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Edmund Burke
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On Target

1 September 1967. Thought for the Week: Battles are not won by arms alone. There must exist above all a spiritual impulse, a will to victory. In war there can be no substitute for victory."
General Douglas MacArthur.


"Mr. Hasluck said it was largely because of the diplomacy of the great powers - particularly the United States and the Soviet Union - there had not been another war." - The Sun, August 22.

With the combination of academician and politician, plus a pretension towards conservative politics, Mr. Hasluck either lacks the ability to understand the nature and tactics of communism, or he is only a paler version of the more ruthless politico-academics so vigorously promoting the Communist viewpoint to the advantage of Ho Chi-Minh, Messrs Kosygin, Castro and others of their ilk.
While Mr. Hasluck adds his voice to the propaganda depicting the USSR as amenable to reason and who is gradually changing to our way of thinking; the facts show the opposite. They show in fact that the USSR is the springboard for most of the revolutionary activity around the world.

A quick check of the press in the last week illustrates the truth.
"Soviet flies in jet fighters to Nigeria." The Age, August 21.
"Hanoi MiGs now based in China. " The Herald, August 28.
"Russian trigger in Aden bomb." The Australian, August 24.
"The Cuban Government is engaged in an interesting experiment in its efforts to start Communist revolutions in a number of Latin American countries. Economically, it is still relying on aid and trade with the Soviet Union." The Herald, July 26.
"Rhodesian troops killed 14 terrorists and captured eight. Nine more were captured ... The men were trained in Russia, China, Algeria and Tanzania." The Herald, August 23.

The above is only a random selection of the evidence available for Mr. Hasluck to ponder. It is no wonder that Mr. Hasluck's opposite academic in the national parliament, Dr. Jim Cairns, expresses a great deal of satisfaction with the progress of the forces opposing the Government's Vietnam policy. In a broadcast in Melbourne and reported in the Melbourne Age, August 14, Dr. Cairns said,
"We have as many friends in America as the Government and their influence is rising while the influence of the friends of the Government is declining ... if negotiations with the NLF started within a year, the Prime Minister (Mr. Holt) would be supporting Labour policy."

Unlike Mr. Hasluck, Dr. Cairns understands fully the implications of the " no-win, war of containment" policy to which we are committed in Vietnam. Our position must deteriorate, while the Communists improve theirs. Meanwhile in a dozen different trouble spots the USSR is pursuing her revolutionary programme, assured of the gullibility of western politicians who swallow the phony " peace " bait.


"The Managing Director of Broken Hill Company Pty. Ltd., Sir Ian McLennan, said last night that it was inconceivable that the tinplate exported to China by BHP could be used for anything other than kitchen utensils, toys and torch batteries. " - The Australian, August 29.

It is not so much the supplying of material aid to the Communists, which will destroy us, but the psychological victory obtained by the enemy. Even so, the question of material aid goes far beyond the latest question of supplying tinplate. If the full picture of all the different forms of aid sent from the West to Communist countries since the last war could be compiled it would be shown how right Lenin was in predicting we could be forced to finance our own destruction.
In a thousand and one different forms of expression the Communists tell us that their objective is to destroy our freedom. At no other period in history has an aggressor in violent word and deed been given such aid by his intended victim to perform his bloody deed. If our Government disagrees with the clearly expressed view by General Douglas MacArthur in our 'Thought for the Week' heading this journal, then they should honestly tell our fighting men, "Look, we believe you have to fight this enemy, but at the same time we must accede to their request for physical aid to enable them to fight back effectively."


The Australian, August 24.
Having debased themselves for so many years before the Chinese Communists, the British are now reaping the harvest of their weakness towards an enemy who only understands the weapons of strength and determination. The British have shown themselves willing to co-operate to the full with the Chinese Communists. Besides diplomatic recognition and trade without restriction, large quantities of war material are shipped in British vessels to Haiphong.

In the prophetic words written by Dr. Goddard as he got them from Chang Lao, a senior Chinese official who defected from the Communists: "Do you realise that Peking had a definite contempt for England? Mao and the other top men in Peking never lose an opportunity to lash out at America but beneath it all they have a far greater respect for Washington than for London." (P.55)
"One thing is certain, ... If America ever comes to terms with Peking, then Mao will have gained his greatest triumph." (P.70)

Men like Dr. Cairns are now confident this will take place. Written in 1956, the above words with the following are a warning and a prophecy: "Mao hopes that when there is another Labour Government in England, it will bring pressure on America to come to terms with Peking. More than that, he hopes to use that Government in his designs on Northern Australia."
... "Mao hopes, ... that some future Labour Government in England, as I told you before, will withdraw all its forces from both Malaya and Singapore on the ground that these conflict with the complete independence of those countries. Then the way will be open for Peking to take over. After Singapore it will be Indonesia where Mao's agents are very active, especially among the students. There is a regular flow of these to Peking, undergoing training. Then New Guinea."

In the light of these words Britain's East of Suez policy is shown in its real light. The fact is that British leadership now is almost as Marxist in thought as Mao Tse -tung's. The British people are demonstrating their real feelings to the degrading policies of their political masters in the present clashes with Chinese officials in London, but short of a political revolution taking place to clean out the Fabian leadership, their lot will be continued betrayal.


"In Central Java the military commander, Major General Surono, has warned of efforts by Communists to split the Armed Services. These were well planned, he said." - The Australian, August 25.

In the same report the Indonesian Government said they had uncovered a communist plot to restore Dr. Sukarno to power. It is obvious from watching the cable reports that the Communists are now regrouping ready to stage a comeback in Indonesia. Some observers concede that within two years the Communists could be the dominant political force within Indonesia. In analysing their mistakes the Indonesian Communists concede they made a mistake in attempting a coup in Jakarta two years ago. They are now determined to rebuild their ranks and prepare for protracted guerilla warfare.

According to The Australian, July 10, a statement was issued on behalf of 500 Indonesian Communists meeting in Peking. The report indicates the type of self-analysis undertaken by the Communists in the face of any defeat has been applied thoroughly to the failure in Indonesia. The result will be the establishment of a tighter, greater disciplined force within Indonesia, which will not make the same mistakes again. In the light of the continually announced policy of the West that they will never challenge Communism in China, the preparations by the Indonesian Communists there can go on unmolested and they are able to send without hindrance highly trained cadres into Indonesia. No doubt they do their training in quarters roofed with Australian iron.


"A group of Monash University students plans to test Federal legislation prohibiting sending aid to North Vietnam by taking up another collection today - The Age, August 30.

We have already commented in On Target, August 18, on the influence of Fabian lecturers in fashioning the ideas held by students under their control. In his book Steps Toward the Monopoly State, Mr. Eric Butler quotes George Bernard Shaw on the role of Fabian infiltration into key institutions. Talking about ideas, Shaw said that such ideas " would never have come into their heads had not the Fabians put them there."

Steps Toward the Monopoly State is a reprint of leading articles written by Mr. Butler for the Melbourne Argus in 1948, is obtainable from The Heritage Bookshop, P.O. Box 1226L, Melbourne. 14 cents posted.


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