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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

8 December 1967. Thought for the Week: "Long before the Christian era, Aristotle said: 'Knowledge alone is not virtue." Modern educators seem to think that understanding is the end of the road. It isn't. Improvement in human behaviour can come only through training in ethics, morality and religion. Without these restraints, knowledge will only liberate our stupidities, and make the best in us prisoner of the worst - and that is barbarism - that means anarchy."
The Wanderer, U.S.A. October 12.


"There can be no going back. The NIBMAR position is our situation. Canada has put it more strongly than that - Ian Smith and his government have to be got rid of." - Hon. Paul Martin, Canadian External Affairs Minister quoted in August issue of Nibmar.

Nibmar is a newsletter of the so-called Canadian Committee for Zimbabwe. This organisation is based in Toronto, and is master minded by Professor Cranford Pratt, a former principal of the University College at Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. Clyde Sanger a one-time African journalist who is now an "expert" on Rhodesia for the Toronto Globe and Mail, and the Rev. Garth Sanger a former missionary in Zambia and a member of the United Church's Board of World Missions.

According to Nibmar (No independence before majority rule) the Zimbabwe Committee met with Mr. Paul Martin last June 27, and the Canadian External Affairs Minister not only said that Mr. Smith and his Government must go, but that his Government would obey UN force to bring down the Rhodesian Government.
"The External Affairs Minister himself raised the question of the use of force to bring down the Smith regime. ...He said there would be no question of Canada joining in a police action, in this or other circumstances, outside of United Nations auspices; but if the United Nations took a decision, Canada would accept the directive."
Mr. Martin is quoted as having added the significant comment: "We would want to know the position of the Soviet Union, as well as that of South Africa."

Mr. Martin then went on to say that in December, which is the end of a year of UN sanctions Canada "might have to review its whole position..."

The UN Assembly has already called for the use of force to remove the Rhodesian Government. But before such a policy has any chance of being implemented, it is essential that an effective smokescreen be created to obscure the truth. This is the purpose of the Communist-inspired terrorist campaigns against Rhodesia, South Africa and the Portuguese territories. All the evidence indicates that these campaigns are to be maintained.

The Rhodesia Herald of Oct. 13 carries a report from Beira, Mozambique, stating that during September the Portuguese anti-guerrilla forces killed 149 terrorists on the Zambian and Tanzanian borders, wounded 52 and captured 101. It is a striking commentary on the plight of the world when the Canadian Minister for External Affairs can state that his Government would support force through the UN to destroy a civilised government in Rhodesia, thus paving the way for the Communists to reach their major objective: the collapse of South Africa.

We are pleased to report that the Canadian League of Rights is taking firm steps to expose and oppose the proposed Martin support for revolutionary action in Southern Africa.


"A squadron of 10 Russian TU-16 medium bombers arrived at Egyptian bases today on the first visit to Egypt of Soviet war planes. Egypt's Middle East news agency said the Russian bombers were making a 'cordial visit' to Egypt. Their arrival follows a flurry of air activity over the Gulf of Suez, where Egyptian anti-aircraft batteries on Friday claimed three intruding Israeli jet fighters shot down" - The Herald, Melbourne, December 4.

While a flurry of diplomatic activity on the Middle East situation continues in the UN and some of the world's capitals, the reality of the Middle East remains quite clear. The refusal by the Western nations to insist that Israel accept the original borders fixed by the UN creates the impression amongst the Arabs that the West is not interested in justice, and that they must therefore turn more and more to the Soviet Union. The Communist strategists are making the most of their wonderful opportunity to expand their influence right throughout the Middle East, one of the most important strategic areas in the whole world.

The propaganda of the Political Zionists has almost drowned out the truth about the Israeli- Arab military clash this year, and the subsequent disastrous developments, which have advanced Communist strategy. But one ray of truth has been shed by Sir John Glubb, the outstanding British expert of the Middle East, in his excellent little book, The Middle East Crisis (Available from The Heritage Bookshop, 343 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne. Price 55 cents post-free.)

