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Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 May 1967. Thought for the Week: "Perhaps the dominant vice of our time, from the point of view of the Church, will be proved to be Avarice. Surely there is something wrong in our attitude towards money."
T.S. Eliot.


"Mr. Kolias said he had taken office in obedience to a personal appeal from King Constantine who, he said, had not known about plans for a military takeover. Mr. Kolias told a representative of the newspaper Welt Am Sonntag that the army coup had saved his country from a pro-communist insurrection, which would have destroyed Greece's freedom and independence. " The Australian. May 2.

Communist placards carried in demonstration against the new Greek government often read, "Greece, Birthplace of Democracy Now a Dictatorship." Commentators the world around will depict Greece as another right wing fascist state, similar to Spain, Portugal, etc.

The Middle East and the Mediterranean countries are of special interest to the Communist conspiracy for the eventual complete subjugation of Europe. Special attention and strenuous efforts were made by the so-called "Resistance" forces to bring Greece immediately after the cessation of hostilities in 1945, into the orbit of Communist control. Only direct action by the British forces defeated the attempt.

As the last constitutional Monarchy on the Mediterranean, Greece has been a continual thorn in the side of the Communists as this coup has so aptly proved. Operating by subversion and intrigue through political parties, underpinned by oppressive financial policies, the Communists had reached the stage where they felt the time was ripe to destroy constitutional government and replace it with a "peoples democracy."
In such extremes of emergency Greece was saved by two factors, a resolute and courageous King and a loyal army.

Statements by members of the emergency government indicate that in Greece the winds of change may be blowing in reverse. Mr. Kolias indicated that their main problem would be "mostly concentrate upon repairing material and psychological damage caused by all the political parties…"In another statement the new government pledged itself to clean out the bureaucracy, and faith in free enterprise was affirmed.
Developments in Greece can be watched with interest.


"Rhodesia's Prime Minister (Mr. Smith) said here last night that Britain's Prime Minister (Mr. Wilson) was denying Rhodesia access to the Queen. That he said . . . was why his ruling Rhodesian Front Party recently dropped its pledge of loyalty to the Queen. " The Age. May 2.

In commenting upon such a decision we can only observe that the Rhodesian Front Party has made a bad tactical error, and have played into the hands of the forces they are fighting. Mr. Wilson has no love for the Monarchy. As an institution it can only ever be a stumbling block to the international socialist conspiracy, which he serves. That the Rhodesians have been provoked by seeming disinterest in their plight by the Queen is obvious. How much this is due to Wilson as indicated by Mr. Smith, or results from the Queen not wanting to challenge the "will of parliament" is more than we can say.
What is clear to us is that the institution of the Crown, deriving its rights from God, and as part of the mechanism for maintaining the intangibles of freedom, is under attack just as much as are the Rhodesian peoples.
This being so, the Rhodesian Front by adopting the policy it has, has weakened its own defence against the materialist forces assailing Rhodesia and in effect has aided the enemy in its designs to destroy the Monarchy.


"This is an historic decision which could well determine the future of Britain, of Europe and the world for decades to come." The Age. May 3.

It is vital that we ponder the significance of these words used by Wilson. They are not mere rhetoric, but are the convinced views of a fanatical socialist with dreams of organising the whole world into a Socialist welfare state along classical Marxist lines. The decision is historic because it demonstrates the unity of control and purpose exercised by the two parties controlling the British Parliament.

The historic part of the exercise was made when fellow Fabian Harold Macmillan made a similar application four years ago thus demonstrating how deeply subverted and penetrated was the Conservative party by the same philosophy which controls the Labor Party.
The Political Intelligence Weekly of London April 21 foreshadowed that history would repeat itself, and that the same craftiness of Harold Macmillan would evidence itself in Harold Wilson.

In August 1961, Harold Macmillan announced Britain's application to join EEC with time for a hurried debate of two days before a three-months summer recess.
In May 1967 Harold Wilson will do the same before the three weeks Whitsun recess.


"A four man investigating team, sent to Vietnam by a private organisation to search for civilian war victims who would benefit from treatment in the United States, has reportedly found few such cases… Founded early this year the committee has a membership of about 200 most of them physicians or surgeons. A number of its members are avowed opponents of the war in Vietnam. The Age May 3. "

One of the major propaganda weapons of those opposing the battle against Communism in Vietnam has been the pictures of civilian casualties sustained as a result of bombing and the use of napalm. The mission was most thorough the report states.
"It is unlikely-that such a painstaking survey has ever been undertaken here by outsiders."
"The team has discovered fewer than 40 burn casualties…"

This investigating team would never have been constituted had it not been for the impression created by false propaganda that the casualty rates were enormous. Typical of the unscrupulous propaganda techniques employed is provided in an example in the next column to the report we are quoting. This example is in a report of the phony 'Crimes' Tribunal organised by Fabian Socialist, Bertrand Russell and currently being conducted in Stockholm.
In a taped recording sent to the opening session Russell hysterically proclaims. "Each moment greater horror is perpetrated against the people of Vietnam. We document in order to indict. We arouse consciousness in order to create mass resistance."

It is Russell himself who is indicted by the investigations of this impartial team in Vietnam.


