Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

21 January 1994. Thought for the Week: "There were two major aspects of the devastating New South Wales fires, one negative but the other extremely positive. The material destruction was awesome, with thousands of lives shattered. Against this was an outpouring of the Australian tradition of mateship and help for fellow Australians in distress. I found this most inspiring, demonstrating that the character of most of the Australian people is still sound. It was inspiring to see the capacity for realistic cooperation in a great crisis. If only we had the political leaders capable of providing what is required to inspire the Australian people to pull together in the current economic and social crisis."
From a N.S.W. League of Rights supporter who's house was threatened but spared by the N.S.W. fires


The future of traditional Australia depends upon the preservation of a Constitution, the central feature of which is the Constitutional Monarchy. The Australian visit by Prince Charles comes not only at a critical period in the nation's history, but a critical period in the career of Prince Charles. It is now clear that Prince Charles and his supporters have decided to take the initiative against the hordes that have sought to destroy the heir to the throne as a major feature of a campaign against the institution of Constitutional Monarchy everywhere.

The Australian visit by Prince Charles is being carefully watched right around the Crown Commonwealth. We have constantly maintained that Australia could prove the major testing ground in a great historical battle. Through its specialist division, The Australian Heritage Society, the League of Rights decided last year that the 1994 visit by Prince Charles provided a major challenge and that it would take the lead in encouraging Australians to make it clear to Prince Charles that the great majority of Australians wish to remain loyal to their historical roots.

Expensive advertising space was therefore booked in The Weekend Australian of January 22nd-23rd to extend a welcome to Prince Charles, recalling his famous statement of 1988 that "The true celebration of this nation is its Constitution", and encouraging Australians to show their loyalty to the Crown. We are delighted to report that there has been a most encouraging response to the appeal to raise $4,400 to finance The Weekend Australian advertisement and that as we go to press only another $800 is required.

The League launched this major project confident that it could finance any deficiency out of general funds. But contributions for the advertisement will still be welcome and greatly appreciated. They should be sent to Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.

League supporters are urged to obtain a copy of The Weekend Australian advertisement and to bring it to the attention of others. They should also write, and encourage others to do the same, to the press, including local papers, expressing loyalty to the Constitutional Monarchy. Personal letters to Prince Charles, expressing support, should be sent to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, St. James Palace, London, U.K., SWl AlBS.


There is an old saying that the appearance of one swallow does not make a summer. Neither does a fractional reduction in the official unemployment figures mean that Australia can now look forward to a prosperous and stable future. The economic gurus are doing their best to convince Australians that the worst of the depression, which Paul Keating said, "we had to have", was now behind them. The use of high interest rates (still between 10 and 12 percent for small and medium sized businesses) was a feature of a credit squeeze designed to end inflation. Debt finance is the central feature of the boom and bust cycle. The much-publicised Chinese boom has been the result of massive expansion. Now China is threatened with inflation. And still some "experts" say that Australia's future could be assured in China!


We have long believed that the pro-republican campaigners have deceived themselves that the 'support' for a republic is much greater than it actually is. Baseless assumptions abound, such as the offensive assumption that "all Labor voters are republicans". It does not really surprise us to read that the Morgan polls indicate that there may be a great many more Labor monarchists than Liberal republicans.

Republicans may also have convinced themselves that the ghost of Sir John Kerr can still be invoked to ensure that the "true believers" of the A.L.P. continue to maintain the (misdirected) rage, and carry such 1970s sentiments into anti-monarchist positions. The recent fascinating exchange between Mr. Gough Whitlam and Sir David Smith, former secretary to Sir John Kerr and other Governors General, confirms that Whitlam's "maintain the rage" fulminations were largely driven by damaged pride at being sacked by an "old mate" of the Labor movement.

The exchange between Whitlam and Smith in the press began when the ABC published Sir Garfield Barwick's confirmation that Sir John Kerr did indeed consult Sir Anthony Mason before withdrawing Mr. Whitlam' s commission. Whitlam claimed (Weekend Australian, 8/1/94) that Sir Garfield acted improperly in advising Sir John during the crisis, and an editorial in The Australian asserted that Barwick diminished the status of the High Court, and that he was wrong to advise Sir John that the Prime Minister should resign or call an election if the Senate had refused supply of money to govern.

