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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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15 January 1993. Thought for the Week: "In dealing with the State, we ought to remember that its constitutions are not aboriginal: that they are not superior to the citizen. This is the history of governments - one man does something, which is to bind another. A man who cannot be acquainted with me taxes me; looking at afar at me, ordains that part of my labour shall go to this or that whimsical end, not as I, but as he happens to fancy. Behold the consequence: Of all debts men are least willing to pay taxes. What a satire is this on government! Hence the less government we have the better, the fewer laws, and the less confided power."
Emerson, the famous American writer


by Eric D. Butler
The start of a New Year has in the past often-witnessed expressions of optimism by economists and politicians. But it is now starting to dawn on a growing number that, despite the hype about the Western European Common Market, the world generally is becoming more turbulent. The long awaited economic recovery is still not in sight. Occasionally a headline suggests that perhaps the American economy was about to "kick start" an international economic recovery, only to be dashed by the news that some of the biggest employers of labour in the USA, such as the car manufacturers, were laying off tens of thousands, with American unemployment levels remaining high.
Some of the economic experts have clung to the belief that a revived Western European economy, headed by a resurgence in Germany, was imminent. But, alas, the German economy is in a deepening depression, while the French and British economies also remain stubbornly depressed.

The wishful thinkers, including the so called representatives of the Australian farmers, produced a glowing picture of the massive revival of international trade when the French at long last embraced the newly negotiated round on General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs. But a desperate French Government, threatened by a rural community, which objects to being sacrificed on the altar of Free Trade, still resists the GATT proposals.

The debt financial system is driving nations right around the world to attempt to solve their internal problems by coalescing together into bigger trading blocs. But even while the European Common Market is being hailed as a great success story, the internal friction concerning monetary policies grows worse. There is also friction concerning what are to be the official languages of the Common Market bureaucracy in Brussels. German farmers are not taking kindly to filling in bureaucratic forms in either French or English in order to obtain their quotas for certain crops they wish to plant. Such is the madness of central planning in the proposed United States of Europe, doomed to disintegrate.

Some of the wishful thinkers cling to the hope that perhaps a Japanese economic upsurge will pave the way for the long awaited economic recovery. But the Japanese situation matches that of all other industrialised nations. The debt problem is astronomic with a mounting public hostility against the banks. The Japanese situation is overlaid with a level of political corruption, which is far greater than political corruption in Western nations.

In the absence of some dramatic attack on the debt issue in a major nation, Australians must face the fact that irrespective of who wins the coming Federal elections, they are faced with a turbulent year ahead while they are locked into the internationalist dogma. It is an appropriate time to recall what Federal Treasurer Paul Keating said in December 1983, when he was internationalising the Australian financial system. Concerning the floating of the Australian dollar, Keating said, "The float is the decision where Australia truly made its debut into the world and said, 'O.K., we're now an international citizen.'"

The major result of becoming "international citizens" is that the standard and quality of life in Australia has been progressively reduced. Instead of allowing itself to be sucked further into the deadly programme of internationalisation, Australia should make use of the time left for independent action and opt for an Australia First policy. Little Switzerland has set an example by consistently resisting the lure of internationalism. The latest example of resistance, unpublicised by the Australian media, was on Sunday, December 6th, when at a national referendum the Swiss voted against a proposal that they become part of an economic bloc with Austria and Scandinavia.

Australia's future as an independent nation requires that enough Australians demand a genuine say about all policies concerning national sovereignty. At the coming Federal elections all candidates must be required give a written statement on the question of whether Australians, like the Swiss, should have the constitutional right to veto unwanted policies.


The Sydney edition of The Australian Jewish News of December 25th, reports that Australian Democrats in the Senate have joined the move to prevent well-known British historian David Irving from visiting Australia in March. Senator Michael Duffy, Federal Justice Minister, told the Senate that Irving had applied for a visa and that the application would be considered in January. Tate told the Senate that Irving had applied for the visa in London and that the Immigration Minister, Mr. Gerry Hand, would consider whether Irving "is likely to become involved in activities disruptive to the Australian community or a group within the Australian community" or whether he is "of good character". Labor Member Clyde Holding is also reported as having asked Mr. Hand to deny Irving a visa.

The sheer arrogance of Zionist leader Isi Leibler is breathtaking. Irving has made two previous visits to Australia and was not involved in any violation of Australian laws. He is, even by most of his critics, regarded as the most outstanding authority in the world on documents concerning the Hitler era. Anyone who has taken the trouble to read one of Irving's major works, Hitler's War, knows how absurd is the allegation that Irving is pro-Hitler or pro-Nazi. Irving presents Hitler as he was, a totalitarian willing to order the killing of people, including former Nazi colleagues.

