Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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28 May 1993. Thought for the Week: "The core of the pre- (Second World) war was the 'private income' - the possession of adequate purchasing power not subject either to governmental interference, not terminable by loss of employment. 'Private incomes' were decreasing rapidly in number, but were still considerable. The fundamental object of the so-called New Order is the abolition of all purchasing power which is not granted 'upon terms', and revocable at any time, thus making 'employment' controlled by the international cartels, a world government.'"
C.H. Douglas in The Brief For The Prosecution (1945)


Violent demonstrations, and the threat of a bomb at the Melbourne Sheraton Hotel, prevented the planned national showing of David Irving's video film "The Search for Truth in History", in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane last week. The Victorian police, who were obviously well informed of the planned violent demonstration in Melbourne, recommended that the Sheraton Hotel cancel the showing of the Irving film. As we go to press, representatives of Veritas Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd., David Irving's Australian representatives, announce that planned film showings at Albury, N.S.W., and Shepparton, Victoria, have also had to be cancelled, although plans were being made to secure alternative venues.

Although alternative venues were obtained in Adelaide and Perth, this resulted in organisation problems, which affected attendances, but the overall result, thanks to the nationwide publicity, was a massive surge of requests for the Irving film. The media quoted the Veritas manager as saying that demand for the film had soared to over 1,000. "We had to get in more stocks to keep up with it all."

Tremendous pressure was applied to the Office of Film and Literature Classification to refuse to give permission for the film to be shown, one report stating that the Board had received hundreds of phone calls. It was only late on Wednesday of last week, the 19th that the news came through that a majority had ruled that the film be classified for general showing.
But a number wanted only a restricted showing, while one voted against the film being shown at all. It would be instructive to know who this person is.
However, the fact that the Film Censorship Board gave the Irving film a general rating, containing "no material that would harm or distress children", did not halt the Zionist-inspired campaign against David Irving, who continued to insist that he should not be seen or heard.

With breathtaking effrontery, Zionist leaders claimed that they had nothing whatever to do with the campaign of violence, or the banning of Irving, in spite of the fact they are on record as having been the prime movers early this year of having Irving banned from Australia. Not without significance was the fact that the mindless chanting of the protestors in Melbourne repeated the false allegation that David Irving was a "Nazi". One of the ugliest aspects of the Melbourne demonstration was the march on the offices of the League; the demonstrators chanting "smash the League of Rights". Only a strong police force prevented damage being done to the office, which was left daubed with a Swastika.
Advisory National Director Eric Butler had only a few minutes to vacate and lock the League office, advised by the police that it might be dangerous to stay, before the demonstrators arrived.

The League has said that David Irving should not only be allowed into Australia, but that his carefully documented case disputing the general picture of the "Holocaust", with millions of Jews being systematically gassed to death, should be discussed and debated rationally. The League has taken the trouble to view the Irving tape and feels that it should be seen. For this reason it has purchased a supply of the film and is making it available to those who wish to see it. This service will continue until stocks are exhausted. The video film sells for $35 posted from all League addresses. The audiotape sells for $10 posted.

No serious student of modern history can ignore Irving's great classic, Hitler's War, completely updated with a brilliant Introduction, and the use of many photos not previously published. Hitler's War sells for $65 posted.

The latest developments in the David Irving saga are bringing to the public attention the reality about Australian politics. It will be revealing to see how the Federal politicians attempt to justify banning David Irving now that the Film Board has ruled that the Irving film is suitable for general viewing. Are there any Federal politicians "game" enough to view the Irving film and then to state publicly their reactions?

If it is claimed that the presence of David Irving in Australia would lead to further protests and rioting, and that for this reason he should not be allowed to enter this would be tantamount to an open admission that a small minority, reacting to Zionist claims, are running Australia. And this would make a complete mockery of Prime Minister Keating's boasts about Australian 'independence'.


