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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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30 April 1993. Thought for the Week: "Democracy is frequently and falsely defined as the rule of the majority - a definition quite sufficient to account for the unpopularity with many persons whose opinion is not unworthy of consideration. As so defined, it is a mere trap, set by knaves to catch simpletons; the rule of the majority never has existed and, fortunately, never will exist. If such a thing were possible, it would be the ultimate Terror, beside which the worst individual despot would seem a kindly patriarch. It is under cover of this definition, however, that unscrupulous men in every country are enabled to consequences which anti-social intriguing would bring upon them, by working up a spurious, because uninformed, public opinion, which is the greatest barrier to effective and rapid progress known to the hidden hands of finance and politics. Real democracy is something different, and is the expression of the policy of the majority …."
C.H. Douglas, Credit Power and Democracy


Paul Keating's behaviour since winning the Federal elections by a handful of votes, thanks to the follies of the Hewson Liberals, is a striking confirmation of Lord Acton's famous dictum that all power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Demonstrating his domination of his new Cabinet, Keating's first major decision was to allow the Canadian media baron, Mr. Conrad Black, to acquire 25 percent of the John Fairfax newspaper group. This Keating decision was imposed in spite of opposition from the ACTU, the ALP Federal President Mr. Barry Jones, and significant sections of the Labor caucus.
The increase in the Conrad Black holdings in the Australian media is another major step towards centralised control of the Australian print media.

No doubt Prime Minister Keating feels that his decision will help to ensure that he continues to receive increasingly favourable support from papers like The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. The Age is prominent in its support for the Keating Republic programme. But while Paul Keating expresses confidence that an Australian Republic will be established "sooner rather than later", his attempt to exploit Anzac Day to advance his programme has resulted in the type of backlash which will gather momentum as increasing numbers of Australians come to understand the far-reaching revolutionary implications of what the Prime Minister has in mind. A major feature of his hidden agenda is the abolition of the States.

Anzac Day is the nearest annual event of a semi-sacred nature in Australia, and Paul Keating has outraged large numbers of Australians by attempting to claim, that Australian prisoners-of-war in Asia would be seen in the future as the pioneers of Australia's growing economic links with Asia. There was the usual anti-British bias with the suggestion that Australians who worked on the infamous Burma railway were the victims of the British neglect in Asia.

RSL Federal President, Brigadier Alf Garland, made the telling comment that the same Paul Keating who claimed that Australia had been subservient to the United Kingdom was prepared to bend over backwards "to make ourselves subservient to Asia because we trade with them". While critical of Britain, Keating said nothing about the Japanese atrocities inflicted on Australian prisoners-of-war. Brigadier Garland went on to say, "... every time the RSL says we should make the Japanese understand that they were the perpetrators of those crimes, the Government claims we are setting Australia back. If we were truly independent we should not be afraid to criticise them."

If Australia wishes to be respected by Asian nations, it should not be apologising for the type of false history promoted by Paul Keating. It should be made clear to Asian peoples that Australians are proud of their heritage of constitutional government and the system of law with its roots in the United Kingdom. And as many Australians as possible should write to Her Majesty the Queen of Australia, pointing out that Paul Keating does not speak for the Australian people. We trust that Paul Keating noticed the huge attendances at this year's Anzac services and the sea of Australian flags, waved generally by young Australians. We confidently predict that Paul Keating's will-to-power and his arrogance will eventually prove his undoing.


by David Thompson
Within the next four months the Prime Minister will be forwarding the name of the person he chooses to become the next Governor General of Australia. As Sir David Smith, private secretary to the last five Governors General, points out, this provides an interesting challenge for the insufferable Keating. Will he attempt to further degrade the office, by choosing a person with 'republican' sympathies? Perhaps even a humanist, feminist, single parent divorcee who rejects many aspects of the traditional role?

It should be pointed out that a number of the Premiers have quite deliberately chosen State Governors in an attempt to demean the office of Governor. We recall South Australian Premier Donald Dunstan's choice of Sir Douglas Nicholls, an Aborigine. An honourable and most decent man, Nicholls clearly found the office of Governor to be a challenge to his capabilities, and in his admirable attempt to do the office justice, was constantly and subtly undermined by Dunstan and others and made a figure of fun.


As Sir David Smith notes, Keating's selection of the next Governor General offers Australians a chance to see how the republican process might work, if a "President" is to be selected. Will the Prime Minister submit his choice for Governor General to each House of Parliament, for a two-thirds majority to approve him/her? Would he be content to submit the next vice-regal appointment chosen by the Commonwealth Parliament to the Queen? Or will he perhaps attempt to prevail upon Bill Hayden to serve for another term?

