Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

12 May 1967. Thought for the Week: "But once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War's very object is victory - not prolonged indecision."
General Douglas MacArthur.


"Despite pay packets of up to £500 sterling a month Zambia's white copper mine supervisors are getting out of the country at the rate of 1000 a month." Stanley Hurst in the Melbourne Herald May 2.

In his report the correspondent had reported that President Kaunda of Zambia "tossed blazing incendiaries about in a speech in which he accused whites of subversion, sabotage, and spying."
It is obvious they are the ravings of a man making a last desperate throw in a battle to survive.

Ever since the destruction of the Central African Federation by the Macmillan Conservative Government in favour of the principle of majority rule by the African natives, Northern Rhodesia, (now Zambia) has been a burden on the British taxpayer. This has been increasingly so since the British imposed a campaign of economic sanctions against Southern Rhodesia (now Rhodesia), a policy endorsed by President Kaunda, which has been to the detriment of Zambia's welfare more than it has Rhodesia's, or for that matter any other state other than Britain herself.

Dr. Hastings Banda of the third partner in the Federation Nyasaland, (now Malawi.) has been much more realistic and is openly trading with, and seeking assistance from Rhodesia and South Africa. However Malawi has no important international commodity comparable to Zambia's copper.

While Rhodesia can be upheld as the international scapegoat in favour of using international force to restore "economic stability" and "political justice" to the area, it is doubtful that Mr. Kaunda would be permitted to emulate Dr. Banda and assume more sensible policies.
Meanwhile such stupidities as the British pursue in using five gallons of aviation spirit to fly in two gallons of petrol to Zambia will continue until it dawns on the perpetrators of such foolishness that they cannot keep this, and other forms of subsidy amounting to millions of pounds yearly, going indefinitely.
That time should arrive at any moment as the above report indicates.


"The DLP Senate Leader (Senator Gair) said in Brisbane last night that he and Senator McManus would vote against the bill to increase the charges." The Age May 9.

Senator Gait was referring to the Government's decision to increase charges for postage and telephone services. We welcome such opposition, but unless those in opposition have constructive advice to offer their opposition is useless. There is no doubt that the social fabric of Australian society is continually being torn asunder by the operation of financial policies which make wage rises followed by price rises as automatic as night follows day. But while the latter is the result of natural phenomena the former is the result of continuing blind stupidity on the part of the Government continuing to accept the advice of economists they should have sacked when first elected in 1949.

Mr. J. Robinson gave some indication of what should be done when, as the employers representative in the hearing at the arbitration court, he pointed our that grants of wage increase only made the position worse. (see On Target April 21) Mr. Robinson pointed out that the Commonwealth Government had the power to stimulate the economy "without a balancing cost impact".
If employers, manufacturers and citizens would pursue this matter with the government it is possible we may see some light thrown on the causes of inflation.


"It is also plain that Britain will not allow her negotiations with the six to become bogged down with detailed haggling over the treatment of "a thousand different groceries from her Commonwealth suppliers"... "There will be time for that once she is inside the market and has a say on its trading position. " Claude Forell in The Age, May 6.

In simple terms Britain is asked to hand political and economic sovereignty over to a joint foreign council loaded at least 6 to 1 against her interests, and then to attempt the impossible task of negotiating conditions of the contract. Any private group or person adopting a similar approach to the signing of contracts would be rightly classified insane.

The disseminators of international socialism who masquerade under the title of political commentators find nothing to ridicule in this attitude.
"Will you come into my parlour?" said the spider to the fly.


Mr. McEwen said he accepted as a declaration made in good faith the often repeated words of the British Prime Minister Mr. Wilson, and the Prime Ministers who preceded him, that essential Commonwealth interests would be safeguarded. "Just how these essential interests will be safeguarded has not been indicated, " he complained. The Australian, May 8.

There is a false type of propaganda being spread around that the impact of British entry into the ECM would not be as disastrous now as it would have been four years ago when the British application was rejected. Mr. McEwen points out that our trade has grown with Britain in essential commodities in that time. Therefore the impact would be worse now than four years ago.

Economic policies are the instruments of political warfare. The impact on the Australian economy by the destruction of a trade, which depends on 65 percent of her exports receiving preferential treatment, would be considerable. It would be a bludgeon used to force us into alternative political policies.
The shape of things to come may have been contained in a report published in The Australian, April 26 when Professor Hugh Corbet in the London Times promoted again the idea of a Pacific free trade area. Professor Corbet said the Japanese Foreign Minister, Mr. Takeo Miki's quietly winning support abroad for his concept of an Asia-Pacific sphere of co-operation."

This was endorsed by a recent visitor from Japan, Professor Kei Wakaizumi, and Professor of International Relations at the Kyoto Industrial University who said in an interview on April 28, The Australian, "Japan is very interested in an Asian-Pacific co-operative community. The most enthusiastic supporter of this idea is our Foreign Minister, Mr. Miki."

We may be over suspicious, but professors of International Relations generally have that hazy pink concept of making one big pudding into which everything is thrown and stirred together until individuality, nationality, political and economic independence are controlled by the bureaucrats who elect themselves to be the chief stirrers.
Is this not in effect what the European Common Market is all about? Just one big socialist mess, and with Australia's markets in Britain destroyed, not to mention New Zealand's. How easy to push us into such a mess.


