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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

7 July 1967. Thought for the Week: "Rightness expresses actions, what straightness does of lines; and there can no more be two-kinds of right action then there can be two kinds of straight lines.
Herbert Spencer.


Eric Butler reports from London on the eve of his departure for South Africa and Rhodesia.

"The Daily Telegraph of June 28 quotes British expert on the Middle East, Sir John Clubb, as expressing the view in a coming book that recent events in the Middle East have been a major victory for the Soviet Union. Sir John points out that the military defeat of the Arabs has made them even more dependent upon the Communists for military and other assistance. Other experts on the Middle East also agree with Sir John Clubb's realistic assessment of the situation as compared with the view of the superficial commentators that Communism has suffered a major set back.
"There are still many unanswered questions about what has really happened."

The immediate flash point which led to military conflict was produced when UN Secretary-General U Thant suddenly took it on himself, and obviously with the support of his top Communist officials at the UN, to agree to Nasser's demand that UN troops be removed immediately from the area they were patrolling. It becomes extremely unlikely that Nasser made any of his moves except in consultation with Moscow.

The main unanswered question is: Did the Soviet deliberately produce a crisis, which they knew would result in an Israeli victory?
There is no evidence that the Soviet Union desires the complete destruction of Israel. Soviet intelligence in Israel would surely have known that Israel would strike before the Arab nations were ready to attack.

One interesting item of news to come out of the crisis was that the Soviet has now stopped Russian Jews from migrating to Israel. It was not generally known previously that the Soviet was permitting Russian Jews to migrate to Israel

Already all the Western European nations have had it brought home to them that their oil supplies from the Middle East is in serious jeopardy. They have also discovered the vital importance of the sea-route around the Cape of Good Hope when the Suez Canal is closed. But it is certain that the use of this longer route from the Middle East to Western Europe is going to increase the price of oil and oil products.

On my way to address a meeting in Dublin this week I noted the evening press headlines, which stated that the price of petrol might be increased by 10 pence a gallon. An increase in the price of oil must stimulate still further the destructive inflationary policies in Western Europe. The time may not be far away when the nations of Western Europe discover that they can only obtain their oil supplies on the terms dictated by the Communists strategists.

The realities of the situation have even made an impact on British Foreign Minister Mr. George Brown, who has had to defy the extreme Left-wing of the Labour Party with his assurance to the Arabs that British military support will be provided if required after the British base at Aden has been closed. It is also generally recognised that at least some pretence must be made of criticising Israel at the UN in an attempt to prevent the Arabs from turning completely against the Western nations. But this means a stand against International Political Zionism.
A number of courageous anti-Zionist Jews have warned that the Western nations must take a firm stand against Political Zionist blackmail if they are to stabilise the Middle East.

The current crisis has brought out once again the vital question which has been raised in the past by anti-Zionist Jews: What is the position of Zionist Jews in the countries in which they live when the policies of these countries conflict with the policies of Israel?
How can there be such a thing as a dual loyalty?

I am informed that Zionist Jews in Rhodesia have caused widespread resentment amongst Rhodesians with a demand that they be permitted to send funds out of the country to help Israel. Rhodesians point out that they object to their urgently required financial reserves being used to help a foreign country, which has been a vociferous opponent of Rhodesian Independence.

The present situation in the Middle East has enabled me to show British and Irish audiences that the very survival of Western Europe depends upon Southern Africa remaining under the control of Governments loyal to Western Civilisation. While it is true, as Sir John Glubb has said that Communist strategy has been further advanced as a result of the Middle East crisis, it has also made it easier to show people the reality of what is happening. We can only work on in the hope that sufficient awakening and appropriate action will come before it is too late.


"Ky is running scared and crooked" Headline to Warner article in Melbourne Herald June 30.
"Ky Step down is Cause for Rejoicing." Headline in same paper the following day, July 1.

In an election which was forced on Vietnam by the "World Opinion" formed by the world press and the minions employed to form that 'opinion' Air Marshal Ky is being cast in the role of the villain. He is being afforded the same treatment, by the same men that were handed out to President Diem. Under Diem the South Vietnamese were defeating the Communists. The Americans prior to his assassination had only a handful of advisers in Saigon. With his death the country was leaderless and quickly disintegrated and the Communists made their greatest gains.
The architects of this disaster have their role written in history, but chief amongst them was 'Henry Cabot Lodge the American Adviser whose advice resulted in the withdrawal of financial support, thus giving the all clear to Diem's enemies.

But even so without the Warner's, Lippman's and others it is doubtful if they would have felt secure. In those days Warner was writing almost exactly what he is now writing about Ky. "President Diem, has served only to give a false veneer of respectability to one of the most sinister, ruthless power groups to disgrace the modern Asian scene." Herald September 11, 1963.

In the place of Cabot Lodge is Ellsworth Bunker with even a worse history of pro-Communist policy making. But A.M. Ky is proving an astute opponent for the Warner's and for Mr. Bunker. The whole of Australia must be chortling at the about-face forced upon Warner in those two headlines. Humility is something Mr. Warner does not understand, and the decision of A.M. Ky to step out of the Presidential battle was quite possibly an example of strength and humility, which will defeat both the Warner's and the Communists, as well as bunker the Bunker's.


"Moise Tschombe, the former Premier of the Congo, is headed for almost certain death by a firing squad," The Herald July 4.

