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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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7 April 1994. Thought for the Week: "For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. He who believes in him is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness better than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God,"
from the Gospel of St. John


by Eric D. Butler
Irrespective of their interpretation of the story of the crucifixion of Christ, all Christians are in agreement that the Easter Season is the most sacred in the Christian calendar. Any attack or demeaning of a people's sacred tradition is an undermining of the deeper meaning of that tradition. There has been a slow erosion of the Christian tradition over a period of years. The publication for the first time of a daily, newspaper in Melbourne on Good Friday is symptomatic of progressive secularisation.

It is now nearly 30 years ago that the writer experienced what might be described as a cultural shock in Los Angeles, U.S.A., on a Good Friday, emerging from his hotel to discover that it was "business as usual", with no suggestion of any type of a holiday. Raising the matter with Christian friends, I was told that to treat Good Friday as a sacred day would be regarded as offensive by aggressive Zionist Jewish leaders who were opposed to all forms of public Christian witness.

I learned that the Lord's Prayer was being driven from the American public educational system. Multiculturalism is producing the same type of situation in Australia. The threatened anti-racial vilification law will make it increasingly dangerous for Christians to offer any criticism of any other religion. The logical end result of multiculturalism could result in apathetic Christians agreeing that if there are no public holidays or Jewish and Muslim holy days, then it would be an act of discrimination if public holidays for Christian holy days are continued.

There is the elevation of the "Jewish Holocaust" into a new type of religion, one now being taught even in State Schools, with the claim by some Zionist Jews that this "Holocaust" is the greatest act of suffering in the history of mankind. Christ's suffering on the Cross allegedly pales into insignificance compared with the "Holocaust", for which Christians are now being charged with having been collectively responsible.

It is perfectly legitimate to offer all kinds of criticism of Christians, but it is a manifestation of "racism", "anti-Semitism" and "neo-Nazism", to criticise Zionist Jewish propaganda. Prominent Zionist Jews demand that this be made a criminal offence.

The regeneration of Christianity as a living force in human affairs requires far more than Christian leaders bewailing the progressive secularisation of society and the weakening of the Christian influence. The essential Christian teaching concerning the value of every individual, of his right to enjoy the fruits of God's world, should be related to the contemporary world.

One Christian leader who was one of the first to grasp the far-reaching significance of the Social Credit revelation, observed that most of the so-called sins of the individual are little more than pimples compared with the evil of a financial policy of debt which drives man to throw God's gifts back in His face, enslaving him to an economic system used to control man rather than to serve him.

With all its imperfections, Christian Civilisation was a partial incarnation of those basic Truths revealed by Christ. The basic revelation that the individual was created in the image of God gave the individual a significance never previously known in history. Christianity was not just "another religion", but was unique, and produced a Civilisation that was unique with a distinctive culture. Christianity taught that by looking into their hearts and souls individuals could discover the Kingdom of God. He could partake of divinity and help create even greater glories that were yet to come.

The reality is that Christian Civilisation has been crucified by the forces of Evil. But the Easter message is that crucifixion is not the end; that it can be followed by the resurrection. Christ taught that He represented that Truth which can make men free. Believe in me and ye shall enjoy everlasting life. Easter is an appropriate time to reflect on how each individual might search for the Truth in all spheres, and then how to release it by appropriate action. The strength of that action depends on the strength of their faith.


by David Thompson
Following the relative success of the Australians Against Further Immigration group in various recent by-elections, backroom Party strategists have been re-assessing the electoral strength in the anti- immigration feeling. The outspoken National Party leader, Mr. Tim Fischer, takes the view that the "bi-partisan" position of the parties on the issue has created a vacuum into which A.A.F.I. has moved. Noting that there is considerable grassroots resentment that the issue is not being debated, Fischer called for a "fair dinkum, wide ranging" discussion on immigration.