"It was a disgrace for the mightiest nation on earth to be deliberately seeking to crush a small nation." Dr. A, H. Wood, former Moderator of the Methodist Church reported in The Age, May 8.

"How much longer, can Christians watch with equanimity if not applause the greatest nations on earth pulverising one of the weakest?" Archbishop George Appleton, The Australian, May 5.

Similar propaganda can be read in practically all-current Communist news sheets. The accusations made by men of such standing whose word must carry considerable weight, are to say the least absolutely irresponsible. More frighteningly they represent the degree of decadence with the accompanying compromise with evil such as has invaded the Western world. Both men no doubt are sincere. They believe they are doing good. But they give aid and solace to the most inhuman butchers of history whose one objective is to crucify Christ again and eradicate his name from the universe.


"The Wesley Methodist Church in Taiwan yesterday pledged its support of the nation's avowed anti-Communist stand and declared its abhorrence of the pro-Communist attitude of the World Council of Churches. The local Wesley Methodist Church said in a public statement that while it is affiliated with the Wesley Methodist Church in the United Stares, the local church is strongly against the pro-Red stand of both the American Wesley Methodist Church and the W.C.C.
It added that it is also against the attitude of the National Council of Churches in the United States which is identified with the W.C.C. in political stand." Taken from China Post Mar. 9.
No comment of ours is necessary.

Those wishing to understand more of the extent of Communist influence in the W.C.C. and the National Council of Churches should read Collectivism in the Churches by Edgar C. Bundy, obtainable from The Heritage Bookshop Box 122 6L, Melbourne, cost $2.13 posted.


The report this week that China has accused the East European leaders as, "not fit to be Communists."
Comment: Well you couldn't accuse anyone of being lower than that.

A report in a South Australian Methodist journal (sent to us by a reader), of funds being raised towards the costs of an action taken against Professor A.D. Pont, who teaches church history at Pretoria University in South Africa. Professor Pont wrote a series of articles in which he referred to "Fellow Theologians," who had plotted together with the World Council of Churches and the Pan-Africanist to overthrow the South African Government. Prof. Pont also attacked the ecumenical movement, charging alliances between ecumenists and international communism. Methodists in South Australia have pledged themselves to raise $10, 000 towards the cost of the court action.

The visit by John J. Mc Cloy to Australia giving us the soft soap treatment on the Kennedy assassination, The Australian, May 8.
Having served on the Warren Committee he is at pains to defend any suggestion that the Kennedy assassination was Communist inspired.
Comment: Mr. Mc Cloy has a long history of association with that mysterious organisation, The Council of Foreign Relations that always seemed to be able to see the Communists point of view rather than those fighting Communism. The Council always has had and still does have key men in key positions offering presidential advice, all of which is so friendly to the Communists. Another in the limelight at the moment is our old friend Mr. Averell Harriman reported in The Australian, May 1, urging "closer American relationships with Communist countries of Europe, despite problems raised by the Vietnam War.

How, last month "the Indonesian Government used a bomber for air strikes to quell a rebellion by 1000 Arfak tribesmen in West Irian... Forty rebels were killed." The Age, April 28.
Comment: Why no enquiry? Where is the UN delegation ready to inspect and report? Why no world headlines?
Well really why bother when its only brown man killing brown man, Now if those nasty white colonialists.


We return again to the subject of -finance, undoubtedly the most important mechanism for undermining our freedom. As an instrument it is the master, we are the slaves. The reverse is the correct order.
Finance should be the slave fulfilling the demands of society.

In On Target this week we refer again to the statement made by Mr. J. Robinson when addressing the Arbitration Court, we repeat the statement as it was in On Target on the 21st April.
"We say to this Commission that it is our very serious submission to this Tribunal, why don't you lease the problem of stimulating consumer demand to the Commonwealth Government, which has the means of stimulating without a balancing cost impact.

The key to Mr. Robinson's remarks is in those we have emphasised. Probably the last few words, without a balancing cost impact hold the key to the problem he was concerned about. Mr. Robinson had been telling the court how fruitless it was to stimulate consumer demand by giving added wage increases. Years of long experience are now beginning to tell the tale, and at last those truths which men such as C.H. Douglas were concerned about are beginning to be driven home.

When the government gives way to pressure for increased consumer "demand" they do one thing only sanction and increase of the volume of credit, either through capital expansion (new industries, public works, etc.) or through wage increases. This takes place through the banking system, which functions for that purpose. The Reserve Bank of Australia is the key to this process and it holds "in reserve" by compulsion through legislation a percentage of the funds of all the Australian Banks. These reserves can be increased at any time by the Reserve Bank as stated in Section 504 of the report of the Royal Commission in the Monetary and Banking system of Australia in 1937.

In 1937 the function of increasing or decreasing reserves was held by the Commonwealth Bank. The Reserve Bank has since been created for that purpose among others. According to section 504 of the above report the function of being able to increase the cash of the trading banks can be done free of charge i.e. Money can be created out of nothing, just by bank entry, free of charge. At the moment this is done in the form of interest-bearing Treasury Bonds. This is not so important as the fact that the new money only enters into the bloodstream of the Australian Community through the cost structure in the form of wage and price increases.
We suspect that what Mr. Robinson was inferring was that this process should cease, and to use his words again "... lease the problem of stimulating consumer demand to the Commonwealth Government, which has the means of stimulation without a balancing cost impact."

New credits created by the Commonwealth Banking system should find its way into our community outside the cost structure.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159