Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

2 June 1967. Thought for the Week: "A known enemy is not too greatly feared, we know him at once and can arm against him. It is the man who speaks as we speak, but with twisting cunning, and who lives near us and teaches our children and serves in our government and speaks to us at altars, who can be our deadliest enemy, if he works secretly against us, and has our slavery determined in his mind and is armed with treason." Cicero - Roman orator, politician, essayist and lawyer. Quoted by Taylor Caldwell in her essay Useful Idiots.


A letter to the Editor, The Age, May 25 from Constance M. Savage Park Farm Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England.
Sir, - I appeal to Australians to help us in Britain to defeat the most appalling attempt to betray us which has yet occurred in our history - the determined efforts of certain politicians of both the Left and the Right, to thrust us into the European Common Market.
The results, which would flow from a signing of the Treaty of Rome, are so alarming that one can only conclude that those of our leaders who are engineering this move are being bribed or threatened to get us in.

If we join the misnamed Common market (which is really a political set-up which, once in, there is no retreat,) we should be exchanging our Common Law, the bulwark of our liberties for centuries, for Roman law, on which many tyrannical dictatorships have been built. We should lose every vestige of independence, having our laws framed for us by nine alien civil servants in Brussels - laws, which we did not make and could not alter. We could, no longer, either declare war or bring it to an end.
Our Queen's status would be reduced to that of a cipher, and our Parliament to a mere rubber stamp.
The whole thing is monstrous, and in a more virile age the architects of such betrayal would have paid for it with their lives.

I dare say Australians have been brainwashed, as also the rest of the world into believing that the British people want to join Europe. This is simply not true. Our kinsman "down under" matter to us, and it is heartbreaking to watch out leaders framing and carrying out policies which have the effect of driving a wedge between us and you - as for instance, not only this shameful Common Market, which would oblige us to put up tariff barriers against your produce, whilst goods from former enemy countries flooded into Britain duty free.
There is also the shameful withdrawal of troops east of Suez. It is a betrayal of all that you and we have suffered and fought for during the past 60 years.

You may wonder why we have not been more vocal in our condemnation of the Common Market, but the fact is that the British have been fed on alien propaganda designed to lull them into a false sense of security. It is unthinkable that the bonds between us should be severed by a handful of defeatist politicians.

I appeal to you, the sons and daughters of the Anzacs, to come to our help in this desperate moment in our history, The British people should be allowed to decide their own destiny through the means of a referendum. This, the politicians are straining every nerve to prevent.
Your Prime Minister (Mr. Holt) will be coming to Britain next month. I hope he will tell the British people publicly what our own leaders will not do - exactly what the results of signing the Treaty of Rome will mean, and that he will ask, in Australia's interests as well as in our own and those of New Zealand, to demand that a referendum be conducted.

With the world in a state of chaos, there is need for the British nations to draw together to give a lead for righteousness, justice and peace.
(End of letter.)

We agree with the writer. Australians have a responsibility to help those Britons who seek to retain their parliamentary, judicial, individual, political and economic rights. Without them their freedom will be snuffed out.

Eric D. Butler reporting from America

"During the week before last I made a second visit to the U.S.A. on my current tour for the purpose of meeting with patriotic leaders and groups, addressing one meeting, and of further investigating the situation in America concerning the Vietnam and Rhodesian issues. American patriots are making a valiant effort to stimulate support for complete victory in Vietnam in the face of a type of unwritten policy, which prevents the manifestation of any real national patriotic fervour. If this patriotic fervour could only be expressed, there is little doubt that the present no-win policy in Vietnam would be swept aside and American military leaders permitted to do what they know should be done.

In press, radio and TV interviews I have expressed the opinion that the American fighting men in Vietnam are doing a splendid job under the most frustrating conditions. Americans are certainly appreciative to hear that Australians are standing with them on the Vietnam issue. Since I last reported from America ex -Governor George Wallace of Alabama continues to confirm prediction that he will cause a major political upset in next year's Presidential contest. Wallace may well be the catalyst, which will coalesce the many deep feelings of frustration amongst different sections of the American people. He spoke in Pittsburg just before I spoke here on May 9, and in spite of a type of official boycott, made a tremendous impact on a record audience.

He declined to criticize the John Birch Society. He has refused to criticize any anti-communist group, stating that 'any individual or group who wants to support me has a perfect right to do so.' He has observed that 'Lyndon Johnson was supported by the Communist Party in this country in 1964 and his civil rights programme was supported by the Communist Daily Worker.'
But this did not make President Johnson a Communist.
Wallace has said that there is a national campaign to smear him as a bigot.