When the League of Rights heard that the Melbourne David Irving meeting was to be cancelled; League officials took quick action to obtain a small hall to which known League of Rights supporters could be quietly directed. Some had come from country areas. Approximately 30 League of Rights supporters gathered to hear Advisory National Director Eric Butler report on what was happening.
At question time there was a dramatic incident when an elderly lady made a statement concerning Auschwitz. She had been an inmate of Auschwitz, taken there as a young girl. She explained what happened to all those being brought in by train. Because of the deadly typhoid problem, with hair covered in lice, all those arriving had their hair completely shaved off, their clothes taken from them, and given steam baths, after which they were provided with fresh clothing. They were then allocated to the various parts of the Auschwitz industrial complex where they were required to perform different kinds of work. There were no gas chambers and Jews were not treated any worse than others. Large numbers of non-Jews were used by the Germans to help provide labour for their industrial machine. At the conclusion of the woman's moving testimony to the truth, those present involuntarily gave her an ovation.


We are not dedicated admirers of Terry Lane, well known ABC radio interviewer and commentator, who, as far as we know, has never said a kind thing about the League of Rights. But the former Church of Christ minister has what we would regard as the right kind of enemies. Writing in The Australian Magazine of May 22nd-23rd, Gary Hughes says, "Those who line up against him will tell you he is a racist, bigot, male chauvinist, anti-Semite, that he abuses his position as a broadcaster to publicly pedal his distorted views."
One of Lane's critics is Federal Labor politician, Dr. Andrew Theophanous, who has clashed with Lane on multiculturalism. But a most revealing comment is provided by Dr. Colin Rubenstein of Australia-Israel Publications: "He's taken some bizarre positions on Israel, multiculturalism, Jews, David Irving, Hitler and World War II." According to Hughes, groups and individuals within the Jewish community have "compiled bulky files on him".

Writing in The Canberra Times of May 6th, Bailey Morris of The Independent, UK, provides a fascinating insight into the activities of the International Monetary Fund as it strives to further the programme of the New World Order. Morris comments on the role of Michel Camdessus, a French Central Banker, who is becoming "an aggressive force in international policy making. As head of the lead agency managing the West's RUS43 billion ... Russian rescue programme, he has been placed in a hot spot and has accepted the challenge. Even the IMF's biggest donor countries - the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and others - have not escaped ringing exhortations to get their own economic houses in order."
The IMF Interim Committee has been busy discussing the "new global economic agenda and the IMF"s role in shaping it". The IMF is playing a major role in the "restructuring" of Russia and there will be no less than 828 IMF staff visits in 1993 alone. Camdessus sees the IMF virtually as the dictators of the policies of the seven (the G7) industrial nations, forcing them to link their economies with the less developed nations. Camdessus is the seventh managing director of the IMF and clearly is a strong internationalist.

Although he did not look too comfortable, Prime Minister Paul Keating accepted the traditional way of greeting Maoris while in New Zealand, rubbing noses with them, as does the Queen when she visits New Zealand. But the same Paul Keating refused to have his wife give the Queen the traditional curtsy when she visited Australia last, thus demonstrating his vulgar bad manners.


The encroachment of international law, upon Australian sovereignty proceeds almost unnoticed, until specific cases come before the courts. When this occurs, Australian authorities almost universally defer to "international law". A recent case of child custody, in which a woman (Australian) left her American husband and brought her two children back to Australia, invoked the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Irrespective of the merits of the particular case, it appears that the Australian woman, who is prevented from working in America under US immigration law, must now surrender her children. Her comment: "As soon as this convention was invoked, everyone, including the Federal Attorney General's Department, just put their arms in the air, and said 'there's nothing we can do; our hands are tied.'"

In April, another case concerned an Australian extradition treaty with the Philippines, under which an Australian couple have spent over a year in north Queensland jails awaiting a decision by Australian courts on a Philipino extradition request. The two were accused of murder, and it appears that under the extradition treaty, they could be sent to the Philippines to stand trial without any evidence presented in Australian courts first. Thus, in the absence of a prima facie case, Australians can be sent to face courts where standards of evidence would not satisfy Australian courts. George Orwell's international state in some respects is already here.