If Mr. Fischer is serious about the debate, he is quite free to begin it himself, by offering voters an alternative to the politically correct position that a policy of high levels of immigration should be racially blind. The courageous Professor Geoffrey Blainey might remind Mr. Fischer that anyone who dares to speak out on such an issue - irrespective of grassroots support - risks ritual crucifixion at the hands of the thought police. The treatment of Blainey was a complete disgrace in a country that pays lip, service to freedom of speech. In retrospect, Blainey's ordeal might almost have been staged as a warning to anyone who dared to suggest that racial differentiation should be considered in immigration policy. While he was (briefly) leader of the Liberals, Mr. John Howard was quickly warned off any suggestion.


The other great political mistake associated with an open door immigration policy must be the deliberate attempt to prevent immigrants from assimilating into the social structure, by encouraging ethnic blocs, which might be persuaded to vote accordingly. Bureaucratic empires are built (and financed by "Australians") around ethnic "communities", which produce their own "leaders" who are then purported to speak for their national or sub-national bloc.

It might be noted that the outbreak of violence that followed the recognition of the Republic of Macedonia, breaking away from Yugoslavia, is almost unique to Australia. The Greek/Macedonian friction has led to arson, bombings, demonstrations and football violence that has not been duplicated in any other part of the world. Why is this? Because in the multicultural Australia immigrants are not encouraged to become Australians, but Greek-Australians, Macedonian-Australians, etc. Ethnic identities are emphasised, and ancient feuds follow.


In the new era of reverse discrimination, the inflamed sensitivities of ethnic 'groups' spawned by multiculturalism lead to subtle intimidation. It finds expression in social and spiritual intimidation, where the Christian celebration of Easter is in the process of abolition, under pressure from Moslem and Jewish groups. The Western Christian Anglo-Saxon majority, far from asserting their position, simply appease the ethno-fascists. However, the intimidation also finds expression in national policy if the process of appeasement continues. For example, Mr. Tim Fischer has found that any comment from him that may be slightly critical of Israel results in a swarm of the ethno-fascists about his ears like hornets. He observes that the power of the Jewish "community" has inhibited open debate about Australia's policy on Israel and the Middle East.

Any foreign policy decisions generated by appeasing the domestic ethnic lobbies are potentially disastrous for Australia. Every attempt to open up the immigration/multicultural issue for genuine debate has been stoutly resisted, to the detriment of the nation. Either we are Australians first, or not at all. Those who by their actions refuse to become Australians first should not be any more than visitors in Australia. Let Mr. Fischer begin the debate!


Any robust debate over issues such as immigration should take place immediately, before free speech becomes illegal. The A.L.P. has promised to re-introduce the racial vilification legislation, and already some States restrict free debate. In N.S.W. the Homosexual Vilification Act is likely to be tested, as the result of a complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board by the homosexual N.S.W. M.P. Mr. Paul O'Grady. O'Grady's complaint concerned an article in a rural paper, The Country Leader, which was written by a N.S.W. Farmers Association representative, Mr. Richard Wright.

Mr. Wright, perhaps unwisely, referred to declining social standards and described Sydney as "the poof capital of the world". He went on to refer to AIDS as "God's Myxo" (myxomatosis) and hoped that it might run its course without hurting too many innocent victims. As a rural person, Mr. Wright may be accustomed to robust language and not quite politically correct views, but the Macquarie Street thought police now propose to make an example of him, freedom of speech notwithstanding.


In the only Australian State where sodomy is still illegal, the pressure is now increasing to change the law. As a result of the adoption of an optional protocol of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a Tasmanian homosexual rights group has asked the U.N. to rule that Tasmania is discriminating against homosexuals. If the U.N. complies, the Commonwealth will then legislate to force the Tasmanians to back down. Those who scoff at the spectre of world government may reflect on this.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Mardi Gras organisers are attempting to mount a boycott against Cadbury Schweppes, because the company withdrew any advertising during Channel Nine's Mardi Gras broadcast. Perhaps faint moral principles still stir in the Cadbury corporate structure as a result of Cadbury's Quaker origins?


from The Courier (Ballarat), March 26th
It seems that small towns have no place in the thinking of our present State Government. Perhaps, Ballarat will soon become a small town, too, in their thinking. "Everything is governed by whether it can be run at a profit. Hospitals serving rural areas are closing and will continue to close, or are 'merged', high schools are going, bank branches move out, post offices disappear. What's left? "What's left is blind obedience to some sort of economic theory, the same one that has turned proud Britain into a society divided, that has made the great United States a country of crime and violence, that is being attacked even by those who once strongly supported it.

