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On Target

3 November 1967. Thought for the Week: "He who loves not his country can love nothing."
Lord Byron.


'Russia has taken advantage of Egypt's defeat in the June war with Israel to speed its plans to establish new naval and air bases in Arab lands, control the Egyptian Army, and so dominate the Mediterranean. This view was supported yesterday by Sir John Glubb, one of Britain's leading Middle East experts, and Mr. Edward Derwinski, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives foreign affairs commtttee." -The Australian, October 31.

With every day that passes, Soviet strategy in the Middle East becomes clearer as it makes dramatic progress. This Middle East strategy is a major part of International Communism's overall strategy for the encirclement of Western Europe. The superficial anti-Communists have uncritically accepted the myth that the Israeli military victory in June was a staggering defeat for the Communists. The truth is exactly the opposite, and, as Sir John Glubb has pointed out, the Soviet leaders deliberately provoked a conflict for the purpose of having Egypt defeated.

In a recent address to the English-speaking Union in Atlanta, U.S.A., Sir John said that "the Soviet Union warned Egyptian President Nasser Israel was about to attack his ally, Syria. When Nasser sent his army into Sinai, the Soviets immediately supported him and sent warships through the Bosphorus... the Soviets knew that Egypt would be defeated… There can be only one conclusion: namely, that the Soviet Government wanted Egypt to be defeated."

Sir John Glubb stressed that like Napoleon and Sir Winston Churchill, "the Soviet Union realises control of Egypt by any great power and naval command of the Mediterranean permits the domination of Europe because the Middle East is a vital trade route for Western Europe."
The Communist strategists not only plan control of the Mediterranean, but also eventual control of the Middle East oil without which Western Europe would be in a critical situation.

The Soviet Union is now rapidly building up its naval strength in the Mediterranean. From Cairo the London Daily Telegraph's correspondent reports, "the danger of escalation for the moment is over, and rightwing bankers, Moslem religious leaders and men in cafes are greeting their friends with the words: 'Let us thank Allah for the Russians.'"

There is little doubt that the Soviet Union was responsible for the sinking of the Israeli destroyer Eilat, an act which lead to Israeli retaliation against Egyptian oil refineries and a new crisis atmosphere which provided the perfect opportunity for a sudden dramatic Soviet naval build up. Reports from the Middle East stress that the Arabs are firmly convinced that there would be no further major Israeli aggression while Soviet warships are in Egypt's Mediterranean naval ports. Most of the 400 Soviet Military advisers who were in Cairo at the time of the June conflict have been withdrawn and replaced by new Soviet officers and specialists.
Nor has the Soviet built up Nasser's air strength almost to what it was before the June war, but other equipment is being poured into other Arab countries, particularly Syria and Algeria.

It is reported that there are now six Soviet generals in Egypt commanding more than 1000 military specialists, some of these being assigned to every key Egyptian unit. A Soviet submarine base has been established at the Syrian port of Latakia, with a fuelling, ammunition and supply depot for 60 Soviet naval vessels. There is now more Soviet military equipment in Syria than there was before the June war.

At the other end of the Mediterranean, in Algeria the Soviet is building missile sites at Oran. The massive Soviet advance in the Middle East stems from the long term Communist planning, which started with support for the thrust by International Political Zionism into Palestine. Eminent Jewish opponents of Political Zionism, which is basically a power movement, have warned that to the extent that the Political Zionists were successful in establishing themselves in the Middle East, so would International Communism be successful.
Events have proved these Jews right.

The Communists will welcome the appeal by the Israeli Prime Minister. Mr. Eshkol on October 29 for "mass immigration from Western nations to increase the Jewish population of 'Greater Israel' - an area including the occupied Arab territories," (vide The Age, October 30).
This appeal by the Israeli Prime Minister can only increase the widespread fear amongst the Arabs that further permanent Political Zionist expansion is planned.

The West can only halt the Communist conquest of the Middle East by a clearly defined policy, which will rally the moderate Arabs against Communist penetration. This means a firm stand against any Israeli expansion beyond the original boundaries suggested by the UN. Such a policy by the West would bring it into direct conflict with the formidable International Political Zionist movement, which exercises an insidious influence through finance and propaganda.
Anti-Political Zionist Jews have pleaded for a long time for the West to cease supporting a power movement, which is basically revolutionary. A conspiracy of silence has surrounded this subject for too long. But the ominous developments in the Middle East demand that the truth be faced - while there is still time for effective action.


