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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

27 October 1967. Thought for the Week: "I beg you, do not under rate the energy of the Communist will or the sweep of its strategic vision, simply because it seems improbable to you."
Whittaker Chambers, former top Communist agent.


"Britain is bursting to get into Europe and out of almost every other former sphere of influence. It looks like the point of no return. I am convinced there will be no pulling back. Nothing said or done by Australia the United States or anyone else can alter things." - Trevor Smith from London in The Herald, Melbourne, Oct. 17.

There is no doubt whatever that Prime Minister Harold Wilson, a dedicated Fabian Socialist, and his colleagues are determined to surrender British sovereignty in the European Economic Community. But in spite of a massive propaganda campaign in favour of British entry into the EEC there is reliable evidence proving that the British people are increasingly opposed to the most revolutionary policy ever considered by British politicians.
The arrogance of Prime Minister Wilson suggests that he is determined to drive ahead with his totalitarian policies irrespective of electoral opposition, even to the point of destroying parliamentary democracy under the pretext of dealing with a crisis, which he has produced.

Back in 1946 the well-known Fabian Socialist leader, Professor Harold Laski, made a revealing statement when he said "that if a Labour Government is met with resistance the consequence of the resistance is government by Defence of the Realm Act, and that this exacerbates temper, which produces the normal revolutionary situation, or, as you like to call it, revolution by violence, and that then, men move to civil war" (Emphases added.)
Laski also stated the necessity of full co-operation with the Soviet Union, to give to the revolution "a creative power against which the forces of reaction will hurl themselves in vain."

The campaign to drive Britain into the European Economic Community is the final stage of a long-term conspiracy to destroy forever the British Commonwealth. Lenin said that the destruction of the British Empire was a major strategic objective of the International Communist Revolution.

The Wilson policy has far-reaching implications for the members of the Old Commonwealth, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Rhodesia. In his speech on this question on October 11, Australia's High Commissioner in London, Sir Alexander Downer, warned that "If the ultimate destination of Britain is merely to become one of a group of European states, a member of a European economic and political confederation, then her diplomatic influence will be confined chiefly to Europe. The other nations of the Old Commonwealth, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the smaller partners, will have to re-design their foreign, defence, and commercial policies, and proceed in some directions quite independently of what most Australians regard as the Mother Country. This, I must tell you, is what Australia is now being compelled to do..."

Sir Alexander concluded his address with a powerful appeal: "...is it too much to plead for a recrudescence of feeling in Westminster and Whitehall towards the Commonwealth ideal? This is a cynical and materialistic age. Historic ties, emotion, sentiment, are at a discount. They are said to be old-fashioned and to have no place in contemporary politics. I disagree: but if you look at the future solely from the angle of Britain's plain material self-interest, surely she would be wise to tighten her bonds with the Old Commonwealth countries, and to make it fundamental to her policies to share with them her large population, her capital, her trade relationships, her foreign and defence policies....

Those who still think there is no such thing as a conspiracy, which the daily press plays an important role in serving, should consider how the British daily press treated Sir Alexander Downer's appeal for the policy makers in Britain to stop destroying the British Commonwealth. The "popular" press like the Daily Mirror completely ignored the address. Roy Thomson's Times had a partially misleading report and stated editorially that "The clock cannot be put back", while Lord Rothermere's papers ignored or barely mentioned this important statement by the representative of a senior Commonwealth nation. Only The Daily Express gave the speech its merited front-page treatment.
Behind much of the press suppression is the sinister alien international financier S.G. Warburg, who also "advises" Mr. Wilson.

The Age, Melbourne of October 16 quotes Sir Francis Chichester as warning that "Britain is in danger of becoming a fourth-rate and flabby nation." "He told a reception given in honor of his voyage that there was a negative feeling growing in Britain, both in thinking and action."

A study of the progressive destruction of the British Empire and the Commonwealth is a study of the central feature of the conspiracy against Civilization. And it reveals clearly the treacherous role of Socialist leaders like Mr. Harold Wilson.


"Former Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Hulme warned yesterday that a precipitate British pullout east of Suez would leave the way open for a Soviet or Chinese takeover in the area. He said that from the moment the Labor Government served notice to quit east of Suez 'the smaller and more vulnerable countries began to hedge their bets and to reinsure and to calculate the terms they will have to make with the successor.'" - Sunday Telegraph, Sydney October 22.

While Sir Alec stated an obvious truth, he did not tell the Conservative Party's annual conference during his speech on foreign affairs, that the Labor Party is continuing at a faster rate to implement the policies of retreat, which the Conservative Party initiated. It was Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who enunciated the "Winds of Change" policy for Africa and it was a "Conservative" Government, which implemented that policy, leaving a way open for the Red Chinese and the Soviet Union to advance their strategy for Africa.
The current British Conservative Party leader Mr. Edward Heath is just as dedicated as Mr. Harold Wilson is in attempting to force Britain into the European Economic Community. It is not surprising that the frustrated British people are expressing their dissatisfaction with all parties by staying away from the polling booths in increasing numbers.


