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Edmund Burke
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6 August 1993. Thought for the Week: "Never before have we had so many royal commissions and other inquiries into our processes of government and public administration. Never before have we had so many public office holders and other public figures who have been in prison or face the prospect .... Never before has Australia had so many citizens hurting because of what has been done to them by their governments."
Sir David Smith, former Private Secretary to the Governor General, in a recent address to the National Trust


by Eric D. Butler
One of Australia's prominent economic rationalists, John Hyde, Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, is typical of his kind: constantly assuring Australians that given enough time, free trade will eventually result in such efficiency that Australians will be able to compete more effectively in what are now termed "international markets". In The Weekend Australian of July 31st-August 1st, John Hyde's weekly column is headed, HARBINGERS OF OUR FREE TRADE SUMMER. Hyde concedes that "One swallow does not make a summer", but quotes the prominent free trade guru Ross Garnaut as having discovered a few swallows.

But John Hyde makes the cautionary comment that "Although a generation may elapse before Australians, and more particularly Victorians, can be sure that the winter of economic sloth has passed ...." Which reminds one of the Irish joke (which hopefully one can relate without a charge of 'Racism') concerning the Irish lover of horses who eventually acquired one but found that feeding costs exceeded his estimates. He hit on the idea of feeding the horse just a little every day, trusting he would adjust. "And, begorrah', he was just getting used to my programme when he died of starvation." Presumably John Hyde and fellow economic rationalists are hopeful that eventually Australians will adjust to the economic starvation diet being forced upon them.

But in the meantime it is now openly conceded by the economic "experts" that unemployment will continue at over 10 percent for the rest of the century. The politicians have nothing to offer, except wishful thinking. Their intellectual bankruptcy has been clearly demonstrated by Keating Senior Minister Howe who seriously suggests that unemployment could be tackled by dividing up the existing available work!

The desperate rural community is told that their present depressed state must be accepted as semi-permanent. Relatively unreported was a meeting of farmers' representatives on the eve of the recent G-7 economic summit in Tokyo, representing family farmers from right around the world. They issued a comprehensive statement saying that the application of free trade policies would eliminate millions of family farmers everywhere, with shattering social and cultural implications.

Little publicity has been given to major rural riots in Communist China as the dogma of economic rationalism is applied in an attempt to "modernise" China's agriculture. The Japanese economic "miracle" has ended with a major political upheaval in Japan. The recent relatively minor Japanese earthquake has highlighted the possibility that Japan is destined before long to suffer a major earthquake. A recent television programme canvassed what such an earthquake would mean - violent dislocation of the world's financial markets, with serious consequences for other countries relying upon exports to Japan. Increasing internationalisation of the Australian economy makes it the victim of international disasters over which it can exercise little or no control.

The international planners have had high hopes of China providing a vast market for exporting nations like the U.S.A., but the "booming" economy of China has struck the problem of destabilising high inflation. It is certain that there is going to be growing instability right throughout Asia. Should Australia be risking its future by shutting its eyes to the realities of Asia, rather than accept the wishful thinking of Prime Minister Keating and his advisers?

And what of Europe where, as these notes are being written, there is yet another major financial crisis. British Prime Minister John Major's naked political blackmail against Conservative Members who were demanding a national referendum on the Maastricht Treaty has blown up in his face with a massive electoral reverse at a by-election in the most conservative electorate in the United Kingdom. The vote in the Christchurch constituency was a 35 percent swing against the Conservatives, the biggest electoral swing since the end of the Second World War. There is growing social and economic unrest throughout the whole of the European Economic Community.

The whole world is now gripped with growing instability. To lock Australia's future into such instability is a policy of national suicide. But, fortunately, there are signs that there is a growing disquiet about the programme praised by John Hyde and other economic rationalists. It is certain that Australia cannot stand another decade of the present economic programme.