The kidnapping of Moise Tschombe from a British aircraft hijacked by communist thugs without a word of protest from "World Leaders" or that "shocked conscience" which is always so evident whenever Communist plans or hirelings are threatened with justice, is an act of barbarism which must nauseate the strongest of stomachs among loyal patriots.
Only those who have lost contact with the norms of loyalty and patriotism can derive any comfort should Moise Tshombe, anti-Communist, devout Christian, lover of family and nation, - be destroyed by the enemies of civilisation.

Those who gloat in anticipation of his impending end such as Mr. John Tidey, correspondent to The Age July 5, are to be pitied. After describing Tschombe as a "turncoat" African leader, and repeating the old lie that Tshombe was the murderer of former Congo Premier, Patrice Lumumba, Tidey writes what could be described as the epitaph of civilisation.
"If the executioner finally gets him there'll be celebrations throughout black Africa - and in certain UN quarters as well."


"A Melbourne radical journal has received money from an organisation backed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency." The Age July 1.

If there is anyone in need of disillusionment about the C.I.A. as an instrument to fight communism, this latest revelation should shatter all such misconceptions. The radical journal referred to is Dissent, which represents the Fabian socialist viewpoint. Its contributors are obsessed with presenting living death (planned control from the cradle to the grave) as the only acceptable form of organised society. As a sideline they take it upon themselves to attack and smear those concerned with preserving the free society.
Particular attention has been paid to the League of Rights, and any other individual or organisation loosely described as extreme right.

This example of how American funds are spent should bring home to Australians the problem. American conservatives have at home where government funds find their way into the hands of those promoting communism. But it is a natural result of the 'welfare from cradle to grave' through high taxation policy.

Book of the Week

by E.L. Hebden-Taylor M.A.

If you ever had any doubts about the rightness of Christians supporting the principle of Capital Punishment, this small booklet (30 pages) will dispel them. Send to Heritage Bookshop Box 1226L, P.O. Melbourne. Victoria.


"The recent $90 million sale for wheat to Communist China on cash terms has intrigued senior officials and diplomats in Canberra." Stock and Land, June 7.

It has been the usual practice of the Chinese Communists to ask for extended terms. This sale for cash has intrigued observers and officials. Increasing agitation in S.E. Asia and especially Hong Kong could well be the cause of the sale if the Chinese intend further territorial expansion. It is pointed out that if the Chinese move against Hong Kong the British could freeze their assets there, and payment for what comes from funds held in Hong Kong and London.

Recent disturbances in Burma reveal the pattern of organised Chinese Communist violence which are a prelude to gaining concessions such as were obtained in Portuguese Macao. Recent radio reports over the ABC indicate the possibility of Communist puppet Dr. Soekarno being reinstated in Indonesia as resident. He has never been stripped of those powers. His return would herald the resurgence of the Communists as once again a major force in Indonesia.
"Containing" Communism is a policy, which will never defeat Communism.


Members of three big building unions in nation wide ballots have voted 'yes' for amalgamation into a giant 100, 000 member union." The Herald July 4.

Such an amalgamation of building unions represents a major victory to the Communist conspiracy. Major upheavals in the building industry will vitally affect every branch of Australian Industry. There has never been hitherto national control of this vital industry. All unions have been organised on a State basis.

The first objectives will be an attack on the economic base of our sick economy. The attack, which will take the form of agitation for increased margins and a reduced working week, will give tremendous stimulation to inflationary pressures. The fact that no section of the Australian society will benefit is assured by past history. Only the centralisers stand to gain.


With the European Common Market uppermost in our minds it is appropriate for us to consider this question. The British, who have never had a written constitution in the same sense as Australia and America, will, if they are accepted into the E.C.M. exchange this state of affairs for a very definite form of constitutional government as visualised in the Rome Treaty.

In the traditional acceptance of constitutional limitations we have always accepted this as a means of limiting the power of the executive. However constitutions can work both ways depending on the way they are interpreted. In the Rome Treaty however the balance is weighted against the individual. The Rome Treaty sets out to do one thing, to confirm the power of the executive at the expense of the individual.
The Australian and American constitutions on the other hand set out to restrict the power of the executive and retain maximum freedom for the individual.

At first it may be considered that the country without a written constitution suffers a great disadvantage. However there are two points of view at least, which are relevant when considering if this is so. A nation is only as sound as the general acceptance of moral and spiritual guideposts. In Britain these were tangible enough even if not contained in a specific written constitution. While such laws as are contained in Magna Charta and the Bill of Rights were accepted in the spirit of an unwritten constitution but nevertheless just as binding, the British enjoyed as much freedom, or more, than any other peoples anywhere in the world.
There was always sufficient numbers of clear-sighted individuals prepared to fight for inherent rights. This is, after all still the issue as regards the Rome Treaty.

On the other hand a written constitution for a time may hold off the assaults of the totalitarians, but as the American constitution has proved, this can only be so long as the executive and the guardians of the laws of the land are in the hands of men of integrity who are also steeped in an understanding of freedom.

The written constitution in America has been perverted and there is no doubt intentionally as Rosalee Gordon's valuable book Nine Men Against America (obtainable Heritage Bookshop) makes clear. The Australian Constitution has not suffered to the same extent.

But there is no doubt that judgments tend to reflect the trends of the time, and there is a strong need for a revival of the spirit, which brought our constitution into existence. The V.P.A. 's are the only manifestation of this spirit at the moment in our Australian community. We face a tremendous challenge.

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