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Edmund Burke
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9 June 1967. Thought for the Week: "We shall see how the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger, how the middle course adopted from desires for safety and a quiet life may be found to lead directly to the bull's eye of disaster."
Sir Winston Churchill.


"Britain's Prime Minister Harold Wilson put through a direct 'please stay out' telephone appeal to Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin in Moscow. He appealed to Mr. Kosygin to meet President Johnson, President de Gaulle and himself in urgent summit conference in New York. In Washington the U.S. State Department first said America would stay neutral no matter what happened in the Middle East countries. But later the White House hurriedly reverted to President Johnson's declaration of May 23 - guaranteeing U.S. support for the territorial integrity of all Middle East countries." The Herald June 6.

History is either episodic, or it has a continuity of purpose and design. There are those, by far the majority, who conditioned by the teaching of history at schools, or the presentation of it through the popular press, who believe the unfolding of historical events is disjointed, that events occur without any relationship one with the other. So in the popular press today the outbreak of war between the Arab states and Israel is depicted as the result of irreconcilable antagonisms with the Arabs as the main culprits.
It is true there are many unrehearsed events in history. These do not make up the total picture but a minor fragment only.

The Marxian-Leninists teach that history favours the evolution of the Communist world state. But they do not rest on their laurels believing they only need to sit back and wait for the millennium to arrive. To ensure the victory of Marxism-Leninism they pursue a relentless, continuous strategy to ensure their final victory.
Having ensured the establishment of the State of Israel and knowing Arab sentiment (from the outrage perpetrated by the dispossession of Arab kin) would bring about an explosive situation, the communists have over the next twenty years devoted themselves to arming those Arab States which accepted their blandishments, and at the same time through propaganda inflaming the passions of both parties.

The present conflict may well be only designed to increase the expansion of Israel's territory, but alternatively it could mean the complete destruction of Israel in exchange for the allegiance of all Arab States to Moscow.
If the West is to salvage any chance of regaining the initiative in the Middle East, firm guarantees must be given the Arabs involving rectification of grievances over the State of Israel. In the absence of such guarantees the future is grim for European civilisation.


"An Adelaide radio station will not play a new monologue which a disc jockey said made him sick and members of the public have called pure jingoism." The Australian June 2.

The record, "Shadow Valley and Iron Triangle" was inspired and partly composed by Mr. Andrew Jones M.H.R. the new South Australian Liberal member. Mr. Jones describes the record as "definitely anti-Communist" with proceeds from its sale to be donated to Legacy and other charitable bodies A spokesman for the Festival Record Co. which released the recording said the demand for it had been "phenomenal". He added, "This is an experiment. The first time an Australian has made such a record."
It is indeed heartening that Mr. Jones and the company have pioneered a reaction against the spate of sick immoral and depraved pseudo-folk music, which pours from the radio. It is no accident that this flood is characterised by an undeviating adherence to current socialist themes.

Part of the dialogue which nauseated the unnamed South Australian disc jockey is "When you hear the anthem lift up your head, remember our past, see our glorious future and let your voice sing out, and friend, thank God you're free."

'How long will Australia be free when the red cancer of Communism is eating through Asia?"
Surely enough to revolt the stomach of a left wing dope peddler!


In his latest report on the American scene, Mr. Eric Butler comments:
'On May 17 Mr. Ron Gostick, Director of the Canadian League of Rights, and Mrs. Butler and I, attended as guests the big dinner for Friends of Rhodesia groups in Washington, D.C. One of the highlights of the evening was the address by Senator Strom Thurmond, who made a devastating attack on the Johnson Administration's double-standard policy of economic war against friendly, anti-Communist Rhodesia, while at the same time building 'economic bridges' of understanding with the Soviet Empire which was still supplying the main sinews of war for the Viet Cong in Vietnam.
The Washington Dinner was the launching of a national American campaign of support for Rhodesia.

"It was stated at the Dinner that there are now 120 Friends of Rhodesia groups in America and that the number is expanding rapidly."

Amongst those I tape-interviewed at the Dinner was a Californian business man, Mr. J.R. Smead, National Co-ordinator of the Friends of Rhodesia, who revealed to those attending that on his recent return from Rhodesia he had been prevented from staying in Britain for a few days to report to Members of the House of Commons. When Mr. Smead arrived in London he was faced with an order from Mr. Wilson's Minister for Internal Affairs, Mr. Roy Jenkin, stating that it was not 'in the national interest' that he should land in Britain. All that Mr. Smead proposed to do was to meet Lord Salisbury, Mr. Duncan Sandys, and other Members of the British Parliament, to report at first hand of what was taking place in Rhodesia.
Such are the desperate measures being resorted to by the Wilson Socialists in their attempt to destroy Rhodesia.

Mr. Smead observed to me that while he was being prevented from leaving the London airport, 'there was a stream of weirdie-beardies flooding in to participate in demonstrations against the Americans resisting Communism in Vietnam.'
Mr. Smead commented that 'Apparently it is in the British national interest to allow these types into Britain.'

"In a subsequent interview I had with Mr. Smead in California, he said that as a business consultant he was amazed at the current economic boom in Rhodesia and the opportunities for investments. He informed me that a group of British businessmen with investments in different parts of the world had approached him about transferring their investments to Rhodesia. He also said that American officials wanted to talk to him about his activities but that up until now he had declined to do so."

"Senator Thurmond gave another example of what he termed 'bureaucratic tyranny' at the Washington Dinner. An American citizen who had visited Rhodesia imported a few items, which are not covered even by the regulations introduced by the Johnson Administration following the U.N. demand that all members support economic sanctions against Rhodesia. This man has subsequently been pressured by some of the army officials whom it is alleged are spending most of their time attempting to police the regulations. As far as I can see, Fabian Socialist Harold Wilson has no more enthusiastic supporters for his war against Rhodesia than some members of the American State Department.