"Are we supposed to believe Mr. Kennett's boasts that he is doing a good job? Look around - where does it show? "What does show is the terrible mess we ordinary people are getting into, especially in the country, because of the present State Government's policies and actions." (Norm Borchers, Spencer Street, Sebastopol, Vic.)

Note: Sebastopol is a suburb of the City of Ballarat.


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), March 30th
The Labor Party in Victoria, which financially kneecapped the region during the 80s, has now fallen for the confidence trick of 'affirmative action', intended to bring a much bigger proportion of women into State Parliament. "In the more demanding federal sphere, splendid fighting politicians such as Dr. Carmen Lawrence, Cheryl Kernot and Bronwyn Bishop have shown that where women candidates are good enough, there is no bar to them reaching the top.

"By comparison, the Victorian A.L.P. move looks pathetic. Its desire to enforce a guaranteed proportion of women members simply means that inferior applicants will be drafted in order to make up the quota. "A sure way for Labor to alienate even more of its former supporters in Victoria, or anywhere else, is to invoke this Alice in Wonderland theory. (Michael Cannon, Mornington, Vic.)


from The Mail-Times, (Horsham, Vic.), March 9th
Boundary Changes: "When Shire Councillors say that amalgamation is 'inevitable' and thereby agree with the dictatorial Spring Street policymakers let the ratepayers beware. (The Victorian Parliament is in Spring Street, Melbourne ... O.T.) "Centralisation of power is not in the best interests of the ratepayer and, given a chance to say so, will always vote no. Big is not always better as can be demonstrated in many ways.

"The 'get big' syndrome is based on the financial question and is made to appear 'efficient' and 'inevitable' by those with a hidden agenda. "What is certain though, is that by late next year the so-called recovery will be seen as a chimera - a fanciful conception - with more community upheaval in both primary and secondary industry.

"Dr. Michael Jones of Canberra is recognised internationally as an authority on Local Government. Over the years he has consistently warned that council amalgamations have produced none of the benefits claimed for them. In a recent statement Dr. Jones draws attention to how modern technology is making it easier to scale down the size of municipalities while at the same time providing ratepayers with the same or better services.

"There has always been an opportunity for boundary changes if thought appropriate and desirable by the people involved. But the people always have the final say and not some bureaucrat in Spring Street swayed by alien ideas from overseas. "This time the Spring Street Kennett Government repudiated Jeff Kennett's promise while in Opposition that forced amalgamations would not take place while he was leader.

"The Kennett Government has now taken over where the Cain-Kirner Government left off. It not only threatens local government in Victoria, but has added to the dangerous growing cynicism among electors with a loss of respect for traditional democratic institutions. Forcing amalgamation on Victoria is surely a political exercise to gain further central control by State Government and public services over local government. "Victorian electors, including those who helped vote a Liberal Government into power, now must unite in a massive roar of protest against Kennett's betrayal of his own promises." (Peter A. Nicholson, Berry's Lane, Longwood, Vic.)


from The Australian, March 30th
I hear the Malaysian Government is going to make Schindler's List 2. It's about a Jewish boy who survives the Holocaust, becomes a pilot in the Israeli Air Force and then blows away an entire refugee camp of Palestinian women and kids. "The twist in the story is that the pilot has a very smart girlfriend who tells him that Arabs are just as much members of the Semitic race as the Jews are. Thinking he has been guilty of anti-Semitism, the greatest, and indeed the only crime recognised by his race, the Jewish pilot decides to renounce his military career by deliberately crashing his fighter. "Fortunately, a wise old rabbi intervenes at the last moment and explains that dropping bombs on Arab civilians is not anti-Semitism at all. Real anti-Semites are just those few stupid Westerners who wonder how the Israeli Army can get away with shooting a dozen unarmed kids every day without the world media screaming in outrage." (Alan Burnham, Newman, W.A.)
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