Irving's representatives in Australia have made available the text of a letter of January 6th faxed to The Australian Jewish News and also forwarded to Minister for Immigration Gerry Hand, observing that his opponents "resorting to downright lies". Irving's letter to The Australian Jewish News reads as follows:

"Dear Sirs, "The Australian Jewish News, reporting attempts to have me banned from Australia... because your professors are evidently unable to face me in free and democratic debate... states (Dec. 25th) that I 'sneaked into Canada' and gave several lectures where 'denying the Holocaust really happened'; that I am 'banned from Germany which convicted (me) of spreading hate and Holocaust denial', and subject to an 'open arrest' warrant in Austria and am likely to 'breach (Australian) state anti-racist laws'; moreover that I 'incite the gullible to racist violence' and 'have a contempt for anti-racism and immigration laws'. You add that I am not allowed into Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria and South Africa.

"May I offer some minor corrections in your columns? I entered Canada lawfully on October 26th, with a proper entry stamp in my passport; I did not discuss the 'holocaust' in any lectures there... I will be happy to provide transcripts to you... my topic was, ironically, Freedom of Speech. As for the other countries, I shall be in Germany on January 12th, Austria on January 18th, and South Africa on January 20th. There is no ban on my entry to Italy. I challenge you to produce one instance when I ever incited anybody to violence, or to produce the alleged record of contempt for anti-racism and immigration laws. "If there is a campaign of lies and hatred, prithy remove the mote from thine own eye!…"

In his letter to Mr. Gerry Hand, David Irving says, "I see my opponents have ceased trumpeting that I am also persona non grata in the USA," observing that he was sending his fax from Florida, USA, where he has been based for some time engaged primarily, we understand, in writing. The current campaign against Irving was triggered by the worldwide publicity he received concerning the Goebbels Diaries, with even the Murdoch press being forced to use Irving as a generally recognised authority on Goebbels' peculiar type of handwriting.

But Irving's major "crime" is the fact that he has decided after exhaustively examining all the evidence, that the story of the gassing of millions of Jews at Auschwitz, Poland, is a gigantic hoax. Immigration Minister Hand has demonstrated on the refugee issue that he is a man of courage and integrity. We trust that he will receive a flood of letters on the Irving issue, stressing that as David Irving has broken no Australian laws, to deny a visa to him would be a violation of the rights of a reputable and internationally acclaimed historian and an insult to the Australian people. Well might Mr. Hand be asked, "Why should Mr. Leibler have the right to say which type of historian can visit Australia"?


Mainstream British historian Dr. John Charnley has in his recently published work, Churchill: the End of Glory, caused a major storm by charging that Churchill was so "obsessed" by Hitler that he failed to use traditional British diplomacy to seize the opportunity of driving a wedge between Hitler and the German people. David Irving was abused when in his work Churchill's War he documented how British interests would have been best served by reaching a peace agreement with Germany and then proceeding to build up British military and economic strength. Commenting on the Charnley book, The Times, London, makes the significant comment that "By 1941, in case, Britain had become too dependent on the US financially to make a brisk withdrawal from action". The reality is that Churchill had become a captive of an international force primarily concerned about the elimination of the British world as a force in international affairs.

The New Zealand Government has shown the good sense to abandon the proposal for War Crime Trials in New Zealand. Presumably the Zionist lobby is not as powerful in New Zealand as in Australia.

Prime Minister Paul Keating' s decision to change the wording of the Oath of Allegiance, with the elimination of any reference to Her Majesty the Queen, must be seen as yet another part of his "chipping away" strategy to undermine the Australian Constitution. As usual, the Australian people were not consulted. But they can demand a say during the coming Federal elections.


The dangerous Racial Discrimination Legislation Bill was tabled in the House of Representatives just prior to Christmas. In introducing the Bill, Federal Attorney General Michael Duffy said that it was "aimed at the extreme racist propaganda of neo-Nazi organisations and groups like the Ku Klux Klan". Mr. Duffy provided no evidence that any such organisations - if they exist - provided any threats, which could not be dealt with under existing criminal legislation.

The Attorney General has been influenced by the shoddy report produced by Irene Moss and her fellow bureaucrats of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. This report contained some absurd comments about the Australian League of Rights. It is interesting that the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission is to hear any complaints of racial vilification. And who is to administer this legislation? None other than Race Discrimination Commissioner, Irene Moss, who is on record as having said that those who administered the legislation would have to carefully consider freedom of speech! The legislation is designed to erode freedom of speech.

The multicultural lobby can use this totalitarian legislation to poison community relations in Australia, and this in turn be exploited to justify their expanding operations. During the period that the proposed legislation will lie in the Federal Parliament, members of the public and interested groups are invited to make submissions. We have no doubt that there will be a flood of protests and critical submissions.

An advertisement in the daily press states that all comments should be sent to Mr. Thami Nqayi, Principal Counsel, Human Rights Branch, Attorney General's Department, Robert Garran Offices, Barton, ACT, 2600. Needless to say, the League of Rights will be presenting a submission.

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