"The Russian Prime Minister, Mr. Kosygin, today restated demands for an unconditional end to American bombing of North Vietnam as a precondition for a peaceful solution of the war. At the same time the Kremlin leader in effect rejected the idea of a five-nation meeting designed to achieve peace in Vietnam without the representatives of North Vietnam and the Viet Cong." - The Herald, Melbourne October 31.

Here is further evidence of the type of "peaceful co-existence" practised by the Soviet leaders. And yet large numbers of people still believe that the Soviet strategists are mellowing and should be treated differently to the Chinese Communist leaders. How many Australian opponents of Australian exports to Red China, primarily because of Vietnam, oppose growing Australian exports to the Soviet bloc, which provides the Viet Cong with a hundred times more military and economic help than does Red China?


This will be held in The Empire Room, The Federal Hotel, Collins Street, Melbourne, on Friday, November 10. A variety of features: Short films, a slide programme by Mr. Eric Butler, display of Rhodesian photos, a taped message from Prime Minister Smith, and the first taped interview with an African Communist-trained terrorist. Supper. Entrance free, Collection. All those who can should be present. With their friends.


"Singapore's Prime Minister (Mr. Lee Kuan Yew), during his two-day visit to Washington, warned that if the United States pulled out of Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore would go through the communist 'mincing machine' within two or three years. He said that domestic debate and the 'leadership choosing process' in the U.S. was encouraging the North Vietnamese to resist and was prolonging the war." - The Age, Melbourne, October 20.

During his visit to the U.S.A. Mr. Lee bluntly asked the Americans if they had the will to survive in the Vietnam struggle. He stressed that if the U.S. abandoned Vietnam, the will to resist Communism would collapse right throughout South-East Asia. We suggest that the Singapore Prime Minister has a more realistic grasp of the situation in South-East Asia than some of the pink clergy and Leftist politicians like Dr. Jim Cairns.


"Our get-together with the Bulgars is in line with other trade deals, clinched or pending with Czechs, Poles, East Germans, Hungarians and Rumanians. If Australian trade is to be thrown out of Europe through the Common Market window, the obvious tactic is to get in through the Communist back door. (Even those who condemn our trafficking with Red China seem reconciled to trading with countries that have acquired a middle-age paunch." - Douglas Wilkie in The Sun Melbourne, October 31.
All the countries mentioned by Mr. Wilkie are engaged in assisting North Vietnam.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Mr. Latchezar Avramov, said in Melbourne this week that all foreign troops should leave Vietnam. As a good Marxist-Leninist the Bulgarian leader regards trade rather differently than does Australia's Minister for Trade, Mr. John McEwan. To the Marxist-Leninist trade is a form of economic warfare, which is in turn part of an overall war. Writing in The Wanderer U.S.A. of September 14, Robert- Morris reveals how in the course of his official activities investigating subversion, he learned of how the Soviet Union at the surrender of Nazi Germany seized the whole economic and financial apparatus that the Nazis had put together and "adapted this to their own engine of fiscal and industrial warfare."

What concrete benefits are Australians to obtain from their increased exports to Bulgaria?
It appears that Australians are incapable of developing their own mineral and fishing resources without the assistance of Bulgarian "experts." Communist technical "experts" have been notorious the world over for providing a cover for revolutionary activities.


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"A New Zealander who featured in Australia's Petrov spy inquiry and who is known to have passed information to Russian agents is to be brought to New Zealand from behind the Iron Curtain at public expense. He is former Rhodes Scholar Ian Frank George Milner. The son of a noted rector of Waitaki Boys' High School and onetime employee of External Affairs. Milner is now on the staff at Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The Council of Canterbury University is understood to have invited him to join the university's English department for at least a year. - New Zealand Truth October 17.

The Milner case is another example of a well-educated intellectual from a good family serving a conspiracy against Civilisation. Milner took up a position as special investigation officer in the Post-War Planning Division of External Affairs. In spite of opposition, he was soon acting head of his division, thus giving him access to highly secret material between March 1945, and June 1946. The Petrov Commission report revealed that Milner "was found to have been in possession of secret documents which gave rise to grave suspicion as to the use he had made of them."

Those following the incredible Philby story will have noted that like their fellow Communist agent, Burgess and Maclean came from good families, attended public schools, and were recruited to Communism as "student intellectuals." The Western Universities have turned out more Communist leaders than all the trade unions of the world put together.

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