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Edmund Burke
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On Target

17 February 1967. Thought for the Week: "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."
Christopher Dawson.


"The Australian Government did not want to extend the Tet holiday truce which ended in Vietnam at dawn yesterday, despite hints that North Vietnam might be ready for peace talks. A government official in Canberra said yesterday:
"In the circumstances it would seem prudent to hesitate about extending the truce on the basis of hints that North Vietnam may be ready for talks.
Were North Vietnam really anxious to discuss bringing the war to an end and not simply embarking on a campaign to press the United States to inhibit its operations when official channels were open. The Government would expect North Vietnam's approaches through appropriate parties to be firm and confidential rather than vague and public." The Australian, February 13.

It is to be hoped that the "government official" responsible for the above views is reflecting those of the Australian Government. If so, this is an encouraging sign that the Australian Government is beginning to appreciate a little of the nature of Communist revolutionary warfare. Just as the Christmas truce was exploited by the Communists to flood supplies and troops into South Vietnam from North Vietnam, so has the Tet truce been used to do exactly the same thing.

Writing in The Age (Melbourne) of February 14. Mr. Bruce Grant provides a typical example of the sophisticated writing which is eroding the will of the Western world to face the realities of the Communist challenge and to fashion policies in accordance with those realities. Mr. Grant criticises the Australian Government's "skeptical attitude toward the extension of the pause in American bombing of North Vietnam" as typical of our consistently cautious approach to the prospect of a peaceful settlement in Vietnam." Mr. Grant asserts "the prospects of a settlement in Vietnam have improved, as Peking has become concerned with internal affairs, but they are still dependent on military and political developments in South Vietnam as well as on decisions in Hanoi."

Like so many of his kind, Mr. Grant makes no reference to the massive economic and military backing for the Viet Cong by the Soviet Union. The criminals of the Kremlin will only agree to a settlement in Vietnam when they are convinced it will serve the long-term strategy of International Communism. Perhaps this harsh truth is starting to be understood by the Australian Government?


"Russia has scored its first major success in a campaign to get Russian arms and military technicians into pro-Western nations. Diplomatic sources disclosed yesterday that Russia and Iran recently signed a secret $81million military aid agreement - the first such pact the Russians have been able to negotiate with a member of a Western alliance. Iran, with Turkey, Britain and Pakistan, is a member of the Central Treaty Organisation (Cento), which was promoted by the United States in 1955 to guard the Middle East against communist expansion." The Australian, February 9.

Not only the Soviet, but also the Chinese Communists have been making alarming progress in the Middle East in recent times. This is particularly true in Syria. Nasser has become progressively more dependent upon the Soviet Union. Soviet "military technicians" are generally highly trained political operators. The successful penetration of Iran is but one more example of the persistent drive by the Communist strategists into the non-Communist world. From a strategic aspect, the Middle East is one of the most vital areas in the world. Loss of Middle East oil for Western Europe would be catastrophic.


President Nyerere yesterday publicly launched a Green Guard movement to back his march towards Socialism in Tanzania. The move followed the President's announcement that the State would take over the means of production to 'lead the country along the path of true socialism.' It also came less than 24 hours after the announcement of all commercial banks in Tanzania. President Nyerere told one of the largest mass rallies held in the capital: 'you are now the Green Guards of Tanzania. You must oppose all forms of exploitation.' - The Australian, February 9.

President Nyerere's launching of the "Green Guards" is striking evidence of just how much he is under Chinese Communist influence. The island of Zanzibar has been firmly established by the Chinese Communists as Africa's Cuba. As part of the Federation of Tanzania, Zanzibar has been progressively extending its control over President Nyerere. The nationalisation moves are but the first step towards complete Communisation. When this has been accomplished, the Chinese Communists will have a firm base in Eastern African from which to extend their influence. Already this influence is growing in Zambia, next door to Rhodesia, and a base for terrorist activities against Rhodesia.


"Associated Press of America, which has been refused permission to station a correspondent in North Vietnam, asked Australian Communist journalist Wilfild Burchett to report the strategy of Hanoi and the Viet Cong as he had found it in his trips to Vietnam." - The Sun, (Melbourne) February 14.

