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Edmund Burke
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On Target

30 June 1967. Thought for the Week: "We don't call in question God and Truth; we don't call in question our Country and its history; we don't call in question the Family and morality; we don't call in question the glory of Work and Duty.
Premier Salazar. Portugal.


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Britain, where he has been lecturing on the Common Market issue as well as putting the case for Rhodesia

"This week I gave 'An Australian View on The Common Market' to a meeting arranged by the Department of Extra-Mural Studies at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. The reaction to my address provided further confirmation of my view that a referendum of the British people on the Common Market proposal would see it decisively defeated. One Conservative Party supporter, a confused pro-Marketer, who had come 100 miles to hear me speak, admitted afterwards that the political and constitutional implications could not be easily brushed aside.
I have not met any supporter of British entry into the European Economic Community who has an answer to the statement of the former President of the Commission of the Community, Dr. Halistein that 'We are not in business to promote tariff preference to establish a discriminatory club, to form a larger market to make us richer, or a trading bloc to further our commercial interests. We are not in business at all: we are in politics.'

The type of politics may be judged by reference to the written Constitution of the E.E.C., the Treaty of Rome, which Britain was accepting in order to become a part of the Community. The Treaty states that the appointed, not elected, members of the powerful Commission, (operated at present by nine men) must not take any notice of National Governments, while article 189 outlines how the Commission governs by regulations.
Even a report, 'Legal and Constitutional Implications of United Kingdom Membership of the European Communities', presented to Parliament by the Lord High Chancellor, admits (page 8) that 'The constitutional innovation would lie in the acceptance in advance as part of the law of the United Kingdom of provisions to be made in the future by instruments issued by the Community institutions - a situation for which there is no precedent in this country.'
In other words, British entry into E.E.C. would mean the U.K. Government passing legislation to enable an all-powerful bureaucracy in Brussels to impose its policies in Britain through its own regulations.

It is impossible to get any pro-Marketer to state openly that he favours this surrender to an international bureaucracy. He generally mutters something about opponents 'exaggerating' the dangers, and talks loosely about the alleged economic benefits. However, no one will be specific and state which industries he thinks will benefit. But the Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Wilson, has been forced to admit that food prices would increase from 10 to 14 per cent.
If Britain gains entry to the E.E.C. Mr. Peart Minister for Agriculture, has stated that 'This increase will fall particularly heavy on those with small incomes and large families where food is the largest item in the domestic budget.'

As these and other facts become more widely known British resistance to joining the E.E.C. must grow. But the Major problem is how to get effective political expression of this resistance when a majority of all parties favour British entry to the E.E.C. The British face their greatest political problem in surmounting this obstacle.


With the firm establishment of the British League of Rights, the vision of the early pioneers of the League in Australia has been brought to reality. The League of Rights is now established in all the foundation members of the British Commonwealth, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. It has taken just on five years of dedicated effort to make this achievement possible, during which time the National Director of the League in Australia, Mr. Eric Butler, made five intensive international tours. There were many set backs, and at times progress appeared to be slow. But steadily the advance, based upon sound and tried principles, took place.

The Launching of the British League of Rights was formally announced in London on June 12, following an inspiring address by Mr. Eric Butler at the Australia Room of the Commonwealth Society. The announcement was made by Mr. A. Battams, who made it clear that no spectacular events were promised, only hard persistent work. The League would immediately concentrate on the Common Market and Rhodesian issues.
Special League literature would be produced.

In the meantime the League was advocating that British supporters subscribe to Mr. Ron Gostick's Canadian publications and to Rhodesia and World Report. The League has already issued a brochure containing the League's objectives and briefly explaining what it is about. Those who have British friends or relatives might inform them that the League's temporary address is 29 Bembridge Crescent, London. W. 11. Mr. Butler's current tour of Britain is being conducted under the auspices of the British League of Rights. He is finding a keen interest in this new type of organisation for British patriots.


"The British Foreign Secretary Mr. Brown, said with almost rash candour, that Britain's objectives in desiring to enter the Market was more political than economic." The Australian June 20.

If anyone needed confirmation of the statement by Professor Hallstein quoted earlier Mr. Brown has obliged. Ever since the early Fabians started to subvert British society, a long line of socialists of which Brown and Wilson are comparative newcomers have been intent upon destroying British parliamentary government, law and justice. Their objective is no different to their comrades in Moscow to whom they always rush to for advice when there are doubts on correct policy, as Mr. Brown did when the Middle East crisis blew up. Both want a world collective society.