While the more crass republican sympathisers like Phillip Adams gleefully claim victory for their cause on the basis of a few (possibly shonky) opinion polls, no clear alternative to Monarchy has yet been proposed. The clearest proposals come from republican banker Malcolm Turnbull, and constitutional lecturer Professor Winterton. They broadly claim that all that is necessary for transition from Crown to republic is to change the names of the title of Head of State from "Queen & Governor General" to "President" in the Constitution. This is essentially dishonest, in that neither explain that one of the main republican targets are the Reserve Powers, which give a Governor General or Monarch opportunities to modify the excesses of a Prime Minister.

The republicans don't necessarily want a republic, but the likes of Turnbull, Keating, Wran, etc., want the Reserve Powers scrapped because they are a clear barrier to the centralisation of power.


It cannot have escaped the notice of Keating, etc., that the President of Pakistan, Mr. Ishan Khan, does have some reserve powers at his disposal. Last week Khan sacked the Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and appointed a caretaker P.M. Khan cited mal-administration, corruption and fraud, adding that the Prime Minister "subverted the Constitution, behaved like a King, trampled upon provincial rights", and led the country toward economic collapse. No wonder Mr. Keating would like to get rid of those reserve powers!

Irrespective of the merits of the Pakistani case, the Constitution gives the Pakistani President authority to dismiss any government, and the power to appoint the military chief of staff. The latter is also most important. The Queen is Constitutionally the Supreme Commander of the Australian armed forces, and as such, can exercise final authority. As C. H. Douglas points out in "The Tragedy of Human Effort", physical force is the last sanction in the physical world. When the military forces of the world are spent, the last squadron of bombers will carry the day, and the problem of sanctions is to obtain control of that last squadron. It is clear that the "republicans" want to wrest that control from the Crown.


We are very pleased to be able to announce that due to a late surge of donations, the League's financial lifeline, the Basic Fund, has reached the target of $60,000. The National Director, Mr. David Thompson, thanks those who have contributed, which has often been something of a sacrifice, considering their economic circumstances.

As is usual, rural supporters were substantial contributors, which is a healthy indicator of the instincts of rural people, considering that in comparison they are suffering more than most other sections of the community. The re-election of Keating's ALP administration moves Australia into a new political situation, in which the Opposition is practically mute. The role of the League becomes even more significant, especially as Keating is emboldened to boast that the republic could arrive as early as 1996.

We note that late contributions to the Fund are still coming in. These, and any further contributions will go towards the League's strengthening defence of the traditional Monarchy. We note that there are a significant number of supporters who have not contributed this year, and close the Fund with the observation that the fire that destroyed valuable videotape masters has added a significant financial strain. In the depths of the present recession, we rate the filling of the 1992/93 Basic Fund as an outstanding success.


In a brief report headed "Mum blames legal system for stabbing", another journalistic 'poison dart' is flung at the League. The report covers the unfortunate case of "Jim" Hall, who abandoned his medication and in a schizophrenic state, stabbed a resident and assaulted a nurse at a psychiatric crisis house in Sydney. It appeared on 19/4/93. It is alleged in the report that "Jim began reading Nazi literature, joined the League of Rights, and, in combat gear, went to Collingwood's Laird Hotel on July 18, 1992, convinced he was a clone of Adolf Hitler". The report then recounted another stabbing incident, apparently at the hotel. The League has protested strongly to the Editor of the Herald-Sun (Melbourne), pointing out that in the common sloppy journalist fashion, no enquiries of any kind were made of the League. Mr. Hall is not known to the League of Rights, has certainly not "joined" the League, and his name does not appear on any League subscription lists. We have lodged strong objections to the Editor that the League may in some way be construed as being responsible for Mr. Hall's condition or his actions. No acknowledgement of this has yet appeared in the Herald-Sun.


Only days after David Irving had been refused entry to Australia, a tiny item appeared in The West Australian to the effect that the official death toll at the Auschwitz concentration camp had been more than halved. The official number of deaths was reduced from 4 million to 1.1 million, "with further reductions likely". Last week a report appeared in another WA newspaper noting the incongruity of a special Sunday service to commemorate the six million Jews killed by the Nazis, adding: "You don't have to be a member of the League of Rights to realise that something very strange is happening here. Yet anyone in the last 50 years who has queried the six million figure has been scorned, derided and branded neo-Nazi and anti-Semite.."