If it had not been for a type of miracle, evidence confirmed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian-born American citizen John Demjanjuk would now have been dead, hanged by the Israelis who charged that he was one "Ivan The Terrible" who had committed sadistic acts against Jews in the Treblinka "death camp" in Poland.
In spite of the fact that the Israeli Appeal Court was forced to agree that there was no certainty that John Demjanjuk was "Ivan The Terrible", they left this tragic man's reputation tarnished with the statement that he was an S.S. collaborator and a concentration camp guard. In essence, this means that John Demjanjuk has been found guilty on charges for which he was never tried. This finding will be used to prevent Demjanjuk returning to the U.S.A. where his family lives.
The American Justice Department, which played a sordid role in stripping Demjanjuk of his citizenship and sending him to be tried in Israel, is making it clear that they will oppose Demjanjuk's return to the U.S.A.

One of the Jewish lawyers responsible for laying false charges against Demjanjuk now claims that he was only acquitted in Israel on a "technicality". So-called "Holocaust" survivors in Israel have been protesting the Israeli Appeal Court's decision. The Demjanjuk affair has demonstrated the power of the Zionist lobby in the U.S.A. and how far the Zionists are prepared to go with their programme of hatred and vengeance.

Many questions are now being asked, one of considerable relevance for Australians, where War Crime Trials are still being pursued. The notorious Wiesenthal Centre claim that they have a list of 15 people living in Australia who should be charged with War Crimes. The Israeli trial of John Demjanjuk demonstrated once again the complete unreliability of so-called eyewitnesses. One of the witnesses looked Demjanjuk in the eye and said there was no doubt that he was "Ivan The Terrible".

Two months ago the jurors in the Adelaide Court, which heard charges against Ivan Polykhovic, did not take long to find the Pole not guilty. They were obviously not impressed with the so-called eyewitnesses. But in spite of this and the mounting astronomical cost to the Australian taxpayer, still another Adelaide case is to take place. It is high time the whole Zionist vengeance campaign is brought to an end. If there was an ounce of compassion in the American Clinton Administration, they would say that Demjanjuk was put through hell for years. There is no evidence that he bears any malice towards those who did this to him. He simply says that he wants to go home to his family and grandchildren. Is that too much for an old man to ask?


Those supporters with very long memories may recall that, at the time of the abdication from the British Throne of King Edward VIII (1936), the British Prime Minister of the day (Mr. Stanley Baldwin) "consulted" the Commonwealth and Dominion Prime Ministers on the "crisis" with respect to the British Monarchy. There was a reason for this: a good one.

Under the terms of the Statute of Westminster (1931) the assent of Dominion Parliaments is required, along with that of the U.K., for any change in the role of the British Monarchy. Now, would the attack on the Monarchy in Australia (in 1993) have anything to do with an even greater attack (to come) on the BRITISH MONARCHY itself? Is the British Monarchy an impediment to eventual World Government? It would seem to us that, should Australia rebuff the Monarchy and turn republican, then the position of the British Monarchy would be that much weaker. Wheels within wheels! Does our Paul know all this? Well, we are awfully suspicious people; we think that many of these "Canberra Smarties" are too clever by half, and will become entangled in their own webs. We foresee incredible constitutional entanglements.


from The Age (Melbourne), July 21st
Dr. Peter Coghlen's letter (17/7) on 'social Darwinism' and the distinction between 'shame' and 'guilt' provides an opportunity to explain how 'folk cultures' (the 'politically correct' term now used to describe cultures such as those of the Australian Aborigines prior to European settlement) often die out when forced to compete with more powerful cultures.
"In Tasmania, when the European sealers arrived in the early 19th Century, they found an Aboriginal culture in which the women worked, and were treated as chattel slaves. These Aboriginal women found life as a sealer's woman much more attractive than chattel hood, and seized the opportunity, when the sealers arrived, to improve their lives.
"In Central Australia, when Hermannsburg was established in the 1870s by Lutheran missionaries, Aborigines found there a sanctuary from blood feuds and execution for sacrilegious offences. At the same time they learnt of Christianity and European technology.

"These examples illustrate how cultures can die because individuals (emphasis in original. O.T.) initially trapped within a culture, make decisions when opportunity allows, either to reach out for a better life or, more fundamentally, to save their lives. "Whether this is 'crude social Darwinism' or not I do not know, but that it is attested to by reliable contemporary observers is beyond dispute.

