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Edmund Burke
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On Target

25 August 1967. Thought for the Week: "Any Government which gets so big that it can give you everything you want, will also be so big that it can take everything you've got."
William E. Miller.


"We will do everything in our power to prevent any material aid being conveyed to the Communist National Liberation Front; Prime Minister Harold Holt in the Federal Parliament on August 16.

Loyal Australians will applaud Mr. Holt's statement as far as it goes. He was speaking about the plan of Australian University students to send material aid to the Viet Cong. But the distressing truth is that Mr. Holt also made it clear that he refuses to consider any action to weaken one of the major bases, Red China, from which the Viet Cong obtains real material aid.
Dedicated Left-wing spokesman, Dr. Jim Cairns, M.P., made a deadly thrust when he asked the Prime Minister if the Attorney-General, Mr. Bowen, would, while examining the legal position of the University supporters of the Viet Cong, also examine the legal position of the people who sold tallow and steel worth $7 million to North Vietnam and wheat worth $500 million to Communist China.
Mr. Holt's attempted reply can only bring a chill to all those who understand the nature of Communist warfare.

He said that Dr. Cairns knew "Australia was not at war with China and there was no declared state of war with North Vietnam."
Irrespective of what Mr. Holt says, and he is merely echoing President Johnson, the reality is that the Communist Conspiracy is waging war against Australians, and Americans in South Vietnam.

The Soviet Union and Red China are the two main bases from which the war is being sustained, with North Vietnam as a minor base. Every material assistance of these bases is therefore assistance to the enemy fighting Australians and Americans in South Vietnam. Failure to act in accordance with this reality is a policy of treason for which Mr. Holt's Government may pay dearly in more electoral defeats similar to the one suffered in Corio; and in the process sacrifice Australia's future.


Mr. Race Matthews, 32, of Croydon Vic., has been appointed private secretary to the Federal Opposition Leader, Mr. Whitlam." - The Sun, August 22.

Mr. Matthews is secretary of the Victorian Fabian Society. Until his appointment as Mr. Whitlam's secretary he had been a teacher in the Victorian Education Department. Needless to say he has been prominent in Labour Party politics and can be classified among that new breed of "Labour" men who intellectualise on socialism. So many of them combining politics with "education".

Mr. Whitlam, in choosing Mr. Matthews for this key post indicates his own affinity with Fabian Socialism hailed by George Bernard Shaw as the key force to make "Russia a great Fabian State". In a recent address to the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Victoria, Mr. Whitlam reiterated his contention to use section 96 of the Constitution as a means of "competing" with private enterprise. In effect this is the selective use of the government's power in the credit field to put free enterprise at a disadvantage to government "enterprise".
We understand the J.C's gave Mr. Whitlam a rousing ovation at the end of his talk.

Being the young businessmen of this generation, many have been fed on the glories of the planned society, no doubt absorbing the theories promoted in the political and economics faculties from which the present excrescence on Vietnam is emerging. Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Matthews no doubt feel they are well within attaining the objective of the Fabian Society, the classless (unless you happen to be a politician or an intellectual), socialistic, one world society.


"Malaysia will surrender if attacked by China, the deputy Premier and Defence Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, told the Malaysian Parliament today." - The Australian August 22.

Tun Abdul Razak was doing no more than state the reality of the situation, which would prevail in South East Asia if Western nations left the small Asian states defenceless against Communist imperialism. However, we do not think his frank statement will make any difference to the Frances James', the Rev. Alan Walker's etc. etc. who continually call for a "peace" which will ensure an open go for the Communists to absorb the whole of Asia.

In the light of the statement made by Tun Abdul Razak, those anti-Communist nations in Asia fighting with the Americans and Australians in Vietnam must view with increasing discomfort the policies of compromise pursued in America and Australia. At the same time we wonder how much Abdul Razak's statement was influenced by reports of material aid to the Viet Cong coming out of Australia. No doubt they feel in Malaysia with the deterioration setting in inside places like Australia, it might be time they gave notice they are willing to shift over to the winning side if necessary.


"Britain was indirectly helping communist forces who were fighting to take over Rhodesia, the Prime Minister, Mr. Smith, said last night. He said, 'There is no doubt that the root of our trouble is communism."
Mr. Smith was speaking in a recorded radio interview with the director-general of the Australian League of Rights, Mr. E. Butler, who recently visited Rhodesia." - The Australian, August 18.
Mr. Smith made the point that it was difficult to believe that the actions of the British Government were completely communist inspired, but "the forces who are in the main opposed to us and receive support from the British Government, and many other Western Nations, are completely communist."

Mr. Smith was touching on that point which so many find so hard to understand. Especially those living in the comparative freedom of a place like Australia.
The question is often put, "How can you seriously suggest that Communism is such a threat? Socialism in Britain is one thing, but they are not Communists."

The policies supported and pursued by any power group irrespective of name are the only realistic measurement of what motivates those in control. In this respect there is no doubt where the sympathies of the British Government lie in regard to Rhodesia. The Communists advocate one man one vote and economic sanctions as a justifiable policy in regard to Rhodesia.
Where do the British differ? Only in the degree to which the policies are administered, but the end result would be the same, disintegration and chaos, Nigerian and Congo style.


"Flee to Canada is the advice offered U.S. youth unwilling to serve in the military forces of Uncle Sam. The advice comes from the Toronto-based Student Union for Peace Action." - By courtesy of the Canadian Intelligence Research Dept. taken from The Telegram in U.S.A.

Australians are concerned about the revolutionary activities of student bodies advocating various forms of support for the Communist foe in Vietnam. An enemy, which seeks the destruction of free societies from within as well as without. One classical strategy employed by aggressors everywhere is to divide and destroy. By this example, Canada, in offering harbour to Communist sympathisers from the U.S.A., shows a clear case of the disunity on which Communism feeds. Had there been Commonwealth solidarity on the threat from aggression in Vietnam, as there has been in the past when any member of the Commonwealth stood firmly for freedom, the story in Vietnam would be different. The disintegration within Canada has gone far and deep, as the survey published in Intelligence Survey for August shows.

Book of the Week

by A.T. Culwick

This book is classified "fiction". It is, for the characters are fictitious. Written humorously, sorrowfully, tragically, by the author of the brilliant "Britannia Waives the Rules", it is more than a life-like story of the fictitious state of Mobutu, anywhere in Africa, when the white man leaves and the black man takes over. Send to Heritage Bookshop, P.O. Box 1226L, Melbourne 3001.


"The Premier (Sir Henry Bolte) said the Commonwealth Budget still left problems for the States. 'They haven't increased their charges. But this leaves us to do it."' - The Age August 16.

The political implications of the inflationary weapon deliberately built in and sustained by economists of the Coombs-Wilson variety are socialist, i.e. they are designed to destroy private property and the right of ownership, initiative and freedom.
Banking and finance budgeting could just as easily reverse the inflationary weapon, which is the successful basis for revolutionary activity, as it does to promote inflation. It all depends upon the philosophy of the promoters.


Three brilliant speakers: Dr. Sir Raphael Cilento, Kt. Mr. Eric D. Butler and Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor. All worth going a long way to hear.
Friday, September 9, commencing 2 p.m. Federal Hotel, 547 Collins Street, Melbourne.
Write to -Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne 3001 for details.
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