The Australian League of Rights is holding a special commemoration function for Rhodesia's second anniversary of Independence in the Empire Room, Federal Hotel, Collins Street, Melbourne on Friday evening, November 10. Details will be announced shortly.


"Malaysia will establish diplomatic relations with Moscow at ambassadorial level. Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman announced this today.... When asked to explain the sudden apparent change in his anti-Communist policy the Tunku said: '…we feel we have lived in seclusion for the past years and we might as well blossom out to make friends with those in the Eastern bloc. This is an important experiment....' The Tunku said that although Malaysia wanted to have close relations with Russia it did not want to have anything to do with Communist China. Russia believed in co-existence while China wanted to create trouble in Malaysia and was backing the remnants of Communist guerrillas operating against his government, he said." - Daily Telegraph, Sydney. October 12.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia can hardly be blamed for accepting the dangerous myth of Soviet "peaceful co-existence" when so many Western leaders also believe that the Soviet leaders are "mellowing." The Tunku must be badly advised if he believes that only Chinese-backed Communist guerillas are a problem. Has he not heard that the Viet Cong in Vietnam is receiving far more support from the Soviet Union than from Red China? Does he not know that in the Yemen and Aden in the Middle East, that the Soviet is arming and backing guerillas? And that many of the African terrorists entering Rhodesia have been trained in the Soviet Union?
The Soviet penetration of Malaysia will be but yet one more example of the dialectical conflict between Moscow and Peking being exploited to serve the International Communist conspiracy. The same development is taking place in Indonesia, where the Soviet Union is moving in to replace the discredited Red Chinese.


"The Communists have been waging war in Vietnam for more than fifteen years. In the past six years they have killed 12,000 American servicemen and wounded 60, 000 more. But North Vietnam is a backward country, smaller than our own State of Missouri, with a population of only 17 million people and practically no industry. Virtually all the military authorities are in agreement that Hanoi's war effort would immediately collapse without the massive aid it receives, every day, from its Communist allies - most especially, the Soviet Union and its European satellites. These countries provide North Vietnam with more than eighty per cent of the material it is using to kill our soldiers and wage the war…We believe the case has now been made, not only by ourselves but by nearly all of the top military authorities that the war in Vietnam and the murder of our soldiers will not end unless and until the Johnson Administration stops all aid to our Communist enemies; and that the war will be over, and won, shortly after such aid is stopped. This, then is the crucial issue: stop all aid to the Communists". - The Review of the News, U.S.A.August, 30.

The American people are becoming increasingly angry about policies, which they bluntly describe as treacherous; a nation-wide petition campaign has been launched to unite the American people in a demand for an end to the no-win policy in Vietnam. A network of local ad hoc committees called TRAIN - To Restore American Independence Now - launched a petition campaign early this year demanding that President Johnson let the American military leaders get in and win the war and that America stop supplying aid to the Communist arsenal supplying the Viet Cong. The results have been most encouraging.
Right across America the people are rallying behind a campaign, which unites them in the face of the highly organised campaign of subversion and confusion. The American petition campaign is designed to influence next year's American Presidential and Congressional Elections.

Australians can help challenge the no-win policy in Vietnam at the coming Senate Elections. In this way they can unite with their fellow-patriots in the U.S.A.


After a magnificent start, the 25, 000 dollar expansion fund has started to falter. Only 122 supporters have now contributed or pledged 8638.00 dollars. It will be seen from these figures that after three weeks only a handful of people have contributed. By not joining this expansion scheme, the great majority are failing those who have set such a wonderful example. A decision concerning the future of the fund will be made next week.


"Mr. McEwan (Murray - Minister for Trade and Commerce). ...The Department of Trade and Industry will be ready to assist businessmen in their endeavours to increase trade with eastern European countries and with the Soviet Union. Dr. J.F. Cairns (Yarra) - by leave - The Opposition welcomes the statement made by the Minister for Trade and industry (Mr. McEwan). I congratulate him on his part in effecting this agreement between Australia and Romania. The statement delivered by the Minister is in many ways a welcome one. It shows the way in which the cold war is declining and how this is allowing trade to increase with the Communist countries..." - Federal Hansard, September 7 (pp 921-922)

When Dr. Cairns, the darling of the Communist press, warmly welcomes expanding Australian exports to the Communist Empire, surely the conclusion is obvious. Lenin outlined how the non-Communists could be defeated through economic warfare.

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