "peacekeeping" forces to Australia to defend the rights of the Aborigine! Unless we capitulate first.


Writing in the Melbourne Age of last Saturday, December 12th, Zionist leader Isi Leibler argues that British historian David Irving must not be allowed to lecture in Australia in order to protect freedom in Australia!


from The Australian, December 9th
When discussing the question of whether Australian women should be used as an instrument of feminist social experimentation by serving alongside men in combat, the recent experience of American mixed combat units should not be ignored. "Allegations have been made of at least 31 sex crimes against women by United States troops during the Gulf War, according to the Army Times.

"America's two women P.O.W's., who initially said they had been treated the same as men, later admitted they had been sexually assaulted. "Two-thirds of troops who served in mixed-sex units during the Gulf War said men and women were having sex and more than half said it hurt morale. In a highly publicised incident, about two dozen Navy women ran a sexual gauntlet of drunken Navy pilots at a Pilots' Convention. "Images of tearful soldier mothers saying goodbye to their two-month-old breast-feeding babies are seared into the memory of many Americans.

"For generations young men were trained to be gentlemen. They were told that they had an obligation to protect women and families. Now, men are being asked to ignore their most noble duty and regard a woman solider as just one of the boys. "The result has been disastrous and another step in the coarsening of relations between the sexes. In America it has led to the destruction of military families and more - not less - abuse of women.

"Men and women have different needs and strengths. A nation that deliberately places women - including nursing mothers - in the line of fire is not taking a step up. It is taking a step down into barbarism". (Richard Dent, Mansfield, Qld.)

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