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On Target

17 March 1967. Thought for the Week: Communism does not distribute the wealth. It merely destroys the productivity and distributes the poverty.
Henry J. Taylor


"Britain had no chance of breaking into the European Common Market, the chairman of the British food Export Council, Mr. 0. S. Anderson said in Melbourne yesterday. Mr. Anderson said Britain would do better to initiate a Commonwealth Market. Member countries could be Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and Canada." The Australian March 9.

Referring specifically to Rhodesia Mr. Anderson said "As far as Rhodesia is concerned, the average person in Britain is not behind the British Government's stand over Rhodesia and I daresay that is true of Australia."
This comment is one, which reflects the heart of British sentiment.

Some say that economic realities leave no room for sentiment. But the truth is that the Commonwealth Market outlined by Mr. Anderson offers much more to Britain. A greater population to trade in, all the minerals, oil, raw materials etc. necessary to complement Britain's lack, a market of far greater potential in which to market the highly refined products of her industrial art. Which all leaves us with the fact that the motivating force behind the ECM is political. The deadly plaything of those seeking to destroy national sovereignty by acceptance of the Rome Treaty.

It is significant that the remarks of Mr. Anderson follow so quickly those of Sir William Steward, (On Target March 3) reflecting uneasiness not generally related through the columns of the press.
Robert Morley the British actor was also reported in The Herald (Melbourne) March 13 as being embroiled in an argument with students over Mr. Smith. We can well imagine what the respective attitudes were.


"If ever there was a time when India needed a really strong leader of the calibre of Mahatma Gandhi or even Jawaharlal Nehru, it is right now. What India seems to need most and urgently before it is too late is a Franklin D. Roosevelt. If ever there was a country that cried our desperately for a "New Deal" it is India in 1967." E. W. Tipping writing in the Herald (Melbourne) March 13.

The reporting of this correspondent in India is in marked contrast to his reports on South Africa and Rhodesia. His brief on the latter was obviously to find whatever he could to criticise. Although he found nothing and was forced to admit that both the South African and Rhodesians appeared to be enjoying life as the result of a high standard of living and stable government, his writing was obviously unsympathetic. In India where his writing exudes sympathy and condolence he finds great disparity between poverty and wealth allied with ineffectual government. His remedy is to prescribe one of the worst viruses, which is destroying her, the legacy of socialism left by Gandhi and Nehru. Only this time the leader needs to be stronger.

All socialists inevitably come back to the advocacy of single control. India in the absence of the British of two generations ago, nurturing her civil service and her economy so that genuine progress was made, is now sinking into the pre-revolutionary stage which heralds complete despotism.


"...Political opposition is no substitute for political power. "The real test of what we call our principles is not their purity but their practical application. "No trade union would apply any other test to the effectiveness of its activities. Political parties must he equally realistic." Mr. Gough Whitlam reported by John Bennetts in The Age (Melbourne) March 14.

Mr. Whitlam was playing another variation of the theme that the end justifies the means. Principles need not be pure when it comes to working out the tactics by which power is gained. But once power is gained then the practical application of those principles can have full reign. Mr. Whitlam was addressing his remarks to the Victorian Executive of the Labor Party who because their adherence to the "pure" principles of Socialism has been holding up the advance of the A.L.P.
Said Mr. Whitlam in effect. I'm not in disagreement with your principles, but forget them until we have power, then...


"President de Gaulle lost his absolute majority in Parliament in a shock election swing to the Left by French voters. " The Herald (Melbourne) March 13.

The world press is casting de Gaulle in the role of a conservative opposing the rise of the radical left. Nothing could be further from the truth. The man that destroyed Algeria and gave it to the Communist revolutionaries also hails Ho Chi Minh and reviles the Americans and Australians in Vietnam, and recognises Red China to boot, is far from being a conservative. He has imprisoned, destroyed or exiled French conservative leadership within France and taken overriding constitutional and executive power to himself.
Nor was he received in Moscow and acclaimed as more than a fellow traveler without just cause.

The rise of other dissident groups from the radical left who believe they could do the job better than de Gaulle merely indicates the extent to which all real opposition has been destroyed. Whether the Conservative forces can re-group before "popular front" takes over is a moot point.
De Gaulle cannot last forever and it can be assured that the line of succession is not being left unattended.


"I used to think the C.I.A. was some horrible fascist conspiracy, then I discovered it was a little treasure trove of liberalism, the one refuge for liberals during the McCarthy period. " A student leader quoted in The Australian March 11, in an article on the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S.A.

