Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

26 May 1967. Thought for the Week: The generous to enemies promotes their ends, and becomes the enemy and betrayer of his friends.
William Blake.


"In Washington, officials said that the Johnson administration felt the United States, Britain and France would be committed to take action under the terms of their 1950 Middle-East declaration, if an Arab-Israeli war broke out." The Age, May 23.

The State of Israel was voted into existence by the U.N. The U.S.A. applied pressure to those nations, which showed recalcitrance on this issue. The U.S.S.R. joined with the U.S.A. in the vote for Israel's creation well knowing that inevitable friction with surrounding Arab States would produce exploitable situation for the Communist conspiracy. Recently, the U.S.A. having supplied so much of the finance for Israel's existence, has latterly been supplying arms, planes, etc., to surrounding Arab States, notably Jordan, in order to offset the superiority of Israel," in the words of one report.
Simultaneously, Israel is supplied with much of her sophisticated military hardware by Communist countries, e.g. Czechoslovakia, whilst the U.S.S.R." itself has equipped the war machine of President Nasser, thus maintaining the U.A.R. as a threat to the State of Israel, which in turn could not have been created without the support of the U.S.S.R.

The confusion which arises out of such seeming contradictory policies can be reconciled only by observing a thread of common policy which ran through the Political Zionist movement, the U.S.S.R., "and those highly-placed fellow-travelers who guided American policy, during the negotiations which led up to the creation of the Israeli State."

All these political forces embrace the concept of a supra-national world authority and this serves the purposes of the International Communist conspiracy, which operates in all countries. The noted Jewish historian and critic of Political Zionism, Alfred Lilienthal, in his book, "The Other Side of the Coin", wrote, "The creation of a Zionist State in the heart of the Arab world, I felt, could only adversely affect the position of the United States and of the free world in the strategic Middle East."

The destruction of the U. S. A. and the free world is essential to the forces working to affect World Government. Will the strength of the U.S.A., France, and Britain, but especially the U.S.A. in consideration of its abortive Vietnam involvement, be finally dissipated in the vortex of a Middle East War utilizing 62 million Arabs as raw material to destroy what remains of Christendom?
And all this as we bear in mind that the U.S.S.R. and China, as is the case in Vietnam, need expend no manpower until such time as the West is sufficiently weakened for the final blow against her to be struck.

From Eric D. Butler in Canada

"The Socialist revolution in Canada is now gaining rapid momentum. I find that increasing numbers of Canadians are becoming alarmed at the direction in which they are heading." Canada is celebrating its first century as a national entity with less feeling of national purpose than ever." I was in Canada in 1964 when the nation was bitterly divided by the imposition of a flag which replaced the traditional Red Ensign." I have not met one Canadian who is enthusiastic about the new flag." But I have met many who are worried about the tearing down of the symbols of their heritage."
I note in passing that inspired stories have been appearing in the Canadian press suggesting that Australians also wish to tear down the Union Jack.

"A further attack upon tradition is the Pearson Government's legislation to unify their armed forces to the point where there will no longer be distinctive units." All will be dressed alike. Many Canadians fear that this is the first step towards creating the type of 'peace-keeping force', which can be fitted into the United Nations.

An article by Prime Minister Pearson written back in 1964 is being quoted to show that Canada's Socialist leader favours the creation of 'A New Type of Police Force.' "But the most alarming development to those who oppose Socialism is the recent appointment of three French-Canadian Fabian Socialists to key positions."
Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, the new Minister for Justice, has a long pro-Communist record." In 1960 he was apprehended by American Coastguard officials when he was trying to reach Cuba."
Professor Kenneth McNaught, founder of the pro-Red 'Fair play for Cuba Committee', has stated that 'Trudeau's political fate will likely be the political fate of Canada.'

Like his friend Raymond Boyer of McGill University, one of those involved in the Canadian Spy trials, Trudeau is very wealthy. He is a product of the London School of Economics and Harvard University. Trudeau is also a supporter of Fidel Castro. He has been quoted as saying that "Justice should be regarded more and more as a department planning for the society of tomorrow, not merely the Government's legal adviser..."
It is no wonder that many Canadians are alarmed.

"The two other Socialists appointed by Mr. Pearson are Jean Marchand, Minister of Immigration, and Gerad Pelletier, now holding the key position of Parliamentary Assistant to External Affairs Minister Paul Martin."
Mr. Martin has recently refused to permit the Rhodesian Minister for Justice, Mr. Lardner-Burke, to come to Canada to answer the shocking lies being told by an African representative of the murderous African thugs claiming to be African "nationalist."
Such is the state of affairs in Canada today."


"The Chinese leaders today admit widespread violent fighting and said that the Army had been ordered to deal with clashes. The admission was published in the Peking People's Daily, the organ of the Chinese Communist Party." The Australian, May 23

News from Hong Kong of anti-British rioting has created the impression that the Chinese Communists are on the verge of taking the British colony over. Nothing could be further from the truth at this point of time. Red Chinese take-over of Hong Kong need not entail rioting; discontinuance of vital water supply backed by adequate military force would suffice to strangle the colony. British forces are there because Peking allows them to be there. Also Hong Kong is essential to Peking as its point of contact with the West.
Present rioting by Chinese students in Hong Kong is more likely to be a feint to distract attention away from Red China's internal turmoil. Which turmoil the West could easily exploit by releasing Chiang Kai Shek's forces from their island prison of Taiwan; an imprisonment maintained solely by the American Seventh Fleet.


"King Faisal will also tell the British Government that he does not consider that the cost of Britain staying in Aden will be very big. In fact, he has offered, through the British Ambassador, to offset it." The Australian, May 11.