Wallace shook his enemies badly in Virginia the week before last when political history was made with a turn-out of 10, 000 people to cheer Wallace wildly as he said that helping the nation's enemies under the guise of academic freedom was 'pure and simple treason', and that he would lose no time in giving notice to Moscow and Peking that America was going to take the necessary military steps to win in Vietnam in the shortest possible time.
A couple of well-dressed Negroes at the Virginia rally were asked by the press, 'Are you for Wallace? You think he's pretty good, to which one Negro replied, 'Man he's not good, he's the greatest.'

Wallace is appealing to all sections of the community. Any more race riots during this summer will enhance his prospects.

Some American conservatives are criticising Wallace because they claim he is a 'populist' and not a true conservative, that he is going along with the Welfare State. I personally would not support some of Wallace's domestic policies, but he does stand for State rights and the Federal Constitution, while his foreign policy is toughly anti-Communist.

Politics is the art of the possible, and Wallace obviously is an expert political operator who knows that in the present situation he has got to seek issues on which he can expect to get the maximum support. If Wallace can continue to gain support for his programme, then this obviously must have a marked influence on next year's Congressional Elections. Wallace may lose the Presidential contest and yet be responsible for the election of a Congress much more conservative and anti-Communist than the present one.
As I write he continues his successful invasion of the Northern States.

On May 9 in Pittsburg I addressed the largest and most enthusiastic meeting for many years, when nearly 800 people gave me a prolonged standing ovation at the end of an address in which I said the English-speaking peoples of the world had to stand together and take the offensive against international Communism. One of those who stood in this large audience and applauded was General Edwin Walker, the man whom Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to shoot. During a number of personal conversations with General Walker I learned a great deal of 'inside' information concerning the assassination of President John Kennedy, who was undoubtedly sacrificed to halt the upsurge of the anti-Communist movement in the U.S.A. I hope to report on this in some detail in the future."


The hub of the referendum question on the Aboriginals provided in the comment by The Age political columnist, Bruce Grant on May 26.
"In addition the Commonwealth because of foreign policy considerations, is more sensitive than the States to the kind of international opinion which is favourable to Aboriginal advancement."
Comment: Mr. Grant follows "the kind of international opinion" lauded by his mentor at the Melbourne University. Professor McMahon Ball or by his fellow scribe in international affairs Walter Lippman. Another voice sounded a warning on this question, which was by far the more important of the two at last week's referendum. This was Mr. Lewis the Minister for Native Welfare in Western Australia. "It is possible that international pressure might force the Commonwealth to take measures which would be unpopular within States and could affect State services," Sunday Times May 14, (our emphasis)

The well-known Communist, Frank Hardy pressed into service by The Australian May 23 with a 7 column, one third of a page story The Aboriginal Breakout.
Comment: Bruce Grant entitled his article Shoulder to the Wheel. It is most noticeable that most of the shoving came from the strange assortment ranging from liberal socialists to communists, but not one commentator found this phenomenon of interest.

Courier Mail, Brisbane report, May 17 South Africa has issued schoolbooks stating the World Council of Churches is infiltrated with Communists.
Comment: The realism of the South Africans is refreshing. It would be interpreted as prejudice in Australia, instead of determination to preserve freedom into the future, which is what the South Africans are doing.

Report from American Electrical World May 17, indicating the Americans have been thrown into a complete flap with an application from the U.S.S.R. to bid for the supply of 600-Mw hydro turbines and generators for Grand Coulee Dam in the U.S.A.
Comment: The "Building bridges to the East" policy of the Johnson administration would appear to be backfiring with a vengeance. It was under the Roosevelt administration that the U.S.A. sent engineers to design and help build early generating plants in the U.S.S.R. Are the Communists now returning the favour and at the same rime rubbing the noses of America's socialist administration in the dirt?

Dr. Knox, the newly appointed Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne deprecates emerging racial discrimination in India where he served for many years. Clergymen from Commonwealth countries must now register with the police and entrance visas will be necessary. How can I, or anybody explain to the people of Australia that this is not discriminatory? Asked the Archbishop.
Comment: How indeed! An interesting aspect is that Christian missionaries are running into increasing difficulties in Eastern countries. As the image of the West declines with the acceptance of materialist dogmas within our own borders, bringing resultant breakdowns, our Christianity is being judged as suspect, if not worthless.

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