"Lagging farmers will fail, says McMahon. "--"Many farmers would be caught in the cost-price squeeze and put out of business unless they increased productivity, the Federal Treasurer, Mr. McMahon said yesterday." The Australian June 20.

Arise you laggard farmers: Up off your spreading posteriors. Produce and save yourselves from obliteration: But wait, what is this we see scoring a bulls eye in the old spectrum, from the same page in the same paper: More words of wisdom, but strangely different from the oracles of financier McMahon.
"Record overall farm production this year has been predicted by a Commonwealth expert." (The plot thickens as we read further) "Mr. A.C. Maiden, Secretary of the Primary Industry Department, says production should be 3 percent higher than the previous record of 1964-65 and 15 percent above 1965-66."

In the cow yard they would have an expression for the mess our Federal Treasurer finds himself in up to his armpits. Talking to an intelligent sort of a sheepdog the other day he told me that over the years he has been rounding up more and more sheep each year and that things are not so bad in the sheep dog trade as the sheep are easier to catch. He reckons the fleeces are heavier each year and that slows 'em down. Seems that it is the same story in every other phase of farming according to his cousin doggies in the farming community. He reckons it's tougher on his master because although there are more bales of wool and bags of wheat each year there are fewer human beings around to handle them. When I told him what the big chief in Canberra said he gave a bit of a yelp as though his conscience had stung him for a moment taking a few minutes off from rounding up the woolies while talking to me. Then he saw the stupidity of it all, "Why doesn't he come and ask the experts. I'd put him right in no time." he said as he went off to grab a bewildered looking sheep with stick-out ears with tufts of wool coming out above them.


"Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin flew to Havana today for talks with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. It was a surprise ending to his Summit talks with President Johnson." The Herald June 27. Why so surprising? As Castro and Kosygin are concerned about the quickest possible method of destroying the Americans it is natural that they should confer.
And after exchanging views with fellow socialists in the White House, Mr. Kosygin would have plenty to report to Castro.

No doubt the agenda of the next tri-continental conference at Havana will benefit greatly from the progress report submitted by Kosygin to Castro. Of great interest to both Kosygin and Castro is the progress of revolutionary activity in South America. Activity, which would have been greatly hampered without the co-operation of the secret communists in the American State Department who helped Castro to establish his Communist base in Cuba. Mr. Johnson's advisers in the State Department have now been successful in implementing a "Common Market" in South America with huge grants of "dollar aid" to selected countries. Such aid will have strings attached. We can anticipate renewed resurgence of those "progressive" forces so dear to the hearts of Mr. Kosygin and Mr. Castro. We have no doubt that the talks at Glassboro, and then at Havana were quite down to earth.

Book of the Week

Race and Reason
by Carleton Putnam

The Race War is the weapon which the Communist conspiracy has used to destroy the stability of America and Africa. In the U.S. A. the ultimate objective is civil war, which judging by events is not far from fruition. In Political Intelligence Weekly June 22 evidence from U.S.A. of the causes of the Watts riots in 1965 is given. The insurrection was the work of a board, "composed of some forty to fifty Negroes sent by the Communists into the Los Angeles area...drawn from the elite of the Negro community. Included are physicians, attorneys, businessmen, professors, writers, and scholars."

The Race Revolution could not have been successful without the support of intellectuals who have been used to soften public opinion to accept the theory that racial tensions are caused by bigotry and that all men are in reality equal, i.e. if two or more races are found in the same environment there is no biological factor which should stop any from enjoying the same social, cultural and economic equality as well as moving towards the same genetic equality through first of all desegregation, and then intermarriage.

RACE and REASON examines closely the theories of Franz Boas the Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University who was mainly responsible for the growth of these theories. The book is written for the layman, and has a foreword by four eminent Anthropologists, and is hailed in the U.S. as the best of its kind.
Send to The HERITAGE BOOKSHOP, P.O. Box 1226L, Melbourne, Victoria.


"There must be clear recognition of the fact that the territory of three UN member States had been violated by another State represented in the UN deliberately and with premeditation" the King said. King Hussein speaking to the United Nations General Assembly, reported in The Age June 28.

It is now clear that Jordan one of the smallest Arab States in the Middle East will be the main loser from the recent military conflict. The Jordanians are a population of approx. two million in what is largely sandy desert. The Jews have made it clear they will retain the West bank of the Jordan, one of the few fertile areas in Jordan. The stories of Arab refugees fleeing from the area under the threat of intimidation from the Israeli's illustrate the intent of the Jews. The Arabs are to be completely dispossessed to ensure Jewish occupation of the area. The sum total of such policies will be increasing unrest in the Middle East, with the Communists exploiting the situation to their own advantage.

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