"Dr. Coghlan's homily on shame is just as tendentious as the rhetoric in Gaudron and Deane's judgment in Mabo. If I am supposed to be ashamed of the conduct of some of the Europeans who settled here (because of their unpunished crimes against Aborigines), I am equally entitled to feel proud of the heroism and sacrifice of those missionaries (for example) who, with their wives, devoted their lives to the service of the Aborigines.

"What is much more to the point is where the blame should be apportioned for the decline in Aboriginal well being that has taken place over the past 25 years or so. Life expectancy has declined; suicide, drug abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism, infant mortality, crime and imprisonment have all increased. It has been during this period that Aboriginal Policy has been increasingly based on the language and ideas, which Dr. Coghlan has employed. During this period and accompanying this rhetoric there has been an expenditure supposedly devoted to improving Aboriginal welfare, of some $15 billion of taxpayers' funds. And Mabo is essentially the judicial imposition of a turbo-charged federal Aboriginal Land Rights Policy, which the Hawke Government declined to enact in 1984.

"Mabo will not arrest this significant and recent increase in social morbidity among Australia's Aborigines. These people need a better basis for their future than one based on chattering class imposed white shame, and the consequent black victimhood, which that shame must feed upon. Dr. Coghlan could make a significant contribution to the welfare of Australia's 250,000 or so Aborigines if he focused his energies on the nature of this urgently needed, new foundation for Aboriginal progress." (Hugh M. Morgan, A.O., Melbourne, Vic.)


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), July 29th
The Federal Government seems to be using the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 as a stick to beat anyone who questions its uncritical acceptance of the Mabo decision. "However, I would have thought that implicit in such legislation would be the premise that all citizens are equal before the law.

"What Mabo has done, I suggest, is to discriminate against the 90% of the population who have a European, Asian, Polynesian, Indian, African or other racial background. "They have no right to claim title to large tracts of land which until now have been owned under the Crown by all Australians, including Aborigines. "They also have no right, in the end, to stop mining companies from digging up their paddocks or even their backyards, no matter how sacred they may hold their land.

"It is not to denigrate Aborigines, nor to deny their right to special compensation for social deprivation, to argue that the Mabo decision was handed down against the wishes and interests of a great majority of Australians. "The Government and Opposition should agree to let the people decide in a referendum whether unelected High Court judges should be allowed to make law rather than interpret it. They won't, of course." (Ian Blair, Mansfield, Vic.)


from The Australian, July 28th
I wish to add support to the statement made by Warren Smith (The Weekend Australian, 24-25/7) regarding the book 'Ancient Landmarks', written by Sister Mary Albertus. Aboriginal cannibalism has been recorded in North Queensland as well; the book I refer to is called 'River of Gold' by Hector Holthouse and is the story of the Palmer River gold rush, which took place west of Cooktown in 1873. Anyone wishing to read these books should do so in the near future as I feel it will not be too long before the book-burning starts." (Judith Bundock, Rockhampton, Qld.)


from The Australian, July 29th
No wonder many academics and the supposed educated and intellectual elite are so often held up to ridicule. Like many Australians I'm tired of the social architects and engineers like social researcher Hugh Mackay, writer Alison Broinowski, the A.B.C., Paul Keating and numerous others telling us what we are confused about, who we are and that we have a national identity crisis (The Australian, 19/7). We don't. The entire national confusion and identity crisis issue is simply a 'beat-up'.

"The Australian identity is simply an attitude, a sense of humour, a particular cultural swagger. It is nothing particularly complex. It is captured in the art of someone like Frederick McCubbin, the poetry of Paterson and Lawson and the deeds of people like Victor Chang, Fred Hollows, Dick Smith, Weary Dunlop and of course thousands of other great Australians. People who didn't engage in the pastime of national navel gazing and who have inspired generations to contribute to society and engender a particular Australian ideal. Something the likes of the A.B.C., Paul Keating and the like seem incapable of doing." (Frederick Ball, Narrabeen, N.S.W.)


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