Those who have obtained a copy of the David Irving video, "The Search for Truth in History", will recall Irving's reference to the amazing 'David Cole' video, and Irving's reference to the Director of the Auschwitz Museum, Dr. Franciszek Piper. The correct title for the 'Cole video' is "David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper". Having reached an agreement with the producers of this video, David Cole and Bradley Smith (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) we are now able to make this video available in Australia at a better price - $30 (without written transcript).

David Cole, a Jewish American, went to Auschwitz last year, accompanied by a video cameraman, and took a number of extended tours of the Auschwitz Museum, interviewing tour guides, and examining the buildings described as gas chambers. Cole was offered the chance to interview the Director of the Museum, Dr. Piper, because the tour guides did not feel able to fully answer his searching questions. In the course of the interviews in Auschwitz, which included Dr. Piper's interview, Cole identified several serious inconsistencies in their stories about gas chambers. Dr. Piper discusses the uses to which the 'gas chambers' had been put at various times, including functions such as storage rooms and air raid shelters. Cole examines inconsistencies in these accounts, and reaches devastating conclusions.

The 'Cole video' has now been screened four times on cable TV in Texas, and also on public access TV in Manhattan, New York. The response has been electric, and the vigorous American Zionist lobby, the Anti-Defamation League and other groups have mounted campaigns to prevent newspapers advertising screenings of the video. The Cole video is receiving the same "treatment" that David Irving's video is receiving in Australia. Frantic efforts are being made behind the scenes to galvanise Dr. Piper into denying that he made some of the damaging admissions shown on the video. See the video; judge for yourself. 60 minutes, very reasonable technical standard.


We note with interest that much of the pro-republican propaganda carried by the press now appears in the special "higher education" sections of newspapers. Often presented in a high-quality full colour form, this is obviously for widespread use in schools. While the production quality of this material is usually extremely high, the content is not. The case for retaining the Crown is rarely included - except in a superficial manner. The case for changing to a republic is based upon the historic inevitability of change.

We recommend that schools be invited to view the excellent video, "Flag, Crown & Constitution", which consists of 30minute segments on these issues. Also, "Voice of the Australian Flag" is a powerful education tool. These available from League Book Services.

We also note that the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation produces full-colour material, some of which has been included with the Sun-Herald last week. A large, full colour poster purports to be educational material concerning Aboriginal Australia. Children are encouraged to collect cards to stick to the poster, which include the "aboriginal" flag (but not the Australian flag).

A large map of Australia purports to show "massacre sites" in about 150 places. There is no evidence whatever that "massacres" took place, or any attempt to name the sites. We also note that the poster refers to "the 8,000 Tasmanian Aborigines", which is curious, since Europeans have long been accused of genocide of Tasmanian Aborigines, who were apparently extinct except for the last surviving Aboriginal woman.

It is also interesting to note that the poster claims that Australian Rules football (or a game remarkably like it) was first played by the Kulin group of Aborigines in central Victoria! It is clear that one of the objectives of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation is to drive the "white guilt" propaganda into the children.


The Australian, 21/5/1993 - from P.G. Bassett, Official Secretary to SA Governor, Government House, Adelaide
Malcolm Turnbull was mistaken when he told the Institute of Chartered Accountants that State Governors are appointed by the British Government. He is clearly behind the times. The Australia Act of 1986, which was passed in identical terms by the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and State Parliaments, gave legal effect to what had been, for decades, a practical reality of non-involvement by the British Government in the affairs of the States. Governors are appointed by the Queen on the direct recommendation of the Premier, who is the sole source of advice to the Queen on State matters. The British Government plays no part in this.

Governors now exercise virtually all of the Queen's powers and functions in respect of States, and of course, they do so on the advice of their Premiers…. However, Mr. Turnbull is correct to distinguish the Crown in right of the States from the Crown in right of the Commonwealth. The Governors and Governor General represent the Queen equally, according to the distribution of powers under the Federal Constitution. Neither could, by themselves, exercise all of the Queen's sovereignty in Australia without a radical change to the Federal compact.

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