In the new "double speak' the words "liberal" and 'progressive" translate as "socialistic" as the remainder of the article brings out clearly. Currently under fire for its "cloak and dagger" activities in many parts of the world, the C.I.A. was ostensibly set up as an organisation to combat Communist activities on an international scale. One reason why it had so little success emerges from this informative article.

"C.I.A. needed the American left, and the American left was flattered to be needed. Each served its own needs in serving the other. Labor officials, intellectuals, churchmen and the like found the money and support for their pet projects."

Like so many organisations opposed to the naked brutality of Communism, the C.I.A. was lulled into thinking that socialists of a more moderate outlook could be effective in the fight. That this moderate element has done more to undermine the Christian Western culture than their more blatant Communist brothers passed unnoticed. Hence in the Bay of Pigs fiasco where the invasion of Cuba by the refugee Cubans was placed under CIA organisation by President Kennedy and the State Department, several disastrous "incidents" led to its failure.

A speech by Columnist Edith Roosevelt on May 22, 1963 stated, "A near impossible supply problem was reared when the CIA armed the 1,400 man invasion force with weapons requiring over 30 different types of ammunition." She earlier pointed out that some of the guerilla groups were supplied with 30.06 cal. ammunition for guns requiring .45 cal. bullets. While in other areas .45 cal. ammunition accompanied Browning Automatic rifles which shoot 30.06 cal. Bullets.
Wholehearted opposition can seldom he expected between groups holding the same basic aims even where they differ on techniques.


The Australian March 15. The reduction of the margin between costs and profitability, and therefore spending power is continuously being closed under the inflationary economics of the socialist advisers in Canberra. Therefore Dr. Coombs is intermittently forced to give the economy a breather before chaos develops. But he only does it to ensure that the political base created by rising costs is maintained. His confederate Fabians in the Universities and in politics as well as in the Communist trade unions could not survive without him.


Harry Stein, the communist journalist, receiving top of the page coverage in The Age, March 14, for his pro-Viet Cong propaganda.

Alexander Kerensky, the socialist who was deposed by Lenin's revolutionary coup, say in The Herald March 7, that he could have survived had he been given something like the aid that the Americans poured into USSR in the second world war, and therefore neither Hitler or Stalin would never have been heard of!
Comment: You didn't have the right friends Alexander.

Arthur Schlesinger, in The Australian March 14, top leftwing intellectual who helped guide President Kennedy into disastrous policies now threaten L.B.J. with disaster emanating from his war policies against Vietnam. Mr. Schlesinger accused L.B.J. 's administration of misrepresenting proposals for negotiations made by Mr. Kosygin.
Comment: Is it possible that some Americans are learning that Communists use words as weapons without relating them to truth to the Chagrin of Mr. Schlesinger?

Patrick Tennison, in The Age March 8, professional scribe Tennison talking about the money tangle at Australian Universities and why there is not enough of it, and who is responsible for the shortage.
Comment: We aren't interested very much in who Patrick, but can tell you why. Value for money already spent - we aren't getting it - why send more the same way?

Mr. Healy, British Defence Minister, in The Australian March 10, says that a U.N. presence in Aden would delight him.
Comment: British troops, British justice, withdraws to be replaced by a World Government agency, modeled by Communists, penetrated to the top by Communists. There is no doubt about our Mr. Wilson he knows what his boss in Moscow wants.

New Guineans: In The Australian March 10, with quite old fashioned views of the way justice should be applied to curb thuggery, thieving and murder. It seems there was a veritable holocaust of Members of the House of Assembly pleading for the return of Capital Punishment for prison to be made uncomfortable instead of a holiday house, in fact for punishment to be punishment, so the offender will think twice about doing it again.

Peking Communist, Mr. E.M.S. Kamboodiripad in The Australian March 8, was sworn in as Chief Minister of the newly elected Kerala State in India. He was joined by three other Peking Communists, two Moscow Communists and various other assorted left-wingers.
Comment: No doubt we will be hearing about the Sino-Soviet "split" in Kerala.

Mr. Dunstan. Attorney General in South Australia, The Australian March 15 railing against Legislative Council in South Australia.
Comment: All Socialists aspire to star-chamber government. They don't like anyone to have a second look at what they cook up for the electorate to swallow. The Socialist method is take your medicine with your eyes closed and don't complain about the taste. Mr. Dunstan, a Fabian of the slicker variety, a protégé of Mr. Whitlam aspires to big things in the socialist medicine field.

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