Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

18 August 1967. Thought for the Week: "At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities."
Lord Acton.


"The adult operators pushing the students from behind use the slogans of 'academic freedom' and 'right of dissent' to establish a new civil right - the right to aid enemies fighting Australian soldiers." - Senator McManus in a letter to The Age August 15.

This campaign of justifying and making treason respectable has all the earmarks of a classical exercise in dialectical materialism, the philosophy of Communism. Dialectical materialism has as its objective the interpretation and promotion of any policy or viewpoint favourable to communism as moral - while those opposed to Communists or any policy they are promoting are necessarily depicted as immoral.

To the Communist such people are opposed to what is right and must be denounced. Thus Mr. Francis James, who depicts himself as a Christian editor and a loyalist as he seeks to undermine both concepts, uses arguments, which he boasts he can channel through his own private pipeline to Hanoi. As a long time apologist for Hanoi and Ho chi-Minh he was reported in the Melbourne Sun, August 9,
"...every Australian soldier in Vietnam and member of the Government were guilty of a breach of International law."
The students readily adopted the theme, and their standard answer to the charge that they are aiding the enemy against their fellow Australians is that the guilt really lies with those opposing Communism in Vietnam.

Senator McManus is right in asking that the adults using inexperienced students to promote treason be made responsible. As indicated in On Target last week the corruption and destruction of traditional values has largely resulted from the infiltration and subversion of key institutions by Fabian Socialists. The Communist conspiracy could never have been successful without the white anting tactics of these intellectual socialists who fulfill the dictum of Lenin, "We must capture the student mind."
Monash University, where this present row erupted, is a classical example.

Co-Editors of "Dissent", the Fabian journal, are lecturers Ian Ward and Leon Glezer, from the faculties of Economics and Politics. Graeme Duncan from the same department is on the advisory committee of Dissent. In a recent edition of Arena described on its flyleaf as "A Marxist Journal of criticism and discussion", a contributor was John Playford from the same department at Monash. Another contributor to the same edition is Mr. Doug Kirsner. A Mr. Doug Kirsner, of the Melbourne University Labour Club, has played a prominent role in the present campaign to raise funds for the Vietcong. A Mrs. Martha Campbell is the President of the Monash University Labour Club. It is reported that she is the wife of a lecturer at the University.
In the Melbourne Herald of July 27 Mr. K.R. Campbell, lecturer in history at Monash, was bracketed with Mrs. Campbell's name.

Taxpayers are entitled to a full-scale investigation of just what is being taught at Universities. In the long run the only answer to such a situation is the stripping of taxing powers from governments so that individuals may demand and obtain the education they desire for their children. At the moment they have no choice and are bulldozed into the position that what is being offered as higher education today is essential to progress. The result is a ghastly retrogression threatening the destruction of society.


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Rhodesia:

"In an exclusive interview with Mr. Ian Smith on August 5, the Rhodesian Prime Minister told me that he was convinced that his country was holding a front line for the West against the pressure of International Communism. Mr. Smith said that Communist infiltration into Africa was growing, and that Communism was at the root of the vicious international campaign against Rhodesia.
Other points made by Prime Minister Smith were:
There was a big build up of Red Chinese in Tanzania; he wondered at times whether Mr. Harold Wilson might not be some type of fellow traveler; he feared an economic collapse in neighbouring Zambia because Africans were being given important positions they could not uphold; and that he welcomed the concept of a Southern Hemisphere military alliance between the European nations, including Australia and New Zealand.

"The visit of Dr. Hastings Banda to Taiwan has been warmly welcomed in Rhodesia. It is seen as a move offsetting the visit of Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia to Peking and the growing links between Red China, Tanzania and Zambia.
Further encouraging news for the Rhodesians has been the announcement that former American Senator Barry Goldwater will be visiting Rhodesia later in the year, and that a group of Congressmen are also making a tour. Growing tourism has been a vital contribution to the Rhodesian campaign to survive the international economic war. With the new jet air service between Australia and South Africa, all Australians traveling by air to any part of Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, should seriously consider traveling through South Africa and Rhodesia. The financial cost is very little extra and the traveler can see for himself two of the most-discussed countries in the world. There is much of tremendous interest to see.

"As this report is being written the Sunday press exports that there is further furore in South Africa concerning my recent tour under the auspices of the Friends of Rhodesia and the National Congress against Communism. It is clear that my call for the Friends of Rhodesia to take their place in the international strategy we are developing has touched some deep sensitive nerve centres. My numerous press smearers have no objections to South Africans spending their time and money organising to provide cotton wool for Rhodesia. But they are terrified at the thought of finance being raised to help the international anti-Communist psychological and propaganda war on behalf of Rhodesia.
It is encouraging to report that increasing numbers of South Africans and Rhodesians realise that this war must be fought and won."


"In a movie film made at Dacha, or country home near Moscow, Khrushchev gave his view of The Cuban Missile Crisis. He believed he scored a victory by obtaining a pledge from President Kennedy not to attack Cuba in exchange for removing Russian rockets." - The Age July 13.

In an interesting comment on President Kennedy later in the interview, Khrushchev said he "was a real Statesman" who would never have let the U.S. get into the present situation in Vietnam. From Khrushchev that cannot be taken as a kindly epitaph, but should be seen more in the light of his remark when he returned from his tour of U.S.A.
"We spit in their eyes and they only think it is dew."

The important lesson to be learnt from Khrushchev gloating over his Cuban victory is that this was another successful application of the Communist philosophy of dialectical materialism, a fundamental aspect of which is contained in the tactic described as "one step backward, two steps forward".

A communist base in the Americas was essential to the fulfillment of their strategy of surrounding the U.S.A. The open supplying of missiles, rockets etc. to Cuba, with press and world wide publicity playing the necessary role of fermenting the required crisis, brought the "humiliating" retreat by Khrushchev and the agreement to withdraw the missiles, (one step backwards) in exchange for the pledge given by Kennedy, and thus the assurance that Communist henchman, Castro, could proceed unimpeded to establish a base for subversion, the training of revolutionaries to be injected into the whole of the Americas and Canada. This has proceeded apace and thus fulfilled the two steps (or should we say twenty!) forward.

We are being played for the same type of sucker over Vietnam with the pledge given by the Australian and American Governments that they "do not wish to destroy Communism in North Vietnam". With their bases granted to them as secure the Communists know they cannot be defeated. It is just a matter of time. The question is, will we wake up in time?

Book of the Week

By Manning Johnson

The present race riots in America are being blamed upon social conditions. Unemployment, ghetto living, too many rats, etc. etc. The late Manning Johnson was an educated American Negro who threw in his lot with the Communists - until he discovered how they were only using him and his people to forward their revolutionary activity. An important testimony from one who knew the truth. Send to:- Heritage Bookshop, P.O. Box 1226L, Melbourne. 3001


Important Subject for Australian League of Rights Annual Seminar.

Distinguished guest speakers will submit papers. Dr. Sir Raphael Cilento Kt., M.D., B.S., D.T.M&H, F.R. Hist, S.Q. - Subject: "Africa in the Context of Communist Global Strategy". Mrs. E.A. Taylor, B.A. Eng.Hons. (Lond) Dip.Econ. (Witwatersrand) - Subject: "Problems and Promises in Tribal Africa". Mr. Eric D. Butler, National Director Australian League of Rights. - Subject: "The Betrayal of Rhodesia".

Date: Sept. 9. Place: Federal Hotel, "Empire Room", beginning 2pm. Two sessions in afternoon, one in the evening. $l-OO per person; 50 cents single sessions; half fees students.

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