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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

21 April 1967. Thought for the Week: "Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."
Sir John Harrington. 1561-1612.


"Labor's massacre in Greater London and provincial council elections last week has a swift and angry sequel in the Commons tonight from its own supporters." The Herald (Melbourne)

Few people in this country realise the extent and viciousness of the economic policies imposed upon the British people by the dedicated international socialist Harold Wilson - to refer to him as the Prime Minister of Great Britain is a misnomer as that office is only a means of advancing the aims and objectives of international socialism.
A measure of his fanaticism for this cause can be gauged from his reactions to the recent provincial council elections in Britain…To say that the Labour Party was annihilated is an understatement, but Mr. Wilson's reaction is typical of the totalitarian philosophy he adheres to.

"The policies will stay," is his answer to the electors.

Here we see the weakness of an electoral and constitutional situation, which confirms the dictatorial power of the Cabinet system for five years. The legislation imposed by the Wilson Government makes it an offence to pass on in the form of wage increases, or increased dividends the pressure of the mounting cost structure. A pressure that is inevitable under the economic rules, which Mr. Wilson accepts. Mr. Wilson knows what the inevitable result must be a lowering of the living standard and economic hardship on all sections of the community.
But more than that it means that the British electorate's thinking is dominated by one consideration, how to get out of the economic straight jacket.
The ready answer is being given to them every way they turn. Join the European Common Market and all our troubles are over!

With entry into the Common Market achieved International Socialist Harold Wilson, has achieved one of the prime objectives of socialism, the destruction of Britain as a sovereign nation. With British sovereignty destroyed any latent sympathy for Rhodesia and Southern Africa would easily be controlled. Britain is in 1967 about to face its darkest hour.


"For well over a year, that pre-eminent legal authority on the implications of the Treaty of Rome, Sir Derek Walker-Smith, has been pressing the government for a white paper setting out the revisions which would be needed in the statute law on Britain adhering to that treaty.
His parliamentary questions have been met with delaying or evasive answers.

There is, in fact, every reason for believing that much work has been done on this in Whitehall, and that over one hundred parliamentary bills would be needed to make the necessary changes in British law. These bills could not be the subject of any real debate since the sole requirement would be to ensure conformity with Community law and regulation-making powers. The government is keeping quiet about this, as its predecessor did, so as to lessen public outcry and hostility.

Peter Thorneycroft writing in 1947 is being followed - 'the people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences." Political Intelligence Weekly, London April 14.


"The President of the Arbitration Commission (Sir Richard Kirby) yesterday told employers' advocate Mr. J. Robinson that his submissions in the national wage case were a 'disgrace to your principals.' Sir Richard called for an apology by this morning." The Age, April 7.

The offence of Mr. Robinson was to call the attention of the Commissioners to the fact that the granting of wage rises did not help the economy, "As I said to you, Mr. Commissioner Winter, you tried it twice within six months and that increases represented $435 million a year. We told you it has not helped our plight, or anybody else's for that matter. It has made it worse."
"We say to this Commission that it is our very serious submission to this Tribunal, why don't you lease the problem of stimulating consumer demand to the Commonwealth Government, which has the means of stimulation without a balancing cost impact."

Whether the above words quoted were those, which caused the offence, we are not clear. For ourselves we cannot see that speaking the truth can be offensive. There is no doubt that the Commonwealth Government has the power to increase purchasing power without such an increase taking the form of wage increases which automatically become part of the cost structure.

That the Federal Government does not do this is not because of a lack of know-how, - it was done during the war to stabilise the economy - it is a matter of politics.
Where the employers have fallen down is in not applying sufficient pressure to those politicians in the Government who profess to have the interests of free enterprises at heart to examine the submissions of Mr. Robinson.


"It appears that the British High Commissioner in Canada successfully co-operated with the Canadian Government in a brazen attempt to prevent the distribution of Douglas Reed's Battle for Rhodesia to Members of the Canadian Federal Parliament. Four hundred copies of the book were made available by a South African branch of the Friends of Rhodesia and Mr. Pat Walsh, Research Director for Mr. Ron Gostick's Canadian Intelligence Publications undertook to distribute them in Ottawa to the MPs. The books were cleared by Canadian Customs in Owen Sound, Ontario, without any difficulty, and then transshipped to Ottawa through Canadian Pacific Express. Mr. Walsh thought it would be a simple matter to pick up the books at the CP Express office in Ottawa and distribute them to the MPs. But although Mr. Walsh held a paid CP EXPRESS bill from Owen Sound, he found himself confronted with a campaign of obstruction designed to prevent him taking delivery of the parcel of books.
Mr. Walsh states that he does not blame the employees of CP Express for what happened.

