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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

24 March 1967. Thought for the Week: "We cannot command nature except by obeying her."
Francis Bacon.


The Malawi leader Dr. Banda recently surprised other African leaders opposed to South African policies by announcing a mission to Cape Town to discuss closer trade and other relations. The Australian March 16.

Recently Mr. Vorster, The South African Prime Minister said,
"We believe that in time to come - and that time is coming in spite of malicious propaganda - the world will accept us as we are."

Nothing demonstrates the truth of what Mr. Vorster said more than the recent decision of the African state Malawi, (formerly Nyasaland in the Central African Federation) to openly break with those other Africans states, which boycott both South Africa and Rhodesia. This dramatic breakthrough could well herald further defections amongst those African states, which realise that the southern tip of the African continent is their main source of real strength and advancement.

Not only has South Africa - and Rhodesia - a lower cost structure than any overseas competitor but also neither do they seek to gain political capital by trade. There are no strings attached. Also they are a source of employment and training for other African states if they really do seek to lift themselves up. In these fields they offer a greater experience and service than can be found elsewhere. Mr. Vorster's prediction will certainly eventuate unless the revolutionaries are able to marshal outside interference and aggression against South African and Rhodesia.


"Garrison Case Leaves Them Cold." "From President Johnson down, practically all Washington officials disbelieve the case presented in New Orleans about a plot to assassinate President Kennedy." The Australian March 20.

We would like to wager there is something near to panic in New York and Washington over the investigation by Mr. Garrison. Even at this late hour if it is proven beyond doubt that the assassination of President Kennedy was the result of high level Communist direction and organisation, it will go a long way further towards proving to the American people that the conspiracy has highly placed individuals in the American Government who will go to any length to protect the Communists and promote their interests. With a Presidential election coming up in 1968 such a revelation would be devastating to the liberal left in both parties, and almost guarantee a conservative victory.


"The former Belgian prime minister, Mr. Spaak, yesterday supported Britain's entry into the Common Market at a London conference." The Australian March 20.

It is interesting to note in this same report similar support by the Action Committee for the United States of Europe. Included in the committee are the following, Mr. Willy Brandt, the Socialist Foreign Minister for Germany; Mr. Mollet, the veteran French socialist, and Mr. Nenni, the President of the Italian Socialist Party. With Mr. Spaak, a long time spokesman for international socialism, this entente calls on Britain to accept the Rome Treaty unconditionally. As the Treaty of Rome literally leaves the individual nation without a feather to fly with should the need for individual action occur, such a stipulation is of paramount importance to the Socialists. When the trap closes there will be no retracting.


"The Prime Minister (Mr. Holt) yesterday agreed that consideration be given to a move by a section of his Liberal members to enable backbenchers to take a greater part in affairs of Government." The Age (Melbourne) March 16.

For some time there has been rumblings amongst government members against the hierarchical control exercised by Cabinet and the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister appoints his own cabinet and it is only natural he is going to exclude those in the party who are vigorous critics of prevailing policies, and more likely to choose those who "go along" for the sake of obtaining a lucrative and powerful position. It has often been pointed out that the former P.M., Sir Robert Menzies initiated this process, and it could account for the fact that the Liberal Government has a long history of compromise with their early principles governing free enterprise and individual liberty, which has resulted in the vast expansion of bureaucracy. A bureaucracy which now controls indirectly the Government.
It is to be hoped that this new move by the backbenchers does something to challenge this process.


"The longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind." Quoted in The Herald (Melbourne) March 16, from the Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, speaking of the three passions, which he claimed governed his life.

His longing for love publicly expressed in his recent marriage to a girl young enough to be his great grand daughter is undeniable. His search for knowledge may have lead him to associate as a leader of the Fabian Socialist Society with its motto, "Socialisation by Stealth, " but since that early date he has not allowed any such knowledge to deflect him from this aim. Like his co-conspirators the late Bernard Shaw and the Webbs, as with the perverted genius Lenin, it is his intentions, not his knowledge, which is in question.
Which brings us to his third passion.

On this score his actions must bear witness to his sincerity. On no occasion to our knowledge has this champion of humanity raised his voice to condemn the indescribable suffering of one quarter the human race at the hands of international socialism. He is currently engaged in Paris, in association with an assortment of other extreme leftwing socialists in conducting a mock trial of President Johnson. The charge, "crimes against humanity" is not to include any of the very questionable happenings in the rise of Johnson to power assisted by an influential ring of socialist journalists, but will concentrate on U.S. assistance to the Vietnamese people against a Communist takeover. The excesses of the Viet Cong or of their Russian and Chinese backers are to receive no examination.

His earlier stated aim is to influence "world opinion" to force the U.S.A. into a peace without victory and leave the Vietnamese to the tender mercies of their terrorist invaders.
Thus he expresses his "unbearable pity for the sufferings of humanity."


Svetlana Stalin has vanished to a new Alpine Hideaway, but police say she might tell the story of her flight to the West soon and pose for photographs. - The Age (Melbourne) March 16.

This has been rendered necessary by the refusal of the U.S. administration to grant this defecting daughter of the late Stalin an American sanctuary. The reason - the U.S. Government feels that it would upset the delicate accord now existing between them and the U.S.S.R. All other intending defectors take note!


