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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

28 April 1967. Thought for the Week: "They said this mystery shall never cease: The priest promotes war, and the soldier peace. "
William Blake.


"To many of the younger generation the Anzac march was a spectacle largely meaningless…If it is meaningless, the reason is largely because their elders have not tried to enthuse them with the glory of their great traditions."
"But we shall affirm that patriotism is rooted in the divine order…" A leading Church dignitary in The Age April 24.

We are often told that Anzac Day, April 25 originating at the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915, is the day Australia came of age and achieved Nationhood. There is some truth in this view and Anzac Day more than any other day in the calendar pinpoints for Australians the virtues, which we admire, tenacity, courage, sacrifice and loyalty to a common purpose.

Nationalism and the solidarity, which comes from it, is the fruit of many factors. A homogeneous population, a strong religious base, a broad agreement on loyalties, no serious political divisions; these are some of the essentials. All these were present when Australians answered the call to join their British compatriots and fight beside them in the First World War.
There was little or no dissension then, or in the 1939-45 extension of the 1914-18 war - although it should be remembered that an influential minority opposed the Australian war effort until Russia was attacked in 1941.
But broadly we had national discipline and unity of purpose.

In the twenty-two years that have elapsed since 1945, the basis of national strength in Australia, as in other parts of the civilised world, has been sapped of its inbuilt strengths, patriotism, religious belief; all of which are constantly attacked and are now in full retreat. It seems trite to point out that this erosion can only take place if the processes governing thought, understanding and the resultant spiritual values are perverted in the younger generation.
Why is there not the same national unity in the face of the most heinous threat of atheistic, international Communism in Vietnam as there was against the Kaiser and Hitler?

The campaign in Australia against our battle in Vietnam is predominately lead by educators and clergymen who are the main influence in shaping the opinions of the younger generation. By their outspokenness they constitute the main opinion, as those who dissent are rarely, if ever, heard.

"We shall affirm that patriotism is rooted in the divine order…"
When the Churches abdicated their responsibility in the field of education they let the floodgates open to those forces undermining national strength. The old order is: Loyalty to God and Queen, and that is the correct order.
As the good book puts it, "Blessed is the Nation who's God the Lord is."


"Professor F.J. Hird of Melbourne University… argued for the non-existence of free will…" " If one accepts this notion of no responsibility, then there are important implications for society, " Prof. Hird said. The Age, April 20.

"Professor G.J.V. Nossal the director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, said he was confident that man would begin practicing some effective and acceptable form of eugenics in the near future." The Australian, April 20.

Both of these irresponsible individuals (accepting Prof. Hird at his word) were speaking on the platform of the Victorian Fabian Society, a society devoted to the destruction of individual initiative, free enterprise, and family life other than on a farmyard basis; hence Prof. Nossal's dream of a master race, which was something we thought had been buried in the ruins of Nazi Germany. Such prognostications by two "non-individuals" (remembering again that free will is non existent) with powerful influence to direct the minds of students is surely a classical example and sober warning of the Orwellian nightmare now rapidly approaching.

It is appropriate to recall that the Fabian Society has as its main objective "Socialism by Stealth." By infiltration of political and educational institutions we are to be delivered into a sovietised society. In fact the Fabians claim the credit for socialising Russia.

In a message to the Fabian Society when celebrating their diamond jubilee, the late George Bernard Shaw sent the following message,
"The only message I have at the moment is that the Fabian Society, having made Russia a great Fabian State, has now to make Mr. Wallace succeed President Roosevelt as President of the United States." Melbourne Sun, November 5, 1946. (Henry Wallace was then Vice President.)

Between them, Professors Nossal and Hird with advocacy of selective breeding, non-responsibility, absence of free-will, murderers must not be hanged (as they are not responsible) advocacy of mechanistic birth control rather than through individual responsibility, etc.
We're laying down the foundation stones of the materialist slave society now existing in U.S.S.R.


"Much attention has been directed to the volume of American aid for the South. It has never been publicised that bloc aid for the North matched the American effort almost dollar for dollar." Denis Warner. The Herald (Melbourne) April 20.

This report from a man considered being a top expert in Asian affairs was confined to the back pages of the Melbourne Herald news section. It is packed with factual figures of aid from U.S.S.R. and China. Warner asserts that this aid matches anything given to the South from the Allies, and at times surpasses it. He points to the factor we have repeatedly exposed - North Vietnams dependence upon aid from rail links from Hanoi to China. Warner asserts that the rail links are kept open with the help of as many as 80,000 Chinese technicians - repeat, Chinese, not North Vietnamese technicians. And they have been there since 1961.
All that time when Jim Cairns was telling us there was no evidence of aid to the North by China.

Warner goes on to say these Chinese in Vietnam are "helped by the taboos of war." The bridge across the Red River, immediately outside Hanoi is the vital link for both lines, (one going to Kunming to the North West the other north to Canton.)
Earlier in the article Warner points out that the two rail links are now running at 60% capacity due to delays caused by bombing the tracks which "provided plenty of targets but none that cannot be relatively easily repaired. "
The vital link, the bridge, is never attacked as it is out of bounds to U.S. airmen: If this bridge was destroyed the 60% could be reduced to nil.


"Mr. Chagla the Foreign Minister of India, the most populous of the World's mendicant nations, said last week that failing a joint guarantee by the US and Russia against nuclear attack by China, India would be forced to begin making its own nuclear arsenal. We are under imminent threat by a country that has become nuclear. China is determined to keep India nervous and her economy drained into defence so that subversion would be easy." The Australian, April 18.