With the above as an introduction, The Sun carried a brilliant propaganda story from Burchett under the heading, "Vietnam Has To Be Independent". A large number of other "capitalist" papers throughout the world are also carrying the Burchett propaganda. Not only is Burchett a Communist whose dispatches are carried regularly by the Communist press of the world; he is notorious as one of those who fostered the fantastic story about the Americans using germ warfare in the Korean War. The fact that any credence is given to what Burchett reports is further evidence of either deepening subversion in the world's press, or of a gullibility which suggests that brainwashing has gone much further than generally realised.

Burchett is the instrument through which the Communists have announced to the world (via the "capitalist" press) their conditions for peace talks on Vietnam. These conditions are contained in a nice-sounding formula, which in essence means that South Vietnam's allies leave her to the render mercies of the Communists. Already the Americans have offered dangerous concessions to Hanoi, but these are correctly assessed by the Communists as signs of growing indecision, and an encouragement to continue the struggle.


"The National Union of Australian University students will campaign for a constitutional amendment to make the Federal Government fully responsible for all formal education in Australia. " - The Australian, February 9.

Centralised control of all education is a major long-term Socialist objective. The Fabian Socialists place great importance on this objective. One of the most dangerous of these Fabian Socialists is a man known as Mr. Gough Whitlam. Mr. Whitlam is on record as a strong supporter of major alterations to the Federal Constitution so that greater power can be concentrated at Canberra. As a good Fabian, he believes that education should come under Federal control.
Control of education must in a genuinely free society be kept as close to the people as possible.

The Marxist-Leninists, and their Fabian Socialist blood-brothers, have for a long time been concentrating on penetrating the important field of education. They have had disturbing successes. Communist influence in the N.S.W. Teachers' Federation has been strong and open for years, Only strong anti-Communist campaigning prevented the election of Mr. George Lees as President of the Victorian Teachers' Union at the recent conference in Melbourne. Mr. Lees was an organising committee member of the 1959 Australia and New Zealand Peace Congress, and was backed for the Presidency of the Victorian Teachers' Union by the Communists and their dupes. But the defeat of Mr. Lees has stimulated the Communists to devise other tactics for capturing control of the Victorian Teachers' Union.

Through its near-monopoly of financial power, the Federal Government has already made serious inroads into the States' sovereignty in the educational field. The appointment of a Federal Minister for Education reflects this dangerous development. It is ironic that this appointment has been made by a Liberal-Country Party Government that originally came to office primarily because the Australian electors became disturbed about the Labor-Socialist policies, which threatened to destroy the Federal Constitution.

A Federal monopoly of education would permit even more effective brainwashing of Australian youth than is the case at present, and should be strenuously resisted by a freedom-loving people.


"Just as Labor has to watch for the strengthening of authoritarianism from the Left, a non-Labor Party has to guard against the infiltration of authoritarianism from the Right…The Liberal Party is healthily recognising the position that it is in and is trying to build up an atmosphere in which the Party will not become susceptible to infiltration from the Right . . .I can understand the Liberal Party's worries. They have a crop of new Parliamentarians, many of them young and probably impressionable. These new Parliamentarians will be functioning in a Parliament in which the Opposition, weak as it has been in recent years, will probably be weaker," - Alan Reid in the Bulletin, (Sydney) February 11.

The above is an extract from a significant article entitled "Liberals and the Radical Right". Mr. Alan Reid quotes with approval warnings against the "radical Right" by former Federal Liberal President, Mr. J. E. Pagan, the N.S.W. Liberal executive, and the secretary of the N.S.W. Liberal Party, Mr. John Carick.
Neither Mr. Reid nor those he quotes have made any attempt to define what is meant by the "radical Right". But it is generally inferred that the "radical Right" consists of people who are inclined to totalitarianism.

Mr. D. J. Killen is often described as a representative of the "radical Right", and yet his stand on many issues has been always based on the type of traditional Liberal principles clearly enunciated by the Liberal Party when it was first formed.
The real totalitarians are those "progressive" Liberals who are becoming concerned about the upsurge of a genuine conservative revolt against the betrayal of basic Liberal principles.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159