This report goes on to draw attention to a remarkable video, produced by a (Jewish) American, David Cole, who went to Europe last year, and claims to have videoed the Director of Auschwitz Museum, Dr. Franciszek Piper admitting that the camp's gas chambers were a reconstruction. The Cole video has been professionally produced, and is circulating in the United States. It has been shown on cable TV, three times in Texas, and is shortly scheduled to be shown on a Manhattan channel in New York. There are a number of copies circulating in Australia, and in view of the Irving drama, the response has been electric from all those who have seen it.

The League has a small number of the Cole video available for those who wish to see for themselves an extraordinary research coup to which the Zionists appear to have no answer. So far, they have ignored it, except for frantic efforts behind the scenes to galvanise Dr. Piper into insisting that he made no such admission. See the video; judge for yourself. Enquiries should be made to GPO Box 1052J, Melbourne, 3001, and we stress that only a few copies are available.


from The Australian, 16/4
The somewhat farcical demonstrations at Nurrungar over the Easter weekend need to be seen in context. They were not an expression of opposition to the base, but like the anti-AIDEX demos of a couple of years ago, were a recruiting and training exercise for the peace movement. "For at least 60 years, the peace movement in this country has experienced a boom-and-bust cycle. The last bust was in 1986 when, despite the International Year of Peace handouts, the movement fell apart under the weight of its own contradictions. In traditional fashion, it is now rebuilding and we can expect another and temporary boom in the mid-1990s.

"The issues don't matter, nor do the somewhat strange individuals who put on their song-and-dance act for the TV cameras. They are merely cannon fodder for the new organisers who are learning the ropes from the has-beens in the past. "It is futile to rail against the antics of the demonstrators and especially against the cost of security against them. In one form or another, they will always be with us, will grow up and move on to other things. The police will give them a shower and a feed before sending them home to collect their next dole or Austudy cheque. "The real movers and shakers, the up and coming gurus of the movement, are yet to appear from the shadows. But their emergence is as inevitable as tomorrow's copy of The Australian." (Michael O'Connor, Executive Director, Australia Defence Association, Doncaster East, Vic.)


The Japanese policy makers are desperately attempting to stimulate their badly depressed economy by a massive injection of new credits - $175 billion. Attempting to stimulate depressed economies by increasing the rate of credit expansion, this also increasing the debt burden, makes increased inflation mathematically certain. The plight of the economies of the world is such that the "certified" economists are being forced to concede that their policies have been disastrous. Not surprisingly, there is evidence of a renewed interest in Social Credit, as opposed to Social Debt, in some academic circles. One report states that the Japanese are attempting to stimulate their economy in order to appease the Americans. But the Americans are in the grip of the same debt system as the Japanese.

It only seems like yesterday that the League of Rights was playing a major role in exposing and opposing the Fabian programme for amalgamating Victorian municipalities under the John Cain Government. Jeff Kennett in Opposition had relatively little to say about the Labor programme, primarily because he has always been a type of closet supporter of amalgamation. Now he is showing his true colours with a programme to start creating a number of "super cities", with a blatant rejection of any suggestion that the ratepayers might have a say. We trust that those Municipal Councillors opposed to compulsory amalgamations, will provide ratepayers with the opportunity to vote at voluntary referenda

While there are some strange Senators in the new Senate, they do hold the balance of power. The Federal Government must rely upon the Democrats and either the two Green Senators, or one of them and Tasmanian Independent Harridine. Electors must not ignore the important role played by Senators in the Australian Constitutional system.

Regular readers of League of Rights journals will recall how over the years we dealt with the role of Armand Hammer, American Jewish financier, in serving the Soviet Union. Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum Company was typical of those internationalists who had no problems in working closely with the Soviet. It is now admitted that Armand Hammer was used by the Soviet as a courier taking to Israel the KGB "evidence" used to convict the Ukrainian born John Demjanjuk, an American citizen, of being involved in killing Jews, allegedly being known as "Ivan the Terrible". Although clearly innocent, the unfortunate Demjanjuk continues to languish in an Israeli prison.
In The Dark Side of Power: The Real Armand Hammer, Carl Blumay, Hammer's public relations guru for 25 years, tells a story of a shyster who makes Robert Maxwell look like a saint. Blumay reveals that Hammer was a Soviet agent from 1921 onwards. The League was criticised as "anti-Semitic" and "extremist" because it exposed people like Armand Hammer. But eventually the truth comes out, as it is not about the "Holocaust".

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