If there were any truth in the above statement, then surely the correct Indian tactic would be not to drain her economy into defence by embarking upon the manufacture of nuclear weapons!

What truth is there in Mr. Chagla's statement? To the unbiased observer there hardly seems much need for China to expend effort on facilitating the subversion of India. With millions of Indians starving, with political and economic chaos, and with endemic governmental corruption on a scale, which seems always to frustrate improvement China must surely feel that the preparation of a revolutionary seedbed is being quite competently handled by the present Indian government. Because of all this, and because India has always been so vocal in claiming a moral right to as much help as the better governed nations can be persuaded to provide, surely Mr. Chagla's threat must be one of the most irresponsible statements of our time.

The complete divorcement of the Indian political mind from the hard realities of the Indian situation is a factor, which the West fails to take into account of its increasing peril. The Indian sub-continent could fall into the hands of the Communists overnight, and completely change the whole situation in Asia.


The refreshing outspokenness of Mr. Hasluck at SEATO over the British Socialists withdrawal from Asia Mr. Hasluck reminded Mr. Brown that, "Britain had a long standing responsibility."
Comment: Tun Abdul Razak reminded us in Australia that, "Malaya was our first line of defence." We have every right to remind Britain that when their first line of defence was threatened Australia came to her defence.

Walter Lippman attacks Mr. Hasluck, The Age, April 21, for his statement that "lack of interest in Asia today is isolation in its most feckless form."
Comment: When the big guns of the socialist conspiracy represented by spokesmen such as Lippman are trained on Mr. Hasluck it means he has really drawn blood.

The prediction by Cuba's Communist leader, Castro that there would be "A growing wave of guerilla warfare throughout Latin America." The Age, April 21.
Comment: As a result of the tri-continental, anti imperialist conference held in Havana earlier this year, a university for guerrillas was established. Evidently the first graduates have received their degrees.

The appeal by the U.S.S.R. to China "to end their differences and unite to defeat, America in Vietnam." Melbourne Herald, April 19.
Comment: To our knowledge both America and Australia refuse to acknowledge that either China or U.S.S.R. have declared war.

The castigation by U.S.S.R. of Australia for our support of the anti-Communist forces in Vietnam. The Communists had accused us of barbarous crimes in Vietnam." The Age, April 26.
Comment: Our rejection of the protest while strong would have been greatly improved had it contained a clear acknowledgement of the U.S.S.R.'s complicity in her aggression against South Vietnam, and a clearer acknowledgement of how we would meet such aggression in the future, namely closing the Soviet Embassy and cutting off trade with the enemy.

Further disintegration of Nigeria as "the eastern region of Nigeria yesterday broke major ties with the rest of the country and seized 10 Federal concerns, including Radio Nigeria." The Australian, April 21.
Comment: Another instance of the return to tribalism in Africa. The Ibo tribe were prepared to give the experiment of federalising Nigeria a go, but after thousands of them were massacred in the north last year they are now retreating to their own tribal lands and withdrawing (did someone say segregating!) themselves from the tribes which made war upon them.


We were asked to comment recently through a V.P.A. report on a statement by Mr. Eric Butler regarding Rhodesia's ability to survive in the face of economic sanctions. To promote discussion of this point the following from an article published in the March edition of Rhodesian World Report, and written by Mr. Butler will be helpful.

"It is true to operate as a modern nation, Rhodesia must import certain things, oil being the most important, not being produced locally. These imports must be paid for with adequate exports. A Realistic economic policy should, therefore, be directed towards ensuring that exporting is governed only by the necessity to import, while every effort is made to make Rhodesia economically self-sufficient. The potential for economic development is enormous, but this potential can only be attained with a realistic financial policy, which ensures that there is no barrier to necessary production because of the myth about a "money shortage."
To suggest that production and consumption are being held up because of alleged money shortage is about as sensible as saying that trains must run empty because the railways have not printed sufficient tickets… If the principle contained in the statement, "the purpose of production is consumption" can be kept firmly in mind, the basis of any realistic economy is established.

While most people would agree that this simple principle is just a matter of commonsense, in the rarified atmosphere of political and economic theorists this principle comes a bad last.
In Australia we have just witnessed a glaring example over the clash between producers of margarine and butter.

If a realistic economic system prevailed there would be no clash, but simply provision would be made so that those who prefer to consume either product obtained their desire to the extent of the capacity of the producer to deliver his goods.
Rhodesia is in the fortunate position of being able to supply all her basic commodities to maintain a comfortable standard of living for all her people. All she needs is realistic financial management to make this a reality.

It is almost certain that those manipulating the world's finances are aware of this, and will not rest until Rhodesia is brought under control again.

Question: Can you point to any other instance where financial realities are undermined by political control and interference?


The campaign being conducted through the Victorian V.P.A.'s and other interested individuals are producing very worthwhile results. Replies and reactions coming in from candidates are indicative of a real interest. It is significant that in the first instance of D.L.P. candidates being approached with the questionnaire they refused to answer until consulting with their central executive. The answers now being received however completely endorse the proposals with the exception of the second part of the third question where they retain their objective of endorsing DLP candidates for the Senate.
The broadcast objectives of the DLP now contain very emphatic proposals for the return of State taxing rights and financial sovereignty.

We are of course under no illusion in regard to political parties who are the underdogs and seeking support taking up causes, which they feel, may gain them sympathy. The point is that these proposals are now obtaining very worthwhile publicity.
Many of our people have been able to obtain publicity in local papers.
The questions themselves have been a shot in the arm for the Liberals who have long given lip service to similar objectives.

There is a wide field of activity open to our people after the elections in taking up the questions with those elected and their local councilors.

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