He reports that a highly placed official of the CP Express told him that 'External Affairs have been pressured by the British High Commissioner to have the box confiscated on Monday.' Mr. Walsh was trying to take delivery on the Friday.

The CP Express said that it was too late for them to deliver that day, and they closed for the weekend. They alleged that no private firm could deliver either. Mr. Walsh carelessly remarked that 'Well, I guess I'll wait till Monday', much to the relief of the CP officials, then obtained a taxi, went to the CP Express office where the books were, demanded his merchandise and with the aid of the taxi man got them into the boot of the taxi and drove off.

A few hours later Mr. Walsh was distributing The Battle for Rhodesia to the Canadian Members of Parliament and the Senators. The next day Mr. Walsh received a most courteous letter from the Information Minister of the British High Commission requesting a copy of The Battle for Rhodesia." - Eric D. Butler reporting from Canada.


"We may see something developing like the Black Power movement in the U.S.A.," Mr. Perkins said. "If the May referendum fails, anything could happen." The Age, April 12.

The realities of the Black Power movement in the U.S.A. are being increasingly revealed for what they really are. Not a movement concerned about the elevation of the Negro in society, but to use him as the raw material for creating civil war in U.S.A. Such a civil war is essential to the Communist conspiracy in the final stages of subversion before revolutionary elements take complete control.

It is doubtful if the young Mr. Perkins understands this but he is about to go to America and have his education completed under the tender care of Mr. Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Luther King, the two revolutionary leaders of the Negroes there. We have no doubt that once Australia's Aboriginals are invested with "civil rights" that every effort will be made by the revolutionary apparatus in this country to emulate the efforts of their counterparts in America.

There was good reason for the refusal of our constitutional forefathers to differ between the Aboriginals and the white population in Australia. The reasons were bound up in the differences in culture, traditions and standards of civilization. All is now changed by the recent "discovery" that all men are equal in all respects, and we have reinforced the "discovery" with compulsory voting on the one man equals one vote, principle, without any reference to ability, responsibility or understanding.


The special brochure enclosed with a recent edition of the Sydney Communist Tribune advertising Mr. Allan Ashbolt of the A.B.C. as principal speaker at the Easter call for peace in Vietnam.
Comment: A Communist peace, which simply put, is to invite non-Communists to cease opposing Communism.

A letter to Farrago, March 31, Melbourne University Students paper announcing the formation of a Rhodesian Society at the University. The following week, Farrago, April 7, made the shattering discovery that one of the persons associated with the Society had some connection with the League of Rights. Hey presto, the whole group is a League effort.
Comment: Individual initiative is something definitely not to be encouraged at our free thinking University - unless it helps to promote the popular projects of modern mob psychology.

The parallel drawn by Mr. P. Meehan in The Australian April 12, between the "sophisticated" leaders in New Guinea who should be given power to govern now, and the poor benighted rank and file of the electors in Australia who had little or no say in the control of their governments.
Comment: Mr. Meehan was talking to members of Sydney Rotary. We wonder how that august body of citizens received the principle of "two wrongs make a right."

The criticism of Australian National University economist Mr. Bruce McFarlane in The Australian April 10, of the excesses of big business, over advertising, large corporations the increasing power of insurance corporations etc.
Comment: We quite agree Mr. McFarlane. But, who frames the rules under which business and finance are organised? Is it not those who teach economics and commerce in our universities? Why not try rules, which would bring a decentralised control of industry and finance, and encouraged genuine free enterprise?

The News, a journal published in Portugal describe the process of granting "independence" to those groups incapable of achieving it, as "independenceitis".
Comment: The surgical operation, which follows generally, is not successful.

The praise for the Indian State of Kerala by Mr. Ralph Gibson leading Communist intellectual in the Sydney Communist Tribune April 5, Mr. Gibson said "The overwhelming victory of the Left forces in Kerala…were due to their high degrees of unity."
Comment: Mr. Gibson is delighted because he sees the success of the "United Front" in Kerala as symptomatic of what is happening in the rest of the world under different guises.

In the same issue of Tribune, praise for Victor Gollancz whose recent death left the Communists bereft of one of their best friends. Gollancz the publisher founded the Left Book Club and published thousands of books expounding leftwing views.

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