Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 Sept 1967. Thought for the Week: "Never has a stronger spirit of optimism prevailed within the Communist movement than exists today. This optimism is based not on wishful thinking but on actual trends and developments which the Communists interpret as strengthening their ability to undermine America's security and freedom."
Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation, in address on "Faith, Freedom and Law" on June 8.


"...because the U.S. Government is the prisoner of a policy which commits it to the maintenance of the status quo and nothing more, it is prevented from finishing off the war in Vietnam through a policy that would result in the seizure of North Vietnamese ports and the carrying of the war to the borders of North Vietnam and Communist China…The American policy of strict defence of the status quo lost the peace in Korea in 1951, even though the war had been won. The same thing will happen in South Vietnam." - V.L. Borin, former leading Communist from Czechoslovakia, one of the world's greatest living authorities on Marxism-Leninism, in an article from Christian Order, London, reprinted in The Wanderer, U.S.A., of July 13.

The recent decision by the U.S. Senate military preparedness committee, strongly criticising the no-win policy in Vietnam, and calling for the immediate choking of the main Viet Cong supply line through the port of Haiphong, is a welcome sign that there is a growing recognition in the United States that, unless the present no-win policy is challenged and replaced with a win policy, Vietnam is going to be Korea all over again.
No matter how smooth the diplomatic language used in an attempt to try to justify the no-win policy in Vietnam, the truth is that it is treachery to refuse to deny the enemy means of supplying his forces with military equipment.

In the American Security Council's Washington Report of August 14, a special Subcommittee of the Council's National Strategy Committee, consisting of Lt. General Edward M. Almond, USA (Ret.), Dr. Stefan T. Possony, and Rear Admiral Chester C. Ward, USN (Ret.) made the following comments:
"For years now, military experts with experience in war and practical knowledge of use of air and sea power, have agreed that to shorten the war in Vietnam 'the first thing to do is to block the port of Haiphong'. This substantially unanimous judgment is supported by the Pentagon's own latest statistics of the sources of military aid to the North Vietnamese Communists. Red China furnishes about one hundred million dollars worth a year (a total of $200,000,000 through 1966) - whereas more than a thousand million dollars a year in value of weapons, war materials, industrial and transportation equipment are furnished annually by the Soviet Union and Eastern European Communist bloc nations. The great mass of this is brought in through Haiphong harbor...

"Despite the fact that the war could be shortened by cutting off this flow of war-sustaining weaponry and supplies, the civilian leadership of the Pentagon had been reluctant to utilise even the most 'peaceful' means of denying the enemy the use of Haiphong.
However, a new crisis is rising: heavy, advanced Soviet weapons are now killing and wounding U.S. troops quite literally by the thousand."

Since the above report was issued, American and Australian casualties have continued to grow. There has been a sharp increase in the number of American planes being shot down. All the surface-to-air missiles and the advanced radar-controlled anti-aircraft guns have been supplied by the Soviet or its Eastern European allies through Haiphong. How long will this type of treachery continue? Just so long as American and Australian public opinion tolerates it.


"The Queen could be put in conflict with herself over British ships entering the North Vietnamese port of Haiphong", Mr. Killen (Lib. Qld.) said. Mr. Killen, in a question to the Minister for External Affairs, (Mr. Hasluck) said British ships were still entering Haiphong. The Queen was sovereign of Australia as well as the United Kingdom'. - The Age (Melbourne), August 31.

Following his question, Mr. Killen spoke in the debate on the Government's legislation banning Australian aid to North Vietnam. Once again he pointed out that British ships were entering Haiphong. He said that Mr. Harold Wilson's policy on North Vietnam was in strange contrast to his policy of attempting to blockade Rhodesia. Mr. Killen strongly supported the legislation to prevent aid from being sent to North Vietnam, but warned that it could easily be by-passed through the United Kingdom. Mr. Killen also said that the time was coming when the Government would have to reconsider its policy of exporting to Communist China.
We understand that Mr. Killen is gaining increasing support in his own party for a more hard-line anti-Communist foreign policy.