Sir John points out that the Soviet was under no illusions about the inability of the Arabs to defeat the Israelis militarily. He summarises what has happened: "Russia, we have seen, engineered the present crisis:
(a) In order to embroil the United States with the Arab world by causing her to declare unequivocally her unilateral support for Israel 'right or wrong'.
(b) In order to lure Egypt and Syria into a humiliating defeat which would compel them to throw themselves unreservedly into the arms of Russia, Britain and the United States having declared themselves unequivocally (as it appeared for Israel. Britain and America fell innocently into the trap."

Not all students of international affairs would agree that Britain and the United States acted "innocently." Their Governments are afraid to offer even the slightest criticism of International Political Zionism and its creature Israel. And yet this is the nub of the problem in the Middle East: how to curb Israel.
Between May and August this year the Russian fleet, which first sailed into the Mediterranean when Israel attacked the Arabs, was more than doubled to 47 ships. In order to stay in the Mediterranean, and increase their naval strength, the Soviet requires a major base. It appears that once again President de Gaulle of France is going to oblige his Soviet friends. He proposes to evacuate the great naval base of Mets El Kebir in Algeria. There is no doubt that President Boumedienne of Algeria, who has received an increased flood of Soviet military support, together with technicians, since the Israeli-Arab war, will make the base available to the Soviet.
The British retreat from Aden leaves this base also available to be taken over at the appropriate time, thus enabling the Soviet fleet to operate in the Indian Ocean.

In a news commentary on the ABC on October 16 (miracles sometimes do happen!) Mr. Stuart Harris, Australian correspondent for The Times, London, said that until he went to Cairo for six weeks in June of this year, he accepted the view of the great majority of Australians that "Israel is a very small nation of three million people fiercely threatened by 100 million Arabs... and that Israel's aggressive campaigns were justified in self-defence", but later realised that the "inefficient Egyptians" could offer no real threat to "the tough, technically efficient Israelis..."
Mr. Harris continued: "The truth is that the Arabs are frightened of Israel and not the other way around."

Neither Nasser nor any other Arab leader can possibly reach any peace agreement with Israel under present conditions. The Soviet leaders know this. Let's look at the basic facts:
Under the 1949 United Nations agreement signed by Arabs and Israelis in Lausanne, Switzerland, Jerusalem was to become an international city, Arab territory by the Israelis during the 1948/49 fighting was to be returned to the Arabs, and the one million Arab refugees were to be either allowed back to their homelands or adequately compensated. The Israelis did not honour this agreement. In fact, as a result of two more victorious campaigns, in 1956 and this year, they have completely taken over Jerusalem, expanded their territory at the expense of the Arabs, particularly in Jordan, and expelled probably over 200,000 more Arabs from their homelands.

If the Western nations do not want the whole Arab and Muslim world to be thrown completely into the arms of International Communism, which would probably be the death knell for Western Europe, they must insist that Israel honours in deed the 1949 UN agreement.
The last Western leader to suggest this was Sir Anthony Eden, and he was badly attacked and smeared.

If the West takes a stand for justice in the Middle East, then Communism can be defeated in this area because the Moslems are naturally opposed to Communism, and have no desire to live under Soviet domination.


"Washington, November 20 - Representative Richard L. Roudebush (R. -Ind.) declares that the United States Government is responsible for the growth of Communism since World War II. In a letter to his constituents, Roudebush mentions the infamous agreements at the close of the war, the actions of a Soviet spy in Washington who kept the Communists in Korea well informed of General Douglas MacArthur's strategy, and the desire to supplant Fulgencio Batista in Cuba rather than guard against Red takeover by Fidel Castro.
'And to this very day, this very hour', says the Congressman, 'the United States is assisting Communism by trade agreements which enable the despicable and unworkable system of Communism to retain whole populations in slavery." - The Review of The News, U.S.A., November 29.