In a devastating letter to the editor (Australian, 14/1/94) Sir David Smith completely disposes of both Whitlam and the offending editorial. Smith writes that three Chief Justices (Sir Samuel Griffith, Sir Owen Dixon and Barwick) have given advice to no less than seven of our 21 Governors General since Federation, and that five other eminent jurists, including Dr. H.V. Evatt, would have agreed that it is proper to do so.

On the question of supply, Smith points out that Whitlam and the A.L.P. themselves had often supported the proposition that if supply is refused by the Senate, then the Prime Minister should resign or call an election. Sir David notes that in 1967 and 1970, Whitlam and Murphy said as much in Parliament. "Senator Murphy went so far as to table a list in the Senate, and to have it incorporated into Hansard, showing that between 1950 and 1970 the Labor Party had made 170 attempts to do what the Coalition did in 1975... We have yet to be told why that which was right and proper 170 times during the previous 125 years suddenly became wrong and improper on the 171st occasion.


The greatest value in this exchange is the light that is cast upon the role of the Governor General and the Crown. The republicans bitterly resent the reserve powers of the Crown, exercised by the Governor General, and insist that the Governor General is merely obliged to do as he is told by the Prime Minister. Smith refers to this also, and writes: "at the time of the 1951 double dissolution of Parliament, it was also the view of the Labor Party, of which former High Court Justice Evatt was then Deputy Leader, that the Governor General, Sir William McKell, was not obliged to accept the advice of Prime Minister Menzies, that His Excellency was entitled to seek independent legal advice, and that he should consult the Chief Justice, Sir John Latham."

Not only is Whitlam "hoist by his own petard", but it is clearly right and proper - in fact, essential - that the Governor General should exercise reserve powers - for the protection of all Australians.


Since the American State Department official, Alger Hiss, was convicted of perjury, and imprisoned, his supporters have long argued that it was never proved that Hiss was a traitor and spied for the Soviet Union. In addition to compelling evidence from Whittaker Chambers, the late Patrick Walsh, former undercover agent for the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, also recounted how he had "liberated" Hiss' file from the Communist archives in France, clearly showing his guilt.
New evidence from the files of former communist Hungarian secret police files confirm that Chambers and Walsh were indeed correct, and that Hiss was guilty. These files contain evidence that Noel Field, also a spy, had close professional ties with Hiss, and personal knowledge of Hiss' activities for the Soviet Union.

This new development is of some significance today, because Alger Hiss became something of a symbol for a generation of small L liberals who have turned 'McCarthyism" into a political epithet for anyone who insists that communism undermines national loyalty. Such starry eyed liberal idealists blinded themselves to the horrors of communism, and insisted that it was simply an alternative political system that had some merit. Malcolm Muggeridge, who escaped from the self delusion from which such people suffered, described how gullible liberals were routinely deceived by the Soviets for generations.

The truth is that Hiss was a traitor, and that Communism is the most malignant form of centralised power, since it proposes, by its very nature, to inflict the whole globe with such corruption. If it is finally proved beyond doubt that Hiss was a Communist traitor, this will be another telling blow to the liberal case, which still attempts to maintain that "a little bit of socialism" is acceptable, and that there is a case to be made for some centralised power.

While the moral authority of Communism has been dispatched, the programme for global power still exists, and is steadily advanced by such madness as a United States of Europe in a new world order, supported by the same liberal thinking that is symbolised by the traitor Hiss. Recommended reading: The Great Liberal Death Wish, by Malcolm Muggeridge; $2.50 posted from all League book services.


The totalitarians plan to strike again by bringing down the Federal Racial Vilification Bill in the Autumn Session of the Federal Parliament. The Bill was first drawn up by the former Attorney General Mr. Michael Duffy, at the end of the last Parliament. Current Attorney General Mr. Michael Lavarch plans to adopt, with minor changes, the Bill proposed by Mr. Duffy.