"The sun beats down from a cloudless sky on the parched bush of north-western Matabeleland as troops and police officers, helped by tracker dogs and spotter aircraft, scour the thorn scrub for a gang of terrorists believed to be making a determined bid to get into Northern Transvaal. Relentlessly, the hunt for the survivors of two pitched battles with security forces in the last week goes on. So far 22 of the Algerian-trained terrorists have been account - 14 killed and eight captured." - The Sunday Mail, (Rhodesia) August 30, in a featured story of the Rhodesian stand against growing terrorist infiltration.

The step-up in the attack on Rhodesia by Communist-trained African terrorists came immediately after Prime Minister Ian Smith's interview with Mr. Eric Butler, in which he warned that Rhodesia was holding the front-line against the Communist drive in Africa.

(The full text of Mr. Smith's interview with Mr. Butler, which received wide international coverage by the news media, is published in the September issue of The Intelligence Survey. Copies are obtainable at 34 cents each. The annual subscription to The Intelligence Survey is $4.20 per annum post free from The League of Rights.)

Coinciding with the growing terrorist offensive, Mr. Harold Wilson's new Commonwealth Secretary, Mr. Thomas, told a Labor Party conference in North Wales that Britain is considering new steps to halt the flow of oil to Rhodesia. Mr. Thomas said that Britain and other Governments were giving the closest attention to the fact that Rhodesia was getting sufficient oil.
"We hope that before long a way may have been found to plug this gap", he said.

Reporting on the new British offensive from London, John Michael in The Australian of September 4 said: "I understand that a proposal now being seriously considered by the British Government in consultation with African and Asian members of the Commonwealth calls for action through the UN Security Council to put a ceiling on the total amount of oil allowed to enter Mozambique."

A report in The Daily Telegraph, London, states that it is no secret that the Thomas attack on Rhodesia was deliberately encouraged by Mr. Wilson. It is clear that the Alport mission to Rhodesia, which led to an exchange of correspondence taking place between the Rhodesian and British Governments, was another of Mr. Wilson's gimmicks. The Fabian Socialist is now riding a tiger from which he dare not dismount. He must keep attempting to bring down the Smith Government, even though this makes him a fellow-traveler of the Communist revolutionaries.

Based on his exhaustive first-hand knowledge of the situation in Southern Africa, Mr. Eric Butler said this week on returning to Melbourne that unless there was a frontal blockade attack on both Portugal and South Africa, it was impossible to starve Rhodesia of oil supplies. He warned that the greatest danger was increasing terrorist pressure, which did tie down Rhodesian security forces and place a strain on the Rhodesian economy, and which could create a situation necessary to justify more direct UN action. Rhodesian casualties have not been heavy to date, but the battle for Rhodesia, and South Africa, is well under way. It is significant that most of the recently- captured terrorists, who were trained in Algeria, are members of the African National Congress attempting to break through to Northern South Africa. Before entering Rhodesia this group had been mixing with terrorists from Rhodesia and South-West Africa in Lusaka, Zambia.

The Sunday Mail quotes a senior Rhodesian security official as stating that all the weapons being used by the terrorists is "of Communist origin and we know that it is issued from a central arms depot in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). The terrorists are harboured by the Zambian Government and then they are moved across the Rhodesian border. The arms that the terrorists bring across are in extremely good condition. Most of them are of Russian design and Chinese manufacture.... Grenades found in packs brought across the Zambesi by terrorists are of the most modern Russian design. Some of the latest RGD 5 grenades - excellent defensive or offensive grenades - are stamped 1965. The AK assault rifle and RPD light machine-gun carried by many terrorists are respected by armed services throughout the world."

The South African police state that they believe that about 2,000 Africans from South Africa have been trained in Communist countries. The Communists therefore are prepared for a step up of revolutionary activities against both Rhodesia and South Africa. The stage is being set for a new phase of the battle for Southern Africa.

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