More and more voices are being raised by public men in the United States in opposition to economic policies of suicide and treachery. Poland, for example, continues to enjoy a favoured nation status in regard to tariffs. This benefits Poland to the extent of over 50 million dollars annually. And this American subsidisation continues even though Polish Communists have boasted that they are supplying the Vietcong in Vietnam with World War II arms supplied to Poland by the United States.
Lenin predicted that the "capitalist" nations could be relied upon to provide the rope to hang them with.


All Melbourne and near-Melbourne readers are invited to attend a pre-Christmas Party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Butler, Alma Road, Panton Hill, on Saturday, December 16. Guests may arrive from 6:30 p.m. onwards. A buffet dinner will be provided and refreshments will be available. Donation: 1 dollar. All profits from the evening will go to the League of Rights. It would assist with catering arrangements if those intending to attend what will be a most enjoyable social evening ring the League office - - at 63-9749.


"A growing sense of protest among Aboriginals may develop into a serious racial situation, an anthropologist told an inter-racial seminar yesterday. But consultations with the Aboriginals now could forestall the rise of black power Dr. C. Tatz told the seminar at Townsville, Queensland. He is the director of the Centre of Aboriginal Studies at Monash University." - The Australian, December 4.

Any "serious racial situation" in Australia will only develop because of the efforts of agitators. The original efforts of Mr. Charles Perkins in New South Wales, where his busload of students stirred up trouble where none had previously existed, were the first major effort to arouse the Aboriginals to take action against alleged grievances. Dr. Cohn Tatz, formerly of South Africa, and a bitter critic of that country and its policies, is well-regarded by Australian Leftists.


Yes, we made it! As we go to press the total subscribed or pledged to the 25, 000 dollar Expansion Fund reached $25,173.00. But this magnificent effort was achieved by less than a 1000 supporters. If the great majority who has not yet assisted were to do so, what a tremendous effort we could make over the next 12 months! Mr. Jeremy Lee joins the League full-time next year. We thank all those who co-operated to make this Expansion Fund such a success. Contributions still accepted.


Can Governments Save us?

When faced with the critical plight of the world, most people react by asking, "What is the Government going to do about it?" The asking of this question indicates the widespread failure to grasp the real nature of the problem-confronting civilisation. It also indicates that a disturbingly large number of people have accepted the totalitarian concept of Government; that the purpose of Government is to make decisions for the individual, to provide him with security from the cradle to the grave.

Those who say that they believe in the free society, one in which democracy means that individuals decide their own policies, have got to face the truth that the free society can only survive the Communist challenge so long as sufficient individuals not only have a strong appetite for freedom, but realise that they must constantly exercise their freedom. Freedom only becomes a reality when actual choices and decisions are made.

The starting point to preserve freedom is not the Government, but the individual. In a democratic society no government can survive without sufficient electoral support. Government is not an abstraction; it consists of individual members. As Governments cannot survive without sufficient electoral support for sufficient of its Members, the tendency is for Governments to support only those policies, which it is believed will result in sufficient votes. The Communists understand this all very clearly, and so they work persistently in the electorates with propaganda, most of it designed to confuse on issues like Vietnam.

A Gallup Poll published on December 5 reveals that 46 per cent of Australians are now opposed to an increased Australian effort in Vietnam, with 37 per cent favouring such an increase. Assuming this to be a reasonably accurate measurement of Australian opinion at present on Vietnam, it suggests that the drawn-out struggle and the propaganda have sapped the will of a large number of Australian people.

The Communists are fighting a four dimensional war against the non-Communist world. They are relying upon their superiority in the fourth dimension that of propaganda and psychological pressure, to more than offset their deficiencies in the three dimensions of military war. Obviously Governments as such cannot save people from the threat of any form of totalitarianism unless the people themselves really want to make the effort to be saved.

Stronger and better Government policies will only be implemented when sufficient electors demand such policies. In a genuine democracy, government is merely a type of general committee of society through which its individuals decide upon the type of national policies they desire.

The League's Action group system is designed to bring together individuals who wish to participate actively in influencing Government policies. Only when sufficient individuals recognise their personal responsibilities in a free society, and act upon them, can the Communist challenge be effectively met.

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