Mr. Wilson is determined to dismantle the British Commonwealth completely. The final stroke will be the entry of a weakened Britain into the European Common Market. Prohibitive expenditure has been one of the reasons advanced by Britain for the Aden betrayal. And this plea, put forward as enormous sums of British money are spent to destroy friendly Rhodesia. King Faisal hopes to persuade the Queen to use her influences to stop the drift towards a Communist take-over in Aden.
Her Majesty's weakness is that she has no one she can turn to in her own Government.

In the meantime, the terrorist organisation F.L.O.S.Y., through its chief, Mr. Abdulla Asnac, taunts, "The British are heading for chaos and they will get it."
F.L.O.S.Y. is backed by both the U.S.S.R. and Nasser of Egypt, and has offered Aden to its Communist masters when the British withdraw.

That such an offer could be made twelve months prior to the scheduled British withdrawal, and this, not to be challenged by Wilson, is an indication of the Socialists' haste to dismember the Commonwealth.


The so-called Kennedy Round of tariff negotiations started over 4 years ago and ended this week in an agreement, which is still largely veiled in secrecy. Dilatory throughout, the negotiators eventually had to work against a rushed time-table, and resorted to the Continental expedient of stopping the clock in their last minute scamper to end the cliff-hanging suspense." Political Intelligence Weekly (London) May 19.

We continue the comment on this important matter from P.I.W. "This prelude to Britain's renewed application needs to be borne in mind in assessing the published views this week of General de Gaulle. To what extent is he really saying NO, or starting the preliminaries to a protracted maneuver designed to give France the best of both Worlds, vis-à-vis her E.E.C. partners and the British?"

P.I.W. has consistently maintained that there will be no veto on the British application, if Britain pays the high French price. One item would be the abandonment of sterling's role as a world trading and reserve currency. This incidentally, was sent by a reader to Edward Heath, for comment, and the latter's office replied on the Conservative leader's letterhead that it can only be described as the work of a vivid imagination".

Moreover, we were criticised by the same source as appearing "to have an access to General de Gaulle's private thoughts, which has not been accorded to anyone else in the world."
Let us, then, turn to General de Gaulle's exact words on this point:
"In fact, parity and monetary solidarity are essential rules, essential conditions of the Common Market. They cannot be extended to our neighbours across the Channel unless some day the £ sterling appear in a completely new position so that its future value appears assured, it is freed from its character as a reserve currency, and the mortgage of Britain's sterling balance within the Sterling Area disappears."
There could hardly be any clearer confirmation of P.I.W.'s accuracy in spelling our de Gaulle's requirements concerning sterling!

It is regrettable that Heath should be ill-informed by his single-minded dedication to the European cause possibly limits the width of his reading and circumscribes his capacity for balanced judgment.


"It seems Mr. Holt is determined to press on with the Government's dogged intention to bring down some of the increases by Regulation on the planned date of July 1. "Alan Ramsey in The Australian, May 22.

Having been defeated in the Senate twice on its proposal to increase charges for both telephone calls and postage, the government is demonstrating to the Australian people in a most blatant manner the extraordinary powers vested in government departments. The Post Master General is obviously not responsible to the national parliament when he can circumvent a decision of parliament by simply promulgating a regulation to achieve the result denied to him by parliament.
Of course the whole concept of government being in business is one, which spells inefficiency, slackness and consequent high costs.

Nor is it possible to make democratic control of any business successful through the ballot box whether it is postal, shipping, fuel or anything else. It would be refreshing to see private business contracting to accept and deliver mail in competition with the P.M.G. Already organisations such as IPEC are giving competitive service in parcel delivery, why not letters?


The following points are taken from a publication made available by the Political Intelligence Weekly, entitled Joining the Common Market or What the Treaty of Rome Means. We have ordered 1000 of this valuable little publication and will let you know when it arrives.
Signing the Treaty of Rome has the following consequences, among many others: -
1. No nation can ever, legitimately, of its own sole free will, withdraw.
2. All members accept a superior form of government, in the shape of the EEC institutions. These are
a. The Assembly: The least effective of the EEC institutions, sometimes named the European Parliament. It consists of nominated - not elected - delegates in set proportions from the six member states. It has no legislative powers, and its only real sanction lies in Article 144, which provides for the Assembly dismissing the whole of the Community's Commission, if a two-thirds majority is obtained.
b. The Council: Having much greater power, consists of one member from each state and, broadly, takes the decisions on the policies to be followed in the community. Votes are allotted as follows - France, Germany and Italy 4 each. Belgium and Holland 2 each. Luxembourg 1. In the total voting strength of 17, a qualified majority consists of 12 votes in favour, from four members. Other countries may join and total votes may reach 30-35 but Britain's would never increase beyond 4/21st of the total. Thus here we see clearly the mechanism for forcing Britain to adopt policies against her traditional interests. This is already evident in policies on farming and food.
c. The Commission: The Commission consists of nine officials drawn from six members states, who are forbidden to seek or take instructions from any government or other body. The Commission is in effect the watchdog of the Rome Treaty and its job is to ensure policies coming from other institutions in the EEC never deviate from the provisions of the Treaty.
d. The Court of Justice: Is a court foreign to the British legal system. Founded upon Byzantine Roman Law, and not the customary Common Law of England. This is clearly shown in criminal law where in England the accused is held to be innocent until his crime is proved against him, whereas the continental requirement is for the accused to prove his innocence. There is a great difference also between the safeguards of habeas corpus as practiced in England and appearance in court within a day of arrest, and the long periods which an accused person can languish untried in jails in France, Germany and Holland.
End of quote from booklet.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159