"Speaking to reporters in the American Embassy here after President Johnson announced he would be replaced by Ellsworth Bunker, 72, Mr. Lodge…" The Age (Melbourne) March 17.

The Australian Government should protest vigorously against the appointment of Mr. Bunker. We had first hand experience of Mr. Bunker's ideas of settling disputes when he put the Indonesians into West New Guinea. Although we have been granted a reprieve by the turn of events in Indonesia, with Mr. Bunker up to his monkey business in Vietnam we could soon be on the defensive again. There is little doubt that Mr. Bunker will endeavour to find a formula, which will give the Communists a foothold in South Vietnam.

From his membership of the Institute of International Education Inc. listed on page 6 of The Communist Conspiracy, issued on May 29, 1956 by the House Committee on Un-American activities, to his conniving in the expulsion of General Wessin the anti-Communist leader in the recent revolution in the Dominican Republic in South America the stench of Mr. Bunker's brand of politics spells trouble for the anti-Communists in Vietnam.


Mr. E T Cain, Commissioner of Taxation in The Age March 14, applauding tax pimps, people who inform on their fellows anonymously.
Comment: One of the main characteristics of the police state is the use of anonymous informers. Here begins the moral rot, which destroys society. Mr. Cain should be informed that one of the foundation stones of our society stems from the principle that accusation against ones fellow should be public and accompanied by two witnesses.


The main article Shadow of Senator McCarthy in The Age March 21, by our busy international leftist, Arthur Schlesinger. Mr. Schlesinger is going into bat again for his fellow molders of "world opinion". It seems that former protégé; Lyndon Johnson has strayed from the path.

Air Vice Marshal Ky asking awkward questions again, The Age March 21.
"How long can Hanoi enjoy the advantage of restricted bombing of military targets?"
"How long can the Viet Cong be permitted to take sanctuary in Cambodia, be allowed to regroup and come back at their will?
"How long can the supply trails through Laos be permitted to operate?"
"How long can war material be permitted to come into Haiphong Harbor"?
"How long can the North be permitted to infiltrate soldiers and weapons across the demarcation line?"

Comment: Tut, tut Mr. Ky. Haven't you been told that the Communists are really very nice people? All you have to do is to find out how to get on with them. Couldn't you start by accepting them into your government? I'll bet Ellsworth Bunker will advise you to. He's such a nice fellow Mr. Bunker and he loves all socialists!

Communist reporter Harry Stein in the Sydney Communist Tribune March 8, praising "famous commentators like Walter Lippman".
Comment: Not that respected Walter that has his syndicated articles reprinted throughout the world's press surely!

Mao Tse-tung, in Peking Review, January 27, "Politics is the supreme commander, the soul. Political work is the life blood of all economic work."
Comment: We get the point Mao, without economics you couldn't buy or control the politicians. If only our politicians would understand it too, they would throw your money back in your face when you buy them in the name of trade.

Mr. W. D. Hayden Labor MP asks (The Australian March 9) the House of Representatives to consider reforming the laws on Homosexuality and abortion.
Comment: (from Malcolm Muggeridge who has learnt the hard way) "When birth pills are handed out with free orange juice, and consenting adults wear special ties and blazers, and abortion and divorce - those two contemporary panaceas for all matrimonial ills - are freely available on the public health, then at last, with the suicide rate up to Scandinavian proportions and the psychiatric wards bursting at the seams, it will be realised that this path, even from the shallow point of view of the pursuit of happiness, is a disastrous cul-de-sac."

Mr. Barnard Deputy Leader of the A.L.P. in The Australian advocate that the National Liberation Front in a postwar South Vietnam government.
Comment: It will be to the lasting shame of the Australian Parliament if such terms as accepting professional terrorists are forced on the Vietnamese.


EASTER 1967 Where are we going? What are we endeavouring to do?

Easter, the major festival of the Christian calendar provides us with the opportunity to pause for a moment while we consider what we are about. That mankind is fundamentally metaphysical; created, built and motivated by spiritual values is the starting point of the League in formulating any policy or objective.
That such spiritual values are almost warped and twisted beyond recognition in large areas of the mind of mankind is our concern.

The resultant evil spreads itself increasingly over the earth and Christianity retreats in the face of what seems to be a superior force. Easter will bring a spate of sermons which remind men - rather uncomfortably - that God sent His Son to earth to live as a man, that he lived and preached to his fellow men about truths which would set them free from the power of that force of evil (sin) which dominated the world then - and now.
Most of the sermons will refer to sin and how the death and resurrection of Jesus overcame that sin.

It is an unfortunate truth today that the concept of sin held by many who preach in God's name is quite unrelated to the corrupting force which controls politics and the mechanisms of politics today; those supranational forces behind the control of press and other news media, financial institutions, UNO etc.

Here in these spheres of human activity and behind ostensible fronts is the concentrated, highly organised, power of evil (sin) which most men know little if anything about.
Certainly through the manipulation of his petty sins man shores up the forces of the malignant, conscious anti-Christ.
But from real knowledge he is protected by the greatest forces of propaganda and mind control the world has ever witnessed.
Often his delusion is helped by those who speak for the crucified Christ.

The task then of our organisation is to rip away the mask of deceit, to revive the forces of God in the world He created for our enjoyment.
We are to do this by carrying the banner of truth, and by patient witness and testimony to breach the walls, which separate God and man.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159