I have seen one long statement issued by the State Department 'expert' on Africa, which reveals, to say the least of it, an appalling ignorance of what is the truth about Rhodesia.

"There was a tremendous outbreak of applause at the Washington Dinner when Senator Thurmond revealed that Prime Minister Ian Smith had offered Rhodesian troops to fight in Vietnam. The Senator said that Rhodesian support would be invaluable in Vietnam because the Rhodesians had the will to win against Communism.
The American press generally attempted to smother Senator Thurmond's revelation about the Rhodesian offer of troops.

The British Ambassador in Washington felt however that he should say something. He suggested the Smith offer was only a gimmick to try and bolster a 'crumbling' regime. But the fact is that the truth about the Rhodesian situation is obviously getting through to the American people.

In Los Angeles I was closely examined on Rhodesia by a radio interviewer with an enormous local rating, and whose programme goes over 400 American stations. This interviewer expressed the opinion that there was a big shift in American sentiment on the Rhodesian question.

One outstanding feature of the Washington Dinner was the strong Southern sentiment. Most of the Congressmen present were from the South. Southern tunes by the orchestra were warmly applauded, while one of the Southern Congressman got a big hand when he humorously described how he drove up to the Dinner with my George-Wallace-for-President sticker on my bumper bar. The Wallace campaign continues to gain momentum as the ex-Governor of Alabama draws increasingly large and enthusiastic audiences across America.

"There were cries of 'shame' as one Congressman revealed at the Washington Dinner that a battle plan for a U.N. invasion of South Africa had already been prepared. He quoted from the document entitled Apartheid and United Nations Collective Measures, prepared by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which states that 93,000 U.N. troops, including two divisions of amphibious assaults, will be required along with 700 front-line and transport air units, 60 to 70 warships and 30 to 50 sea transports. It is estimated that it would take from about four months to crush South Africa and 19,000 to 38,000 casualties (killed and wounded.)"


"A defence Department source has predicted that the United States will stop bombing North Vietnam…top level strategists are taking increasing note of the scarcity of significant targets as well as the high cost of pilots and planes (up until May 30 more than 500 pilots and 566 planes had been lost over North Vietnam The Age, June 7.

It would be interesting to know what constitutes a "top level strategist" determining military policy in Vietnam. It has been pointed out repeatedly by other top level strategists who are now allowed to determine military policy in Vietnam that until key targets, vitally affecting the ability of the Communists to prosecute the war, are attacked, that the war will be a long drawn out affair in which the Communists will inevitably gain their objective of tying up large quantities of troops and equipment for little gain.
The blockading of Haiphong and the destruction of the Red River Delta Bridge would alter the Communist supply position overnight.
But along with the missile bases from which are destroyed those quantities of American planes, these targets are off limits to the American bombers.

While America is being bled slowly to death in Vietnam the Communists operate on numerous other fronts. With the American summer approaching there will be intensified "fighting in the streets" of American big cities. The Middle East situation could well embroil equal quantities of material and men should America intervene. No wonder a correspondent quoted recently in the press
"the Americans have a psychosis against any further involvement in any new trouble spot."


The Creation of the State of Israel: Was brought about in 1947 after a special committee of enquiry, the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) recommended partition. The vote taken November 29 for partition from Palestine of the area now called Israel came after violent terrorism over the previous years of the British mandate and was the result of concentrated pressure on recalcitrant nations, which previously had voted against partition. Alfred Lilienthal tells the story in his book What Price Israel.

America and the U.S.S.R. composed the main bloc in favour of partition, but a two-thirds minority vote was needed for success and it was obvious that in the initial stages this would not be forthcoming. For example the delegate from the Philippines had made it clear that his government was against partition and he would vote accordingly, he spoke passionately about the inviolable "primordial rights of a people to determine their political future and to preserve the territorial integrity of their native land." And yet a few days later he was forced to reverse his decision.

Mr. Lilienthal who had worked for the State Department told of the pressure exerted on Mr. Robert Lovett the Under Secretary of the State Department who said that he had "never in his life been subjected to as much pressure as he had in three days." prior to the vote being taken. This pressure was in the form of insistence that he make demands on key countries whose vote was doubtful or at that moment negative.
An insight is gained from the following,
"Bernard Baruch was prevailed upon to talk with the French who could not afford to lose Interim Marshall-Plan aid. Other important Americans 'talked' to other countries such as Haiti, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Paraguay and Luxembourg, all dependent on the United States.

The U.S.S.R. did not suffer from any need to 'talk' to those 'independent' countries behind the iron curtain, and so Israel was born. Without the combined forces of the U.S.A. & U.S.S.R. it would have been impossible. This background is important in assessing the present situation when the world press is convincing us that America and the U.S.S.R. are now in opposite camps. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we may be sure that the same forces which worked so assiduously for partition in both the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. are as dominant today as they were then, and as they were later on when they teamed together to ensure the Communist stooge, President Nasser maintained control of the Suez by forcing Britain and France to withdraw.

Having brought Israel into existence it must not be necessarily assumed that these same forces wish to maintain her. From post war history we have seen time and again the collusion between these two groups, which has resulted in the advance of the Communist Empire. In the case of Israel there are some conundrums, which make difficult any accurate assessment at this particular time.
But one thing is certain.

The sacrifice of a few million Jews and Arabs in the program of ushering the whole of the Middle East into the Communist orbit would be a minor matter to the promoters of the conspiracy.

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