Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

4 August 1967. Thought for the Week: "What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears...Three weeks of Press work and the truth is acknowledged by everybody...No tamer has the animals more under his power. Unleash the people as reader-mass and it will storm through the streets and hurl itself upon the target indicated, terrifying and breaking windows; a hint by the Press staff and it will become quiet and go home. ''
Oswald Spengler in "The Decline of the West."


"If you go in, you will do so, in effect, unconditionally except for some not very precise expectations...Speaking frankly, and, I hope, with proper respect, I have never been able to understand why, when Great Britain, 10 years ago, had the chance to become a foundation member of that community, at a time when France was economically distressed and when Great Britain might have achieved favorable terms in relation to the Commonwealth, you found arguments against membership conclusive; whereas now, with a strongly revived France, an overwhelming majority of all your parties rejects those arguments as insubstantial." - Sir Robert Menzies speaking to the Ditchley Foundation, at Enstone, Oxfordshire, England. Reported in The Age, July 29.

What moved Sir Robert to come out so strongly on this vital issue? He had made it clear that having retired from politics he would not enter into political controversy. Now he has with a vengeance, and put the cat amongst the pigeons in no uncertain manner. The cartoonists and the kept columnists such as Bruce Grant in The Age have been as vicious as they can be.
The fevered imagination of Mr. Grant endeavoured to find a parallel between the invasion of Canadian sovereignty by DeGaulle and the action of a senior statesman of the Commonwealth in talking to a fellow member on a domestic issue of grave importance.
The theme of several cartoonists depicts Sir Robert as a Nelson oblivious to the realities of the world, which have passed him by.
The penetrating comments of Australia's former Prime Minister are no longer true because time has moved on!

Prominence has been given to the criticisms of Dr. Patterson the Labour member for Dawson, and Sir William Gunn, the architect of the Wool Bureaucracy and trade with Red China advocate. The Australian, following true to its policy shown on the front page each day, a red Australia, criticised Sir Robert for deprecating the way new Commonwealth members meddle in each others affairs.
If nations were not allowed to meddle in each other's affairs there would be no basis for revolution. Socialists the world over are united on this theme.

Sir Robert's remarks need the widest publication, and we trust they will get just that. In pointing to the English speaking nations and asking for leadership, he merely posed the question. Is there still leadership material there? If not, we hope he will supply it.

JOINING THE COMMON MARKET - or - What the Treaty of Rome Means

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"In Havana a gathering of Castro Communists begin plans for making more "Vietnams" in the Americas. For the first time they will be talking seriously about revolution in the United States." - The Australian. August 1.
The meeting was attended by Stokely Carmichael, the Ho Chi Minh of the Communist revolution in America.

In a recent television interview the former Communist Premier of U.S.S.R., Mr. Khrushchev, when asked to comment on the Cuban affair in which he played such a prominent part, said he looked upon it as a major victory over the Americans as he had extracted from President Kennedy a promise that the Americans would not invade Cuba if he removed his missiles and rockets from Cuba.

The success of the Communists in establishing a base on Cuba was important in every way to their campaign in America and South America. It served as notice that the American nation was vulnerable and that the Communist apparatus was firmly established there. For it is the same advisers, and the same press, which sold the American people the fallacious story that Cuba was a great victory for Kennedy which today are studiously telling the American people any story but the part which the organised Communist conspiracy is playing in the riots. The fact is that the liberal movement in America, which paved the way for Castro's success in Cuba has been responsible also for building the Negro question into an edifice to be used for revolutionary activity.

Just recently The Australian July 17 reported the grant by the Ford Foundation of $440,000 to the Congress of Racial Equality, (CORE) which has been one of the movements for Black Power posing as a promoter of civil rights for oppressed Negroes. Money from similar sources has been the means of promoting over a long period of time the "Civil Rights" campaign. Just as here in Australia the Liberal Reform Party in the last election, and at the recent Corio by-election, had "money to burn" to promote the Communist anti-Vietnam line (the Ramparts reproduction, Children of Vietnam $l0,000 alone) there is no lack of money in any part of the world when it comes to promoting revolution.

"Vietnams in America", is almost the completion of the full circle of Communist strategy for the encirclement of America, the final stage of world conflict.

IT'S VERY SIMPLE - The True Story of Civil Rights by Alan Stang

Fully documented. A complete exposure of the numerous front organisations created by the Communist conspiracy in America to work for the present state of civil war.

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"University students hooted, jeered and heckled Mr. Holt during his l1/2-hour address. The students rained paper darts on Mr. Holt throughout the lecture. The Prime Minister's voice was often drowned out completely during the speech." - Extracts from The Age, July 1.

Allied to the campaign to collect funds for the Viet Cong, it is evident that a strong pocket of dedicated revolutionary material has been nurtured in our Universities. In the immediate context there should be no hesitation by the authorities to deal through the due processes of the law with individuals in the university guilty of throwing missiles, whoever they are thrown at. Hooliganism is hooliganism wherever it is practiced. However, there are two other important aspects in the growing lawlessness of University students.

There is the growing breakdown in responsibility, or the lack of it, exercised by the administrators of the University who insist that students are put in a special category. There is no chain of authority between the Government, which authorises the funds indispensable to the operation of the University. Any Government, which refuses to insist on the acceptance of standards of discipline within our educational institutions, is shirking its responsibility.

Also it appears that there is a close liaison between University students and the staff in supporting anti-Government activity. According to newspaper reports, the president of the Monash Labor Club, Martha Campbell is married to a lecturer. While, in Melbourne University the Student Representative Council was able to enclose appeal slips in the pay packets of the University staff appealing for funds to aid their collection towards helping North Vietnam and South Vietnam.


President de Gaulle launched a Canadian tour last night with praise for the French-Canadian separatists and a tacit offer of French help for their cause. The Age July 25.

Commentators have depicted De Gaulle's actions and speeches in Canada as a blunder. Such is not the case; they are perfectly in line with his long-term policies of aiding the Communist conspiracy at least since the Second World War. It would be infantile to believe that de Gaulle was not aware of the real forces behind the separatist movement in Canada. Or that he is unaware of the extent of the penetration of the Canadian Government by pro-Communist nominees. Reprinted in the August edition of Intelligence Survey (along with Mr. Gostick's article on Race Revolution) is a far ranging survey of the Canadian scene.

The activities of the Biculturalism Commission appointed by Prime Minister Pearson in 1965, have been to activate differences between the French and English speaking Canadians. Members of the Commission have long records of pro-Communist activity. The present Minister for Justice appointed by Pearson is a staunch Castro supporter. He is Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who in 1960 was apprehended by the American Coast Guard off the coast of Key, West Florida, when he was trying to paddle a canoe to Cuba. That he was not there just for the fishing can be judged on his view of justice today.
"Justice should be regarded more and more as a department planning for the society of tomorrow."
This is the Marxist concept of utilising every instrument to promote the Communist society.

President de Gaulle knew what sort of waters he would be fishing in when he went to Canada.

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