Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

27 January 1967. Thought for the Week: "A truth that disheartens because it is true is of far more value than the most stimulating of falsehoods"
Maurice Maeterlinck.


"I am not a puppet of the United States or any other Government... I repeat what I have said many times. Only the Vietnamese have the right to decide the destiny of Vietnam". - Air Vice-Marshal Ky, South Vietnamese leader, speaking in Christchurch, New Zealand, as reported in the Australian press on January 24.

Air Vice-Marshal Ky was commenting at a press conference on a recent statement by Senator Fulbright, chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee that Ky is in power because we put him in. He wouldn't last two weeks without us. I don't think he has any choice but to do what the United States tells him. Senator Fulbright is the most prominent and influential of the defeatists in the U .S. who want a compromise peace in Vietnam with the Viet Cong and an American withdrawal.
Air Vice-Marshal Ky and his charming wife made a very good impression in both Australia and New Zealand, the South Vietnamese leader successfully dealing with the most vicious smears against him in a most courteous and restrained manner.

The performance of Mr. Arthur Calwell was both tragic and pathetic. However, no matter how bravely Air Vice-Marshal Ky seeks to preserve the integrity of his country, the truth is that he is to a very great extent at the mercy of the no-win policy makers in the U.S.A., who have forced him to stop advocating a tough military line against North Vietnam similar to that of most American military leaders. The future of South Vietnam depends upon policies decided in Washington.

Air Vice-Marshal Ky must recall what happened to President Diem. Before he was assassinated, Diem was winning the guerrilla war against the Communists. Diem was removed by a classical revolutionary movement operating on an international scale. And this movement had the support of influential members of the American State Department. The dreadful story is told in Suzanne Labin's eyewitness account, Sellout In Vietnam? (Price $2.05 from The Heritage Bookshop, 273 Little Collins Street, Melbourne).

We predict that Air Vice-Marshal Ky has a tough battle ahead of him.


"West German's Eastern European policy, which has priority in the foreign affairs programme of the Kissinger Government, has brought an encouraging response from several communist states. Nothing now stands in the way of full diplomatic relations between Bonn and Bucharest and feelers to Prague and Belgrade have not been rejected. According to a Belgrade economic journal, Yugoslavia was not prepared to submit to any special wishes which the West German Government might have". - The Australian, January 24.

The above item is further evidence of the crumbling of the Western European will to resist the never-ending Communist offensive. Mr. Willie Brandt, the present West German Foreign Minister, a former Communist turned Socialist, insists that he is determined to play a vigorous role in the programme of "building bridges" to the East. Most of these bridges consist of growing economic aid to the Communists, financed by long-term Western financial credits.
All this is in accordance with the Lenin strategy outlined clearly so long ago.

Lenin cynically spoke of how the "deaf-mute" "capitalists the world over and their governments will in their desire to win the Soviet market shut their eyes" to the fact that so-called cultural, diplomatic and trade representatives were really Communist agents.


"Barring a dramatic change in the war, the U .S will begin bombing MIG jet bases within the next few weeks. This was said today by a highly placed source quoted by United Press International. The official said the proposal, described as a 'slight' escalation of the air war, needed only final approval from President Johnson. 'The war could be over in one month if we would hit what we consider the key military targets in North Vietnam', he said.
Military officials here want to bomb at least 75 targets now off limits. They include MIG bases, the port of Haiphong, hydro-electric plants and dams and selected industrial centres producing war goods". - The Herald (Melbourne), January 24, in an AAP report from Saigon.

There is nothing startling about the statement that the war in Vietnam could be won in a month. American military leaders have claimed this for some time. But to achieve this there would have to be a major shift away from the present no-win policy. If President Johnson now permits a tougher military policy, it suggests that the growing upsurge in the U.S. in favour of either winning the war in Vietnam or of getting out is having its effect.


"Faced with the tragic consequences which must flow from a continuing and rigorous application of sanctions by members of the United Nations, we would still hope that solutions could be found as to the procedures to apply over an interim period. The whole future of Rhodesia and its people is at stake. The welfare, the happiness and prosperity of nearly four and a half million people are directly involved. If the economy of Rhodesia is shattered, over four million Africans suffer grave hardship as well as the white minority". - Prime Minister Harold Holt in press statement at Canberra on December 20, 1966.

But in spite of his admission that sanctions could wreck the Rhodesian economy, and that the Africans would also suffer, Mr. Holt joined with the British Socialist Government, and the Communist and other Governments at the UN who do not have "majority rule", in support of economic war against Rhodesia. And for what purpose?

Mr. Holt said in his press statement that we must not lose sight of the fact that sanctions are not an end in themselves. They have been imposed with a purpose, and that purpose is to lead (?) the Rhodesians to come to terms with the United Kingdom so as to open the way to constitutional advance towards majority rule with full guarantee for both the majority and minority communities.

Mr. Holt apparently is not aware that the way is open for the constitutional advancement of all people in Rhodesia to participate in Government. Or if he is aware, he is merely engaging in more double-talk in an endeavour to appease Socialist Harold Wilson, who now openly proclaims his real policy for Rhodesia: Majority rule BEFORE accepting Rhodesia's independence.