The Sunday Herald Sun of January 9th reports that the Federal Opposition "cautiously welcomed the revival of the Bill, saying there is a need for this type of legislation as long as it still permitted freedom of speech. The Shadow Attorney General, Mr. Daryl Williams, said he had received representations from groups of ethnic communities, particularly from Melbourne, asking for the support of the Bill".

Mr. Williams has not said that the strongest supporters of the Bill are the Zionist lobby. It was the same lobby, which was responsible for the obscene and anti-Christian war trials legislation. The cowardly Opposition bent to Zionist pressure, as they have on so many other basic issues concerning the defence of the traditional Australian value system.

It is interesting to note that the Islamic Society of Victoria opposes the proposed Bill, spokesman Jala Kassah saying he "would prefer to publicly hear racial taunts and debate opposing views rather than have legislation suppress different views - a move which could lead to violence".

We strongly recommend that all League actionists take all possible steps to oppose the proposed legislation. Letters should be sent to all Federal Members and to the media. It is also recommended that letters should be sent to Joan Sheedy, Government Counsel, Human Rights Branch, Attorney General's Department, Civil Law Division, Robert Garran Offices, National Circuit, Barton, A.C.T., 2600, stressing that the proposed legislation is a threat to free speech.


In response to the many requests we have had concerning British historian David Irving's proposed visit to Australia, we have contacted David Irving's Australian publishing representatives who stress that, contrary to what many people thought, the Federal Court's decision in favour of David Irving did not automatically guarantee that a visa would be issued. It meant that the Immigration Minister was, however, obliged to reassess the visa application within a reasonable time. It appears that the Immigration Department has its own definition of a reasonable time because several months passed before an approach by David Irving's Australian legal representative prompted a lengthy response in the form of a number of questions. We understand that David Irving has responded to those questions and that eventually the Minister will make a decision. But our own research convinces us that reasons will be found for denying Irving a visa.

In the meantime we can only recommend that as many people as possible raise the David Irving question with their Federal Members, and through the media. Our own opinion is that ultimately the international Zionist campaign against David Irving will result in an enormous backlash. We can report that a major book on the Irving affair is being produced. We will provide details as soon as it comes to hand.


The following letter was sent for publication to The Wimmera Mail Times.

"Dear Sir, Perhaps the most damaging propaganda in this country is the emphasis being placed upon sex, promoting promiscuity, homosexuality, and 'safe sex' (with a condom of course!). What they fail to tell about condoms is (I quote from the current issue of the journal of the Australian Federation for the Family): 'Condom Manufacturers refuse to guarantee their product because even as a contraceptive they tend to fail, break or leak 10 percent to 30 percent of the time. When used for AIDS in homosexual activity, the failure rate would be closer to 90 percent.

'Dr. Malcolm Potts, inventor of the lubricated condom with spermicide, says, 'We don't know how much protection condoms give… 'C.M. Rowland with the naval research laboratory in the U.N., writing in Rubber Chemistry and Technology, states that the wall of a perfect condom has voids 50 times the size of the AIDS virus and imperfect ones have inherent flaws as large as 500 times as large as the virus…'Dr. L.B. Reynolds, PhD, M.D., states that U.S. surgeons operating on AIDS patients are required to wear two pairs of surgical gloves. It is requested they wear three pairs!

'Another U.S. scientist, Dr. Paul Cameron, says, 'Trying to stop the AIDS virus with a condom is like trying to stop a handful of BBs with a tennis racquet'. 'In 1990, Adama City High School in Colorado was the first school in the U.S. to distribute condoms. Three years later they now have a pregnancy rate 1/3 higher than the U.S. national average and these students are 15 to 18 years old.

Here in Australia we plan to indoctrinate our 10 year olds to condom use. 'Today's condoms are made of latex. Latex paint works well in tropical climates because latex is porous and allows the surface to breathe. A latex condom is also porous, meaning full of holes, just like the safe sex argument which the Federal Health Minister doesn't seem to mind being taught to our 10 year old children.' (End of quote)

In view of the above evidence, the Warracknabeal Shire is to be commended for opposing the extension of the availability of condoms." (Ron Fischer, Talbot,Vic.)

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159