"Professor Morey, associate professor of Education at Monash University said individuality suffered if children were ranked in class attainments, and prizes offered accordingly without prizes for other kinds of excellence… It is quite reasonable to constantly put children in a race which most of them have no hope of winning. " The Australian April 17.

The pursuit of excellence has, since time immemorial, been one of the cornerstones of that educational system to which we owe the flowering of Western civilizations. Other systems have produced other civilizations, some static and fossilised like those of the Hindu and Moslem, others at rudimentary and barbaric stages. It would therefore seem that this is a principle, which should continue to be built into our educational methods.

When investigating the reason for so many American P.O.W.'s co-operating with the Communists in Korea it was traced to the way individual prowess had progressively been eliminated from America's modern educational system resulting in the production of individuals who readily conformed when under direction or suggestion.

There are among us "progressive" people who can see clearly that individual excellence is an embarrassment to the planners of the socialist heaven of the future. Indeed as the socialist countries are finding, individuals are incompatible with the ideal ant-heap community. And they will keep popping up in the most unlikely places. Take Svetlana Stalin.

The Morey's of this world cannot succeed. It is certain that the majority of the professor's audience can still face up to the truth that in a race only one can win. The pity is that our youth should be exposed to such rubbish.


The delight of the Socialists at the defeat of the referendum in N.S.W. for a separate State of New England. The Age editorial referred to it as A Solemn Charade.
Comment: We note that the overwhelming number of people in what is more correctly New England, to the north with a sparse population, were outvoted by the concentrated vote in the industrial areas where the socialist vote is concentrated in Newcastle and Maitland in the south. The genuine New Englanders should not let this reverse dampen their spirits.

That "Organised crime was growing so strong that it might some day put a man in the White House, " according to Judge E. S. Piggins reported in The Australian May 1.
Comment: An analysis of the groups who rallied around L.B.J. in opposition to Goldwater at the last U.S. Presidential elections might lead one to think that the Judge is a little late in his warning.

The "simple" philosophy of Ronald Reagan described by Roy Macartney in The Age April 27. "He believes in free enterprise, cheap government, capital punishment to check crime, and that higher education is a privilege not a right."
Comment: That is what is more commonly called right wing extremism today. What with Reagan, Greece, Rhodesia and South Africa there appears to be a few cracks in the plans for a complete Socialist edifice.

The suggestion by International Historian Arnold Toynbee that North Vietnam should be converted into a Titoist state by the Western powers.
Comment: The Age April 20 reports "Mihajlov, a University lecturer was convicted today for spreading hostile propaganda against the country. He was sentenced to four years six months imprisonment. Which country does this report refer to? Tito's Yugoslavia".

The article in The Australian April 11, by Robert Elegant sent from Hong Kong entitled A Good Holiday From School… or How I Became a Red Guard.
Comment: The article makes it clear that the student body as a whole in Communist China is available at any time to be used for revolutionary activity. This is not quite the case in western countries, Australia included, but the organisation is coming along very nicely thank you!

General Westmoreland explained to fellow Americans what constituted the fighting spirit of the Communist Invaders. "The Viet Cong has placed its emphasis on political indoctrination." The Australian April 28.
Comment: Brainwashing, which teaches the victim what to think, not how to think produces frightening results. When we see what our own children bring home as projects under the guise of social studies, geography, history etc; we realise what advance there has been in achieving the same objective in our own educational system.


The value of the institution of The Monarchy to our civilization has been under attack for so long by forces which equate its value in purely material terms that it is difficult to find any strong body of opinion which understands the real values of The Monarchy. Added to which when a leading member of the Royal family in the person of the Duke of Edinburgh almost puts up the institution (which he is fortunate enough to represent) for sale to the lowest bidder "get rid of us if we don't measure up" (or words to that effect) it is not to be wondered at if the loyalty of people of British stock does not undergo severe strain at times.

However the strain has been much greater at different periods of British history and the institution has survived, and has done so for very fundamental reasons, reasons that affect our stability and freedom.
The Monarchy as an institution is an invaluable part of the constitutional mechanism, which slows down the aspirations of power maniacs such as Wilson. As inept as we may believe The Monarchy to be over the Rhodesian crisis, the government of the day still has to get final authority from the Monarch.

It is worth recalling that during the height of the Rhodesian crisis Mr. Wilson visited the Queen no less than six times. However apart from these reasons there is little doubt in the long term of the results should Rhodesia cut completely her ties with The Monarchy. The power now held and dispensed according to traditions and protocol established over thousands of years will be handed on to some nominee of the political system who is open to suggestion and coercion in a thousand different ways in comparison to the traditional Monarch, or The Monarchs representative.

Space is insufficient here to deal with many other aspects of this problem. However we believe that a flood of letters should go to Rhodesia imploring the Parliament not to act hastily in this matter. They may believe after a year or so that haste is not the right adjective, but what are twelve or eighteen months in the history of a nation.

In the April edition of New Times there is published an excellent article on Rhodesia and the Monarchy, written by a military man with farsighted realism on the value for Rhodesia in retaining her allegiance to The Crown.
We would urge all those who have not got this article to write to us and obtain a copy, 30 cents posted.

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