"Majority rule" in Rhodesia at present can only plunge Rhodesia into the same type of chaos, bloodshed and retreat to barbarism now so familiar north of the Zambezi River. This is what in fact the Holt Government is endorsing in the name of the Australian people.

The Holt Government's decision on Rhodesia is one of the most disastrous and disgraceful in Australia's history. It has helped set in motion developments which the Communists confidently anticipate will help them with their revolutionary strategy against the whole of Southern Africa.


"Prime Minister Harold Wilson said today that the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, did not have the 'spunk' to stand up to 'extremists' in Rhodesia". - The Sun (Melbourne), January 21.

When Fabian Socialist Harold Wilson, the man who saw World War II out safely in his bureaucratic foxhole, charges war hero Ian Smith with a lack of courage, he merely provides further evidence of his own despicable character. Right from the start of the Rhodesian affair Mr. Wilson has indulged in personal abuse of Mr. Smith, who never once has failed to remain a gentleman.
On his own admission, and that of his apologists, it is Mr. Wilson who lacks "spunk". He is afraid of the Afro-Asian bloc.

It was representatives of this bloc, some who came to power by murdering their opponents, who called the tune at the last Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference, forcing the Prime Minister of once-great Britain to agree to throw Rhodesia to the Revolutionaries at the UN, and then to include oil in the list of items to be covered by mandatory sanctions.


"The U.S. Supreme Court today declared unconstitutional a New York State law which makes membership of the Communist Party grounds for dismissal of university professors and lecturers ... The court also declared unconstitutional... another law which made 'the utterance of any treasonable or seditious word or words or the doing of any treasonable or seditious act' grounds for dismissal from the State's secondary school system". - The Herald (Melbourne), January 24.

The long series of U .S. Supreme Court decisions favouring the Communist conspiracy is dealt with in the book, Nine Men Against America (price $1 .07 from The Heritage Bookshop).

The Communist conspiracy has devoted an enormous amount of effort to penetrating the educational systems of the West to fill the leaders of tomorrow with a poison, which saps their will to resist. When a Court in a Western country can rule that a Government cannot remove teachers even when engaged in a treasonable act, this is striking and frightening evidence of how far the rot has gone in Western Civilization.


"An armed force of Cuban Communists in the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) had grown to at least 700 men, United States officials said today. The steady buildup in men and equipment is regarded as a possible subversive threat to surrounding African states", - The Herald (Melbourne), January 9.

The above item appeared only in the stop press news and we have not seen it mentioned anywhere else. But its accuracy is confirmed by reliable reports coming to us from Africa. The Communist build up in Africa is taking place in many different parts. Following the Tri-Continental Conference in Cuba, this Communist base in the Western Hemisphere, only ninety miles from the U.S.A., has been used as the main centre for training Communist revolutionaries.


"Mr. Wehner (German Minister for All-German Affairs) is expected to demand much more action on the reunification problem - He recently advocated an economic union between East and West Germany - that the Christian Democratic Ministers will accept". - The New York Times, December 2, 1966.

Although Mr. Wehner now calls himself a Socialist like his Ministerial colleague Willie Brandt, he spent the war years as a Communist official in the Soviet Union. As Mr. Wehner, holding a most important position in the West German Government, now advocates that the Communists can be trusted, the question arises of just how genuine was his repudiation of his Communist past. Red danger signals are now showing clearly in West Germany.

SUBJECT FOR DISCUSSION : Collapsing Civilization

The suggestion that our Western Civilization is collapsing appears to be an extreme and irrational view by many. Man has greater control over his physical environment than ever before, and the world rings with feverish physical activity of all types. "Where is there evidence of collapse?", asks the superficial observer.
Which brings us to the question: "What is a Civilization?"

Physical activities of themselves are not Civilization. The basis of a Civilization is intangible values, which govern man's relationship with his fellowman, and his relationship with the Universe. It is the expression of these values, which makes a Civilization. The main underlying values of Western Civilization have been Christian, and so Western Civilization has often been described as Christian.
It is clear then, that should belief in values be undermined, then a Civilization is on the way to collapse.

The great art, which flowered during the Greek and Roman Civilizations, can still be seen. But the Civilizations, which produced this art, have been dead for centuries. Rome was collapsing at the very time there was plenty of feverish economic activity.
Is this happening in Western Civilization today? Are traditional Christian values being eroded? Where and how?
These are questions which group members are urged to consider.


The growing intensive campaigning by League actionists is not at all to the liking of the Canberra bureaucrats. The technique of asking probing questions, seeking vital information, is, however, starting to pay dividends. A number of actionists have written Mr. Paul Hasluck, Minister for External Affairs, asking for detailed information about UN Secretariat officials. Mr. Hasluck's officials do not wish to give this. Mr. Hasluck states that the staff list of the UN Secretariat "may be inspected in Canberra"!
Most electors do not find it easy to visit Canberra.

This matter may have to be raised in the Federal Parliament if Mr. Hasluck's officials refuse to have the information made available for posting to electors.

League tactics are to encourage Members of Parliament, particularly private Members, to resist the bureaucracy and to expose where necessary any of the officials who think they are other than the civil servants of the electors.

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